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But this by no means ends the Franklin literature. We have essays and tracts dealing with particular incidents or matter relating to him, references of more or less import- ance in many books, birth-day orations, and publications relating to statues, pictures, medals, memorial windows, and other monuments to commemorate his services to his country and mankind. This great mass of literature, by, pro, and con, has in turn produced a large number of critiques and reviews, for the most part anonymous, and buried in the periodical lit- erature of many countries.

Two other classes of books are connected with Frank- lin those addressed to, or dedicated to, and works bear- ing his imprint, or upon which he is known to have worked as a journeyman printer. First among these is the Boston Public Library. Justin Winsor, in , began the systematic collection of a Franklin alcove, on the ground "that Franklin is to Boston" as Shakespeare is to England.

Sam- uel A. Green presented the library with one hundred and fifty volumes, and by purchase, gift, and exchange, the collection now numbers over six hundred volumes, writ- ten by, printed by, or relating to "Boston's boy. It contains few of Franklin's own pieces, but many that are of interest as dedicated to, presented to, or otherwise con- nected with him. Govern- ment in the "Stevens-Franklin Collection," and the library already had nearly one hundred volumes relating to him. The Lenox Library has a number of Franklin imprints, including the finest set of Poor Richard's Almanacs I have seen, and a number of pamphlets with autograph annota- tions by Franklin, which were stolen from the Philadel- phia Athenaeum, and bought by this library at the auction sale of Mr.

George Brinley's books. Ixvii The library of the British Museum has nearly two hun- dred volumes of Frankliniana, but little of rarity. Of private collections of books, I have only made use or know of those of Mr. George Brinley, sold at auction in , which contained some hundred and fifty volumes, for the most part of rare and interesting books; and that of Mr. Gordon L. Ford, of Brooklyn, which numbers some two hundred volumes, the rarities of which are sufficiently noticed in the body of this list. In the American Philosophical Society are the bulk of the letters to Franklin by his friends and correspondents, fill- ing over fifty volumes.

Clarence S. Bement and Mr. Charles R. Hildeburn, both of Philadelphia, have fine collections of the engraved portraits of Franklin, the former containing in the neigh- borhood of four hundred, and the latter over three hun- dred. Huntington, an ardent Franklinist and anti- quary, formed a very fine collection of Franklin matter, which on his death he left to the Metropolitan Museum of New York; but for reasons given elsewhere, the compiler is unable to state the nature of the collection.

Many other collections have been examined, but these seem all requir- ing mention. IxiX work. This list was reprinted with additions in the third volume of Mr. Bigelow's Life of Franklin. In Mr. Stevens' Bibliographic Essay on Franklin, he de- scribes with accuracy, and often with interesting notes, the two hundred works contained in his Stevens-Franklin Collection. The most exhaustive list, however, is that written by Mr.

Lindsay Swift, and printed by the Boston Public li- brary. This contains titles not only of the five hundred and fifty volumes then in that library, but also of all others that were given by Sabin, Hildeburn, Stevens, or other bibliographers. It contains not only the works by or re- lating to him, but also a list of the productions of his press.

The Catalogue of the Library of the British Museum describes with satisfactory fulness the works relating to him in that library. Hildeburn's Issues of the Pennsyl- vania Press are catalogued with great fulness and accuracy the issues of Franklin's Philadelphia printing office. In the various issues of Poole's and Fletcher's Indices of Periodical Literature are given a proportion of the mag- azine literature relating to Franklin. He has also examined the collections of books already described, with the exception of that in the Metro- politan Museum, to which access was forbidden, with gross rudeness, by Prof.

Isaac H. With this solitary ex- ception the compiler has received the utmost courtesy and aid from the librarians and curators of both these larger collections and many of lesser importance. From these two sources the following list has been chiefly compiled, though much has been collected from many books and individuals.

