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The emergence of religious fundamentalism in a globalized, post-colonial world poses a significant challenge to the "End of History" narratives common in academic and non-academic literature alike. Globalization, Modernity and the Rise of Religious Fundamentalism proposes that we must seek new…. With a growing population, rising housing costs and housing providers struggling to meet demand for affordable accommodation, more and more people in the UK find themselves sharing their living spaces with people from outside of their families at some point in their lives.

Focusing on sharers in a…. Edited by Enzo Colombo , Paola Rebughini. Youth and the Politics of the Present presents a range of topical sociological investigations into various aspects of the everyday practices of young adults in different European contexts. Indeed, this volume provides an original and provocative investigation of various current central issues….

By Giovanni Picker. Going beyond race-blind approaches to spatial segregation in Europe, Racial Cities argues that race is the logic through which stigmatized and segregated "Gypsy urban areas" have emerged and persisted after World War II. Building on nearly a decade of ethnographic and historical research in Romania…. The problem of citizenship has long affected Latin America, simultaneously producing inclusion and exclusion, division and unity.

However, citizenship is usually studied on the margins of society. Edited by Fabian Cannizzo , Nick Osbaldiston. Higher education and research are now at the centre of economic and social policy in advanced information societies. Global networks of researchers, finance, students and policymakers invoke collaborative sociological perspectives. What it means to be an academic and to work in a technologically….

By Michele Grigolo. Much less investigated is the question of what cities do with them, even though urban communities and municipalities have been discussing human rights for quite some time. In this volume, Grigolo borrows…. Edited by Martin Heidenreich. European integration has transformed the social life of European citizens. Edited by Fumiya Onaka. Contemporary societies are constructed, constricted, and constrained by various series of examinations. Governments of both Western and non-Western countries tend to conduct detailed, multi-layered and continuous systems of tests or examinations.

By Neal Carnes. The context for this work is defined by a second wave of social and political activity contextualized by queer. For example, three, self-identified black, queer women started the Black Lives Matter movement. For a new generation, the first-wave reclamation of queer speaks to their position in a…. By Keming Yang. In recent years its medical implications have brought loneliness to the centre of attention of mass media, government agents, and the general public.

However, as this volume demonstrates, loneliness is not merely a psychological, individual, or health issue. In multiple ways, it is a serious social…. By Masood Ashraf Raja. Relying on a thorough understanding of the role of ideology, discourse, and framing, this volume discusses ISIS as an Islamist ideological organization, and examines its philosophical scaffolding within the material conditions produced by neoliberal capital. As Raja asserts, it is this nexus of….

By Laura Corradi. Clumsy stereotypes of the Romani and Travellers communities abound, not only culturally in programmes such as Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, but also amongst educators, social workers, administrators and the medical profession. Gypsy cultures are invariably presented as ruled by tradition and machismo. Meta-regulation presents itself as a progressive policy approach that can manage complexity and conflicting objectives better than traditional command and control regulation.

Societal views on animals are rapidly changing and have become more diversified: can we use them for our own pleasure, and how should we understand animal agency? These questions, asked both in theoretical discourses and different practices, are also relevant for our understanding of horses and the…. By Wing-Chung Ho.

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Ho addresses two fundamental theoretical questions about how best to practice ethnographic inquiries to obtain qualitative, experience-near, and shareable accounts of human living. Ho posits that writing is epistemologically…. By Ozlem Goner. This book examines the ways in which states and nations are constructed and legitimated through defining and managing outsiders.

Focusing on Turkey and the municipality of Dersim — a region that has historically combined different outsider identities, including Armenian, Kurdish, and Alevi….

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In the last decade, Islamophobia in Western societies, where Muslims constitute the minority, has been studied extensively. However, Islamophobia is not restricted to the geography of the West, but rather constitutes a global phenomenon. It affects Muslim societies just as much, due to various….

Edited by Andy Bennett , Paula Guerra.

This volume examines the global influence and impact of DIY cultural practice as this informs the production, performance and consumption of underground music in different parts of the world. Edited by Sue Westwood.

Introduction to Media and Technology

Current understandings of ageing and diversity are impoverished in three main ways. Firstly, with regards to thinking about what inequalities operate in later life there has been an excessive preoccupation with economic resources. On the other hand, less attention has been paid to cultural norms….

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By Rodanthi Tzanelli. It is said that movies have encroached upon social realities creating tourism enclaves based on distortions of history and heritage, or simulations that disregard both. What localities and nation-states value are discarded, suppressed, or modified beyond recognition in neoliberal markets; thus….

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  • Against the dominant assumption that the world is a single universal reality that can only be known by…. There is no threat to Western democracies today comparable to the rise of right-wing populism. By Cerasela Voiculescu. Notwithstanding, there has been limited exploration in relation to modes of knowledge production associated with neoliberal….

    By Barry Goetz. Although public safety agencies protect our well-being, they also shape social problems and community inequities. Public safety protections promote what T. Marshall called "social rights" of equitable citizenship. Frontlines of Welfare State shows how public safety agencies function as welfare…. By Myrto Tsilimpounidi. The global financial crisis has demonstrated the impact and implications of late capitalism and its bedfellow, globalisation. In the European context, crisis is seen as a threat to the stability of the region, rather than a local or national concern.

    Post, crisis is social and political,…. By Joseph A. This book offers a history of sociological theory from a Christian perspective, tracing the origins of sociology from the beginnings of Western science as introduced by the Scholastics of the twelfth century, which, when combined with their emphasis on rationality, led to the Enlightenment "science….

    By Gregor Fitzi. The complete collected works of Georg Simmel are now available. What is Europe? What are the contents of the concept of Europe? And what defines European identity? Who answers the questions, from which standpoints….

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    By Yuting Wang. Based on a three-year ethnographic study of a steadily growing suburban Muslim immigrant congregation in Midwest America, this book examines the micro-processes through which a group of Muslim immigrants from diverse backgrounds negotiate multiple identities while seeking to become part of American…. By Anastasia Seregina. We frequently engage with that which we consciously perceive not to be real, yet fantasy, despite its pervasive presence and strong role in everyday life through its connection to identities, communities, desires, and meanings, has yet to be properly defined and researched.

    This book examines…. By Christine Emeran. Individuals in the post-Communist Ukraine dealt with a political climate of stalled reforms and corruption, leading to a mass distrust of many political institutions.

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    Therefore, the emergence of any individual…. By Massimo Ragnedda. Drawing on the thought of Max Weber, in particular his theory of stratification, this book engages with the question of whether the digital divide simply extends traditional forms of inequality, or whether it also includes new forms of social exclusion, or perhaps manifests counter-trends that…. By Muriel Darmon.