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Performance Practice vs. Composer’s Intention

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Concurrent improvisation by the musicians in a combo; two or more musicians improvising at the same time. Same as small band or small ensemble duo to nonet ; an assemblage of musicians with a common purpose.

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Rhythmically interesting chording by the keyboardist or guitarist which provides improvised accompaniment for melodies comes from the words to comp lement and to ac comp any. Congo Square. The area in New Orleans where musicians met for social activities and to play music. A somewhat mixed designation that has been used to describe modern or current-day jazz styles, as well as the more instrumental pop-inclined sounds also known as "smooth jazz.

The Global Source for Jazz

Style of jazz identified by relaxed tempos and open space in the melody. A type of trumpet. Louisiana residents with African heritage mixed with Spanish or French ancestry. Musical game of one-upmanship where the performers attempt to outdo each other. Decrease in business activity for an extended period of time.

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A harsh sound. Early instrumental jazz band music.

How I Compose & Produce Jazz Loops (Part 1)

The name given to New Orleans style jazz when it began to be played in Northern cities. This style of jazz is also known as New Orleans style jazz, Chicago style jazz or traditional jazz. The expanse between the softest and loudest passages of a piece of music; the expanse between the softest and loudest notes capable on a particular instrument.

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The Manhattan School of Music philosophy is that this is best done at the actual point where knowledge is transferred, at the level of the educator. Having created a program that attracts top musical talent, Manhattan School of Music trains Doctor of Musical Arts candidates through an integrated and innovative educational format that focuses on three distinct and critical areas of jazz music: performance, composition and pedagogy.

In addition to studies with our expert faculty, students are provided opportunities to observe, play for, and receive feedback from world-renowned guest artists! Stefon Harris Associate Dean sharris msmnyc.

Musical composition

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