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Che fare di tal testa? A cosa ella vale? What else can you do with such a head? DUKE You always take a joke too far. The wrath you provoke could rebound upon you. No one dare touch a favourite of the Duke. DUCA Ah, sempre tu spingi lo scherzo, ecc. DUCA Ah, you always take a joke, etc. Which of us nurses no grudge against him for his cruel ways? Yes, revenge! Tutto invitaci a goder!

Oh, guardate, non par questa or la reggia del piacer? Entra il Conte di Monterone. DUCA No. Voi congiuraste contro noi, signore, e noi, clementi invero, perdonammo. What a party spirit! The dancers swirl into the room. ALL What gaiety! What party spirit! What splendid entertainment! Oh, just look, would you not say that this was the realm of pleasure? Enter Count Monterone. DUKE No! My voice, like thunder, shall make you quake wherever you go CORO Quai detti! I shall disrupt your orgies; I shall come here to complain so long as the atrocious insult to my family remains unpunished.

And if you give me over to your hangman, I shall haunt you as a terrifying spectre, carrying my skull in my hands, crying to God and man for vengeance! DUKE Enough!

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Arrest him. Che orrore! E tu serpente! Monterone parte fra due alabardieri; tutti gli altri seguono il Duca in altra stanza. What horror! And you, you serpent! ALL except Rigoletto You have provoked it, all hope is lost, this was a fatal mistake on your part. Monterone goes out between two halberdiers. The others all follow the Duke into an adjoining room. Nella corte un grosso ed alto albero ed un sedile di marmo; nel muro, una porta che mette alla strada; sopra il muro, un terrazzo sostenuto da arcate.

Entra Rigoletto chiuso nel suo mantello; Sparafucile lo segue, portando sotto il mantello una lunga spada. Scene 2 The end of a cul-de-sac Left, a modest house with a small courtyard enclosed by walls. In the courtyard, a large tree with a marble bench beside it; a door in the wall opens on to the street. Above the wall, a terrace over a loggia.

From the second storey a door opens on to the terrace, which is reached by a flight of steps in front. To the right of the road, a much higher wall surrounding the garden and one side of the Ceprano palace. It is night. Rigoletto enters, wrapped in a cloak. Sparafucile, a long sword beneath his cloak, follows him. You see before you a swordsman. I wait for my man at night; one thrust and he dies. Per le vie danza Chi voglio attira, e allor Mostra la spada.

Vi serve? My sister helps me. She dances in the streets Sparafucile parte. Pari siamo! Quel vecchio maledivami O uomini! Vil scellerato mi faceste voi! O rabbia! Non dover, non poter altro che ridere! He leaves. We are two of a kind: my weapon is my tongue, his is a dagger; I am a man of laughter, he strikes the fatal blow!

The old man cursed me O mankind! O nature! It was you who made me evil and corrupt! To be permitted nothing but to laugh! Forzarmi deggio e farlo! Oh dannazione! Odio a voi, cortigiani schernitori! Quanta in mordervi ho gioia! Quel vecchio maledivami! Apre con chiave ed entra nel cortile. Gilda esce dalla casa e si getta nelle sue braccia. Senza te in terra qual bene avrei? Ah, figlia mia! Oh, damnation! My hate upon you, sneering courtiers! How I enjoy snapping at your heels!

If I am wicked, the fault is yours alone. But here I become another person! The old man cursed me! Why should this thought still prey so on my mind? Will some disaster befall me? Ah no, this is folly! He opens the gate with a key and enters the courtyard. Gilda runs from the house and into his arms. My daughter! Without you, what would I have on earth? Ah, my daughter! Lo dite a questa povera figlia. What makes you so sad?

Tell your poor daughter. If you have secrets, share them with her: let her know about her family. Sola or tu resti al misero O Dio, sii ringraziato! Mi lacera tal vista. Padre ti sono, e basti. Altri mi maledicono She felt, that angel, pity for my sorrows. I was alone, deformed, poor, and she loved me out of compassion.

She died Only you are left to this wretch O God, I thank thee for that! What can have caused such bitter tears? Father, no more, calm down.

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This sight tortures me. None at all! I am your father, let that suffice. Perhaps some people fear me, and some may even hate me. Others curse me Uscita, dimmi, unqua sei? Che dissi! My faith, my family, my country, my whole world is in you! Tell me, have you been out? Oh, horror! Giovanna esce dalla casa. Che temete, padre mio?

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Giovanna comes out of the house. Mind you tell me the truth. Is the gate to the street always kept locked? O woman. From the fury of the winds that have broken other flowers, protect her, and unstained restore her to her father. What concern! What do you fear, my father?

Delle voci italiane che raddoppiano una consonante prima della vocale accentata

Da noi stoglie le sventure di mia madre il priego santo; non fia mai disvelto o franto questo a voi diletto fior. Il Duca in costume borghese viene dalla strada. Sempre novel sospetto! No hand will ever pluck or crush this flower so dear to you. The Duke, dressed as a commoner, appears in the street. There is someone outside! He opens the gate and, as he goes out into the street, the Duke slips into the courtyard and hides behind the tree, throwing a purse to Giovanna to ensure her silence.

