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Please try your request again later. Larry Rochelle has lived in the area for almost seven years, but it took a tour of Chapel Hill's hidden spots from one of his Fearrington Village neighbors followed by the continuing revelations at North Carolina to spawn his latest mystery thriller, "Back to the Rat," published via Lulu.

Rochelle knew he wanted his next Morel novel to involve brain-washing and mind-control techniques, but he needed bad guys. He found them in Chapel Hill, where the real-life scandal at North Carolina served as fodder for the book. With literary license, Rochelle imagines it going back decades, much bigger and far more nefarious.

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Events in the book spin out of control, involving the CIA, organized crime and other malefactors on a grand scale. For Rochelle, it wasn't a giant leap from what's going on at North Carolina. Is there a quid pro quo? Maybe you don't score so much in the next game, or don't make it 20 points, make it I don't know when you take that step if you're a player or a gambler.

Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Previous page. Kindle Edition. Next page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Thank you for solving this. I misremembered a few details, but your answer led me back to the book and "soap" was in the index, so I didn't have to reread the book to find this story.

Sounds like the 2nd and 3rd books of the much-loved Melendy series. The setting is forest-like. The kids are Mona, Rush, Miranda and Oliver. Then There Were Five introduces the orphan Mark who the family later adopts. Thank you for the suggestion, but I can confidently assert that the book is not one of the Melendy series as they were childhood favourites of mine.

I can see why you would have thought that, though. Borchard, Ruth, Children of the Old House. This is a long shot but you might try looking at the description of this book in the Solved Stumpers section. It involves five children but their names aren't all M names- apparently they are Ruth, Michael, Peter, Inga, and the baby. They move to a new house and have many adventures. Marly- 10 years old- and her family move to a farm near grandparents.

The area is very rural and wooded. Children of the Old House : I have read the description in the Solved section and also hunted it down on the wider web, but none of the descritions chimes any memory-bells I''m afraid. I am wondering if this stumper may simply be too obscure I am certain this is not the book. Its setting is too American, and the plot rings no bells. I think the book I am remembering was for younger readers than this. Thank you all very much for your suggestions though. Please keep trying, this i like an itch I can't scratch Vestly, Eight Children in Winter , , copyright.

By a series of coincidences too long to relate, I finally stumbled upon this by myself. They live with Mother, Father and Grandma in a house in the wood a little way outside the big town. The book was translated from Norwegian by Patricia Crompton and is the third in a series which starts with the family living in a cramped flat in the town, then follows their move to the woods.

I'm so relieved to have tracked this book down, that itch has finally been scratched and wonderful it is! Not a National Park Service Site, but it's in Concord, Massachusetts, its name is Orchard House, and you should be able to find out at least a snail mail and maybe an e-mail address from an online search. Someone there knows all about Louisa May Alcott or they'll know who will. Don't forget an SASE! As they're not NHS they won't have free government postage! This one sounds like a book published under two names depending on the edition.

Aunt Hill or Eight Cousins is about a girl named Rose who is orphaned and sent to live with her Uncle. The heroine is a country girl sent to live with her rich cousins in the city. She has a snobbish girl cousin and a nicer boy cousin and many trials learning to live in their more sophisticated home. I looked for this trans. French translations of Alcott's work seem to work in Docteur March to the title whenever possible or not and this does not seem to match any of the actual March family stories.

Old Fashioned Girl sounds closer than Eight Cousins. Polly Milton is from a poor and simple family like the Marches and the Shaws are well-off and fashionable. The children are Fanny, her brother Tom, and spoiled little sister Maude. There is conflict between virtue and homely values as represented by Polly and old grandmother Shaw, and vanity and worldliness as represented by the selfish invalid Mrs. Shaw and Fanny's snobbish friend Trix. Eight Cousins is about orphan Rose, who comes to live with her uncle, six aunts and seven boy cousins. The focus of the book is on her education, which is debated by the aunts and settled by the uncle, whose scheme is very close to Bronson Alcott's ideas.

