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Address 2. Enter your email address. On 1 July , supported by a French attack to the south, thirteen divisions of Commonwealth forces launched an offensive on a line from north of Gommecourt to Maricourt. Despite a preliminary bombardment lasting seven days, the German defences were barely touched and the attack met unexpectedly fierce resistance. Losses were catastrophic and with only minimal advances on the southern flank, the initial attack was a failure. In the following weeks, huge resources of manpower and equipment were deployed in an attempt to exploit the modest successes of the first day.

However, the German Army resisted tenaciously and repeated attacks and counter attacks meant a major battle for every village, copse and farmhouse gained. Photo courtesy Imperial War Museum, London. At the end of September, Thiepval was finally captured. The village had been an original objective of 1 July. Attacks north and east continued throughout October and into November in increasingly difficult weather conditions. The Battle of the Somme finally ended on 18 November with the onset of winter.

In the spring of , the German forces fell back to their newly prepared defences, the Hindenburg Line, and there were no further significant engagements in the Somme sector until the Germans mounted their major offensive in March The Thiepval Memorial, the Memorial to the Missing of the Somme, bears the names of more than 72, officers and men of the United Kingdom and South African forces who died in the Somme sector before 20 March and have no known grave.

The memorial also serves as an Anglo-French Battle Memorial in recognition of the joint nature of the offensive and a small cemetery containing equal numbers of Commonwealth and French graves lies at the foot of the memorial. That the world may remember the common sacrifice of two and a half million dead, here have been laid side by side Soldiers of France and of the British Empire in eternal comradeship.

She was 28 years old. Gilles, Edinburgh on May 26, Fiona Stewart married Alexander Lees in David Waugh Borthwick. Age By May , the battle for North Africa was over, Tunis had fallen, the Allies were victorious and , German and , Italian soldiers had surrendered. In September, the 2nd Battalion, as part of the st Guards Brigade of the 56th London Division, took part in the Landing at Salerno and subsequently saw heavy fighting during that month and in October took part in the crossing of the Volturno River.

At the Battle of Monte Cassino, the 2nd Battalion suffered heavy casualties in tough fighting though it was eventually captured in May On 3 September the Allies invaded the Italian mainland, the invasion coinciding with an armistice made with the Italians who then re-entered the war on the Allied side. Allied objectives were to draw German troops from the Russian front and more particularly from France, where an offensive was planned for the following year.

Progress through southern Italy was rapid despite stiff resistance, but by the end of October, the Allies were facing the German winter defensive position known as the Gustav Line, which stretched from the river Garigliano in the west to the Sangro in the east. Initial attempts to breach the western end of the line were unsuccessful and it was not until 17 January that the Garigliano was crossed, and Minturno taken two days later.

The site for the cemetery was chosen in January , but the Allies then lost some ground and the site came under German small-arms fire. The cemetery could not be used again until May when the Allies launched their final advance on Rome and the US 85th and 88th Divisions were in this sector. The burials are mainly those of the heavy casualties incurred in crossing the Garigliano in January. First Phase: 17 January February British infantry cross a pontoon bridge over the Garigliano River at the double while in range of German artillery.

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His wife, Jane Stewart Anthony, died sometime after this date. Andrew Waugh died of "cardiac dilatation and myocardial degeneration" on April 23, , in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, at the age of They had at least one child: Ian died June 3, aged Alison Ferguson Ross. Her son George Ferguson Wilson was the informant. Georgina Clarke Stewart. Peacefully, at Hairmyres Hospital, on 18th February, , Robert Lindsay Bobby , aged 69 years, beloved husband of Rae, father of Iain, Alasdair and Lindsay, a dearly loved father-in-law, papa, brother and uncle and a greatly missed friend to many.

Funeral service will take place on 24th February, at Allanton Parish Church, at 9. Patterson It's possible that Wellwood and Robert are related Robert Waugh, died in Lochmaben 4th June aged 77 years. Sheriff's Criminal Court, Dumfries 8th July Robert Waugh, a carter in Lochmaben, was found guilty of having, on the 4th ultimo, assaulted Constable Hyslop there,and was sentenced to pay a fine of ten shillings, or be imprisoned for thirty days. Marion Bell. The bankrupt, who was previously examined some time since, having applied for cessio bonoum, but was refused, deponed as follows: Previous to I worked as a joiner in Lochmaben, the proceeds of my trade being the whole means of my support, with the occasional gift of L20 or L30 from my brother, Dr.

Pyle 29 Jessie W. Pyle 22 Ernest B.

