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This DVD is in very good working condition. Slight scratches on thedisc and the case. Format: DVD. Note: Italian import DVD. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jun 17, Stef Smulders rated it it was amazing Shelves: five-stars. The story itself is rather simple but what makes this novel impressive is the empathy with which the characters are portrayed by the author. The therapy sessions are so realistic, especially wrt the emotions the main character goes through, that you suspect the writer must have undergone something similar.

There is a lot of wisdom here as well and it would certainly be a good read for people who are in distress as it is a comforting experience. In life you need to learn to ride the waves that fa The story itself is rather simple but what makes this novel impressive is the empathy with which the characters are portrayed by the author. In life you need to learn to ride the waves that fate sends towards you, like a surfer on the sea. The crime art of the novel takes a distinct back seat to the leit motif of guilt, regret and redemption.

Sounds awful but in the hands of the author It is all very brilliant indeed. Sep 02, J. The first tells the story of Roberto Marias whose traumatic experiences as an undercover policeman working inside drug cartels has led to his suspension from duty and his need to seek psychiatric help. The second narrative concerns the twelve-year old boy Giacomo, his young love for a pretty classmate, and his nightly dreams of a utopian park he visits in the company of a talking dog named Scott.

How these two immensely disparate stories eventually connect is one of the delights of this novel. Despite being so different, the voices of both Roberto and Giacomo are exceptionally strong and authentic, with Carofiglio being able to switch between the two with ease. He is also a master at unfolding his plot, teasing out just enough detail to keep the reader wanting more. His background as a prosecutor specializing in organized crime also means this novel is peppered with fascinating and dark accounts from the seedy and corrupt world of international drug dealers.

Rome itself forms an interesting backdrop, with an homage to the film Roman Holiday and its star Audrey Hepburn. View 2 comments. I am a big fan of Gianrico Carofiglio. This was my sixth book by my favorite Italian writer. An unusual story, fairly simple but very powerful and very emotional. Loved this book very, very much. If that is an oversimplification I apologise. Anyhow, this book doesn't fit the genre very well in m 3.

Anyhow, this book doesn't fit the genre very well in my humble opinion as it deals mostly with the psychological effects of decades of fighting crime on an undercover carabinieri. As one might imagine the effects are not good. Roberto had a break down, was put on leave from the force, and is now in a full blown existential crisis. No kidding. He spends his days brooding about 'what's the point of it all', living in a fog of medication and regrets and what must be a never ending reel playing in his mind of all the horrible things he saw while doing his work. The only regularity in his life are his two appointments each week with his psychiatrist.

Then things start to turn around for Roberto. On advice from his doctor he goes for long walks through his city Rome and these allow him to clear his mind and learn to live a bit more in the moment. He meets a woman, sort of. He starts actually talking to his psychiatrist interesting stories.

Is recovery possible? Interspersed throughout Roberto's journey is the dream journal and daily life of Giacomo a 12 year old boy who is going through his own stuff. Giacomo dreams about the object of his affections, Ginevra, but in a really innocent way.

Then the dreams start carrying a sense of dread with them, so Giacomo concludes that something must be wrong. At school Ginevra is not being herself either. Can Giacomo find a way to help Ginevra? The plot is pretty thin as far as crime novels go. There is a little section of excitement at the end where the story of Roberto intersects with Giacomo's story, but on whole this in not a book to read for plot. This is a book worth reading because of its characters and because there are some really great insights into human nature, justice, and facing personal truths.

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If I knew more about Italian crime novels I might also be able to suggest that this book is an allegory for Italian society moving past the insidiousness of having your communities infiltrated by crime and corruption. Actually, there is a really interesting book on precisely this topic out there Politics and society in Italian Crime Fiction. Many of the reviews I read of this book refer to it as a crime novel. True, the author is known for his crime novels and the main character of this book is a Carabinieri a member of the Italy's national police force.. The main character worked as an undercover agent, committing many of the crimes he was prosecuting others for committing.

It's his mediation on the things that he's done and trying to find out who he i Many of the reviews I read of this book refer to it as a crime novel. It's his mediation on the things that he's done and trying to find out who he is now, and who he can be that propels the book. Well-written and multi-layered. Apr 08, James rated it liked it Shelves: italian.

Il vuoto perfetto

For those of you who have a reasonable grasp of Italian, this is a fair book to read. The writing is simple and straight forward and relatively easy to understand.

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The story is interesting, but I wouldn't say captivating. I felt Carofiglio created this story about two adults meeting in odd circumstances, a good premise, but he didn't have a good idea of where to take it. The ending feels inconsistent with the tone and pace of the rest of the book. I really enjoy reading this author - there's a nostalgia to it that recalls for me a bit the way it feels to read Nabokov which is kind of crazy but I think it's because these characters are very artificial constructs, fragile in their own way brought to a sort of theatrical life by the reader's attention.