Later - there's a French trans of Aunt Hill, and it's called Rose et ses sept cousins. It wasn't Lizabeth. Eventually, this rich family goes bankrupt. I just checked the solutions to the stumpers that I had submitted. They sound like the correct solutions to me! Thank you so much for helping me solve these mysteries that have been with me since I was a child. Rose is orphaned and her godfather is her uncle. Alcott, An Old Fashioned Girl.

If this is about a goddaughter, are you sure the book is not Eight Cousins? I'm watching your website once a week, hoping someone recognizes the book about quilts. It was probably a paperback, published around My intuition is telling me maybe the title included "four Hands" somewhere. I associate counting and hands with the title. Hopefully these adidtional hints will trigger somebody's memory.

Thanks so much for this wonderful effort at answering our need to identify books from memory so that we can enjoy those books in hand, not just mind, again. Ann W. Illustrated by Jeanette Winter. HarperCollins, , 4th printing. Hogan , illustrated by Beverly Komode. Hogan , illustrated by Beverly Komoda, published Parents' Magazine Ages , grades K The book I am searching for is about a brother and sister who go to visit a relative in the country. They play in a stream, see a frog and a bird house. It is a color picture book for the year old range. I was born in , so I'm assuming it was published sometime between and That's just a guess.

Unfortunately, that's all I remember. Any help would be appreciated. Illustrated with drawings by Florence England Nosworthy. Light green cloth with pictorial cover label, without dust jacket. Blegvad, Lenore. Moon-watch Summer Illustrated by Erik Blegvad. NY Harcourt , 63 pgs, cloth.

Davis , illustrated by Hildegarde Woodward, published Doubleday , 48 pages. A lost Indian trace, a housewarming party and a present for their lame friend Kenny, provide lively interest both in the text and in the fine three-color pictures. Hogan, Eighteen Cousins, Your description reminds me of a book my family loved, called Eighteen Cousins. It only involves one boy who visits his cousins in the country. It is done in rhyme, and mentions seeing a brook and a frog. Sample verse: "I nibbled a carrot, I nibbled a pea, I nibbled a green leaf The dates certainly match.

But when the elephant realizes that the bad baby has forgotten his manners, the chase ends with a bump and tea for everyone. Just used this classic in a storytime last month! This is definitely the book. The elephant offers the ride to the baby and after the baby takes everything from the various merchants without saying please, they are chased "rumpeta rumpeta rumpeta" all through the town. This was one of the favourite "on the mat" stories from my early school days. There are various covers around as it has been reprinted many times.

I loved it as a kid - though one amateur reviewer pointed out recently that it's silly - if not downright annoying - that the baby gets labelled bad just for not saying please, while the elephant shoplifts but doesn't get called bad for that. Or maybe the idea is that even human children know stealing is wrong and animals don't.

London, Hamilton This one is in print again. They went on a wild and glorious chase through the town until the elephant decided that the bad baby had forgotten his manners. My children 8 and 6 still enjoy this story, which was a favourite at their pre-school. Still in print in the UK at least, published by Puffin Well, I love learning something new from this site; I didn't know this book before! Reprinted in paperback in and in the UK, but not here. Not hard to find, but not cheap, either. B and B Both the gizmo and elephant books rumpeta rumpeta!

Thanks Harriet, and everyone! Really neat book! One of Cattermole's Best Books of the 20th Century! It is so nice to see that someone else remembers and loves this book also!! I have two children who also love the book, Plus I have 19 nieces and Nephews and one great niece. I have found this book used many times for most of the younger ones and they all love it too!!

I think they can all relate to the story. The Elephant and the Bad Baby. Illustrated by Raymond Briggs. London: Penguin Books, , paperback. Jimmy discovers that the Mudges, in whose care his father left him, plan to aid a cruel animal trainer to steal Rex. He and the elephant run away. I think this is the book you're looking for. The volkswagen beettle is left outside in a snowstorm. The cat manages to get it brought inside his New York apartment building via the freight elevator. So bizarre! I just read this book! I have a trade Dell yearling copy, don't know if there is a hardback edition.