Scottish heraldry

Catherine Fairbrother died between John Waugh. Fanny is Robert's daughter-in-law. Buried: Buried:. Strange, Yet True A few days ago, Mr. The Ploughman's Life As I was a-wand'ring ae morning in spring, I heard a young ploughman sae sweetly to sing; And as he was singin', thir words he did say,?

There's nae life like the ploughman's in the month o' sweet May. The lav'rock in the morning she'll rise frae her nest, And mount i' the air wi' the dew on her breast, And wi' the merry ploughman she'll whistle and sing, And at night she'll return to her nest back again. Springhead is "next door" to Crosshill. Photo Courtesy Billion Graves.

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Elexis Millar L. Allan Line to Canada R. See Commonwealth War Graves Casualty Details for William Waugh In the spring of , the German forces fell back to their newly prepared defences, the Hindenburg Line, and there were no further significant engagements in the Somme sector until the Germans mounted their major offensive in March Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Thiepval Memorial That the world may remember the common sacrifice of two and a half million dead, here have been laid side by side Soldiers of France and of the British Empire in eternal comradeship.

Andrew Waugh Andrew Waugh died of "cardiac dilatation and myocardial degeneration" on April 23, , in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, at the age of Isabella Barclay Waugh. Edward "Ned" Pennykid. Alexis Waugh. Robert Lindsay Waugh. Robert Waugh Muir. Born: about Died: June 4, MI. Died: April 30, Place: Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire. Buried: Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire. Feb 15, March 18, Feb 11, May 23, Jan 17, Oct 7, Feb 2, Name: Robt Waugh. Name: Charles Waugh. Dumfriesshire , Scotland. Name: Joseph Sanders.

Name Age Joseph Sanders. Catherine Sanders. Janet Sanders. John Sanders. Name: Janet Waugh. Name Age Janet Waugh. John Blacklock. Jessie Sanders. James Sanders. Robert Sanders. Joseph Sanders. Lochmaben , Dumfriesshire. Name Age Charles Waugh. Ann Waugh. Robert Waugh.

Name: John Waugh. Name Age John Waugh. Jessie Waugh. James Waugh. Name: William Waugh. Name Age William Waugh. Marian Waugh. Agnes Waugh. William Waugh. Jessie Bell Waugh. Mary Waugh. Eliza Waugh. Elizabeth Cowper. Name: Jessie Blacklock. Name Age John Blacklock. Jessie Blacklock. Elizabeth Blacklock. James Sanders Black. Cath Sanders. Jos Sanders. James M George.

Name: Robert Waugh. Name Age Robert Waugh. Willie Waugh. Annie Waugh. Name: David Beck. Ann Beck. Name Age David Beck. Jessie Ann Beck. Lochmaben , Dumfries. Name Age Janet White. Jane White. Name: Jessie Waugh. Name Age Jessie Waugh. James B Waugh. Alison Waugh. Infant Cunregistered. Moffat , Dumfriesshire. Agnes McVicair Waugh. Walter McVicair Brower. Name: William Blacklock. Name Age William Blacklock. Name: Isabella Waugh. Lockmaber, Scotland. Name Age Janet Barlow. John Barlow. Alfred Barlow. William Barlow.

Aehomiah Barlow. Frances Barlow. Sarah J Barlow. Elizabeth Beaty. Name Age Janet Glendenning. John Glendenning. Janet Glendenning. Name: Agnes Waugh. Name Age Agnes Waugh. Wilhelmina Waugh. Charlotte Waugh. Jess Ann Beck. Charles Beck. Jessie W Waugh. Alice Waugh. Jane W Waugh. Isabella M Waugh. Name: John Blacklock. Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire. Name Age John Carson.

Mary Carson. John Paterson. Andrew Paterson. Name: James Blacklock. Name Age Jane Patterson. Robert Patterson. Jane Patterson. John Patterson. James Blacklock. Robert Blacklock. Agnes Sanders. Mary Robson. Name: George Munro. Name Age George Munro. Isabella Munro. Alexander Munro. George Munro. Charles Munro. Hannah Wildman. Ann Heaton. Elizabeth Benny.

Name: William Hamilton. Name Age William Hamilton. Mary Hamilton. Robert Hamilton. Kate Hamilton.

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Joseph Hamilton. Thomas Thompson. Name: Jessie W. Name Age William B. Jessie A Beck. Applegarth, Dumfriesshire. Robt Hamilton. Catherine Hamilton. Jessie Hamilton. Mary Agnes Hamilton. Annetta Hamilton. William Hamilton. John Anna Hamilton. Name: John Sanders. Lockerbie , Dumfrieshire. Name Age John Sanders. Geo D C Sanders. Robt Sanders. Margt Grierson. Name: Robert Sanders. Lockerbie , Dumfriesshire.

