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The smallest of details can help, whether you think they will or not. This handy checklist , from the Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police, covers how much information you should be prepared to give to local law enforcement when you file your report:.


You can provide more information as it comes. Everything you do or learn should go in the log. This log could include:.

If you have access to the living space and personal belongings of the missing person, start throwing together a clue kit in case authorities ask for it. This kit should include :. Make sure you keep trying to contact them directly via multiple modes of communication text message, phone call, social networks, instant messaging, email, etc. Log all of your activity—whether it leads somewhere or not—in your journal. The A.

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There are leasing opportunities available through Project Lifesaver. There is currently a waiting list to receive a free bracelet.

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  6. GOV to be placed on the list. Unlike Project Lifesaver, most competing technologies require costly monthly or annual service fees paid to a provider. Each technology has pluses and minuses and no one technology is right for every person and we encourage you to do your research to find the technology that is right for you and our loved one.

    When to Call 911 vs. Calling the Police

    Project Lifesaver is a proven effective technology that has worked nationwide for decades with an excellent record of accomplishment of successfully locating lost loved ones and there are no monthly or annual service fees aside from periodic battery changes. No matter what technology a family or caretaker chooses, any locator device is better than no technology at all! Regardless of what technology you use, make sure to let the operator know if the person was equipped with Project Lifesaver or another tracking device.

    First responders will use whatever technology that person is equipped with to help locate your loved one. Many organizations in Los Angeles County assist in providing wandering prevention assistance. For links to their sites, please check our resources page. Emergency Coordination.