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In a close race, Amber wandered aimlessly allowing Kucha to narrowly defeat Ogakor to win reward.

Blind Leading the Blind

Once they have all 14 tiki pieces, they will take off their blindfolds and assemble the four tikis correctly. Maraamu took the lead after Gabriel had a difficult time spotting a final piece for Rotu, allowing Maraamu to win their first challenge and the right to raid Rotu's camp. The blindfolded tribe members carried the caller in a palanquin.

Under the caller's commands, the tribes navigated a figure of eight course, both going in opposite directions. Along the way, the caller would untie several bags hanging from seven stations. The first tribe to come back would win a lantern and fishing supplies. In a close race, Chuay Gahn took the early lead, but Sook Jai managed to catch up and win the challenge. The callers must guide their blindfolded tribemates, who are divided into three pairs, to 30 giant puzzle pieces. Once all 30 pieces have been collected, the tribe members must remove their blindfolds and complete the puzzle.

The callers must guide their blindfolded tribemates to 15 puzzle pieces. Once all 15 pieces have been collected, they must remove their blindfolds and complete a cube puzzle. Although Chapera collected their pieces first, Saboga were the first to finish their puzzle, followed by Mogo Mogo, sending Chapera to Tribal Council. Lopevi managed to collect their puzzle pieces first and extended their lead after Scout failed to spot a pair in the water, allowing them to assemble the puzzles and climbed the scaffolding first, winning immunity and flint, and sending Yasur to Tribal Council.

This challenge would be used again on Day 30 when the final seven had to direct their blindfolded loved ones through a course to find three bags of puzzle pieces. Once the loved ones found all of the bags, the loved ones and castaways had to solve a puzzle. The blindfolded castaways must collect nine bundles of materials needed to construct an archeological tent, while the callers must guide three groups of tribemates blindfolded and in two pairs and one group of three.

After collecting all bundles, the blindfolds can be removed and the tribe must assemble the tent. After assembling, the tribe must go back to their tribe mat. The challenge was used again in Fiji. The caller must guide one blindfolded member at a time down a field to smash one of five hanging skulls with a Fijian war club, grab the tiles that fall out, take them to the puzzle solving station, and run back. Once all five sets of tiles are on the station, the entire tribe must run down the field to the puzzle solving station and arrange the pieces to form a two-word phrase Cannibal Isles.

At any point, the caller can be switched out with another tribe member. Moto held onto a small lead throughout the challenge and won immunity, sending Ravu to their sixth Tribal Council. In Micronesia , the challenge was used as a Reward Challenge. Two callers for each tribe Eliza Orlins and Kathy Sleckman for Airai and Cirie Fields and Tracy Hughes-Wolf for Malakal would direct four blindfolded members who would push a large money stone through a forest course.

Along the course, the money stone would crush four tiles that would reveal a pair of smaller money stones. Three tribe members would then use these eight stones to solve a rotating cog puzzle. Although the tribes were evenly matched throughout the course, Malakal pulled away during the puzzle making part of the challenge and won reward.

The tribes will form up into three pairs.

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The caller Joe Dowdle for Jalapao and Debbie Beebe for Timbira must guide the blindfolded players though a maze to get three buckets. Once they reach a water tower, they must fill the bucket with water. Then, they must return to start and empty the water into a container, raising a flag. Then they must repeat the process with corn. Timbira struggled to locate their buckets and fell behind early on, allowing Jalapao to easily win, with Timbira failing to fill even one container. In Heroes vs. The callers must guide their blindfolded tribemates, who would be teamed up in pairs, to 10 puzzle pieces.

Once all 10 pieces have been collected, the entire tribe must work together to complete a cube puzzle. Although the Heroes were the first to collect all their puzzle pieces, they again struggled to complete a puzzle, allowing the Villains to win immunity and sending the Heroes to their fourth Tribal Council. Using only verbal commands, the caller will direct their tribemates, divided into pairs, to collect 10 items scattered around a field.

Blind Leading the Blind

Once all 10 items have been collected, the caller will direct one pair out to find a set of keys, which will unlock a chest. The first tribe to get their chest and all ten items back to the start wins reward and immunity. La Flor used the Medallion of Power , giving them a two-item head start and ultimately giving them the win, sending Espada back to Tribal Council. The callers must use the pieces to spell out a phrase The sweet taste of victory.

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The first tribe to do so wins reward and immunity. Ometepe collected all their bags first, allowing Rob to solve the puzzle before Stephanie, sending Zapatera to Tribal Council. In South Pacific the tribes would be separated into pairs and dressed to resemble twins. Once all four bags are collected, one set of twins will empty the bags and, using only their sense of touch, will pair up the masks into matching pairs.

The first tribe to get it right wins reward and immunity. Both tribes were relatively even until Cochran struggled with the rope management for his tribe, allowing Upolu to surge ahead and win, sending Savaii to Tribal Council.

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At the stations, the castaways would have to pull a lever, releasing an overhead bucket of water and a bag of puzzle pieces. Once all the bags were collected, the caller would have to solve a puzzle. The first tribe to complete the puzzle would win immunity. Manono took a huge lead heading into the puzzle after Salani had difficulty communicating.

However, Salani was able to catch up and narrowly beat Manono in solving the puzzle, sending Manono to their first Tribal Council. In Cagayan , the challenge was used as a Reward Challenge. One member of each tribe Cliff Robinson for Aparri , Tasha Fox for Luzon , and Alexis Maxwell for Solana would act as a caller while two other blindfolded tribe members would navigate the course to retrieve five items and a flag, eventually working with a third blindfolded tribemate to hoist the items up to the caller's platform.

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