Ixxi to Mr. Lindsay Swift and Dr. Samuel A. Green, of Boston; Mr. Ford and Mr. Worthington C. Ford, of Brooklyn; Mr. John Bigelow, Mr. George H. Moore, Mr. Eames, and Mr. William Kelby, of New York; Mr. Hildeburn, Mr. Stone, Mr. Bum ford Samuels and Mr. Henry Phillips, of Philadelphia; and Mr. Spofford and Mr. Theodore F. Dwight, of Wash- ington, for their assistance and courtesy ; and especial thanks and gratitude to Mr.

Lindsay Swift, Mr. Pasko, and Mr. Eames, for their comparisons and cor- rections of the proof sheets of this list. The titles in this part are arranged chronologically under the year in which they were written, and editions of each grouped chrono- logically under the first edition. Collected works are arranged under the date of printing, except reprints, which are grouped under the first edition. All editions of Father Abraham, however, even if containing other pieces, are classed under that heading, and all editions of the Autobiography are gathered in one series.

Boston : Printed by James Franklin. Boston: Printed by James Franklin. They were wretched stuff, in the Grub-street-ballad style; and when they were printed he sent me abput the town to sell them. The first sold wonderfully, the event being recent, having made a great noise. This flattered my vanity; but my father discouraged me by ridiculing my performances, and telling me verse-makers were generally beggars. The New England Courant.

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The [No. But in addition to this connection with Franklin, this paper is still more interesting as containing the first of Franklin's writings now extant. Under the pseudonym of "Silence Dogood " Franklin com- menced in No. It is probable that Franklin wrote other pieces for the Courant, but which they are is largely guess-work.

Folio, i 1. Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity. It occasion'd my being more con- sider'd by Mr. Palmer as a young man of some ingenuity, tho' he seriously expostulated with me upon the principles of my pamphlet, which to him appear'd abominable. My printing this pamphlet was another erratum. Bigelow's; though Mr. Parton had printed it entire in the appendix to his Life of Franklin, from a MS. Of these Mr. Brown and Mr. Lenox at five guineas and declined by both; subsequently thrown into auction at Messrs.

Hotten against the British Museum; on Mr. Neither the Museum nor Mr. Brown nor Mr. Lenox ever secured this rare little book. It is rather remarkable that both of the only two copies now known, out of the that Franklin printed himself at Palmer's at the age of 18, should have thus passed through my hands.

Lintot, W. Innys, J. Longman, andj. Stevens claims that the copy contained in his "Franklin Collection " is "believed to be unique," rendering it probable that it is the same copy which Mr. James Crossley describes in Notes and Queries, first series, v. Rules for a Club. Enquiry into Paper Money.

The wealthy inhabitants oppos'd any addition, being against all paper currency, from an apprehension it would depreciate, as it had done in New England, to the prejudice of all creditors. We had discuss'd this point in our Junto, where I was on the side of an addition, being persuaded that the first small sum struck in had done much good. Our debates possess'd me so fully of the subject, that I wrote and printed an anonymous pamphlet on it. It was well receiv'd by the common people in general; but the rich men dislik'd it, for it increas'd and strengthen'd the clamor for more money, and they happening to have no writers among them that were able to answer it, their opposition slacken'd, and the point was carried by a majority in the House.

Pennsylvania Gazette. Franklin and H. Folio and 4to. With Number 40 the title was cur- tailed to "The Pennsylvania Gazette" and it became the leading newspaper of the day, with a large circulation and advertising patron- age. For nearly twenty years , Franklin was virtually the sole editor and proprietor, and for eighteen more jointly so with David Hall.

A few of the articles which it was supposed he wrote for the paper were printed in Duane's edition of his writings, from which they were taken by W. Franklin, Sparks, and Bigelow for their editions, though the former two expressed doubts as to some of them. In both Parton's and McMaster's biographies, other pieces are ascribed to his pen, not hitherto printed as his.

