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Since then she has built an impressive roster, particularly in the middle-grade space. I knew she would be perfect. Crucially, it was a rights triumph: b small sold the books into 10 territories, earning a combined six-figure sum for the deals. After six years as an editor at Palgrave, working on sociology and education titles, Andrew James moved to Jessica Kingsley in to head a new transgender-themed list.

The list will grow to 35 titles by the end of Four years ago, following a career as a contemporary artist and painter, Jasper Joffe decided to change tack and launch a publisher. In , Joffe Books sold a whopping 1. It has already exceeded those sales in Joffe publishes about a book per week but does so on a flexible basis that is freed from the long lead times of traditional publishing. But it is the thinking outside the box where Khan has truly excelled, including masterminding a signing event for Bristol-based Avon star C L Taylor which saw her promote The Fear on the train journey from her home town to London, earning reams of coverage.

Khan subsequently convinced the obviously hard-working Taylor to do a day tour visiting bloggers. Keen to attract new voices, Khan organised Facebook Live events for the Avon editorial team in order to solicit submissions from unagented authors—to date, the team has received more than manuscripts. Caroline Maddison has been on an impressive run. The nod came for a Scrabble Week campaign for HarperCollins which saw thousands of users tweet about the board game, and dozens of HC authors play it live online.

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Maddison moved to Penguin Random House two years ago and continued that FutureBook success with a shortlisting in for the ByBook summer reads campaign, which aimed to get kids and adults reading together on holidays. It reached nearly two million Facebook users and got over a million video views. And in , the multichannel Start a Story campaign for Puffin, which focused on different ways to inspire children to read, was also recognised by the awards. Roll on December It was a challenge, a step up, but mostly I wanted to work with the amazing colleagues, authors and estates like [that of] George Orwell and Shirley Jackson.

This is not a restlessness but an unstinting upward trajectory, with her team-management, problem-solving and relationship-building skills being recognised by a string of promotions. Kate Nash has previously worn a number of hats in the book trade: publicist; sales and marketing professional for indie Myrmidon; and setting up the York Festival of Writing.

But it is in founding her agency—representing a few clients from , but going full-time in —where she has really hit her stride. The romance and crime author has been published since the s—but Nash recognised the opportunties for revitalising her backlist to support new work, doing a deal with Corazon for romance titles and with Joffe Books to republish the DI Hilary Greene series.

The Greene series has been a smash, shifting over , Kindle units for Joffe, which in turn helped Nash to sell a new Martin crime series to HarperCollins at auction.

Charlotte Lamb

A few years ago, Emma Paterson was at a crossroads. His first role was as a financial analyst at Transworld. As the first person in his family to attend university, Paterson is keen to improve industry diversity and to that end he has been appointed co-chair of a new network representing people from low-SES backgrounds within Hachette.

Some fall into a career in the book trade, but not Lucy Pearse. Shortlisted for not one but two PPC awards in , Isabel Prodger has made a serious impact on her division in her two and a half years at Harper NonFiction. She has overseen numerous projects in the past year, working with big names such as cricketer Jonny Bairstow and Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden fame. Prodger balanced a sensitive campaign with one that still garnered a broad reach. The Bairstows certainly approved of her handling of the book: she became such a part of the family that she was invited to their pre-Ashes Christmas dinner.

So, if we lean into that, we can really punch above our weight. Owusu, meanwhile, is editing Safe, an anthology written by and for black British men for Trapeze, and has recently been hired by Penguin Random House to work across its podcast and audiobooks division. She joined the PFD foreign rights department in and began looking to establish her own list three years later.

The initial deal was an Italian pre-empt, just four hours after submission on the eve of FBF , and then the avalanche started, with the title becoming the book of the fair, eventually going to 40 territories. Everybody was talking about the book, I was in the middle of intense, multiple auctions. But no one [at Frankfurt] really knew who I was. She still keeps her foreign rights hat on, covering a broad range of territories including the Netherlands, Korea and Greece. When the job came up in , she was working, happily, as the school librarian at Cambourne Village College in Cambridgeshire.

She was an award-winning school librarian, and had also been doing advocacy, training and campaigning for the SLA for years. But I was still worried about doing it. Then I happened to read an article that said men, even unqualified ones, were about four times more likely to put themselves forward for promotions than women.

So I thought I would go for it. Authorfy is the result of Mel Taylor-Bessent cannily bringing a real world scheme into the digital space. Six years ago, she launched Little Star Writing LSW , a series of live events and creative writing programmes for children. This led to a separation and lots of misunderstandings between H and h.

