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At one point or another, Kobe has probably had a feud with your favorite NBA player. If this is why you cannot stand Kobe Bryant, then I can respect that. After all, you have to be loyal to your team and players. Did I mention how I can't stand Paul Pierce? This section may seem similar to the last, but this is more along the lines of what happens when Kobe Bryant leaves the court. See, it's not just with players that Kobe Bryant often seems distant. After a game it's not uncommon for Kobe to only manage a few words about the game, and most of the time they are merely variations of the same thought.

Don't get me wrong, Kobe Bryant has a brilliant and witty personality.

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  7. He used to show up to practice at 5 a.m. and leave at 7 a.m. ... in high school.!

What makes him so captivating to listen to, is that he so rarely gives us a taste. When you do get a juicy quote from Kobe, it's worth more than a speech any other player could have given you. Still some people take this approach to the media as "cold, and stubborn. This demeanor he has will continue to put people off who are not his loyal fans, but there is nothing Kobe can do about it. He is simply wired to win, and be the ultimate competitor.

After the departure of Shaq, Bryant was left with a cast of less than desirable starters. The problem was Kobe's drive to win remained unchanged, and it drove Kobe to attempt carrying the entire team on his back. Which he basically did Kobe was taking more shots than ever, and leading the NBA in scoring. This caused people to label him a "bad teammate, a ball hog. All of the sudden the Lakers weren't looking so bad.

Andrew Bynum emerged as a likely double-double per night, and Kobe suddenly had many people to pass to. His points-per-game went down dramatically, and his image seemed to improve after leading L. There were still many instances however when Kobe would focus much more on facilitating the ball to his team, than finding his own shots. Funny how whenever he tried to get the team involved he was later criticized for "Not taking charge, or quitting on his team.

Shoot too much, and you're a ball hog, shoot to little and you are the reason LA struggled to score. These days he plays a pretty balanced game between scoring and passing, but Kobe will take heat from someone no matter what kind of teammate he is. For me in the past, it was Tim Duncan. I hated how he led the Spurs many times to interrupt my Lakers championships. I hated how stale his style of play was, and how it was so reliable. What I hated most however, was how good he was, and how he was the guy standing between my team and a title. For many of you readers out there, that man has been Kobe Bryant for some time now Although it seems to be fluxing toward Lebron James.

You have faith in your team as any fan should, but if you're in the West you know they have Kobe to face to escape the conference. No matter how much faith you have, this has to worry you. Both Magic and Celtics fans know how it feels now to be "one Kobe away" from having a title on their shelves in recent years. And why wouldn't you hate a guy that year after year kicks you out of the playoffs? I don't think Jazz fans have trouble with the concept. I honestly don't blame you if this reason fuels your fire against Kobe, because we have all been there.

Michael Jordan, Kobe's idol, said Kobe is the only person to ever approach Jordan's work ethic.

Shaq was on his way to Miami, Fisher decided to give the Warriors a try, Phil Jackson was running for the hills, and Kobe was left in metaphorical ruins. It would soon get worse for Mr. The book came out, and the press had a field day with sections that literally picked apart Kobe Bryant. Phil Jackson claimed in his book that Bryant was "Un-coachable. These comments from Phil solidified what most people had been suspecting of Kobe for a long time, and added to their distaste toward him. Bryant was vindicated however less than one year later, as Phil Jackson returned once again to coach the Los Angeles Lakers through another season.

Jackson retracted some of his comments about Bryant later on, and along with his presence back in the coaching position it somewhat cleared Kobe's name on the subject. I can see how if all you heard was the rumor and you never checked to see how accurate it was, this would be a good reason to hate him. If it were true, it would mean that he possibly broke up what could have been the biggest dynasty ever right? There is little to no credence to this statement at all in fact.

The truth was that Kobe and Shaq were feuding, of course they were. It was management however, that broke up the team that had very recently three-peated,. Shaq was due for a new contract come the end of the offseason, and the bitter truth is that Jerry Buss had no desire to re-sign Shaq for max dollars when he was noticeably starting to age. The decision was made from on high to scrap Shaq while they could still get some value in the trade, and rebuild the Lakers roster around smoldering young talent Kobe Bryant. Buss pulled the trigger on what could have certainly been a better deal for the Lakers Odom,Butler, and Brian Grant?