Name Age Alexander Terras. Francis C Terras. Elizabeth M Thomson. Name Age Margt Watson. Jannie Watson. John Watson. Mary S Watson. John Munro. Louisa Munro. Beatrice Munro. Dora Munro. Alice Ross. Mina Ross. Mary Mc Kenzie. Dumfries-shire , Scotland. Name Age John Munro. Rebecca Munro. William Dick. Lavinia Dick. Donald Munro. George Higgins. Amelia Lewis. Name Age Jennet Glendinning.

Dryfesdale , Dumfriesshire. Name Age James Blacklock. Janet Blacklock. John J W Blacklock. Mary S W Blacklock. Under 1 Mo. Applegarth, Dumfrieshire. Johnanna Hamilton. James Hamilton. Name Age John Proudfoot. Grace Proudfoot. Robert I Sanders. Grace Jardine. Name: Ann Beck. Name Age Ann Beck. Catherine Beck. Annie Beck. Charlotte Beck. Name: Charles Beck. Mary Beck. Name Age Charles Beck.

Maggie Beck. Amy Beck. Kate Langley. Selina Brougham. Betsy A Peirce. Mary Plevin. Emma Osbaldiston. Ellen Arthur. Dick Waugh. Aleck Waugh. Harry Waugh. Minnie Waugh. Samuel Taylor. Annie Davis. Name: Jessie W Pyle. Name Age William B Pyle.

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Name Age Jannet Glendinning. Richard Glendinning. Lockerbie, dumfriesshire. John James Blacklock. Mary Scott Blacklock. Alice Maggie Blacklock. William Gardiner Blacklock. Applegarth, dumfriesshire. Robert John Sanders. Jassie Beck. Robert T Beck. Lochmaben , dumfrieshire.

Thomas Beck. Caterine Beck. Hugh Beck. Lochmaben , Scotland. Isabel Waugh. Robina Waugh. Nellie Waugh. Lizzie Waugh. Ahnandia Waugh. Harry A Waugh. Jane Waugh. James Johnson. Name: Isabella Munro. Name Age Harry Collins. Elizabeth Collins. Harry W J Collins. Albert J Collins. George E Collins. Daniel E Collins. Robert A Collins. Name: Jessie Pyle. Name: Jane Blacklock.

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Name Age George Chalk. Name: Jessie Waugh Pyle. Name Age Jessie Waugh Pyle. Name Age Isabella Munro. Marcella Doyle. Alice Cotterill. Name: Charles Munro. Emigration and immigration records are records of people leaving emigrating or coming into immigrating Scotland. Records include:. Emigration increased in the mid-eighteenth century as a result of political unrest and again after as a means of poor relief, particularly from the Highlands. The British government did not bother to document emigrants leaving its shores until the Passenger Act of Even after that, the records were very incomplete.

The Colonial Land and Emigration Commission to and the Board of Trade on kept records of departing emigrants, but the records have been destroyed up to the s. There was no systematic, official method of emigrating from Scotland. The following types of emigrants account for most persons who left Scotland. Emigration from southern Scotland to England has always occurred, though in small numbers.

Emigration from Scotland into Ireland occurred beginning in the early seventeenth century. No government records, such as lists of emigrants, were kept of these movements within the British Isles. Since so few British immigration sources exist, you may need to search the emigration records of the country your ancestor moved from to Scotland. Usually, it is easier to find information about your immigrant ancestor in the country he or she immigrated to.

Knowing an approximate date and port of arrival or ship name will probably help you search immigration records. Search this Wiki for "Naturalization and Citizenship" and the name of the destination country. In the mid 18th century, the governor of New York colony sought settlers from Britain. Captain Lauchlin Campbell, from Islay, Argyllshire, Scotland, transported over individuals in , , and from Islay on his ship Happy Return. The records of the land they finally received are found in the documents of the Argyll Patent.

The land was located along the Hudson River. A list of the emigrants may be accessed on the NYGenWeb website. More information about this colony can be found:. Information about these emigrants can be found on NCPedia. Scottish people settled in Canada during the early s, but few pre passenger lists exist. Before , most immigrants arrived at Quebec City and Halifax. The Family History Library has copies of passenger lists from to See the Canada Research Outline for more information. Australia was founded as an English penal colony in , but many free people also emigrated to Australia.

Immigration records vary by state in content and coverage. Some records are indexed. You might find the ship and arrival date in death certificates or published sources. The Family History Library has many pre records.