Rising Stars | The Bookseller

I have to hand it to the H though, he worked his butt off to fix his marriage. The h's chil A sweet story of a couple working through lots of misunderstandings that separated them on the day after their wedding. The h's childhood issues and wicked witch of a mother was the reason that she could not trust the H. I also loved William, the h's bff. He was in love with her but understood she loved him like a brother. So he was there for her but never tried to make a move on her.

He only wanted to see her happy and was there with excellent advice when she needed a friend. It took the h a loooong time to come to the realization that she had a good thing, but I blame that on her witch of a mother and the horrible way the witch raised her. Overall, an absolutely enjoyable read, even if the h was steeped in insecurities and annoying at times.

Jul 14, Missy rated it liked it. A really sweet read that starts with a whirwind romance; a handsome intense sexy man; one innocent naive young woman and one baby. Throw in one social climbing mother; an ex-mistress; and a undeclared love and you have a very interesting read. What I liked in this book was -As the timeline of the pregnancy progresses, both characters grow -Both have their faults and misconceptions- but it is addressed and you end up liking them -The H is utterly devoted fro "The Baby Secret" is the story of Zac and Victoria, and was a great read!

What I liked in this book was -As the timeline of the pregnancy progresses, both characters grow -Both have their faults and misconceptions- but it is addressed and you end up liking them -The H is utterly devoted from the start even though he has his ego at times - and confesses his love early on.

Even when the h pushes him away he keeps caring for her. Full of drama, angst, misunderstandings, with a added dash of secret baby. I loved the melodrama of it all. But I wanted more grovel. Unfortunately it didn't happen, hence the 3 stars. Jul 12, Jenny rated it did not like it. I wanted to bitch-slap this annoying heroine. She was hateful, insecure, mean, bitchy, I can't even describe how awful she was. She even physically abused the hero. Stay away from this book!

Jul 24, Hannah rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The only thing I don't like about it is a title face it, it's pretty lame! Other than that it's lovely and I highly recommend if you're looking for something gentle, happy and guaranteed to end cheerfully.

Gosh that last sentence sounded like a dodgy 'massage' parlour ad: S but you know what I meant. I really fell for Zac and although I read this years ago he remains one of my favourite heroes due to his gentleness and integrity. Victoria is a sweet and kind protagonist whom I felt was real and likeable. I loved the jealousy William sparked in Zac it was perfectly done and illustrated how strongly he felt about her.

I've read this book so many times now, it's a real old favourite I come to when I'm in a reading slump or if I don't want anything heavy when I'm stressed etc Aug 19, Tia rated it it was ok. The hero married the heroine when she was young, on their wedding night the hero disappeared to help his ex-mistress. Being insecure and barely and adult as it is, the heroine left her husband, the hero, thinking he was having an affair. After only being married for twenty-four hours, she took off to her friends Williams place, meanwhile the hero wouldn't stop searching for her.

Fast forward three months and the heroine is a little over three months pregnant with her husbands baby but the hero d The hero married the heroine when she was young, on their wedding night the hero disappeared to help his ex-mistress. Fast forward three months and the heroine is a little over three months pregnant with her husbands baby but the hero doesn't believe the baby really is his, he is sure in for a reality check!

Feb 28, 3meg rated it really liked it. I really liked this book and I am not sure why. I like that it is pretty clear the the H really does love the h, but I was very frustrated about how silly the misunderstanding is. He really was wrong, no matter how you look at it. Sigh, this one still manages to come out really good.

I loved the interaction wibetween the H and the h's male friend maybe there is a book for him Nov 24, Natalya rated it liked it. Most of it was spent in endless high volume bickering, which got tiresome, but the end is pretty good when the hero wizens up and just indulges her. It had a true feel to it, especially as she was pregnant and a fair bit younger, so the hormones would have justified some of her behavior.

Jan 10, Helen Moulden rated it it was amazing. I was a bit confused sometimes but I knew he really really loved her and was just waiting for her to realize that he was being honest. Yes he should've told her why he went to see Gina but he had to hurry and and possibly save her life. Jan 13, Tiffany rated it really liked it Shelves: Such a great older book. Mar 12, RomLibrary marked it as to-read Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. He lied and went to his ex room on wedding night. She finds out and leaves him and is hiding in Tunisia. Only, when he did, he was shocked to find that Vic He lied and went to his ex room on wedding night. Mar 23, MissKitty rated it it was amazing. I read this a long time ago and unlike the other reviewers, I did like this one. The heroine is an epic idiot, but she manages to put the Hero through the wringer big time.

Also an historical, the sisters are fashionistas and set up their shop in London. This story is about the oldest sister who has a daughter. There is a fire started by a rival that burns down their shop and they move into the love interests home. If so, you might be interested in knowing that the third book in the series is due out this month. I've been finding this book for years!!! But she went nevertheless, but ultimately she came up and went back to the shack where they made love.

