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These days we can be on the phone almost anywhere. On the hoof, perhaps, but phone calls are no less important for that. Our latest title is something of a departure: all the poems have been chosen by pupils at Headington School and the selection includes contributions written by the students themselves and by their English teacher, Liz Soar.

Ten poems from Poems from My Diary by Abraham Sutzkever

Ten Poems of Kindness edited by Jackie Kay and including two new poems she has written especially for the pamphlet. With a witty introduction and specially commissioned new poem by Sophie Hannah, 'Thirteen Poems of Revenge' offers readers a few tips in the art of vengeance. A tribute to mothers everywhere, schmaltz-free poems about the warmth, wit, wisdom and exasperation! This insightful selection of ten funny, poignant and refreshingly honest poems deals with the reality of friendship in all its forms.

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Ten poems for cricketers and spectators young and old. War poetry has always caught the public imagination. Here, Andrew Motion chooses ten war poems from an enormous, varied and arresting tradition. Profound yet often amusing, 'Ten Poems about Fathers' contains ten wonderful poems that explore fatherhood from different perspectives. Editors Mandy Ross and Jo Brookes choose ten poets who have given readers a glimpse of same-sex loves and lives through history. Often highlighting the harsh realities of the lives of sheep, these poems contrast starkly with the popular image of sheep as fluffy and sweet A dozen poems about the quirks and curiosities of chickens, for the friends in our lives who have succumbed to their charms.

Why should children have all the fun? The poems in this pamphlet, introduced and selected by anthologist Anne Harvey, remind us of the love and esteem that aunts can inspire. Ten Poems about Nottingham presents images of Nottingham, rural and urban, from the eighteenth century to the present day.

Ten poems about London - poems that capture the essence of London, listening in to its music, roaming its pavements. Ten Poems from Wales offers readers who are new to the poetry of Wales, and those who are already in love with it, a glimpse of a rich heritage.

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  7. The Pre-Raphaelites were radicals; they took the mid-nineteenth century by storm with their paintings and poems, their expressions of sensuality. These poems introduce the reader to the Romantics' passionate beliefs and to the beauty and music of their poetry. This second edition of our much-loved anthology contains poems of bereavement selected for their beauty and for the sense of consolation that they offer.

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    The canine and poetry worlds meet at last - "It's such a relief to find wonderful poems like these Walter de la Mare was a popular and successful poet. Includes some of his best known poems, such as 'The Listeners' and 'Silver'. Five fabulous bedtime poems to ensure the sweetest dreams for your children. Includes a sticker, bookmark and a page for children to write their own poems.

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    4. Five Creepy Crawly Poems is especially for those who like centipedes, snails, spiders and slugs. And fleas. And flies.

      Three Stories & Ten Poems by Ernest Hemingway

      The book is simply the author's choice. Write your own book of poems you like to teach. You commenters take yourself too seriously. Wow, Valerian Langston Hughes wrote "pure drivel" Read even? Considered a turning point in American literature, history, and culture? Drivel, right. An excellent set of choices. Let me cast another vote for "Those Winter Sundays," which I consider one of the most beautifully crafted poems of the twentieth century.

      10 Greatest Poems Ever Written | Society of Classical Poets

      The second word "too," shows how one word can make a difference. The repetition of "What did I know? Great article; one I will come back to when teaching poetry. Some of my students' favorites: 1. Cavafy 6. Cavafy 8. Cavafy 9. But for the most part the poems mentioned here would work well for high school students.

      I would add these to the list: "My Papa's Waltz" by Theodore Roethke works well as a companion to Hayden's "Winter Sundays" "anyone lived in a pretty how town" by e. She explicates forty-three poems, ranging from classic to contemporary, with enormous insight. She's a terrific writer, so it's quite fun to read. Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library.

      Newsletter Subscribe Give. Poetry Foundation. Back to Previous. Article for Teachers. Ten Poems I Love to Teach. Surefire poetry hits for the classroom and beyond. By Eric Selinger. Originally Published: October 14th, Read Full Biography. Related Content.

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      Related Collections Poems about Teaching and Teachers. Related Podcasts The Happiness of Monogamy. Related Comments. Poems about Teaching and Teachers. Poetry about learning, for teachers and students alike. Read More. The Happiness of Monogamy. From Poetry Off the Shelf October By Rachel Zucker. October 15, Pure drivel.

      Both of them exalt their themes with exalted language. Alex Aguilera. October 16, I'm curious what other people's top ten poems to teach lists are. Mark Joraanstad.