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And former prosecutor Timothy M. Burke, the man who sent Paradiso to jail for life for the murder of an East Boston girl, believes the two hobbies may have merged. The Needham attorney presented this information Thursday night to 65 residents at the Florida Senior Center, including members of Burdick's family. Paradiso liked to hunt While there is no evidence linking Paradiso to either case, Burke said the fact that the Boston native visited the Northern Berkshires multiple times should make law enforcement officials curious.

Paradiso was driven by an obsession. Paradiso, 65, died of cancer at a prison hospital this past Feb. A veteran prosecutor Burke prosecuted 25 murder cases in his time as an assistant district attorney in Eastern Massachusetts, but the details around the Paradiso case stuck with him. He said he wrote the book to help the families whose daughters, he believes, were killed by Paradiso, families who were left with nothing but memories and a lifetime of unanswered questions.

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The Berkshire County connection first popped up when Burke was investigating the Iannuzzi murder in the early s. A search of Paradiso's apartment turned up multiple photos of the portly, curly haired man dressed in orange hunting gear and wielding a rifle in the hills around Florida, including one taken near the Summit Motel, now called Giovanni's. The pictures span from November to November , the latter of which coincides with the time Benoit went missing and was found dead roughly 3 miles from the Summit Motel. Locally, police were stymied by the Benoit case, which still remains open.

She was unemployed and living with friends in a housing project when she attended a dance at the local Sons of Italy in North Adams on Nov. The next time someone saw her, she was in the Florida embankment.

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Soon, leads dried up. Burke mentioned both Benoit and Florida in his book, and those references were noticed recently by Shelburne Falls resident Lance Gauthier, a construction surveyor who has always had an interest in the two girls' disappearances. Gauthier contacted Burke six weeks ago to ask if he knew about the Burdick case. Burke began to compile facts about Paradiso during the time frame Burdick went missing.

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It was a Saturday night, April 17, , and Burdick was the lone clerk at a secluded convenience store in Florida that has since been torn down. At around p. When there was no answer, they sent their son, Brian, to check on her. Article Continues After These Ads To her family, the shy high school senior was not the type to run off. She did not date or drive, and she spent her free time raising money for the disabled. She was scheduled to roller-skate in a cerebral palsy benefit in Pittsfield three days later.

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Hundreds searched the woods for days, but she hasn't been heard from since. It was a story that shook all of Berkshire County and sent people into a panic in Florida, this mountain town of barely Haunting investigators at the time was the near-abduction and attack of a student in Williamstown less than an hour before Burdick's disappearance. A dark Ford sedan fitting the description of the vehicle used in the attack was later spotted by a North Adams police officer speeding east on Route 2, toward Florida Mountain and in the direction of the Barefoot Peddler, according to police records.

The sedan was never spotted again. Burke can put Paradiso in Revere on April 15, , when "The Quahog" had a meeting with a parole officer who warned him that if he left the state, he'd be sent back to prison for a previous assault on a female. Though the liberal enemies of righteousness and truth are vocal — and though they spend much to promote their profane agendas, they overlook many voters that are still somewhat conservative and that are sick of the foolish changes and leaders being pushed at them.

Though loud liberals laud their adorable candidate, he loses to his conservative opponent that seemed to have no chance — until the time came for real people to stand up. True Biblical righteousness and wisdom are not options at the polls. Second, truly righteous men have never been and never will be anything close to a majority! Why would godly men and women in the U.

They have no Bible mandate to go public. They know the government, the educational system, the mass media, public opinion, and the entertainment combine are all against them. The best among these cannot discern between creation and evolution, Jehovah and Allah, Jesus and Mohammed. Why argue with dumb?

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Why subject the truth to ridicule? Why risk retaliation?

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  4. The true saints of God remain hidden today, just as the 7, in the days of Ahab and Jezebel I Kgs Personal revival by a leader will foster revival. When Haman was killed in Persia, many converted to Judaism Esther The wisdom is easy to follow. In any society, good leaders cause virtuous persons to come forth. To the degree wise men are promoted in a business, wise employees will increase.

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    To the degree a pastor is holy and righteous, his church will grow in holy and righteous members. To the degree a father is noble and virtuous, his family will grow in nobility and virtue. The churches of Jesus Christ have been hidden from the world for most of their existence, just as Daniel and John prophesied Dan ; Rev A great empire beast in two forms — pagan and papal Rome — tried successively to destroy them Rev ; Under converted or tolerant rulers, these churches and saints prospered until the next reign of terror or epidemic of carnality.

    True saints are seldom seen today, as they hide from two enemies — pagan public policy and carnal Christianity.