There was another scene where she felt someone staring at her from the woods. Please if someone know the book title help me out!! Thank you so much! I think my hero is an Earl. Again thanks - I'll get there yet. Everyone have a Great Thanksgiving! I've being going quite mad, especially as I'd like to read the sequels. Gonna to ask again. I'm looking for three books now. Is the heroine goes to Dawson city then to the goldfields to locate her father Hero's name is Logan I believe.

She ends up marrying him and they leave to go to his claim by dog sled. She still ends up sleeping with him and gets pregnant. She then ends up being employed by the hero's wife who is also pregnant, making her dresses. The wife discovers the other woman is pregnant and does not know its her husbands and shames the woman.

The wife also ends up trying to kill her own child with a pillow but is stopped and I can't remember if they put her in a home or what but the hero ends up with the Heroine and finds out she has his baby as well. This one takes place in Australia on a sheep ranch. Dec 2, , He is supposed to be engaged to her sister. She offers to marry him in her sister's place. Also they're father wanted the sister to marry the man so he could pay off the family's debt. Dec 8, , 9: Hi I am looking for 3 novels.

I think there may be more. They might be half brothers. There mom has remarried. One of the books there is an art gallery and the woman who runs it gets kidnapped by her brothers drug running friends. Hi first I want to excuse myself. I am looking for a novel. I just remember there was kind of a bet about a mansion going on between the hero and the heroine because of the heroes brother. I was kind of just looking through the book, I haven't really read it. Dec 8, , Just found out about this place, this looks great.

English not my first language, so sorry for any mistakes. I read some posts from the previous thread and I recognized a couple books that I'm also looking for I think Can't remember the author, much less the title or the characters names. The 1st was posted in It is set in England near the Thames.

In the beginning the heroine is a highwayman dressed as a boy and is in charge of a group of orphaned boys. She tries to rob a nobleman and he captures her and takes her to his home to be punished. When they go to spank her they figure out she is a she and he decides to keep her and train her to be a lady. In the end she ends up being or looking like someone important that they were looking for all along.

Some other random things: I think she had her first "tub" bath and compared it to bathing in the Thames. I believe she had long red hair. During regency time in London, somehow the heroine is passing as a servant boy in the hero house, I think that she tried to rob him, but the hero was sorry and gave her a job instead and then the hero some lord starts to have feelings for the 'boy', when he finds it's a girls instead, he makes her his mistress and in the end eventually they get married.

I think that she also was someone important who was kidnapped and got amnesic. I'm starting to feel that I'm mixing 2 stories The 2nd was posted in I think he was drunk or something and she tries to rob him and his friend and he catches her and forces her to marry her. Shes actually suppose to be an aristrocat who got kidnapped when she was young. I remember then the heros father teaching her how to be a lady and then launching her into society and shes all beautiful and witty and successful. The hero falls for her without realising shes his wife and i remember how she kept visiting the streets to feed some orphans or something and the hero meets her there again asking for a divorce or something along the lines Hi- new member -: I am looking for a futuristic romance from the 80's or 90's.

A female pilot or law enforcer of some type crashes on a prison planet. The decedents of the original prisoners are living there and have formed a somewhat barbarian like society swords, etc.

  1. Suzanne Barclay (E-kitapları).
  2. From My Heart To Your Heart.
  3. This Week in the Civil War - July 20th - 26th, 1862;

She and the hero fall in love and eventually leave the planet. There is some political strife, as the decedents of the original prisoners were being kept on the planet even though they hadn't done anything. I can't really remember the details. The heroine had a vine tattoo that wrapped from her foot, around her leg, across her back, to "bloom" on her chest. I think she had red hair. I kept thinking this book was by Elizabeth Lowell or someone mainstream but I can't find it anywhere. Anyone have a clue what book this is?

Thanks for any thoughts!! The first book was Warrior's Woman. I know the female lands on the heros planet when her planet is invaded. The hero's planet is a barbarian planet where woman are second class citizens. He ends up going back with her to help her planet out. I don't think she had a tattoo but maybe its another book in the series? Im new to this and its all because im desperate to figure out this book.

I do not have a lot of information but it starts in London. This woman who is living with her aunt and uncle is sent to live with the aunts brother.

  1. RISE OF THE SUPERNATURAL (Supernaturals Book 1).
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  3. Read PDF The Hidden Heart (Mills & Boon Vintage 90s Modern).
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  6. The Hike.

The aunts brother makes advances towards the woman. She tries to escape and the brother is killed in the fray. She runs from the house and is snatched up and taken to a ship captain because she is mistaken for a prostitute. After that night she goes back home to her aunts and uncles she ends up being pregnant and they make the captain take her with him as he was leaving to America after they collected money from him. He thinks he was tricked and makes it hard for the woman. She becomes very ill on the ride to America.

