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The intense acidic yellow-green of weeping willow in spring. Trees by Hythe Canal, Kent, taken in April. The Willow, in all her forms , is an elemental tree of water and magic — and ruled by the Moon. It is not for nothing that she is known as 'The Tree of Enchantment. In medieval times, witches were said to worship the willow above all other trees because of its link with healing and to the Witch Goddess Hecate, who taught sorcery and enchantment in the Underworld of old and her magician daughter Circe.

The themes of moonlight and water, witchcraft, grief and weeping mixed with the hope of immortality run as a never ceasing current through the legends of the Willow. The willow gave him its gift of expressive communication think of the sound of the Wind in the Willows! Western traditions which evolved much later show willow as a sign or omen of unlucky love and the sadness of parting — probably because of weeping willow which appears to be bowing down with grief.

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The custom of wearing sprigs of willow in the hat, or pinned to clothing symbolised both these aspects, particularly when the loved one went way to war. It was a Celtic belief that a white willow sapling might be planted above a grave so that the spirit could rise up through the fast growing branches to reach immortality.

The Celts loved willow for as well as being an indispensable material, it was a source of fascination and dreams of moonlit enchantment in their poetry and music. In Ireland , Willow takes its place as one of the 'Seven sacred trees of the Irish grove' - alongside birch, apple, alder, holly, hazel and oak. In parts of Britain, willow was supposed to have been the wood of the gallows, and in the Fens, using wood sawn or cut for building other than coppiced withies was considered unlucky.

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Documentation of this superstition, reaching right up to the 19th century can be found in The Cambridge Folklore Museum. Crosses made of willow were made for Palm Sunday, and branches with their tender green spring leaves strewn on the church floor. In Dorset it was a tradition on this day to lay a piece of willow on each place in the pews.

The Japanese legend of the Willow Pattern, once so very popular on blue and white china dishes and platters follows the theme of unlucky love with its symbolic elements — always a willow tree by a bridge, and a pair of doves whose spirits were once star-crossed lovers. Willow Magic, Charms and Beliefs. This means asking the Moon Goddess to become one with you and blend her ancient wisdom with yours.

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Charge or empower a white candle and some spring water. Light a little bundle of willow twigs from its flame, then plunge them into the consecrated water. Drink some of this blackened water for magical cleansing. Home About etc. Alder 18th March - 14th Apr. Willow 15th Apr - 12th May.

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He would never again leave Green Willow. The next day the two of them set off. They rode past the mountains and rivers and valleys of their land, until they found a spot where no one knew them or of their pasts. There they married and lived together beside a stream. The couple planted gardens and orchards. Everything they touched flowered and thrived. Surrounded by trees and flowers of every kind, they lived in peace and solitude, eating the fruits and plants they grew, drinking from the stream, content for company upon each other and the animals who roamed the land.

They lived in happiness for three years. One late spring night as they walked in the garden, inhaling the perfumed air and listening to the song of the wind in the trees, Green Willow suddenly reeled and cried out, "Oh, such pain. Then he knew the truth about Green Willow and the willow tree; he knew he had always loved the trees, and that he was meant to live among them, and to serve nature.

He gave away his land and home and everything he owned. He began wandering the countryside as a holy man, going from shrine to shrine. He slept in open fields, meditating and listening to the sounds of the universe, and always he prayed for the well-being of every living thing. One day in his wanderings, he came to a place that seemed familiar.

When he smelled the air, he knew he had reached the spot where he had first met Green Willow. Soon he found the stream, and beside it, on the banks, stood three stumps, the remnants of the three willows he had loved. His heart ached, but then he saw a shoot growing from the smallest trunk.

For the rest of his days, he tended that shoot until it grew into a sapling. And then one night he heard the sound of the wind in the trees whispering, "Your Green Willow is here, beside you. He lay down beside the tree, and soon afterward he died, but in the place where his bones lay, a new shoot sprouted. After many years it grew into a tree. The two trees grew side by side. Their branches entwined, and beneath the earth, their roots embraced. Green Willow and the samurai never again were parted. Long ago, when the Earth was always lush and warm, a twinkling star traveling across the sky looked down on Earth.

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