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Civis sum. Adiante da espada e quase como seu guia foi a luz. This reaction is one of nature against tyranny. In discovering peoples and oceans, Portugal sought neither to oppress nor to enslave. Before the sword, almost as its guide, was held the light. Portugal sought Christians and citizens, and found them. Goa is an overseas province of Portugal. Its people are free, as all people can and wish to be. After the revolt, all Gomes could do was to suggest, via his novel, and to the British rather than the Indians, a way to resolve caste: the mass conversion of the natives to Christianity.

The caste system would thus, in theory, be eliminated for good.

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This attitude is clearly reflected in Os Brahmanes. Indeed, Magnod joins the mutineers himself later in the story. His conversion to Christianity represents a success that the British themselves were unable to achieve, if the rumours at the time of the Mutiny are to be believed: through the impure cartridges, it was thought, the British had wanted to cause the sepoys to lose their caste and then convert them by force.

The place assigned in Os Brahmanes to the characters of Magnod converted , Thomas and Emily parted from their natural environment, educated after the European fashion and thoroughly Christianised exemplifies this ideal.

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Through the Indian Thomas who we are told resembles a mix of the Arab and Indian types , p. In Magnod the reader familiar with Orientalist accounts will recognise the negative characteristics attributed to Brahmins. Both Gomes and Chatterji denounced the greed of the British East India Company but expressed concern that the education of the common man should be expanded before India received independence.

Gomes approved of British government control after the Sepoy Mutiny, but held that it was now necessary to educate the native subjects, to make them citizens and Christians as in Portuguese India. In Anandamath, set during a revolt in the Bengali countryside in the eighteenth century, Chatterji follows a similar line of reasoning with the East India Company and European schooling.

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Gomes saw no ambiguity here. To Gomes, despite asseverations to the contrary in the West, these principles seemed to have been restricted to the metropole. Edward W. Translated by France Bhattacharya. Paris: POF, pp. Paris: Seuil. Paris: Klincksiek. Translated by Michel Boudineau.

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Translated by Olivier Ruchet and Nicolas Vieillescazes. Paris: Editions Amsterdam. Paris: POF. Porto: Typographia Lusitana. Paris: Imprimerie Royale. Fanon, Frantz , Peau noire, masques blancs. Freyre, Gilberto N. Lisbon: Livros do Brasil. Lisbon: Minerva. Gomes: Memorial Volume, edited by A. Correia Fernandes and Armando Menezes. Bombay: The Bombay Centenary Committee. Gomes, Olivinho J. New Delhi: National Book Trust.

Goa Inquisition Part 1: The Inglorious Portuguese Empire - How Portugal Systematically Enslaved Goa

Paris: Privat. Paris: Payot. Machado, Everton V. Markovits, Claude ed. Paris: Fayard. Marques, H. Paris: Jean Picollec. Paris: Gallimard. University of Goa. Paris, Flammarion. Paris: PUF.

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Paris: Hatier. Pereira, Felisardo G. Said, Edward W. New York: Vintage Books. London: Penguin. Schwab, Raymond , La renaissance orientale. Lisbon: Roma Editora. Paris: Albin Michel. London: Andre Deutsch. The opinions, hypoth- eses and conclusions or recommendations expressed herein are my sole responsibility and do not necessarily reflect the ideas of FAPESP. It was in Bengal that native writers took the first steps towards adapting the European novel genre to India. Miranda , p. Couto , p. But Taylor does not stray too far from historical reality in making Ali a child survivor of a Thug massacre.

Being forbidden to murder children, Thugs would instead adopt them and raise them in their profession.

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  • See Van Woerkens, , p. He expands this myth by stating that the ship upon which the novelist died on his journey back to India docked at Porbandar, the native city of Gandhi on the day the great Indian nationalist was born, could it be more than a mere coincidence. More recently, in a work concerning the loss of Goa in , the journalist Stocker , p. It is not difficult to find other Goan publications, whether in English or Portuguese, that aver the same thing. Here we might ask whether Os Brahmanes, despite its fierce criticism of casteism, presents a partisan view: does the author merely shift the burden of the issue to Hinduism?

    As Nandy , p. The opinions, hypotheses and conclusions or recommendations expressed herein are my sole responsibility and do not necessarily reflect the ideas of FAPESP. Carvalho, ; Rebelo, ; Cunha, ; Passos, ; Lobo, Perhaps the suggestion is of innocence and a lack of intelligence. Dalgado, , p.

    What is certain is that he knew Marathi and read translations of Indian classics in this language Costa Related Papers. The Curious Case of Goan Orientalism. By Jason Fernandes. Laura Jarnagin, Thethirdpart— Simbor —is asmall territoryinthebay of Simbor , 25 kilometres totheeast of Diuwhere the Pani-Kotafort can be found on an offshore atoll. It consists of one atoll and two strips oflandintersected byarivulet known asthe Vancoso river. A B de Bragnanca Pereira, Nevertheless, Simbor has recently published an extensive monograph which attempts to give validity to a concept long discredited.

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