He lived on a plantation of sorts with a woman neighbor he was intimate with. The neighbor is very jealous of his wife they were married in a quick ceremony before they left london the thought of the murder of her aunts brother follows her and she believes she is at fault. I think there was another character that was rhe brothers accomplice he was a creepy, slight kind of man. I hope someone can help me and I get the chance to help someone else! Isn't this The Flame and the flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss? I would never have found it. Even the brief description on amazon would not have jogged my memory.

I had to try a sample just to be sure. Dec 23, , 3: The boy ran away to sea to become a sailor and have a great adventure. So, the girl dressed up, pretending to be a boy and went to meet their newly appointed guardian. The Duke, trying to "man up" his new feminine looking ward took him her to a bordello very comical and that was where he found out that he was actually a she!! He ended up marrying her and then had her twin brought back from the ship he was on. I think the girl's name was Alyssa and her twin was Nicky. There is more to the story but any help you can give would be appreciated.

I've been looking for this book for a while but couldn't find it. I don't remember a lot of details. It's about a model coming back to her hometown. The book starts with her speeding when she's going into town. The male character is a cop and they went to high school together.

Any help finding this book would be greatly appreciated! I'm looking for a book about a woman who is married with a small daughter. She is hit by a car, I believe, and dies while in the hospital. But, she decides that it's not her time yet and takes over the body of a single woman who was also injured. She recovers from her new body's injuries and finds her husband and daughter to check up on them they end up becoming friends and more.

In the end, the husband finds out or she tells him what happened and after a while they end up back together. I believe it was a Silhouette or Harlequin. I am in need of your help! I have been trying to figure out the title of a book. Here is a summary of what I remember of the plot Ringing any bells for anyone?

I am a newbie here The heroin however disguised herself as a normal girl and work at a ranch. She likes all the heavy machinery used at the ranch. The hero is her boss and owner of the ranch. He treats her like his other worker and has a girlfriend i think. The girlfriend is very vain and the heroin notice that his girlfriend pretends to be trendy but actually she is not.

I have been looking for a specific romantic book for ages. I came across this site today and thought I would give it a try. I think he has nightmares and the girl tries to help him with that. I am not so sure on the specifics. So some of the above could be totally imaginary. I hope someone can help me!

I came across this site today and hope someone can help me. Here's what I remember: The heroine is from France, an orphan, goes to love with her uncle? Her cousin is an heiress. The hero is poor nobility and must marry for money. He visits the uncle's estate with his two friends to court the cousin. One of the hero's friends helps set her up with a shop in London where she resells dresses. Thanks so much for the help! I'm glad I found this thread. I'm new to posts like these so bare with me. I've been trying to find the name of this book for a long time now and it's driving me crazy. I don't remember much of the plot of the story or the names of the characters 'coz I read this book a while back.

What I do remember though is that this book is kinda on the adult romance genre. The story starts where a beautiful virgin young woman daughter of a man of power - probably a politician gets raped by a fat, short and old diplomat not really sure if he's a diplomat but he scares the girl by saying she can't tell anyone 'coz he has immunity in that country. After being raped she is kidnapped by the same diplomat but she gets saved by a man love interest 1 but then she gets caught again by the diplomat and after some time saved by another man love interest 2. She then gets abducted by tribal people and she was deemed to be "the one" deity or something maiden or sun goddess because of her beauty.

Love interests 1 and 2 joins this ritual and 2 wins and they escape from the tribal people. Going back to civilization she gets confronted by the two love interests to choose between them who she loves most. She chooses love interest 1 but near the end she realizes, she loves love interest 2 more so she leaves 1 for 2 and they live happily ever after. I forgot most of the scenes and it was a thick book so there were a lot of scenes I forgot I wanna read them again but I just can't remember details that will lead me to the book.

I don't know if what I read was already an omnibus or just a very long novel. New to this, but hopefully someone can help! I've tried searching for this book, but Google is failing me. It's a regency romance novel. He takes her to his country home, and she gets along with his staff.

Possibly something about her organizing his library. She gets pregnant, but hides it from him. He takes her back to London, and she continues to hide the pregnancy from him she's miserable in the carriage ride to town -- I think because she's trying to be the perfect ton wife. Her morning sickness gets so bad that she avoids callers; and then she's still so tired in the afternoon, that she cleverly avoids social calls and stays home to be well enough to go out for evening events tells Lady A that she'll be at Lady B's musical, tells Lady B she'll be elsewhere, etc. When her husband realizes that he is in love with her, he tries to track her down in the afternoon, going from point A to B to C, etc.