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In his hunt for Death, Black Adam destroys the nation of Bialya , before defeating the final Horseman, torturing it for information, and killing it. Smith's Shazam! In this version, Mister Mind resembles a small snake, with a more threatening face sans glasses, while wearing a modern style communicator headset. Sivana heads to the Rock of Eternity, where he cannot get in because of a magical shield.

He cries out for someone to help him save his family, saying that while science has failed them, magic could save them. Sivana then discovers a caterpillar-like creature trapped in a bottle within the Rock. The creature claims that people call him "Mister Mind" and makes note that he and Doctor Sivana shall be the "best of friends". Mister Mind returns in the new Shazam! Residing inside of Sivana's ear, Mister Mind has Sivana go to a doctor's office in order to cut out the tongue of a "medicine man", as it is needed for a spell.

It is revealed that Mister Mind's real name is Maxivermis Mind, and is believed to have originated from the Wildlands, one of the seven realms in the Magiclands. Believed to originally be a simple bookworm, Mister Mind suffered abuse as a child and tried for years to break into the Library of Eternity. He eventually succeeded and after absorbing all the knowledge and power of countless spells, he returned to the Wildlands and took his revenge on those who he believed had wronged him.

Achieving his revenge, he set his sights on the Council of Eternity. He managed to work his way inside the Council and it took the combined might of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury, and! Mind's goal is to consume and control all the power of the Magiclands. He also possessed many insect-related abilities, like the ability to spin very strong silk at speeds faster than the eye can see, so quickly he can encase a human in a cocoon within seconds.

Apparently very long-lived, Mister Mind's current body is only the larval stage of his breed: during the 52 miniseries he briefly reaches maturity, becoming a Hyperfly with increased time- and space-bending abilities, feeding over the timelines of singular universes. By this ability, he is able to transform the 52, exactly identical, universes of the current DCU Multiverse into vastly different worlds, literally eating away portions of their history.

After being forcibly rejuvenated in his larval stage, Mister Mind apparently retains the ability to reproduce asexually, using a host to breed his identical siblings. As early as the Fawcett comic, readers could mail away for a decoder key for the Monster Society and read the secret messages in the book by translating the messages given the according to the substitution cipher. The cipher is very basic, in that the ciphertext alphabet is actually the regular English alphabet backwards. During The Power of Shazam! Similar to Kryptonian and Interlac , this was a cipher based on an "alien" alphabet.

Various alien characters in DC Comics have been seen using it since. Jeff Smith used the original s Monster Society code in his Shazam! DC Comics' official website provides an on-line tool to cipher and uncipher the messages.

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Mister Mind appears in Shazam! Sandberg who was uncredited for the role. He is able to escape his imprisonment after Doctor Sivana's attack on the Wizard. In the mid-credits scene, Mister Mind approaches Sivana in his prison cell, proposing a future alliance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Art by Jerry Ordway. The first page of the — Monster Society Strikes Back story arc. Mister Mind — A two-inch talking worm with telepathic powers and a genius intellect.

Dummy — A living puppet. Who — A superstrong and shape-shifting criminal genius.

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Nyola — A magic-wielding weather-controlling Aztec priestess. She later popped up as a member of Alexander Luthor Jr. Oom the Mighty — A giant and super-strong animate statue with magical powers. An early adversary of the Spectre Jim Corrigan. Ramulus — A green-skinned supervillain with the ability to control plants.

Adolf Hitler was the one who gave the orders to create Captain Nazi. An army of termites and worms. Artificial Bodies : Artificial bodies Mister Mind could mentally inhabit and which were used to fool Captain Marvel as he searched for Mister Mind on his asteroid base consisting of: Goatman — A half-man, half- goat creature.

Bookworm Adventures Deluxe (PC) Adventure mode speedrun in 1:38:56 [Obsolete: See description]

A seemingly indestructible robot. A giant purple octopus with a grinning human face. A circus strongman with strength rivaling that of Captain Marvel himself. Bonzo — A hunchback human with large eyes and fangs. Captain Nazi — A superstrong Nazi warrior who assisted in the first plot.

The Worm – An Underground Adventure

Crocodile-Men — A race of humanoid crocodiles from the planetoid Punkus. Herkimer — A Crocodile-Man who is Mister Mind's second-in-command and briefly took command of the Society when Mister Mind lost his memory, but later reformed. Smashi and Herr Phoul. Dobbin — Mister Mind's seahorse steed. Dome Attendants — Creatures that tend to Mister Mind's undersea base. The midget was the last of Mister Mind's minions to leave him.

Hashi — A spiky-haired Japanese scientist. Peeyu — A tall Japanese scientist. Doctor Sivana — The "world's wickedest scientist ". Evil Eye — A green-skinned humanoid monster with the ability to hypnotize. Hydra — A serpentine monster with multiple heads that can regenerate. It was created by Mister Mind. Ibac — A criminal who sold his soul to Lucifer for super-strength and durability which he gets by saying the magic word "Ibac". Jeepers — The last of a race of bat monsters. Marmaduke — A criminal with big ears and a fat face. Monster Brigade — Undersea monsters under Mister Mind's command consisting of a sperm whale , a gigantic octopus , a hammerhead shark , and a huge sea serpent.

