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Two major paths are those of either finding a new lover or giving up the search for such a lover. The first path is more desirable, but as in other circumstances, it is not always available. Widows can profoundly fall in love, but their loving relationship might be complex, as it is typically a three-hearts relationship. Just as such a relationship is possible when all three hearts are still beating, it is possible in this case as well.

In both cases, being selfless and gracious is required more than in other circumstances. Comparisons between the dead and living lovers will be inevitable—and in many cases, they will not be in favor of the living one, but one can reduce their relative weight by realizing that different circumstances cannot generate identical emotions and attitudes. The second path leads to a more comfortable life, in which freedom is greater, and the widow accepts, at least for the time being, the lack of a profound lover. This does not exclude becoming involved in a profound, loving relationship if it happens to come along.

The romantic paths of widows are typically more complex, since widows are associated with a certain stigma, and people are more critical of them. A major issue in this regard is how soon they "should" fall in love with another person. The above considerations can be encapsulated in the following statement that a widow might express: "Darling, my new lover, you may always be second in my heart, but not a far second; and in any case, I am also merely a second-hand woman.

It would be nice to credit the actual writer of the lyrics rather than the most recent popular cover artist I to am widowed young and was and still am devoted to my husband. After he diedI wanted to die too. I had to ring his best friend to tell him as he lives away, He was devastated as being away they hadnt bn in touch for a few years and he felt really upset and guilt I think about loosing touch till now when it was too late, was so supportive and wonderful to me, and I rang him a lot, as they were so close and I thought he would be the rock in my life, which he certainlly is!

I started to find myself fallng deeply in love with him, but when I eventually told him, he said he didnt feel the same way and I think he was shocked! I said it didnt matter and as long as we stayed friends I was happy, which he agreed to. We have for the last 8 years remained such good friends and so very close, we tell each other everything. I have travelled to where he lives for days at a time staying with him and vice versa and hes so caring about me and even said how much I deserve happiness, but it has only ever gone as far as friendship and hes never lead me on.

He is such a , ovely person and neither of us want to loose our friendship.

Widowed: I'm a single mom, but don't call me that - Her View From Home

I dont know how I can just except him as a friend and stop waiti g for him to change hus mind which I know deep down will never happen. My life does feel better sometimes and Im almost happy, except from craving him and my dead husband back in my life! Re Chantelle's post about falling for her late husband's friend, I believe it is a subconscious link to the dead husband.

When my own husband died, like Chantelle, there was a man who cared for him so much he showed much emotion.

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At the service, this friend actually wept because he appreciated my late husband. I wondered why, of all people, I felt attracted to him shortly after my husband's death. He was married! I finally figured out that it was related to the fact he had been close to my husband, where all other men were not nearly as emotional.

Something about that made me strangely attracted even though it was impossible. I realize that given the choice now of a new man who admired my late husband or never knew him, I would prefer dating the one who knew and admired him because, somehow, it keeps my late husband "alive" in the new relationship. That's why, I believe, some widows wind up falling for someone st the funeral!

I fon't wish to judge them, but I fon't think it is the relationship they believe it to be Chantelle, I am in much the same situation you are. My husband passed four years ago and I and his best friend have become so close that I love him but he wants no part of marriage again. We have a close relationship which includes sex and staying together a lot of nights. I have decided that if I cant marry him, I will be as close to that as I can. He tells me that if I date other men he will give me his blessing and I have been with other men, one for over three months but I always come back to him.

I am hoping he will reconcider marriage! The unimaginable has happened and you are a widow or widower. Mourning your loss has been the focus of your life for the past year or two.

A Wondering Widow Post

Finally, as you begin to surface from your profound grief, with a deep breath and lot or a little trepidation you find yourself falling in love again. Is this new relationship fraught with landmines? You bet! Perhaps you joined a bereavement support group, progressed through the stages of loss and are doing pretty well.

