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Based on the gentle and proven techniques of John Lyons, "Days" teach your horse to respect your space, to deal with fear, to stand calmly and to begin "giving to pressure. While you'll fly through some "days," others will necessarily require that you spend more time to really nail the material. You might want to split it up over days, weeks or months.. It's completely up to you - after all, you've got years till he's big enough to carry that saddle or pull that cart!

Each chapter gives you a plan, a goal, theory and homework. The whole thing might take you a week - and it might take you months. No matter the age, horses need to be exposed to new things when nothing is required of them. Around the yard, no matter what the activity, rarely will you see me without a horse close by.

Halter Breaking a Foal with Scarlet

This is not only beneficial but a very relaxing time for me as I love the company of horses. I ask him to move away from pressure on the hindquarters and forequarters, and to back a few steps away from me. Friendly desensitization is also very important. I rub him all over with my hands and swing ropes around him and gently over his back.

I practice on my roping dummy with him beside me. I also do foreign object desensitization: I rub plastic bags all over his body, swing saddle blankets and pads onto his back, and even rub him with things like pool noodles. All of this, over time, helps the horse generalize that different objects will do him no harm. This is so valuable for the future. I rub the legs and pick up the feet a lot.

Reward Yourself

I also simulate the rasp strokes and hammer pounds with my hands and the actual tools that a blacksmith might use. I load him and stand him in a horse trailer. This may seem early for a foal or weanling, but what if you have a late night medical emergency?

Walking him over tarps, rails, and logs, and through water every chance I get is also a really valuable way to get the young horse used to new things.

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These types of exercises are valuable for our older horses too. If this early opportunity of time has already passed for your horse, I want to emphasize that hope is not lost. You may know that your horse had a tough start when he was young and vulnerable.

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If so, you should also know that he is a born learner and retains an amazing ability to change and learn for the rest of his life. As I travel around the country teaching clinics, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of horses and to observe and learn these concepts from the best teachers — the horses themselves. Horses never cease to amaze me if we get it right for them! Main article photo: As Gold Rush walks alongside me, I use my hand to ask for a slight left bend in his body for just a moment.

This is the beginning for many moves that will happen in his life as he matures. Intercity Insurance Announces Name Change. Safe and Functional Horse Fencing.

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    Skip to main content. Advertise Login My account. Jonathan Field, training Foals, training horse Weanlings, Yearlings horse training, natural horsemanship, western horse, english horse. Teach your horse to be caught each and every time you want it. Standing quietly to be tied, whether to a post, beside a trailer, a tree or in cross ties is an absolutely essential ground manner.

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    Teach your horse to stand quietly while tied without fussing or pulling. Lead Quietly in Hand. Stand Quietly to Have Feet Handled. Accept Paste Wormers.

    Your Foal: Essential Training

    Continue to 5 of 8 below. Get on a Trailer. Be Caught. Stand Tied. Read More.