Shaq fans can pout all they want about what happened. But if he was the one they kept and they chucked Kobe instead, you can bet Shaq would have been blamed for kicking the future star out just the same. Should Kobe Bryant have been an All-Star in his final three seasons? For most of his career, however, Bryant absolutely deserved to be in the All-Star Game and was a constant highlight reel. Lil' Wayne? Young Jeezy? Meek Mill? Kendrick Lamar? If there's a rapper you listen to - and none of this current day trash; we're talking actual rap music - then chances are they've mentioned Kobe at some point.

In his single 'Why? This is by no means done in a mocking way, but as an actual, "what'd you do, man???? Olympic Team for winning that year's basketball tournament spoilers! Why not mention the guy who averaged We love you, Game, but why snub Kobe? After the Olympics, Kobe retired on top, but how many gold medals did he win in total. Think wisely here! Sticking with the aforementioned rape case, it seems like the type of joke South Park would take a shot at no pun intended when featuring a fictional Kobe Bryant arriving in Colorado. Did they make that joke? Well, you can answer that below, but here's a better question: is remembering when Kobe Bryant had hair tougher than remembering when South Park killed Kenny every single episode?

I don't really think there's an easy answer for that, but if you know South Park well, this will be an easy one. It's easy to forget that there was a time when Kobe Bryant was likely on his way out of Los Angeles in , but when all is said and done, we're glad he stayed in the purple and gold. True, his final seasons were ugly and that Achilles injury in was a damaging blow for a team that very well could have shocked some people in the Western Conference playoffs, but Kobe stayed through it all.

Before setting the record for most seasons with one team, who was Bryant behind? It's almost become commonplace at this point for athletes to cameo on TV shows - Seinfeld, with all of the cameos from Yankees players, is one of the best to do that - but rarely are the athletes ever young. Which show was it? Unless you were playing on strict sliders, Kobe could still run the fast break, do a baseline-to-baseline dunk, and sink three-pointers with ease - and that's as recently as his final appearance in NBA 2K Would you have guessed, though, that Kobe Bryant once had a Nintendo 64 game named after him?

This wasn't uncommon, especially when Ken Griffey Jr. What was the game called? And yes, there's footage online. On the eve of his final game, 2K Sports made a special announcement: those who wanted to shell out some extra money would be able to get a special version of NBA 2K17 which, rather than having Paul George on the cover, included Kobe Bryant and some goodies. Kobe shoes? A Kobe jersey? An autographed basketball? Nope, just things you could use online when the servers were working.

Sure, I guess. Call of Duty is no stranger to featuring celebrities and popular music in their advertisement and, much like they and Battlefield had done with MLB pitchers Cole Hamels and CC Sabathia respectively, Kobe Bryant was next to aim his gun. Looking down the sight with a customized rifle, Bryant drew controversy by the brainless - and Skip Bayless - for appearing in a commercial with a gun Which CoD game featured the Mamba?

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  • Now this will probably be one of the tougher questions on this list, especially for the diehard Kobe Bryant fans out there. Is it the Pacific Division, given that it was Kobe's home? What about the Atlantic Division - Kobe did score his 81 against the Raptors and had a 61 point game against the New York Knicks in ? If you get 34 out of the 35 right and this is the one you get wrong, don't feel bad. Take a shot! If you're a professional athlete or celebrity of some sort, it's both good publicity and good for your soul to partner with - or, even create your own - charity organization to help the less fortunate out.

    As long as you don't piss people off, insult the kids, or steal money from them, you're in good shape and Kobe, because he's a better person than people give him credit for, has done exactly that with this organization. Which one is it?