Always some new suspicion! DUKE to himself Rigoletto! Mia figlia, addio. Figlia, addio! Mio padre, addio! Gilda, Giovanna e il Duca restano nella corte. My daughter, good night. DUKE to himself His daughter! My daughter, good night! Good night, father. They embrace and Rigoletto departs closing the gate behind him; Gilda, Giovanna and the Duke remain in the courtyard. Ahi, misera! Oh Dio! Do you dislike this young man, then? Sleeping and waking, I call to him, and my soul in ecstasy cries: I lo I love you! Speak those dear words once more and a heaven of joy will open before me!

There is no one here to answer me! Oh, God! No one? DUKE I am here, and my very soul answers you. Ah, two who love are a world in themselves! DUCA Se angelo o demone, che importa a te? DUCA Uscire! Ora che accendene un fuoco istesso! DUCA Oh, me felice! DUKE Whether angel or devil, what does it matter? DUKE Leave you? Now that both of us burn with a single fire! Ah, the god of love has bound our destinies together, inseparably! Fame and glory, power and thrones, are but fragile, earthbound things beside it. So let us love, my angel-woman; you would make me the envy of all mankind. DUKE Let us love, you would make me the envy of all mankind, etc.

You love me, say it once again. Saperlo a me non lice? Ceprano e Borsa compariscono sulla strada. DUCA pensando Mi nomino Ceprano e Borsa partono. Studente sono, e povero Am I permitted to know it? Ceprano and Borsa appear in the street below. DUKE racking his brains My name is He and Ceprano leave. I am a student, and poor Go now DUKE Tell me, will you love me?

Addio, ecc. Il Duca esce scortato da Giovanna. Col pensier, ecc. Sale al terrazzo con una lanterna. DUKE For the rest of my life Farewell, etc. He leaves, escorted by Giovanna. Gilda stands watching the gate through which he disappeared. Beloved name, the first to move the pulse of love within my heart, thou shalt remind me ever of the delights of love! In my thoughts, my desire will ever fly to thee, and my last breath of life shall be, beloved name, of thee. In my thoughts, etc. Taking a lantern, she walks up the steps to the terrace. Marullo, Ceprano, Borsa, cortigiani, armati e mascherati, vengono dalla via.

Gilda entra tosto in casa. Caro nome, ecc. Rigoletto, concentrato, entra. Meanwhile, Marullo, Ceprano, Borsa and other courtiers have appeared in the road, armed and masked; they watch Gilda as she enters the house. Beloved name, etc. Rigoletto enters with a preoccupied air. To work, now Is that you? This is Torre a Ceprano vogliam la sposa. Non dee mancarci lo stratagemma Ecco la chiave. Con voi son io. Give me a mask. Gli mette una maschera e nello stesso tempo lo benda con un fazzoletto, e lo pone a reggere una scala, che hanno appostata al terrazzo.

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Terrai la scala. Cheti, cheti, ecc. Alcuni salgono al terrazzo, rompono la porta del primo piano, scendono, aprono ad altri che entrano dalla strada e riescono trascinando Gilda, la quale ha la bocca chiusa da un fazzoletto; nel traversare la scena ella perde una sciarpa. CORO da lontano Vittoria!

He puts a mask on Rigoletto, at the same time blindfolding him with a handkerchief, then positions him by a ladder which the others have leant against the terrace. You shall hold the ladder. The mocker so insolent, so unremitting, will soon be a butt of derision himself! Stealthily, stealthily, etc. The mocker so insolent, etc. Softly, softly, softly, softly, stealthily, stealthily, stealthily, to work, to work. Some of the men climb up to the terrace, force the door, open the gate from the inside to admit the others, then emerge dragging Gilda, gagged with a handkerchief.

As she is carried off, she drops a scarf. Si tocca gli occhi. Sono bendato! A good joke this! He tears off the mask and the blindfold. Rushing into the courtyard, he drags out the terrified Giovanna and stares at her, stupefied; speechless, he tears his hair. Finally, after a great struggle, he cries out: Ah, the curse! He faints. Ai suoi lati pendono i ritratti, in tutta figura, a sinistra del Duca, a destra della sua sposa.

DUCA entrando, agitato Ella mi fu rapita! E quando, o ciel? ACT TWO A room in the ducal palace There is a door on each side and a larger one at the far end flanked by full-length portraits of the Duke and his wife. A high-backed chair stands near a velvet-covered table and other furniture.

DUKE entering, agitated She has been stolen from me! When, O heaven? In those few moments, before some inner voice made me hastily retrace my steps! E la magion deserta! Ella mi fu rapita! Lo chiede il pianto della mia diletta. Ei che le sfere, ecc. Marullo, Ceprano, Borsa ed altri cortigiani entrano dal mezzo. DUCA Ebben? The gate was open, the house deserted! And where is she now, that dear angel? She who first kindled my heart with the flame of a constant affection? So pure that her modest demean our almost convinced me to lead a virtuous life! She has been stolen from me!

