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As the family who hide Misha are also about to be caught by the Nazis, the young girl runs away and heads eastwards, where she believes her parents have been sent. A veritable odyssey ensues that brings Misha to the Ukraine, after having crossed Belgium, Germany and Poland, where she braves the cold, hunger and, most importantly, the wolves. Misha adopts the behaviour of the latter and is accepted into a wolfpack that helps her to survive in a Europe in the midst of war. Several scenes were shot at the Haras nationaux French public equestrian grounds.

The title is slated for a November release through Bac Films in France, while Wild Bunch are handling international sales, which are currently underway at the European Film Market in Berlin.


One of the most extraordinary and poignant survival stories to come out of World War II; Misha was only six years old when her parents were taken away from their home in Belgium to Auschwitz. She was given a new name, a new home, and forced into a new religion. No one told her why her parents were no longer with her, only that they had gone East. So one day, equipped only with a tiny compass and a few provisions, she set out East to find them. Misha crossed Belgium, Germany and Poland on foot alone - until, close to starvation in a vast forest, she was adopted by a family of wolves. She ate and played with the wolf cubs, and was protected by their mother.

Finally, at the end of the war, she found her way home to Belgium via the Ukraine, Romania and Italy.

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She never found her parents. Misha Defonseca was born to a Jewish family in Brussels in ; when she returned to Belgium at the end of the war after her epic journey, she met her future husband. After they were married, they emigrated to the United States; she now lives near Boston, close to a wolf sanctuary, and visits her friends the wolves every day. Convert currency.

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