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The poachers who had totally destroyed the Kora area killed George. The politics of wildlife can be worse than any political arena in the first world. With My Soul Amongst Lions, is a very open and sad book. It tells the truth about Southern Africa and some of the policies that landowners have towards wild animals. His lions die, not from being lions, but at the hands of man. His lions are exactly what my hippos are to me. There is only one story that really ends up with a sort of happy ending.

The Little Prince

This book must be read by anybody who wants to read the truth about Africa, and not just look at pretty wildlife pictures. I do not know Gareth personally but I believe from his writings that his soul is clean. Animals will always be persecuted if man does not see them as having feelings, emotions, the ability to think. Not so long ago man believed earth was flat. Man would never have believed that we could fly to distant planets.

Man would never have accepted that slavery would be abolished and human rights take precedence over greed. Most taxidermists make the animal in question look as big and as dangerous as possible when they mount it. He was given access to her most personal notes and diaries, and, as he read her own account of her life, her spirit entered his psyche.

He never met her in the flesh but he saw who she really was and his book is the best of any written about her.

As to her death, it is thought in many circles that Europeans organised her murder, as she was not playing ball with certain organisations that had alternative ideas about looking after the mountain gorillas. The main theory is that a black man she knew was then paid to do it. Yes, Glenn Feldhake. He shows hippos as others have shown elephants and lions — with love.

What many people in Africa believe is that the hippo is the most dangerous of all wild animals. People overseas are attracted to hippos on an emotional level due to their somewhat large frames — this is quite fashionable as many people have somewhat large frames these days, so they can identify and sympathise with the hippo. Yet a hippo is totally light on its feet. See a hippo bouncing along under the water as it moves along the bottom of a pool and one does not see an overlarge animal.

Instead the hippo appears to glide and dance and look like a Walt Disney hippo ballerina. So their largeness is an attraction. Initially, I was the first woman in Zimbabwe to take and pass the National Parks hunting exam.

The Best Books on Conservation and Hippos | Five Books Expert Recommendations

Not to hunt but to be a professional guide. I did not have to do what all women have to do now and that is to kill an elephant or a buffalo to prove their ability at protecting a client. I just had to work for a couple of years under professional sport hunters. But safari work was not enough for me as it dealt with the tourists more than with the animal. After meeting George [Adamson] and when having to make the decision to join him, I met my husband and my life changed.

We ended up here and the hippos were on our doorstep. Our bush camp was above their home, the Turgwe river. I made a census of the Turgwe hippos and found that their numbers had declined dramatically, mainly due to their habitat shrinking, dams, crop-planting that erodes the riverbanks so that the rivers filled with sand, etc. Then, in , the drought hit, the worst in living memory. I was in a position, for the first time in my life, to do something positive. I suggested that I found out how to feed hippos in the wild, and that I would find the food, feed the last hippos in the river and, hopefully, save their lives.

I did. I raised about 26, British pounds and with that money fed the last Turgwe hippos for ten months.

My husband and I built a cemented pan a kind of hippo swimming pool , basically 21 feet wide, six feet deep and 45 feet long, with walls to contain the pumped borehole water on both sides of the pan. I built a drinking trough and we had piping put underground to the nearest deep borehole which was over 18km away. The Turgwe river had totally dried up. At the end of this period the only hippos left alive in the Turgwe were the ones I fed.

Learn Farm Animals for Children with Blippi - Egg Hunt Bingo!

One female even conceived during the feeding program. This calf, Tembia, is now a young bull who has his own family some 5km upstream from my main hippo study group. Tembia is alive thanks to the help I received from countless strangers around the world.

Some of those people are still with us today as adoptive hippo parents. I formed the Turgwe Hippo Trust in in order to continue to protect and conserve these amazing animals. Yes, they can kill people. Here in Africa they live in waterways, natural or man-made.

„That’s not a Hippopotamus“ by Juliette MacIver and Sarah Davis

They are wonderful ambassadors to those waterways, as they create food for the fish, they improve the grasses, they cut down on bushfires by how they graze and so on. All of them are large but they are all faster than us, so people can get hurt if they play with them. Africans living with them often accept their presence for the reasons above, but those that are not used to them like some of the people who invaded these lands throw rocks at them or try and snare them. If you keep chucking a rock at a potentially dangerous animal then you quite rightly may get charged and hurt.

If you disrespect any animal, even a dog or a cat, you can get hurt. It is a question, more than anything, of respect. I have one hippo, Blackface, who dislikes man and is totally unpredictable, or, should I say, she is predictable — she will charge out of the water and go for you. Over the years of studying her I have learnt that she is the best mother of all the Turgwe hippos — she now has her first male calf since His name is Five — he was the fifth calf born in and will be five on 30 December this year — and Blackface at this moment has more cuts on her body than any other female hippo.

She is magnificent.

Hippo hunting on the Caprivi Strip

I believe Five may be her last calf as she is not a young hippo. She was the favourite female of my Bob, the dominant bull. It started off initially as just the story of the hippos and how I fed them in the drought and how it all was totally successful and how then the Turgwe Hippo Trust was born.

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This site has an archive of more than one thousand interviews, or five thousand book recommendations. We publish at least two new interviews per week. Five Books participates in the Amazon Associate program and earns money from qualifying purchases. Support Us. Looking at the list of animals the children soon realize that one animal is missing: The Hippopotamus. Don is sure the wild park is home to a hippo — and so the search begins. The self-declared hippo-hunters catch a giraffe, an elephant and even a skunk, but the hippopotamus stays just out of reach — always in the picture, newer spotted by the class.

A book for rainy days, snowy days, sunny days and whenever you or your child need some excitement in your life. The illustrations by Sarah Davis are colorful and show real emotions. I have to be honest: Finja is way better at this than I am! Our daughter wanted to read it again and again and again and again … and will take it to preschool tomorrow.

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