And who dared do this? But I shall be avenged. The tears of my beloved demand it. But he could not defend you, sweet, beloved maid; he who would pledge his very soul to bring you happiness; he who, in loving you, envied not even the angels. He who, in loving you, etc. Marullo, Ceprano, Borsa and other courtiers enter. DUKE What is it? DUCA Come? DUCA Ah! La scala, quindi, ecc.

Salimmo, e rapidi la giovinetta a noi riusciva quindi asportar. DUKE What? From where? DUKE Ah! Tell me, how was it done? So once we had set up the ladder, he, blindfolded, held it secure. So once we had set up the ladder, etc. We climbed up and in less than no time had carried the young girl away. DUKE to himself Heavens! Esce rapidamente. Rigoletto entra cantarellando con represso dolore.

CORO Ei vien DUKE to himself Ah, heaven has not stolen everything from me! He hurries away. Rigoletto enters, humming to himself and trying to disguise his grief. Be silent! Ah, fu il bel colpo! Only that you are more of a bore than usual. See how upset he is! Ah, it was a fine trick! Comparisce un paggio della Duchessa. So I dreamed it! La ra, la ra, la ra, etc. He moves off. Seeing a handkerchief on the table, he examines the monogram agitatedly.

PAGE Without his escort! Corre verso la porta di mezzo, ma i cortigiani gli attraversano il passaggio. She is with the Duke! ALL Who? But I shall get her back. ALL His daughter! After such a sweet revenge, what? I want her Give her back. La rendete Tutti contro me! Ebben, piango. Tu taci! Miei signori, perdono, pietate! Al vegliardo la figlia ridate! Signori, perdono, ecc. Gilda esce dalla stanza a sinistra e si getta nelle paterne braccia. Courtiers, vile, damnable rabble, how much were you paid for my treasure?

Give her back Assassins, open that door! He again attacks the door, is dragged away from it by the courtiers, struggles awhile, then gives up, exhausted. The door, the door, assassins, open it. All against me! Marullo, my lord, you whose soul is as gentle as your heart, tell me, where have they hidden her? Marullo, my lord, tell me, where have they hidden her? My lords, forgive me, have pity!

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Give an old man back his daughter! To give her back can cost you nothing now, but to me my daughter is everything. Lords, forgive me, etc. Io, che pur piansi, or rido. My Gilda! Sirs, she is all the family I have. I, though I wept before, now laugh. What do you mean? And if your Duke should dare approach, tell him not to enter, tell him I am here.

They go out. Furtivo fra le tenebre sol ieri a me giungeva Though our lips were silent, our hearts spoke through our eyes. Furtively, only last night he came to meet me for the first time. He went I asked infamy, O God, only for myself, so that she might be raised as high as I had fallen. Ah, beside the gallows one must raise an altar! The Inefficient or Indifferent. Pope Celestine V. The Shores of Acheron. The Earthquake and the Swoon. The Divine Comedy. Dinanzi a me non fuor cose create se non etterne, e io etterno duro. Before me there were no created things, Only eterne, and I eternal last.

All hope abandon, ye who enter in! These words in sombre colour I beheld10 Written upon the summit of a gate; Whence I: "Their sense is, Master, hard to me! And he to me, as one experienced: "Here all suspicion needs must be abandoned, All cowardice must needs be here extinct. We to the place have come, where I have told thee Thou shalt behold the people dolorous Who have foregone the good of intellect. And after he had laid his hand on mine With joyful mien, whence I was comforted,20 He led me in among the secret things.

There sighs, complaints, and ululations loud Resounded through the air without a star, Whence I, at the beginning, wept thereat. Languages diverse, horrible dialects, Accents of anger, words of agony, And voices high and hoarse, with sound of hands,.

Novostj DsorDNE | ACC Records

Made up a tumult that goes whirling on For ever in that air for ever black, Even as the sand doth, when the whirlwind breathes. And I, who had my head with horror bound, Said: "Master, what is this which now I hear? What folk is this, which seems by pain so vanquished? And he to me: "This miserable mode Maintain the melancholy souls of those Who lived withouten infamy or praise.

Commingled are they with that caitiff choir Of Angels, who have not rebellious been, Nor faithful were to God , but were for self. The heavens expelled them, not to be less fair;40 Nor them the nethermore abyss receives, For glory none the damned would have from them. And I: "O Master, what so grievous is To these, that maketh them lament so sore?

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  • These have no longer any hope of death; And this blind life of theirs is so debased, They envious are of every other fate. No fame of them the world permits to be; Misericord and Justice both disdain them. And I, who looked again, beheld a banner, Which, whirling round, ran on so rapidly, That of all pause it seemed to me indignant;. And after it there came so long a train Of people, that I ne'er would have believed That ever Death so many had undone. When some among them I had recognized, I looked, and I beheld the shade of him Who made through cowardice the great refusal.

    Forthwith I comprehended, and was certain, That this the sect was of the caitiff wretches Hateful to God and to his enemies. These miscreants, who never were alive, Were naked, and were stung exceedingly By gadflies and by hornets that were there. These did their faces irrigate with blood, Which, with their tears commingled, at their feet By the disgusting worms was gathered up.