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The affirmations within this script are thoughts designed to induce calm, relaxed empowerment.

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This Spiritual Healing sleep learning program was designed to assist the listener in clearing, cleansing, and reclaiming spiritual energy in the body. There are also suggestions related to balancing the major energy centers of the body otherwise known as chakras as well as connecting to the divine. Sleep learning can benefit a listener in powerful ways.

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The mind stays active even while we are sleeping. For example a mother may sleep soundly through thunderstorms and barking dogs, yet the sound of her baby stirring in the next room will often instantly awaken her. Why not use this time while you are asleep to realize your potential?

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This Fear of Abandonment sleep learning program was designed to assist the listener in gaining self-thoughts related to gaining confidence, self-love and a solid sense of self, releasing the desire to control or keep others, and releasing fears of abandonment. This sleep learning program was designed to assist the listener in gaining beliefs and behaviors related to sales success such as confidence, charisma, creating repeat customers through positive relationship building, and closing the deal with win-win outcomes.

This sleep learning script was designed to assist the listener in enhancing self-thoughts related to releasing self-judgments and beliefs, and gaining a positive sense of unconditional love for the self. This Money Management sleep learning program was designed to assist the listener in gaining beliefs and behaviors related to excellent money management, increased abundance, and debt elimination.

This Anger Management sleep learning script was designed to assist the listener in reducing the amount of anger being generated, creating a healthy sense of empowerment, remaining calm when feelings run high, and channeling difficult emotions in a positive direction. All of the above affect our overall perceptions and thought patterns. Just like the foods that we eat create our bodies over time, our thoughts shape who we are and ultimately what types of situations we manifest in our lives.

In addition to therapeutic hypnotic techniques and meditative affirmations, this program is further enhanced by the use of brainwave entrainment such as solfeggio tones, isochronic tones, bilateral stimulation, and white noise. Listening at a very low volume while drifting off to sleep is ideal and won't diminish your results. Pure waffle. Do not waste your time, money or credits. It seemed to be so New Age that it was Old Hat. Really weak attempt at anything approaching a sensible treatment of the topic. I was sceptic but I was like a fluffy pillow lol absolutely amazing please try you won't be sorry.

Too little about Anger Management. Its a sleep learning series and they are talking very little about Anger Management at the end of the book last chapter only and its very disappointing. This has been a life saver.

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I always have terrible trouble sleeping and the induction on this course just takes me away. My distractable A. Having an audio guided path to sleep has just been amazing. It's also helping both my girlfriend and I to be more relaxed through these stressful days.

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We both look forward to learning each night! We're excited to try other courses! Highly recommend!! Rating: Not rated yet. Price: Free with In App Purchases.

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