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Forget all the fads and expensive books that take you nowhere - 15 minutes dedicated each day, no equipment needed but your own self and some space and you are well on your way to fitness, health and cheer. You will not regret this book. Good, wholesome and natural exercise that you can do in your room everyday for robust health and fitness. Use it or loose it - here is how to use it! Identifier MySystemByJ.

Reviewer: eromane - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 14, Subject: Great I could write a lot of stuff here, but it is quite simple: I was not being able to rest my head on the headrest of my car; it hurted like hell and I simply couldn't do it. After ONE week, the pain went away and I can use the headrest. Get this book, read it, make the exercises every day. Rest your right hand on a door handle or the like and rub the top and sides of one foot 25 times with the other foot. At the same time rub with the left hand the back of your neck as far as you can reach starting down the middle of the back, then all round the neck, and then throat.

Then switch to using the opposite hand and foot.

In total, this should last 8 full breaths. EXHALE and bring the arms forward and across the chest one hand touching the shoulder, the other tucked under the armpit; alternate this each time. Do this 10 times. Knee-bending: Standing, feet shoulder with apart, arms limp with palms to the back.

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Do 10 of these. No pause, smooth movements; relax the neck and back on the way down. Perform 20 of each set. Abdominal Movements: Lay hands flat on stomach. Do 20 of these.

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When the abdominals are stronger and you have more control, you can stop using the hands. Continuing downward, the hands pass over the buttocks, back of legs to ankles at the lowest point.. As you rise, the hands move up the front of the legs and are removed at the thighs. For half of the upward motions, stroke the inside of the legs. The knees may bend a little on the forward motion at first, but work to keeping them straight. When drawing in the abdomen as in B. At the same time, lean the trunk sideways over the right leg which should be kept straight at all times.

Do not bend over the right leg, but rather to the side, using your obliques. Begin to exhale and then bend the right knee while bending sideways over the straightened left leg and completing the exhalation. Complete 12 full breaths in this manner.

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Focus on keeping the weight of the body centered on your bend leg so. In this way, you should be able to lift your grounded foot and inch off the ground without losing balance. See figures for reference. While resuming the upright position, slide the palms upward over the thigh, hip and halfway up the side of the trunk. Now, press hard against the abdomen as you move your hands across to the opposite side. When the hands have made it across the abdomen, slap them onto the right leg and complete the above steps in reverse. The right hand will be kept vertical under the left this time.

Muller recommends placing a mirror behind your for this exercise.

My System by J.P. Müller

Keep your right arm across the abdomen and the left arm in the hollow of your back. The left arm will be across the abdomen and the right arm will be in the hollow of the back. Do this for six full breaths. Pause for a second, then repeat the exercise, however, reverse your breathing. Keep the legs spread apart and twist in the waist. The rubbings take place in the standing version of this movement.

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  5. At the end of the twist, the right arm will be across the abdomen and grabbing the left hip. The left arm will be in the hollow of the back. The movement should be in the elbows, but the wrists can move as well. Repeat the rubbings in this position. Complete 12 full breaths in all. In turn, raise left leg forward as far as you can, then return to original position; repeat for right leg. Raise left leg sideways, followed by the right. Lift left leg backwards, followed by the right.

    Do this full series of moves three times total. As you lift the left leg, your left hand should travel down from the flank to rub the thigh, knee and shin, with continuous, hard pressure. The same goes for the right leg. It also works similarly for the side leg lifts, and back leg lifts - the hand travels down from the flank to rub the side or back of the leg, respectively. This full series of moves is done six times total. Knee-Raising with Rubbing a. Do 10 of each leg.

    Hold the sides of the foot with both hands. As the leg touches ground, the hands continue to rub the abdomen, up the chest to the collarbones, over the sides, and then the arms return to hanging naturally. Quick Sideways bending of Trunk with Rubbing a. Bend to the side, dropping one arm down, and lifting the other up to the hip. Then bend to the other side, with no pause, in a smooth motion. Do this for four full breaths.

    When bending to the left, the left palm strokes down the outer side of the thigh as far as the knee. Simultaneously, the right palm will slide up the side as far as possible towards the armpit. Reverse this movement when bending to the right. Do not hold your breath!

    Three J.P. Muller exercise books, My Breathing System, My System and The Fresh Air Book

    As you progress in this movement and it becomes faster, do not neglect the force with which you do the rubbings or the length of the movement. Quick Trunk-twisting with Rubbing a. Twist the trunk to the left, but keep the head facing forward at all times and the hips firmly forward. The left hand should simultaneously slide to the middle of the back, and the right hand to the stomach bringing the shoulder under the chin. Then twist right, reversing the hand movements. If you are unable to keep the hips firm, go back to the chair. In this exercise, do not bend the back or neck, nor bend at the waist.

    Rather, on the back lean, protrude the hips and abdomen, and on the front lean, stick out the buttocks. This is done fast enough that you should be doing many such back and forths per breath, and the exercise should last four breaths. Ladies should make the front-stroke higher, from under the breasts to the collarbone. Trunk Bending 11 2.

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    Quick Arm Circling - seated 5. Slow Trunk Twisting - seated 4A. Begin with one hand on your hip and the other on a solid surface for support. Gently swing one leg forward and then backward for four breaths, keeping your leg straight. Switch to the other leg and repeat. Lie down on your back on the exercise mat with your arms resting by your sides and your palms down. Bend your knees and, using your abdominal muscles, slowly lift your body to a sitting position while inhaling. Without pausing, slowly lower yourself back to the ground. Repeat six times.

    Sit on a chair and place your hands on your hips. Twist your upper body to the right and then to the left, inhaling and then exhaling with each turn. Repeat 10 times. Straighten your arms down and alternately lower them toward the floor by bending sideways. Maintain your balance by bending only as far as is comfortable. Repeat 19 times. Extend your arms out to your sides with your palms up. Move them in small forward circles for three breaths.

    Perform two large arm circles for one breath.