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No remains of the ship or any crew members aboard have ever been found. The captain of USS Cyclops never sent a distress signal and no one aboard responded to radio calls from other vessels in the vicinity. The naval investigators also failed to find a definite cause for its disappearance though there were a number of theories suggesting various reasons.

Due to its mysterious disappearance, Cyclops has become part of the list of more than ships and planes to have vanished under strange circumstances in the Bermuda triangle. Carroll A. Deering, a five-masted commercial schooner, is one of the most written-about maritime mysteries of the 20th century due the complete mystery around its abandonment. On January 31, , Carroll A. There were speculations that the vessel was involved in rum running. Deering along with few other vessels during the same time period in the Bermuda triangle area has been valuable information on the mysterious waters, but nothing could bring anyone any closer to solving this mystery.

Reports suggest that as many as nine vessels disappeared during this period, from the same region- none of which was ever heard from again. On December 22, , a cabin cruiser named witchcraft left from Miami with her captain Dan Burack and his friend, Father Patrick Horgan. However, after reaching just one mile from offshore, the coast guard received a call from the captain stating that his ship had hit something but there was no substantial damage. Indicating help to be towed to the shore, the coast guard set off immediately reaching witchcraft in as many as 19 minutes alone but to nothing.

The area indicating the location of the ship was completely deserted with no signs of any ship having been stranded or even present there previously. None of them was used and the ship was gone. The coast guard officials searched hundreds of square miles of ocean over the next few days but were unsuccessful. Nothing of this ship has been found until this day. The ship is gone and what remains is only the speculation that can be done now.

I Saw Three Ships - The Answer to a Century-Old Mystery (Titanic's Greatest Victim)

Data and charts, if used, in the article have been sourced from available information and have not been authenticated by any statutory authority. The author and Marine Insight do not claim it to be accurate nor accept any responsibility for the same. The views constitute only the opinions and do not constitute any guidelines or recommendation on any course of action to be followed by the reader.

The article or images cannot be reproduced, copied, shared or used in any form without the permission of the author and Marine Insight. Journalist by training, and an academic in aspiration, Shamseer Mambra currently works as a freelance journalist, after spending three years in the newsrooms of some of the reputed media houses in India. When not at work, he likes to read, click photographs and go for a ride on his bike. I have a theory on the Bermuda Triangle ,have you ever thought that on every plane or boat there was metal?

And that Columbus on his voyage in saw a flash in the sky. Maybe that flash was an asteroid. Also it could have been magnetic! Therefore causing the metal to sink to the very bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Considering the hundreds of ships you could have used as examples you went with the Mary celeste which was found in European waters and the deering was outside the triangle…… Why? This is just because of diffrent oceanic currents which have their flow in north atlantic region or bermuda triangle.

Reason of disappearences is this. The Bermuda Triangle has an island in the middle of it. On this island, people or aliens live.

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As it states, most things that went missing are significant in the military or science. My theory? Whatever lives there stripped the sub of its valuable material—Nuclear energy. They then kill the crew or kidnap them to help them identify valuable and non-valuable materials. It is an island, islands are small. This could also be a research facility of some kind, that is researching magnetic power and teleportation.

For example, people often experience strange compass readings when going by the Triangle. I think that the teleportation aspect is not going well, which is causing the reappearance of certain planes of boats many years later. This could also be why Columbus wrote about strange compass readings and strange lights over Bermuda. That or aliens. Time Travel, Magnets, Aliens, Teleportation research. All of these are quite possible I believe yet not all can be proved. This was just to get my OWN theories out there.

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At various places from a gentle slope the seafloor takes a sudden deep drop. In fact, some of the deepest trenches in the world are found in this area. Ships or planes that sink into these deep trenches will probably never be found as they are virtually inaccessible. One such area is at Bahamas which is located at the western corner of the triangle. It has been found that at some specific water areas here, the seafloor suddenly dips to an enormous depth of 15,ft. Scientists also speculate that there can be large deep ocean craters on the sea floor of Bermuda Triangle.