    Kobe Bryant

    When came around, Kobe and the rest of the United States team that took to the Bejing Olympics were ready to kick ass and avenge their disappointing showing four years before. Kobe definitely played a part in helping the team win gold, scoring buckets game after game as he'd do in nearly every Olympic game he played in. With that in mind and knowing Kobe's mentality to treat every game like a playoff game, what do you think his Olympic-high was?

    If there's one positive that may have come from Kobe's injuries at the end of his career, it's that we avoided the debates that would arise between his legacy compared to Michael Jordan's. Those debates are already too insufferable right now between Jordan and LeBron James Ask Skip Bayless what he thinks. Late in his career, Kobe reached a rare milestone: 30, points scored and 6, assists dished out. Is the only other player to do that Michael Jordan? And yes, Kobe Bryant had 6, assists in his career, so stop with the jokes about him not passing. Though he wasn't much of a passer early in his career, the Black Mamba seemed to realize later in his career that, yes, maybe he should dish the ball out more When you dish out 6, assists in your career, you're bound to have a relatively single-game high - what was Kobe's?

    No, we didn't use the pictures of him taking shots from the free throw line against Golden State after tearing his Achilles. We don't want to relive that night. Put simply, Kobe took a lot of free throws and and routinely got the job done from the line, making What's Kobe's single-game high in free throw attempts?

    It only makes sense that in a quiz celebrating Kobe Bryant's fantastic career, we talk about the fantastic game that ended his career in In a nationally televised home game attended by celebrities and ex-teammates alike, Bryant exploded for 60 points, ending a trying season that saw the Lakers go on a high note. With the Lakers having been eliminated from the playoffs long ago, Bryant did what Derek Jeter did in his final home game with the Yankees: end it with a bang.

    Who did Bryant's Lakers play? Because basketball is a game where one can take as many shots as they want, it seemed obvious coming in that the Lakers were going to give Kobe shots if he felt like taking that many. Unlike baseball where a legendary hitter, even in their final game, may only reach the plate three times, Kobe had a chance to take shot after shot on that Wednesday night. Setting a single-game record for himself, how many shots did Bryant take to reach his 60? So the good news, if one wants to look at things with a glass half full point of view, for Kobe is that he set a new single-game record in shot attempts.

    But, this was not all that the Black Mamba did in the five point win, as he set another record for himself. It's one that got lost in all of the hoopla about 60 points and the shot attempts - can you figure out which of the following it was? Naturally, when a legend is about to retire and is playing in his final game, major networks will try to pick it up; MLB Network, for Derek Jeter's final home game in , picked up the YES feed and let fans around the world watch Jeter pick up a walk-off single against the Orioles.

    What was the cause? Many will dismiss Kobe's final game - and yes, that is a purely intentional callback to the first question - because of how many shots he took to get those 60 points, but there were times where he really did look like the dominant Kobe of old. One quarter, in fact, saw the former MVP outscore the entire Jazz team by a ratio, putting him in great position to end the game with over 50 points.

    Which quarter was that? Entering the spring of , Kobe Bryant looked rejuvenated for a 34 year old; the Lakers were starting to look dangerous, there was more and more of a chance Dwight Howard would re-sign with the Lakers or so we thought , and Kobe looked ready to win his sixth ring Between injuries and age, Kobe wasn't on the court much in his final years - though, he did persevere in the campaign. Any idea how many games he missed in those three years? Which of these is more surprising: that Kobe's last 'relief' appearance came in , or that Kobe only started seven games in his first two years.

    Or, that Kobe wasn't a full-time starter until the season? Yep, Kobe had to work his way up into being a starter and actually only started one game in , the year he made his first All-Star Game at 19 years old. Weird, right?


    With that in mind, can you guess how many regular season games Kobe came off the bench in? Look at young Kobe rocking the afro and goatee! Years of Kobe with a shaved head and a fairly clean chin make this appearance nostalgically sad and for good reason: Kobe looks so young here! Alas, Kobe went on to grow up like the rest of us, but his game only got better as he aged.

    When the time came for Kobe's first 40 point game, we'd already seen so much of his potential that it didn't shock us at all. When did this happen?

    Kobe Bryant Fast Facts - CNN

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