And then, surprise … you find yourself attracted to someone of the opposite sex. Not just someone to hear your grief, but someone who makes your heart quicken. What to do? What feels right? And yet, you feel guilty, disloyal to your late spouse. How do I let my grown kids know that I want to date? How can I help them to react in a positive way? How do I talk to them about my needs and be respectful of theirs? I know that they grieve on a different timetable. I meet someone I can see having a future with.

What do we do with family pictures? How do I financially protect my new partner and myself? Do we do a prenuptial agreement? What is fair? I have a townhouse, she has a townhouse which townhouse do we live in? All of these questions are common and very real. You might be asking yourself: Do we like each other enough to resolve these questions. Can we come out of our own chaos and have a mutual life? It is a tribute to your late spouse that you want another loving partner. A new partner and shared life is indeed a positive challenge.

As a widow who is dating, this advice validates my excitement and willingness to love again. I consider it a tribute to my late husband's and my love that I have plenty to spare, now that I've come through my grief. Thanks for the tips. I agree it's always beneficial to keep the eyes wide open in a new relationship. Also, re-marrying after a long-term "stormy" marriage.

My husband was part Asperger disorder. We didn't know about that condition until we were married half a century! He had a successful military career and was a brilliant man, but our relationship throughout the years was difficult, to say the least. Currently, I am dating a wonderful man widower who loves me in a way I've never experienced before. I know my former husband loved me in his own peculiar way, but I never felt "treasured or special" in our relationship, and at times since becoming a widow, I've cried when I thought of all that I missed, compared to "normal" relationships.

I feel guilty that I don't really miss him, although I loved him in spite of who he was. Have any studies ever been done on couples who are married to those with Asperger disorder? Also, my husb. His parents never understood him either.

Relationship Status: Widowed and Healing

I realized how he was "wired" mentally after I learned that one of my grandsons was diagnosed with Asperger. I began doing research and was appalled at how little these type of people are understood. That needs to change. I feel bad that my husband never experienced an emotional connection that would have given him so much more quality to his life.

Well, I guess I've ranted long enough. Thanks for letting me vent. Here I am at 76 yrs. At last, I feel content. Blessings, Claudette P. Great stuff here. The information and the detail were just perfect. I think that your perspective is deep, its just well thought out and really fantastic to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts down so well.

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10 dating tips for widows and widowers

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And before you start throwing logic at me, I never said widowhood was logical. Somewhere before I started dating again, my status changed. Maybe someday the Mrs. I dunno. And for now, if you ask, my answer is single. One caveat to this.

Widowed: I’m a single mom, but don’t call me that

As much as I sometimes hate this word, it is very descriptive. That one word tells you I was married, my husband died, and I have not remarried. All of this residual magnetism had left the building, though.

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  8. The whole place seemed tarnished; I even had to wipe someone's lipstick off my glass. I let it all wash over me regardless and asked my friend what was happening in his love life. Now, I don't profess to understanding relationships any more than I ever did before, but there are some certainties in dating a widowed person:. They, by very nature of being dead, do not pose any immediate threat to any new love interests. They will still grieve grief's a stubborn fucker and it probably will show its face on birthdays, anniversaries, at Christmas and whenever the hell else it wants to, so a new relationship doesn't mean the end of an old one.

    They might not have a precise life plan anymore by virtue of the fact that life so abruptly unplanned itself the first time around. There's also one simple thing everyone should know about how to judge a widowed person who is brave enough to go out and put their heart on the line again: don't. Widowhood doesn't open up a person's relationship status to committee any more than it does when two people break up. It's a personal not public decision. Point six was the the main source of our entertainment as we drank unceremoniously mixed cocktails in our underwhelming man cave. She told me that we wanted different things.

    I nearly sprayed my drink laughing. The idea that a casual date, who knows very little about the other person, could read their thoughts when they can't even order or articulate their own is entirely absurd. As if being widowed automatically means a person wants to 'settle down' again or that - in the case of widowed parents - they are looking for someone to help co-parent or even procreate some more.