It consists of a human, a Crocodile-Man, an unspecified fanged monster, and a humanoid with the head of a hippopotamus. Monster Students — Pupils at the Monster School that consist of tough humans, Crocodile-Men, and a horned black demon. Banjo — A criminal and leaker of Allied secrets via coded music from his banjo that were played on a popular radio show only appears for one panel in the first chapter Nippo — A master of disguise, master swordsman, and spy for the Japanese. Synthetic Animals — Fake animals created by Mister Mind.

They consisted of Oscar a giant lobster , Oliver a gigantic octopus with human hands , Ophelius a huge ram , and Oliphant a dragon. Tough Guys — Generic human enforcers of Mister Mind's wishes. The notable ones include a Tommy-gun wielder, a cloaked swordsman, a beret-wearer, a stereotypical "Goomba", and a Gatsby cap-wearer.

Sivana's youngest daughter. Sivana Jr. Sivana's youngest son. King Kull — The last of the Beast-Men that once ruled the Earth until Cro-Magnon man rebelled, causing him to go into suspended animation. He has enormous strength and durability and a brilliant mind, along with bizarre technology. Mister Atom — An indestructible and superstrong genocidal robot, who possesses the power of an atomic bomb.

Oggar — An immortal sorcerer of great power, although his spells do not directly work on females, with strength and durability matching Captain Marvel. The inhabitants of planets — Different alien races that were forced by Sivana and Ibac to work for them and build their fleet. Retrieved 20 April American Nostalgia Library, an imprint of Hawk Books. Retrieved DC Comics. Each of these footnotes represents a timestamps from the 52 comic book, depicting when events happened during the week timeline of the series.

As the story involves time travel, several of the events were presented in the comic out of sequence. Archived from the original on The World's Finest. Retrieved 23 March Black Adam Isis Osiris Sobek. Adventures of Captain Marvel Shazam! National Comics Publications, Inc. Fawcett Publications, Inc. WHIZ Marvelman. Booster Gold. Morrow Ultra-Humanite Validus. Otto Binder. Slimey's voice is currently provided by Dick Maitland. His birthday is on September 19th. In season 29 — , Slimey undertook a 6-week journey into space.

With his landing on the moon , Sesame Street changed directions from teaching children about basic literacy and numeracy , adding basic science. He then trained rigorously to become an astroworm and was finally chosen as part of the mission's international crew, showing viewers that practice makes perfect.

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  7. The rocket was launched using Mr. Snuffleupagus ' trunk after the smoke from the rocket made him sneeze. The journey went through many troubles including the international crew's crisis but eventually landed on the moon, which was televised live by Kermit the Frog. The rocket ship landed in dramatic fashion, splashing into the water. Nobody was hurt. Slimey was the first to get out of the rocket ship and therefore became the first worm on the moon.

    The separation of Slimey and Oscar showed the rarely seen soft side to Oscar. The journey explored concepts such as the distance to the moon and the difference between heavy and light, as well as how scientific exploration occurs, with Slimey and the crew performing experiments and collecting samples. Slimey has many friends, both worm and non-worm, and also a worm family.

    Listed here are Slimey's main friends and his family. Oscar is Slimey's best friend. Slimey is not only the pet of Oscar the Grouch , but also the only character with whom Oscar admits to liking.

    Mister Mind and the Monster Society of Evil - Wikipedia

    Slimey is said to bring out the best in Oscar. The friendship between the two is understood, where they do not express their feelings for each other but act in a manner which shows their strong relationship. Oscar likes Slimey because they share common interests like the love of rain, mud, and soil, and the fact that Slimey doesn't talk to him when he is trying to sleep. The two do many things together, including taking mud baths and just hanging out. Each night, or at the end of each episode from season 35 onward Oscar reads to Slimey chapters from the book Trash Gordon , a parody of the Flash Gordon comic strip.

    The book involves Gordon fighting many creatures and ends with a review of the letter and number of the day. When Slimey went into space, Oscar was distraught and could not mask missing Slimey, showing that Oscar has a caring side.

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    Oscar's friendship with Slimey demonstrates the difficulties some children find in making friends. Slimey met Oscar in Oscar went to the park on a rainy day to see the mud puddles and found a mud puddle with a lot of worms playing in it.

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    4. He then saw a lonely Slimey playing by himself. Slimey saw Oscar and crawled up his shoulder and fell asleep. Feeling sorry for the baby worm Oscar took Slimey home with him. They both announce their affection for each other but Glo is called away to fight a fire and Baby Bear is put in charge of distracting Slimey as he waits anxiously for his beloved to return. The pair hit it off so well due to their shared fondness of extreme activities, which is illustrated in a scene where they get shot out of a cannon while kissing.

      Another moment that featured the duo showed the couple dancing to salsa music.