Yes, the cat does save a car, it's a little Fiat named Whitey. C Stafford, Jean. Elephi, the cat with the high IQ. Dell Yearling c Most definitely the book -Someone has eaten the feast that was prepared for elephant's 11th birthday. One of the guests is the culprit and the reader must solve the clues hidden in the pictures to find out who. Graeme Base , The Eleventh Hour. Sounds like it could be The Eleventh Hour. Horace the Elephant has a party for his eleventh birthday, but which of his guests ate the feast?

The clues are hidden in the pictures and the borders to the pictures. Kit Williams, Masquerade, It seems from the description that this could be Masquerade by Kit Wiliams. It was a picture book puzzle to find a golden hare that was buried somewhere in the English countryside. Each page was a full colour pucture with letters around the edge, finding the correct letters would give you clues to where the treasure was.

This is absolutely the book you are looking for: good news, it' easy to find cheap used copies online! Summary from the Lib of Congress Cataloging Data: An elephant's eleventh birthday party is marked by eleven games preceding the banquet to be eaten at the eleventh hour, but when the time to eat arrives, the birthday feast has disappeared.

The reader is invited to guess the thief. Paul Adshead , Puzzle Island. The book you describe does definitely sound like The Eleventh Hour , but I thought I'd throw this one out there as well-- Puzzle Island has full page illustrations and a mystery to be solved with an alphabet with letters missing around each illustration, which describe animals hidden in the picture--the names of all those animals are your key to unlocking the cipher at the end to solve the mystery.

Is this possibly Elizabeth by Liesel Moak Skorpen? Elizabeth is "lost" and eventually found. The book was small, and we got it from the library several times but never found it in a bookstore. It would make a lovely graduation gift for my Elizabeth, who loved it!

It is 32 pages long, and 18 cm. E5 elizabeth doll: more on the suggested title Elizabeth , by Liesel Moak Skorpen, illustrated by Martha Alexander, published Harper , 32 pages, 5x7" approx. But under the tree she found instead a 'soft cloth doll with warm brown eyes and thick brown braids' like hers. Kate was bitterly disappointed, especially when her priggish cousin Agnes came with her stiffly curled, dressy new doll. After the holiday, Kate gave her nameless doll to James the collie to chew; then smitten with remorse she quickly retrieved her and in a flash of sudden love named her Elizabeth.

Now the doll became her silent, perfect companion - understanding, patient, faithful. I have been trying to remember about this book for decades, having read it in a library as a child and having never seen it since. Seems to be the collector's item now.

The aunt is doing research at an old Scottish castle, and the niece time travels to become another person. I have been finding books I loved as a kid for my children to read so now I can share this one. Many thanks! Jenkins, Elizabeth, Elizabeth the Great. Introduction by A. P28 - could be Elizabite - a picture book about a man who grows a carnivorous plant - can't remember the author - s or 70s I think H.

Elizabite: Adventures of a Carnivorous Plant. A wonderful story introducing young children to carnivorous plants. The text is amusing and young children will giggle in delight Frieda Friedman , Ellen and the Gang, Twelve-year old Ellen is disappointed about not going away to camp and having to stay in the city for the summer. While her friends are away, she falls in with two teenage boys and a girl who use her as a decoy when they shoplift from the neighborhood stores. I think this was the last of the author's wonderfully evocative books written in the Forties through Sixties about New York City kids.

The solution posted is indeed the right book! Thanks so much for whoever solved this for me--I've been trying to remember this title and author forever! Ellen Tebbits I'm looking for a children's book about a young girl whose grandmother knit her a sweater out of itchy wool. She hated it and even cut a hole out of the center of it so she wouldn't have to wear it.

But that's all I remember. I read it in the s. I know that's not much to go on, but I appreciate anything you can do. Thank you. I remember reading a book when I was young about an itchy sweater, and I think it was in one of the Beverly Cleary books. In Ellen Tebbits , by Beverly Cleary , her mother makes her wear a union suit. She is furious when found out by another girl Audrey? In Roller Skates , by Ruth Sawyer , Lucinda promises to wear a similar undergarment all winter, but simply can't coordinate it with her stockings, etc.