This can be caused by large amount of oil leaks or bursting of Methane gas that were trapped at different layers below the sea floor. Such giant craters about half a mile wide and ft deep have already been discovered at Barent Sea off the coast of Norway in March Similar such deep ocean craters are likely to exist in Bermuda Triangle as well because the sea floor in the area is known to contain large amount of Methane gas.

If a ship is wrecked due to Methane blow out or any other reason and drops into the crater, it can easily disappear without leaving any trace. Human mistakes can not be ruled out in this area. More so because the vast water area in Bermuda Triangle has so many islands that look so similar. It is easy to make a mistake confusing one with another. And in such confusion if the captain takes a wrong turn or direction, then he can slowly but surely get to such water area where it would be too late to turn back and reach a land to refuel. And then eventually it'll be a question of how long the ship can sustain the foul weather.

Supernatural Theories. There are also explanations based on some supernatural theories like the lost city of Atlantis, UFOs and Aliens.

Check out Supernatural Theories to know about such explanations that try to explain the disappearances. Skeptic's Theory. And like in any other subject, there are skeptics and critics here who do not believe that Bermuda Triangle area has any mystery to be solved at all. They say there is nothing unusual about all these disappearances Check out the Skeptics Theory to find out what the skeptics of Bermuda Triangle have to say. Strange magnetic fields from the bottom of the ocean causing compass to malfunction, pirates capturing ships, explosive cargo destroying vessels etc are also believed to be other causes.

Another possibility is underwater earthquakes. Scientists have actually observed a great deal of seismic vibrations taking place in the Bermuda triangle area and under the seafloor.

Know of a triangle theory? NOTE: I manually evaluate all posts and include only the ones that are original not copy pasted from other sources and having some serious matter. Unless the post adds further value to this article, I do not include them. I work for a large wireless service provider. A few years ago we encountered a phenomenon where many thousands of cell users would continuously drop voice calls and data bearers would continuously drop and re-attach.

This was apparently causing the issue. How do these 'RF Clouds' form and move as an entity? This subject of missing ships and aircraft really make you think, and I know that my first time through was eerie as heck. The strangest thing I ever came upon out there and followed it for 3 days until the Coast Guard could get there was a sail boat with its masts strung and when the Coast Guard arrived there was no one on board.

We took it sort of jokingly but I know everyone felt a bit strange during that trip and the return back through. I was stationed onboard a US Naval vessel at the time of my multiple journeys through the triangle and the first couple times made you feel like, "what if something happens" but after that it was just another trip through the area for us, and I spent a lot of time there over a couple years.

I do know the currents there can get bad, and there are a lot of very shoal areas, one I believe was called the devils tongue, where there is a huge sand bar that goes out for miles that you could actually walk on that is under the water. Also I have seen tons of very large sharks, one that had to be near 30' or longer, I have seen Man-of-war floating out there that were the size of a mid size car.

Mary Rose - Wikipedia

I can't explain air craft downing but I do believe a ship could easily be lost at sea in these areas especially back before GPS it would be easy to end up on a shoal, and for like sail boats with the deep keel it could easily tip over and be lost. What ever it is it is strange.

As for aircraft, most before GPS navigation would have to fly by sight, and one thing that is very common in the triangle and areas around there are bioluminescence. I wonder if in fog or storm, these aircraft may have seen it hitting the edges of these underwater shoals and lighting up making them believe they were at a different spot than they thought they were. Of all the different theories I have seen on the triangle I can say this, I have never seen anything outside of that one sail boat that was creepy.

I know they have a lot of fog in the area, they have a lot of weird currents, they have freak waves, and yes I have seen some HUGE waves out there out of no where, we are talking over 50 foot waves. There is a lot of potential electrical problems with the electrical storms which from the surface of the ocean at least, are amazing and beautiful at the same time, and then you have the amazing sea life in abundance with the warm waters.

So what the mystery is who knows, but I do believe what is natural phenomena in the area is the cause of these disappearances. Many deep ocean trenches are found all over the sea including devil's triangle. Since sonar mapping was invented many ships have detected that much of the Bermuda triangles ocean floor uneven. When entering the area much of the border of the triangle is surrounded with reefs that reach the surface. If a ship was to hit one of these reefs it could cause the ship to sink in the deep ocean trenches. Along with the reefs planes could have their engine fail from methane gas also causing it to fall in the trenches.

