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Registered: Apr 4, No, in the original version of that scene you could see his eyes but they were completely different they were chimpazee eyes. Obviously, Lucas decided to fix that continuity error. Registered: Jul 31, Plus we'll most definitely see them in 'Sith' anyway so there's little use to 'hide' them all the way till 'Jedi' now.

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Registered: Feb 21, It was for the best. Wester , Nov 9, Registered: Jan 27, The2ndQuest , Nov 9, Registered: May 27, Registered: Sep 18, The new version still has weird eyes -- they still appear to be superimposed and don't flicker in sync with the rest of the hologram.

Also, the Emperor does not blink once during the scene.

Monarchy in the emperor's eyes : image and reality in the Chíen-lung reign

You attained the rank of "The Emperor's Eye"? Don't you mean "Emperor's Hand? I dunno about that. Registered: Nov 25, I'm glad Lucas changed it.

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  • DarthLassic , Nov 9, Duke von Fuchs' minions scour universities and guilds for candidates who display the necessary intelligence, charm and ruthlessness. The duke often uses blackmail to ensure the loyalty of new recruits, engineering events that would ruin them should they be made public. Sign In Don't have an account?

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    Start a Wiki. Overview In the court of every Elector Count , in every guild building and meeting house where malcontents rant against Imperial edicts, and even within the Colleges of Magic , an Eye waits and watches.

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    He has a thousand masks; with a subtle frown or curl of the lip, he can transform his face. Using flattery and conceit, he can engage a person in genial conversation for hours, gleaning their innermost secrets while divulging nothing about himself. Among his many achievements, he infiltrated the notorious Blackpowder Plotters, saving the life of the Emperor himself.

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    He was also instrumental in influencing the Boot Tax rioters of to lynch the very Demagogues who had incited them to violence.