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Borivoj Jurkovic Borivoj Jurkovich. Vjekoslav Ivezic Vjekoslav Ivezich. Zoran Zivkovic. Year Title Galaxy Science Fiction, January Galaxy Reader of Science Fiction. The Best Science-Fiction Stories: Everett F. Bleiler , T.

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Arnoldo Mondadori Editore. American Science Fiction, Verbinding met Morgen. De Bezige Bij Schrik in Plastic 4. Nightmares and Geezenstacks. Purgon enters in a furious temper, having been told that his cure was sent back, and rages at Argan. He refuses to treat Argan any more and says that within a few days Argan will go from one horrible disease to another and finally die. With that, he storms out. Left with Beralde again, Argan cries and says that he can already feel his system shutting down, just as Mr.

Purgon had told him. Beralde thinks he is crazy and tells him so, but Argan won't listen. He is sure that he is already dying. Toinette comes in and says that a new doctor has arrived who wants to treat Argan. She doesn't know who the man is, but says that he looks exactly like her. Argan is desperate and consents to see him.

Toinette comes in dressed as a doctor and claims to be one of the world's greatest doctors who has come to see Argan, one of the world's most illustrious patients. She tells Argan that all of his previous doctors were idiots who have totally misdiagnosed him. Argan tells him everything that has been prescribed, and Toinette as the doctor contradicts every one, saying his doctors were ignorant quacks.

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She goes on to make him realize that not everything doctors tell him is true; she blames his one arm for taking up all the nutrients, so he should have it amputated so as to make his other arm stronger. She also says that one of his eyes is taking up all the nutrients that go to it, so if he has it removed, his remaining eye will see much better. After spouting more of this medical nonsense, the "doctor" leaves and Toinette comes back on as herself, supposedly outraged that the departing "doctor" has been trying to take liberties with her wanting to "take [her] pulse".

Beralde then tries to convince his brother that since he has already fallen out with Purgon, he should consider a different marriage for his daughter. But Argan wants her put into a convent as a punishment for her willfulness. Beralde suggests that the real reason is that Beline wants it.

Argan begins to get angry again, but Toinette steps in and says she has a solution to prove to Beralde how much Beline loves her husband. She suggests that Argan lie down on the couch and pretend to be dead. Then everyone will see how she really feels about him by her grief.

Summary Bibliography: Gordon R. Dickson

Everyone thinks this is an excellent plan. Beralde hides as Beline comes in. She finds Toinette crying and Toinette tells her Argan is dead.

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Beline does not shed a tear, but is instead overjoyed that Argan is finally dead. She calls him many horrible names, then asks Toinette to help her cover up his death until she can get his money.

  • Title: Dark Interlude.
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  • France, Italie, Espagne XVIe-XVIIe siècles;
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With that, Argan gets up and surprises Beline. He shouts that he's glad to have found her out as she runs off. Just then they hear Angelique coming, and Toinette suggests he do the same thing to find out how she feels. When Angelique hears that her father is dead, she is inconsolable.

She cries and says that she has lost one of the dearest things in the world to her. She is even more upset because she has lost him when he was still angry with her.

Title: Dark Interlude

With that, Argan gets up and hugs his daughter. He agrees, but Beralde stops him. He suggests that Argan should just become a doctor himself, since no disease would dare to attack a doctor. Argan approves of the idea and Beralde says he knows a number of members of the medical faculty who can make Argan a doctor that very night. He invites the gypsy dancers back and they perform a ceremony in song and dance that, they claim, makes Argan a doctor in the translation by John Wood, Argan suffers a heart attack during the dance and dies, whereupon the dancers stop dancing and assume deaths-head masks.

In , the L. To date, this is the only English full-length recording of this play. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    The collection of "critical dreams" made and transcribed by the art critic and curator Jean-Max Colard between and , nocturnal side of his regular writing on art activity. The 5th issue of the art history magazine published by the Mamco, Geneva, is entirely dedicated to Philippe Thomas. A unique testimony to Duchamp's personality, to his relationship to his friends and to his works, and to the slow reception of his works in France and in the U.