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She's never read them, she's always stuck with mysteries and thrillers, so when she reads a steamy orgasm inducing chapter where characters are having the kind of sex that she realizes she's not having, well her marriage all of a sudden seems like a limp noodle compared to those two love birds having crazy, hot, passionate sex all the time.

The more she reads, the more Gen realizes what she wants is the passion that's slipped away between her and Jack, because they sure aren't having romance novel sex. If they're going to make it to their 15th anniversary, she's got to do something. With a plan straight out of steamiest chapter of a romance novel, Gen sets out to light her marriage on fire.

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And even if she's got to battle a deranged in-law, the three boobed TT club, an evil book boy on the war path to show every patron of his bookstore the embarrassing covers on the romance books she's buying, or her husband who doesn't have a clue, she will put spice in her bland marriage so she can have a Midlife and Married Romance Novel Life. Marina is also acquainted with Rick Pryde, a petrol station owner, maimed in the Persian Gulf War of , who does snow-ploughing in winter as well.

Next Marina goes to a mall and rescues a girl from an abusive boyfriend in the carpark.

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The girl concisely says her name is Lorene; they stop at a diner and the girl eventually leaves with her boyfriend. That night Marina dreams of Adam's unfinished sculptures that she has been tampering with, and realizes she is deluded. Then there is a shift to the Hoffmanns, and we learn of Lionel's mistress, Siri Joio, an Asian massage artist.

Meanwhile, Camille rescues a maimed stray dog and gets him operated, although that would seem like a folly.

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Then Lionel leaves Camille to live with Siri, and Camille sinks into depression; their grown children are angry with their father. A little later, Beatrice Archer, a neighbour, visits Camille. At the same time, Roger Cavanagh tells Lionel Hoffmann he will soon be a father for the second time.

Camille somehow ends up with three more dogs one of which belongs to a rich neighbour, Mrs Ferris, and another to a relative of Beatrice Archer's. Lionel then calls to say he is coming home. After a girlish meal, Abigail attends a dinner party for the Historic Society, and there an architect, Gerhardt Ault, hits on her, then calls her again the next day.

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Abigail prefers to call her ex-husband and ask about her son, who has refused to talk to her since the accident. She then has dinner with Gerhardt, but ends up walking out in sobs and eventually ignoring his calls. A little later she gets her book signed by Pulitzer -winner poet Donegal Croom. After a brief visit to Marina's bookshop, she attends a social event when Donegal reads aloud some of his poetry. After breaking down, he and Abigail spend the night together, talking - she talks about Adam, he confesses to having had prostate cancer and thereby being impotent.

My Midlife and Married Romance Novel Life by Christa Jeanne (2014, Paperback)

Back home, Abigail hears a message from Gerhardt on her answerphone, asking her to marry him. She promptly dismisses it, but then sees him with the girl in a 'red beret' At the same time, Roger Cavanagh is in a car with feminist paralegal Noami Volpe. They visit lawyer Reginald "Boomer" Spires over Death Row client Elroy Jackson Jr, and upbraid him for his lack of professionalism, as they believe his client to be only a victim of the court system. A great way to bring back the romance in your marriage is to plan creative dates!

It also includes tips on first dates and asking someone out for a date too.

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