A perceptive novel of how immersion in a role can threaten your character. And how connections with others become lifelines in recovery. But there is an extremely troubling passage in this book that Carofiglio needs to be taken to task for. His protagonist, undercover in a drug investigation, is witness to underage girls being procured and offered up to a gang rape. He writes: "And you know what the worst part of it was?

It wasn't rape in the sense of physical violence.

Nero incubo

I tried not to watch but always ended up meeting the eyes of the youngest one. He has previously identified her as under Meeting isn't the right word. She wasn't looking at anything, her eyes were open but they were like those of a dead girl.

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Is there anybody who still thinks that the hallmark of rape is physical violence? Lack of consent, and a situation where refusal is dangerous makes for rape. As described, this scene is rape. Si yo te pego. Eh, Gato -dijo-. Formaron sin ganas contra la pared del comedor, bajo los ojos saltones e inyectados del celador de turno que -certeros para atrapar el motivo central de cualquier desgracia- llamaban la Morsa, por esos dos incisivos que, como largas tizas, quedaban siempre a la vista, aun cuando cerrara la boca.

Era feo el Gato. Mulligan y Carmody lo supieron, aunque nadie dijo una palabra. El pueblo no quedaba ligado por la palabra dada en un momento de debilidad por un sentimental fracasado como Carmody. Salieron al patio y la noche y volvieron a ponerse en fila. A su derecha estaba la puerta abierta de la capilla, exhalando un enfermizo olor a cedro, cirios y flores marchitas. Y al frente, una escalera que se internaba en la oscuridad. Puede aparecer a nuestra espalda. Si lo dejamos bajar, lo perdemos. Se convierte en uno de nosotros. El Gato estaba ahora en una trampa.

Su madre iba de regreso al pueblo en un tren lejano. Tras enfrentar y aporrear a Dashwood, el Gato desanduvo su camino. Los que persiguen al nuevo. Dolan y su estado mayor aguardaban en el cuarto descanso. Hola -dijo. Peleo con el que quieran -dijo. Te dimos una chance y no quisiste. Te desnudaremos hasta el hueso. Uno de ustedes tiene que pegar primero -propuso el Gato-. Para que vean que no le tengo miedo a ninguno. Desde el lavadero, Dolan vio al Gato que se alejaba en la sombra. Ahora temblaba un poco porque estaba completamente solo en un mundo exterior cuyas reglas ignoraba.

Vio a la izquierda un gran tanque de agua sobre pilotes de cemento; chorreando sonoramente su exceso en una charca; en el centro, oscuros matorrales; a la derecha, una pila de cajones. Estaba saliendo la luna. Pero no pudo, no era demasiado inteligente y al fin y al cabo no era cosa suya. Parece que perdiste el camino al dormitorio. Puedo caminar solo -dijo. Nessuno sapeva da quanto tempo stesse accoccolato alla finestra del corridoio che collegava i chiostri.

Il ragazzo sembrava malato, il suo viso era come un limone acerbo spolverato di cenere. Non aveva ancora compiuto dodici anni, era molto magro e i primi che gli si avvicinarono videro nei suoi occhi un brillare febbrile. Il tuo vero nome- come se per loro fosse trasparente. Sei polacco? Cork in Irlanda. Questo mi piace. Non farai un figurone, inoltre dobbiamo sapere in quale posto della classifica ti mettiamo, o credi che sia uno scherzo?

Il vuoto perfetto | O

Solo qualcuno che fosse assolutamente estraneo, anzi, qualcuno che realmente avesse le caratteristiche di un gatto, poteva rinviare una scazzottata. Si riunirono controvoglia contro la parete del refettorio, sotto gli occhi sporgenti e iniettati di sangue del sorvegliante di turno che —precisi nel catturare il motivo centrale di ogni disgrazia- chiamavano la Morsa, per via di quei due incisivi che, come lunghi gessi, rimanevano sempre in vista, anche quando chiudeva la bocca.

Il grembiule nuovo del Gatto brillava di uno splendore metallico e verdastro; egli portava una cravatta nera e il colletto della sua camicia era sgualcito. Era proprio brutto, il Gatto. Apparentemente, nulla era successo. Avevano sbagliato davanti ai loro compagni, e altri sconosciuti occupavano il loro posto.

Il gruppo non era vincolato dalla parola data in un momento di debolezza da un sentimentale fallito come Carmody. Lo aveva intuito il Gatto? Uscirono nel cortile e nel buio e di nuovo si misero in fila. Focoso Gatto! Alla sua destra si trovava la porta aperta della cappella, che emanava un malsano odore di cedro, cera e fiori appassiti.