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Since these trenches are so deep many haven't been explored meaning that it is possible that these ships and planes did crash without being recovered due to the unexplored trenches. I believe I have discovered what is causing the issues related to the Bermuda Triangle, and Dragon's Triangle? It's causing the planes instrumentation to fail as there is a sudden outburst of unusual anomalous magnetic field being projected beyond the sea surface when the cooling happens and the magnetic alignment locks into its final position.

We have been told time and again that there is nothing going on there, and yet, so much has happened in regards to planes and ships going missing unexpectedly, even on the calmest of days on the ocean, that it has been a mystery for decades and decades. On Wikipedia, they cite as evidence the fact that even Loyds of London doesn't require an insurance premium for ships and planes planning to travel here. Okay, fine, sure that's understandable. Except the part where they state that no more ships or planes are going missing there than in other parts of the world, upon the ocean.

Well, if they're not, then how did triangles gain so much notoriety? This could work very much like an EMF pulse which would destroy a ship's navigational equipment, the electrical equipment related to engines, etc. Without these things they'd be dead in the water and could easily be lost due to a myriad of reasons. I personally think that there is a World in the Oceans that is unknown to man.

Almost every land creature living or extinct has a replica in the ocean , e. So the disappearance of the Bermuda's Triangle will only be solved when we fully explore and understand the Oceans Thanks for the updates- one of the creepiest books I read in the 70's was Richard Winners "The Devils Triangle" and this part of the Atlantic has always been fascinating. I guess what I don't understand given today's technology is how ships and planes are not fitted with Lo-Jack technology. If my car is stolen, the police will be able to pinpoint it's location in minutes- how is it possible, as in the Malaysian Flight that disappeared a few years ago, that commercial shipping and aircraft do not have the same locator technology?

I would be most interested to hear anyone's explanation for this. Thank you very much. Methane bubbles probably affect buoyancy to varying degrees, while there is more to consider regarding the methane budget. Most of it is in storage. Primarily, the cause of many phenomena there involves the outgassing of methane "ice" clathrates from the sea floor. As you know, another name for much of the area is the "Sargasso Sea" due to thick mats and subsurface extents of sargasso seaweed algae.

Over millions of years, dead algal deposits accumulate and are buried along the continental shelf at varying depths. In this environment, plant material decomposes anaerobically without oxygen. The microbial anaerobes produce methane within the sedimentary deposits. Given the conditions of pressure and temperature there, water molecules arrange in a cage Latin: clathrate surrounding methane molecules. This results in a crystalline lattice of methane-water ice, stable in the submarine subsurface environment. Such deposits are also found below land surface in the Arctic permafrost.

When conditions occur that disturb this methane ice seismicity, warming, turbidity flows , the water cage decomposes rapidly, while the natural gas explosively sublimates. Into lower pressure areas the expanding methane essentially explodes toward the surface. Given some source of ignition though, a chemical explosion would occur where enough oxygen is present. Watched a documentary on Bermuda triangle few days ago, seamed there are lots of lightning strikes in the area.

You have the gulf stream moving at 5 knots northwards, slow, but as a whole the pool of water could still constitute a massive charge. Can we apply the Right Hand Rule, i. If so, the magnetic field and force could possibly be strong enough to wrack havoc. Ok I have a theory. It's a little out there but here me out. Ok our government is very secretive and look at all of the things that have disappeared, almost 80 percent of them were either military ships or military aircraft. Look at all of the things that our government hides from us, like for instance Area There are many theories about it but no civilian has ever entered the facility.

I believe that the government knows more about the Bermuda triangle than they tell us. It could be many things. It could be a worm hole or a portal. It could be a place where an alien race has settled or it could be a secret military base under or above water that contains things that could either cause panic or chaos in everyday life.

The fact that all devices go crazy could be something as simple as a magnetic cloaking device to help conceal whatever is hidden. Call me crazy but think about it. The government gets away with anything even killing people. What makes you think they won't kill to protect something that secretive and important to them.