That Franklin contributed many pieces is hardly to be questioned, but it is equally certain that few of them can be awarded to him with sufficient evidence to entitle them to a place in his writings. In Hildeburn's "Issues of the Press in Pennsylvania" is a most minute and careful collation of as perfect a file as could be found. Poor Richard' 1 s Almanac for Poor Richard, I endeavor'd to make it both entertaining and useful, and it accordingly came to be in such de- mand, that I reap'd considerable profit from it, vending annually near ten thousand.

And observing that it was generally read, scarce any neighborhood in the province being without it, I consider'd it as a proper vehicle for conveying instruction among the common people, who bought scarcely any other books ; I therefore filled all the little spaces that occur'd between the remarkable days in the calendar with proverbial sentences, chiefly such as inculcated industry and frugality, as the means of procuring wealth, and thereby securing virtue.

Yet the series has never been reprinted, and except the few extracts given in the later editions of his writings, and the uncompleted attempt of Mr. Doggett mentioned below , can only be consulted in the original issues, which are of the greatest rarity, and, as shown by the following list, widely scattered : John Doggett, however, began to reprint the whole series, so far as "the editorial matter of Franklin" in the following : "Poor Richard.

Poor Richards Almanac for Poor Richard, Poor Richard' 1 s Almanac for Appleton, It was an advertising dodge. Z Pr Richard' 1 s Almanac for Philadelphia: Printed and sold by B. Franklin, at the New Printing-Office near the Market. An Almanack for the Year of Christ, , By Richard Saunders, Philom. Introduction to Moral Distiches. Franklin, Among the rest, I became one of his con- stant hearers, his sermons pleasing me, as they had little of the dog- matical kind, but inculcated strongly the practise of virtue.

Those, however, of our congregation, who considered themselves as orthodox Presbyterians, disapprov'd his doctrine, and were join'd by most of the old clergy, who arraign 'd him of heterodoxy before the synod, in order to have him silenc'd. I became his zealous partisan, and con- tributed all I could to raise a party in his favor. There was much scribbling pro and con upon the occasion; and finding that, tho' an elegant preacher, he was but a poor writer, I lent him my pen, and wrote for him two or three pamphlets, and one piece in the Gazette of April, Those pamphlets, as is generally the case with contro- versial writings, tho' eagerly read at the time, were soon out of vogue, and I question whether a single copy of them now exists.

Letter to a Friend. Way to make Money Plenty. Stock well [ There are other is- sues, from the same plate, with the advertisement of John C. Hints for getting riches. Benjamin Franklin. General Magazine. Franklin was the editor, but I do not think wrote anything for it. Poor Richard'' s Almanac for Poor Richard" 1 s Almanac for L I ] Sm. Prospectus of Philosophical Society. Franklin, 14 May, Account of Pennsylvania Fire Place. Sparks states that there are several other editions of this pamphlet; but I have only been able to find the one below.

Catalogue of Books. Thomas J. McKee of New York. Preface to Cato Major. Becket for that Purpose. Probably he may have some of them still in his Warehouse, as I never had an Account of their being sold. I shall be much obliged by your procuring and sending me one of them. Tullius Cicero. Philadelphia : Printed by William Dunlap, Franklin, LL. It was a publisher's trick to sell the book, but led Mr. Duane, when publishing Franklin's writings in , to include it among them iv, , and also to issue a separate edition as below.

Suppressed Letter. Washington: June 25, The letter was written to William Frank- lin, and has never been embodied in any edition of Franklin's writings. In the catalogue of the Stevens Franklin Collection, there is noted, "Dr. London : Privately printed. Henry N. Stevens, this was never printed. New York: Benjamin Franklin [ Bigelow's edition of Franklin.

Ben Franklin on Marriage, etc. Reflections on Marriage. Philadelphia: Benjamin Rush states that this is by Franklin, but it has not been included in any edition of his writings. Sabin mentions an edi- tion with the same imprint and collation, "Philadelphia. Hildeburn states that the third edition refers to Franklin as the author. Edinburgh: By Dr. To which is added, A Letter from the late Dean Swift, to a very young Lady on her Marriage, containing salutory Advice relating to her conduct thro' Life.