Reasoning that she didn't promise in what condition she'd wear it, she decided to follow the little woman in the song and "cut it round about. The sequel to Roller Skates is Year of Jubilo. It took me fifteen years to find a paperback of Year of Jubilo and I never have seen it in hardcover. The main girl is American cant remember her name though and she goes to this ballet class with a new girl from France who is very snobby.

All the French girl can talk about is "gay, gay Paree" and how awful America is after Paris. Of course she is simply homesick and the American girl finally realizes this and makes friends with her. Our American girl is a klutz and has to keep clutching her long underwear under her ballet costume. Her mother made her wear it and she is mortified. Jump and clutch, jump and clutch I wish I could remember more but that's it. Anyone know this? Perhaps this person is mis-remembering the detail about France.

She is in ballet class with Ellen Tebbits and Ellen's woolen underwear keeps slipping, making her "leap clutch". Ellen and Austine become friends by pairing up against Otis Spofford, and Ellen discovers that Austine's mom makes her wear woolen underwear too. Pretty sure about this onenot really a series, but of course Cleary wrote many books in the same vein including the Ramona series.

The long underwear, jump and clutch scene is definitely from Ellen Tebbits , but the homesick French girl part is from one of Lee Wyndham's Susie books. I think it may be from On Your Toes, Susie. Yes, I figured that I might have mixed up two stories as one in my head. I think I'd better go back and read all the Beverly Cleary books again! I'll check out the Lynn Wyndham books, too, because I distinctly remember the "gay Paree" part. Thanks to everyone, and sorry that it was a relatively simple stumper!

I checked this book out of the school library when I was in the third grade, so The story centered on the friendship of two little girls perhaps one new to the neighborhood and of lesser means? The mother of one of the girls sewed them matching outfits from fabric yellow? There were simple illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. I realize this is precious little information to go by, but maybe there is someone my age who remembers this book. Thank you for any ideas. Ellen Tebbits, Beverly Cleary. It was a biennial beet, but everything else in this story matches Beverly Cleary, Ellen Tebbits.

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This is definitely Ellen Tebbits by Beverly Cleary. Both the enormous beet and the monkey-fabric dresses are there. Cleary, Beverly, Ellen Tebbitts. The making of the monkey print dresses is a major part of the story line of Ellen Tebbitts. It practically ruins the two girls' friendship. Also, if I remember correctly, it was a turnip plant that had a flower on it, not a beet, that Ellen pulls out of the ground. This is the one you're looking for, Ellen's class is talking about perennials and she remembers that there's a huge beet growing nearby her school so she goes out to pull it and bring it in to show her class.

And she and her best friend have identical dresses made with monkey fabric. Beverly Cleary, Ellen Tebbits, More than enough info to identify this classic. Beverly Cleary, Ellen Tebbits.

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Definitely the one--both the beet and the dresses. This book is Ellen Tebbits by Beverly Cleary. Beverly Clearly, Ellen Tebbits. How many millions of people will send in solutions to this one!? I''m sure I'm not the only to come up with solution for this clue--classic Beverly Cleary. Ellen finds a large biennial beet plant in a vacant lot and wants to take it to her teacher. She is late to school and gets very muddy because she has such trouble pulling it up.

Austine Allen is her kind new friend who helps her. Chapter Five is called, "The Twins" and describes the matching dresses Ellen and Austine have made out of red and white fabric with monkeys and palm trees. I am sure this is your book. I hope you get to read it again. It is such a great picture of all the social struggles of grade school!

Definitely the one you're looking for, only the chapter is titled "The Biennial Beet. In an effort to impress her teacher, Ellen pulls a huge beet plant that has gone to seed in a vacant lot, getting herself thoroughly rain-soaked, muddy, stained with beet juice, and tearing her dress in the process. The matching dresses in the monkey-print fabric are in the chapter called "The Twins.

Cleary, Beveryly, Ellen Tebbits. Pretty sure this is an Ellen Tebbits chapter title.

