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The involvement is deeper and dramatic. Strong, imaginative, spiritual images find in music a sort of translation, conduction, explication an another level.

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The live soundtrack is played by Gianni Mimmo on soprano sax and electronics and has been acclaimed as a visionary re-reading of this pioneering film. The composition investigates different narratives aspects: linearity and subliminal suggestions. The initial idea dates back in, after the reading of two different critical analysis about the remaining fragments of the greek philosopher Heraclitus. After few partial performances of the work in the past years, it finally has been entirely played in the church of Santa Maria degli Amalfitani in Monopoli in thanks to the support by the Cultural Association Talking Lands in its trio version with Gianni Mimmo on sax soprano, Gianni Lenoci on piano and electronics and Nicholas Isherwood bass-baritone singer.

It has very successfully been performed in Italy and is set up to further develop in Norontako Bagus Kentus. The music of the FMFG collective draws its influences and its improvisational inspiration from the the whole of humanities musical continuum. In this quartet we have 4 musicians saturated with a collective musical knowledge unparalleled in the improvisational music Community.

The result of there collaboration is a complete and unique musical experience.

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The project consists of a body of graphic scores compositions prepared for unusual lined up chamber quintet soprano sax, French horn, English horn, percussion and violin and sextet trombone, C trumpet, soprano sax, basset horn, viola, double- bass. A multi-level event that is different every time, referring to an initial complex given composition, asking the musician to be open to sudden variations and permutations.

Other compositions have been written for quintet and include three pieces and two interludes. Prossime Trascendenze will be released for Amirani Records in the end of and will premiered in Spring An absolutely successful duo with the extraordinaire pianist and composer Gianni Lenoci. Since tour the duo opened the circle to fruitful collaborations like the one with percussionist Cristiano Calcagnile a remarkable musician with a lot of excellent collaborations in his already dense career, notably with Anthony Braxton, Rova Saxophone quartet a.

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The recording of Reciprocal Uncles second album as a duo is planned for the end of Gianni Mimmo started his solo performances on soprano sax in A solo is a mirror asking for special concentration, responsibility and openness [willingness] to get lost The work is entirely inspired and dedicated to painters Piet Mondrian, Mario Sironi and to the late Gilles Laheurte author, soprano sax player, architect, producer, inspirational figure and friend.

The trio toured in Uk and Belgium giving really awesome performances, got great reviews and audience response.

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Continuing his research on this line up, Gianni met the talented pianist and composer Elisabeth Harnik from Graz, Austria. The trio played in Italy, Austria, Romania in three different tours. Lukas mainly performs contemporary music, with particular attention to the little-known composer K.

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He worked on several international projects, aimed at making the manuscripts of this little-performed composer more accessible. You will find more information on the site of The Sorabji Archive.

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Recently he was able to start a post-doctoral research project at the School of Arts Ghent with as focus the fusion of eastern and western sound worlds in the works for piano of Japanese composers in the last 50 years. Together with Ivo Delaere he forms the Simplexity piano duo. He is the pianist of the Warped Time ensemble , plays keyboards and co-creates songs for Tempus Cucumis and, with Tine Allegaert formed the Tinnitus piano duo. Read in Dutch.

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After Lukas Huisman received his PhD on the research project Limits of nature and nature of limits they decided to start a project together. Their shared passion led to the formation of the Simplexity Piano duo. They aim at unraveling the intense link and interaction between Simplicity and Complexity. They also had an inspiring masterclass with Anna Scott on the style of old Brahms recordings from i.

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A little later, Eline Duerinck joined to play the cello part of the Quatuor pour la fin du temps by Messiaen. For the time being, I would love to hear from anyone who plays this music. Money does not make happiness, but it can buy you a piano.

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I received the score of the Frammenti Aforistici today. With great excitement I opened the book and started to peruse the maniscript pages. I looked for the slower ones, and among those for the ones with a more accessible texture. When I found a suitable one, I started to find the notes and tried to start to make sense of it.