The Third Edition. J lamo. Association for Defense. Philadelphia: B. I harangued them a little on the subject, read the paper, and explained it, and then distributed the copies, which were eagerly signed. Proclamation for a Fast. A Procla- mation for a general Fast. Frank- lin: Archives, v, Calling in the aid of religion, I propos'd the proclaiming of a fast, to promote.

They embrac'd the motion; but, as it was the first fast ever thought of in the province, the secre- tary had no precedent from which to draw the proclamation.

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My edu- cation in New England, where a fast is proclaimed every year, was here of some advantage: I drew it in the accustomed style; it was trans- lated into German, printed in both languages, and divulg'd thro' the province. Philadelphia: Printed by B. Frank- lin. Plain Truth. To promote this, I first wrote and published a pamphlet, entitled PLAIN TRUTH, in which I stated our defenseless situation in strong lights, with the necessity of union and discipline for our defense, and promis'd to propose in a few days an association to be generally signed for that purpose.

The pamphlet had a sudden and surprising effect. It has wonderfully spirited us up to defend ourselves and the country, to which end great numbers are entering into an association, of which I send you a copy enclosed. Sabin refers the authorship to Franklin, which is of course absurd. Hildeburn proves it to be by Samuel Smith, the historian of New Jersey. See Issues of the Pennsylvania Press, Advice to Young Tradesmen.

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Printed by D. Humphreys, [n. London: Turner, By Ben- jamin Franklin. Title from British Museum Catalogue. London : Practical Wisdom: or the manual of life. The counsels of eminent men to their children. London, Franklin, and D. Education of Youth.

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Electrical Experiments. Cave, at St. John's Gate. He got them read in the Royal Society, where they were not at first thought worth so much notice as to be printed in their Transactions. The papers, however, being shown to Dr. Fothergill, he thought them of too much value to be stifled, and advis'd the printing of them.

Collinson then gave them to Cave for publication in his Gentleman's Magazine ; but he chose to print them separately in a pamphlet, and Dr.

POOR RICHARD'S ALMANACK by Benjamin Franklin - FULL AudioBook -

Fothergill wrote the preface. Cave, it seems, judged rightly for his 'profit, for by additions that ar- rived afterward, they swell' d to a quarto volume, which has had five editions. In Franklin's own copy of the work he has, however, noted the initials of the discoverer against each experiment, as follows : Page 12, line i. Henry and R.

Paris: This edition contains the "Supplementary Experiments. He prevailed on his friend, M. Dalibard, to give his countrymen a more correct translation. Leipsic: Plan of School. Richard Peters. Letter on the Indians. New York : Bigelow prints as Franklin's. The pamphlet is by Archibald Kennedy. The Importance. Increase of Mankind. Boston : The main work is by William Clarke.

Poor Richard's Almanac for Letter to Whitefield. Notting- ham, [n. See Sparks, vii, I ' Supplementary Experiments. Henry, and R. New Experiments. Collinson, Esq; of London, F. Canton, M. Colden, of New York. Price is. Pennsylvania Hospital. Philadelphia : Philadelphia: , In Sabin's Dictionary of Books relating to America, a "Continuation " to the above, published in , is also referred to Franklin, but it must be erroneously, for he was at that time in Burope.

I] Broadside. See Autobi- ography, , and Pennsylvania Archives, n, , and Z ' Poor Richard' 1 s Almanac for T ' P r Richard' 1 s Almanac for It contains the many proverbs of the former issues collected into one piece, which has be- come famous under the titles of "The Speech of Father Abraham;" "The Way to Wealth;" "La science du bonhomme Richard;" etc. See the following list of editions and the Autobiography, Way to Wealth. Boston: [ Enjoying such a great popularity, it has been simply impossible to find and note all the editions, and the present titles are only offered as a basis for some future list.