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As I recall, Ellen's class is learning about plants and plant life-cycles in class. Ellen sees a huge beet in an empty lot on her way to school, and decides to bring it in as an example for the teacher, whom she is very fond of, and wants to impress. She pulls the beet out, falling over and muddying herself in the process. I believe the book you remember is "Ellen Tebbits", which is still in print. Ellen makes a friend in a new girl named Maxine at the start of the book, because they are both wearing wool underwear at ballet class.

I remember a search for a beet at some point. Also, she and Maxine pick out fabric with monkeys for matching dresses.

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The only thing is that instead of one mother making both dresses, each girl's mother makes a dress. Ellen's mother is a good sewer but Maxine's isnt, so the dresses are not at all alike and the girls end up quarreling. It's the story of third-grade best friends Ellen and Austine, who is new to the neighborhood at the beginning of the book.

From each tree a small red monkey hung by its tail. Unfortunately, the friend's mother couldn't sew very well and the dress didn't look nearly as nice as Ellen's. Cleary, Beverly, Ellen Tebbits, This is definitely Ellen Tebbits, one of my favorite books while growing up! Ellen lives in Oregon and befriends Austine Allen, who has just moved there from California.

The two become best friends, and at one point, they ask their mothers to sew them identical dresses from material printed with monkeys.

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Austine''s mother isn't much of a seamstress, and the unfortunate results lead the friends to quarrel Ellen also pulls a flowering beet from a vacant lot to bring to school for show and tellher class is studying annuals and perennials. Thanks to Austine, Ellen also learns that geraniums, which are annuals in Oregon, are perennials in California. A great book! Followed by a sequel, Otis Spofford , also highly recommended, as it is very funny and Ellen and Austine play a prominent role.

I'm sure you'll get this answer over and over again, but this one is definitely Ellen Tebbits by Beverly Cleary, one of my favorite books as a child. The chapter you are thinking of is called "The Biennial Beet," and in a later chapter Ellen's mother and her best friend's mother make them matching dresses out of yellow fabric with monkeys on them, only the dresses don't quite match An all-time classic! Thanks everyone! At some point they decide to dress like twins so each asks her mother to make her a dress out of the same material - a print of monkeys swinging from palm trees - but while one mother is a good seamstress, the other one isn't and her dress looks terrible.

The girls get into a fight and the one with the terrible dress rips the pocket of the one with the good dress. They make up later. Cleary, Beverly, Ellen Tebbits , , approximate. This is it without a doubt. I'm sure you'll get a lot of comments on this one. Beverly Cleary, Ellen Tebbits , Morrow, , copyright. This is definitely the book you're looking for. Ellen lives in Portland, Oregon, the only child of a single mom who is a Donna Reed, 50s tv-mom type, everything perfect. She has no close friends until Austine Allen moves to Portland from California.

The girls become very close and want to do everything together, including start the fourth grade looking like fraternal twins, and that's what leads to the episode you remember. Austine's mother can't sew and Ellen's mom of course makes a picture-perfect dress so Austine gets jealous.

Beverly Cleary, Ellen Tebbits , , copyright. Lots of details about this book can be found in the "solved pages", including this part about the matching dresses of Ellen and her best friend Austine. This book is a classic and you will have lots of responses, I'm sure. Definitely the book. The monkey-patterned dresses seems to be a very strong memory for readers of this book.

Look in Solved Stumpers. Cleary, Beverly, Ellen Tebbits , , copyright. This is from Ellen Tebbits - Ellen and Austine want to wear the same dress for the first day of school, but Austine's mum can't sew as well as Ellen's. Austine and Ellen fall out because Austine keeps tugging at the sash on Ellen's dress. The ripping incident doesn't happen until a later moment in the book -when Ellen rips Austine's sash when they are dusting erasers together.

The incident leads to them restoring their friendship. You'll get a lot of responses to this one - everyone remembers those monkey dresses! See solved mysteries for more descriptions. It's in Solved Mysteries, too. I remember this scene so well because I longed to have a mom who sewed, but sympathized more with the girl whose mother couldn't sew her dress properly!

