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He was carefully selected for this. His name is Chris Gates and he is the Savior Project. But soon they will be coming for him. The first book from the Savior Project series, The Chosen One, charts the covertly trained life of Chris Gates from his birth in to From childhood to baseball star to U. While flight training near the planet Terlokya with his beautiful Terlokyan trainer Zenta, Gates is ambushed, then marooned for years on a distant world.

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There he marries Zenta and also meets The Source. Missing for 10 other world years - but only missing for days in real time, Gates returns to Terlokya and then to Earth to save our planet from the ownership claims of a supposedly extinct species. Product Details.

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    Feb 17, Annalise Grey rated it it was amazing. First, I must tell you I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I don't know the author personally. Now then. When I first cracked open this book and found the "vocabulary - definitions and pronunciations" I said out loud, "holy hell how in the world will I remember all this and keep it straight? I'm sooo glad I read on. Zenta is beautifully created. Chris is awesome. I loved reading about his character's First, I must tell you I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I loved reading about his character's growth from birth to adulthood. His slightly awkward teenage self was fun to read about and I was sucked into the vivid descriptions of the world - the bronze color of the Terlokyan skin, the creepy but cool description of the sentars I loved it all.

    I don't enjoy reading books that span years in which the author throws out a paragraph that suddenly has skipped ahead 7 years and you're just expected to go with it. Overall, excellent book and I'm already looking forward to the next in the series. Reading something of your own volition and reading something someone wants you to read are both very different. And in this case, really special. Because the author himself wants you to read his book.

    Apart from all the excited hyperventilation of talking to a real, honest-to-goodness published author, I was really happy and worried! Really carefully. And I do hope I've done it well!

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    A Reading something of your own volition and reading something someone wants you to read are both very different. All right, Chris Gates is a special child who has been selected by the soldiery, humanoid Terlokyans as part of the Savior Project and is being brought up to be the savior of the world. We begin the book with Chris at the age of forty or thirty-ish mid-life crisis anyone?! We alternate between Chris on earth and the Terlokyan base on the dark side of the moon or GAIA built specially for this very project. And here on, the story unfolds thick and fast!

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    Baby Chris to teenage-hottie Chris to married-yet-charismatic Chris! Not forever. Unless you can save the earth without actually being on the planet. And the second part is yet to come anyway! The characters are likeable especially Chris think Metro Man from Megamind. You choose. Except he plays baseball. And goes to college Also the book is chock full of detailing which reflects on the care the author has taken to research terminologies and real alien sounding names! The only teensy gripe I had would be that the book can sometimes be a little recurring at times with the Veloptor attacks especially and a bit stereotypical with the characters but I still wish perfect people existed.

    Of course. I'm looking for one! Well, of course I love it. Wait till you read the second book of the series. View 1 comment. Feb 16, Sandra rated it liked it. The recently released novel is a sci-fi life story of a small town boy, Chris Gates, the chosen one , on his journey to becoming the Saviour of the human race.

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    The main character is Chris Gates, selected from birth to become the Saviour of the human race. His entire life up to his extraction is charted; I tell you I felt like a mother watching her child grow up. Chris has a pretty average life, growing up with his mother, father, older brother and friends It is easy to become attached to his character.

    He is dynamic and like-able and honestly at times, I felt sorry for him.

    The Savior Project - The Chosen One (Book 1) by Fritz Franke

    Since the Terlokyans are aliens, I expected them to be a lot more robotic, like lacking empathy and such but they were nearly as relatable as the human characters, experiencing emotion and becoming attached to Chris themselves. None of the action takes place on their home planet which I hoped some would to add more dimension to them but that should come with the second book. Some parts are absolutely hilarious, probably for purposes not intended and the cheeky innuendo and jokes, killed me. The book ends on the mother of all cliffhangers which sets up purposefully for the second book of the series but made me want to hit someone.

    The book is very friendly, no obscene words or scenes. Not the easiest or lightest of reads but then I am a slow reader View 2 comments. May 05, BJ Almeda rated it really liked it. I should start by saying sorry for the delay of this review.. It took me so long to do this since i had lots of books and then school came Anyway, lets get go to the real deal.

    Having gifted with precise skill for imaginations and descriptions, Fritz expertly just writed one hell of a massive scifi book. At first though, i have a hard time grasping the thoughts of the book and it I should start by saying sorry for the delay of this review.. At first though, i have a hard time grasping the thoughts of the book and it seems so lengthy for me but who cares, i even got to read thicker books than this one, so i continued anyway So while i hanged on, i noticed that this book was starting to give me chills.

    It was about alien abduction and a project where Chris was part of. The main character of the book is Chris. He was playing baseball when the abduction happened or the kidnapping happened. Well anyway, no more minor spoilers,. He was someone who can save the planet and They were likeabale and convincing. I have always been a fan of scifi and this was automatically added to my list of good books. Alien Bduction and more The book was totally worth it. It wasnt a waste of time at all. Feb 10, Lourie rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction , adult , author-preview-requests , suspense.

    Astounding writing produced not only a strong male lead but also likeable and loveable characters. True sci-fi should make your imagination soar. And this story delivers. The pure mastery is that its not an in your face monsters everywhere saga, but so easily could be our true reality, that is if you believe we are not alone. As the author unfolds each new piece of the story he gives you time to deliberate what this will mean for the characters.

    The more time you think about it the more you will fall in love with it. This reader will anxiously be waiting for part two in the six part series. Oct 16, Melissa ownsbey rated it it was amazing. Emily Guido rated it it was amazing Mar 18,