Many of them are without date, place, or printer, so as to render their classifi- cation and finding of great difficulty. This is, I hope, so far as the latter, overcome by the special index at the end of this list of editions. No attention has been paid to works containing it, unless the title or Franklin's name was on the title. What would you advise us to do? Green, in New Haven. Lewis, No. Of it he said: ' ' I trace no other copy of this edition. It was not in the Franklyn [sic] collection sold for ,5, to the American Government.

A former owner has written upon the title as the date. J Way to Wealth. Translated by Francis A. Way to Wealth, j d Edition. Il6 2 Way to Wealth. London : []. Johnson, I Way to Wealth. London: [? London [? Dublin: Paisley: Paisley, Calandrier de Philadelphie, ou le moraliste Ame'ricain, pour tous les jours de I'anne'e. Edition augmented de 1'auis de ceux qui veulent passer en Ame'rique. A Phila- delphie, pour la presente anne"e.

Title and note from Leclerc's Bibliotheca Americana.

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  • Canterbury: Canterbury, printed by Simmons and Kirkby, Broadside. Donaldson, Creech, Elliot, and Sibbald,. Edited by A. J ' Way to Wealth. Paris: ij X Way to Wealth.

    London: ij Franklin's Way to Wealth. Lansingburgh: Worcester: Birmingham : Richardson, at the Royal-Exchange. Leeds: Lausanne: The prettiest edition yet printed, of which six copies were printed on large paper and eight on vellum. Mason L. Neild's Bibliotheca Geographica, No.

    The Way to Wealth, to which is added Select Thoughts. Manchester: Nicholson, No. Riom: Copenhagen: Nytaansgave for Unge og Gamle, eller den Kunst at blive riig og lykkelig. Oversat af Carl Fr. Kjobenhavn: He states that it was also printed with the title : Den gamle Richards Kunst at blive riig og lykkelig.

    En Lommebog for hvert Aarh. By Benjamin Franklin. Frederickson's Auction Catalogue, lot Edinburgh: C. Mason L,. Birmingham: Perhaps the same as No. Dedham: What do you advise us to? Tileston Clapp. The Way to Wealth; or, "Poor Richard improved. Coventry: Scholey, London. Besangon: Principes elementaires de morales, ou traite abrege" des devoirs de 1'Homme. Par Etienne Gabriel Peignot. Besancon, imprimerie de Tau- lin. Mill-Hill: Newcastle: [iSiof] The Way to Wealth. The Whistle, a story and a new method for ordering expenses.

    To which is added a discourse on frugality by R. Newcastle: [? See No. Wien: Sicherer Weg zu einer festen moral. Gesundheit zu gelangen und sich darin lebenslang zu erhalteu. Wien: Wimmer. Berlin: Spriichworter des alten Heinrich und Bngels Lebens- weirsheit des alten Witt. Berlin: Mittler. Blackburn: Barton, Jun. London: ? I Price Sixpence. Newipswich: Hartford: Allen, Philo.

    Poor Richard's Energy Almanac

    Franklin" is sometimes found separate. They may be told by the three paragraphs at the end of the piece. Milan: La Maniera di farsi ricco, di Beniamino Franklin. Edi- gione centesimaprima. Milano: Giovanni Silvestri, T Way to Wealth. Stockport: The Way to Wealth. Bermondsey: Tugendiibungen, guter Rath an Handwerker, Mittel, reich zu Werden. Wien: Mayer. Franklin I. Den gamle Richards Kunst at blive rig og lykkelig; tilligemed tre nyttige Huustavler og en sandfserdig His- toric. Em Lommebog for alle Stsender. Af Benj. Andet, forbedr. Preston: [? Troet eiis al levr gallec B.