The book includes illustrations of the print the girls used for their dresses, complete with monkeys swinging from palm trees. Definitely this one! Look under Solved Mysteries for additional details. Beverly Cleary, Ellen Tebbits , , approximate. I'm sure this one is Ellen Tebbits --my favorite Cleary book. The friend is Austine Allen and they meet over the shared dilemma of long underwear at dance class. I still own my paperback copy from 35 years ago.

Thank goodness for the Scholastic Book Club! Story of the new girl in school. She makes friends with another girl, one of their mothers makes them matching dresses. The new girl is teased because she is from Canada? There is a falling out with her friend, but they make up in the end. The part about the new girl and matching dresses sounds like Beverly Cleary's Ellen Tebbits ; but the new girl in that story is from California, not Canada.

I loved it so much as a girl Unless that's you, stumper G is looking for the same book. Maybe this one? Ellen and her good friend have a falling out, but at the end of the book they make up when their teacher sends them both outside to clap erasers a special treat. This is the book! But it is the right setting and story. Thank you so much! This book contains the story , "Elsie Piddock Skips in Her Sleep", which may be the story you're looking for. This is only one story by Eleanor Farjeon. Which she let her friends suck. At the end of the story she is a little old lady who has shrunk to the size she can use the fairy skipping ropes again and saves an area of open land from development.

I was the one who originally asked about this, so you can now know the stumper has been solved! It still might be the story collection mentioned here, but the library didn't have that one. Since I only wanted the one story I remembered, I am totally satisfied. Your reader found the story but not the collection. I think it had some black- and-white illustrations. Another of the stories was called West-something, about a prince who seeks his bride in lands named for the four directions. The northerners were too cold, the southerners too slothful, the easterns too brisk. There might have been another tale, too, about a princess who is bored with the color of her room.

She commands her fairy godmother to give her a pink room and is instructed to lie on her bed and kick her toes at the ceiling--voila! Soon she's bored again and commands another color change. This happens several more times until finally, she wants a black room.

After lying on her bed and kicking her toes at the ceiling, the walls fall away, the roof comes off, and she gets her wish for a black room. I don't remember the dust jacket, but the book was smallish and had a light russet woven cloth cover I vaguely remember. Sometimes other book requests help solve the stumpers I already have. The only thing I remember about this book from my childhood in the '50s is a little rooster who cried, "Cockadoodle-doo, I want my mommy!

Little Ray had one puppy, two kittens, three ducks and four chickens??? My memory is old and his is older so this is the best we can come up with. This story is in one of the old childrens' readers I collect. Inside the front cover is stamped "Tulsa City Schools. One night her mother was sick and very thirsty. The daughter took an old tin dipper and went to the well but discovered it was dry. Since she didn't want to return without water for mother she summoned her courage to go into the dark woods and find a spring.

After filling the dipper with water, she first encountered the thirsty dog, and then a thirsty old man. After giving both water the dipper turned to gold like the shining sun. At last she reached home with plenty of water to spare for her mother, who called her "my good little girl," and told her she felt better. P Cameron Aur IB. TI ursday 7th June. Line 3. Chrysonthcmum season sailings. Nippon Yusen Kalsha. JUNE 7. June 2. June 30,. July No Exchange. Special rates. Toulon, or MarselUes. Steamship reservations also. This tour includes Re-. Leaving Sydney February, , In-.

Line 4. I lons. Economical single and return fares by this. Line 5. This Day. Huddart, Parker, Ltd.. Mo Adelaide or Western Australian cargo. Fares , Tills Day. Howard Smith, Ltd.. June 23rd, and. The vessel is replete with every up. June 2, from No. First Class only. B 3 lines ; Wharf. Ground Floor, Scottish House. Tuesday, 9 p. Saturday, 9 p. Friday, 5 p.

Hastings and Wilson Rlvers. Wednesday, noon. Telo,, B Single Avail. Tickets obtain-. Foot of Klng-st. Weather and Other.

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