    Proverbs et Sentences du Bonhomme Richard. La Science du bonhomme Richard, suivie d'extraits de ses ceuvres. Precede de 1'eloge funebre de Franklin par Mirabeau. Paris, A. La Science du Bonhomme Richard. Paris: Didot. La Science du Bonhomrne Richard. Paris: Sanson. La science du bonhomme Richard, suivie de la Veritable poule noire. Paris, Sanson. La science du bonhomme Richard. Conseils pour faire fortune, ou La Science du bonhomme Richard. Paris: A. Z Way to Wealth.

    Windsor: Large folio, pp. Dijon: Dijon: Lagier. The Hague: La sciencia da bon homen Riccardo, on meios de fazer fortuna. La Science du bonhomme Richard, suivie de la Veritable poule Noire. Nantes: Moyens d' avoir toujours de 1' Argent dans sa poche. Nantes: imprimerie de Mellinet-Malassis. Ex- tracted from the Doctor's Political Works. Dunstan's Hill, Tower Street, London;.

    Nottingham: Some copies were printed on red, white and blue paper. Morlaix: Guizieguez ar Pautr-cos Richard. Troet eus al levn gallec B. Suivis de la Science du Bonhomme Richard. Coburg: Alte Goldbriefe. Neu herausg. Zum Nutzen und Frommen der Jugend. Coburg: Riemann. He also mentions a "2te verm. Auflage" but without giving date or place of printing.

    Paris: Imprimerie de Carpentier-Mericourt. Rochester: Anneci: Anneci: A. Venice: Almanacco per 1'anno Ven- ezia, dalla tipografia di G. Carlsruhe: Carlsruhe: Wagner. Northampton: The Apprentices' Pocket Guide Pokladnice Franklinowa Wydana Frantess- ken K. Tissen: Fil- ippa Marcholda: Engraved by O. London: [iSf-f]. Poor Richard's Way to Wealth. Price Sixpence. Faensa: La maniera di farsi ricco, di Beniamino Franklin. Erfurt: Der Weg zum Reich thum.

    Erfurt: Hennings und Hopf. Z ' Way to Wealth. Brussels: Vicenza: [ Aggiuntivi alcuni canti popolari vicentini. Vicenza, tip. Par A. Henry Kent Causton. In phonetic character. London: , [The Way to Wealth In phonetic characters. Caracas: Por Benjamin Franklin y Pensamientos sobre moral, pol- itica, literatura, religion y costumbres par J. Cardcas, Sold by Morrell, 13, Francis St. Bedford Square. Der Weg zum Reichthum. Neu bearb.

    Nebst siner Biographic des beriihmten Berf Von G. Berlin: Grothe. Des armen Richard Weg zum Reichthum. Aus dem Engl. Berlin: A. Bologna: La maniera di farsi ricco; versione italiana di F. Bologna, tip. Milano: La maniera di farsi ricco, o la scienza del buon Ric- cardo, ed altri opuscoli di pratica economia volgarizzati dal P. Milano: tip. Paris: Guillaumin: Paris: Guil- laumin. J Way w Wealth.

    La science du bonhomme Richard Paris: Jules Renouard. Min, pp. Des Armen Richard Weg zum Reichthum. Aus dem engl. Berlin, Petersburg: Hayka Dodprka Primapa St. J " Way to Wealth. Cincinnati: U. Paris: i8fi. Paris: Guillaumin et Cie. I Fir erne: La scienza del buon vecchio Riccardo, tradotta dal fran- cese da Arturo Taranto. Firenze: tip. Peking: Boston: Poor Richard's Almanac and other papers. By Benja- min Franklin. With Notes. New London: n. Father Abraham's Speech. American Museum, VTI, Virtue made Easy.

    Newcastle: The Whole Duty of Man. Georgetown: Moral Tracts. Stevens' Historical Nuggets. Utrecht: ? Spriichworter des alten Heinrich und Engels. Wybor pism moralnych. Warsaw: Historical Review of Pennsylvania. Griffiths, in Paternoster-Row. Duane and Mr. Refine your search for poor richard daugherty. Refine more Format Format. Items in search results. Search refinements Categories. Books 5. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Buy It Now. Condition see all Condition.

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