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DeYoung: You know, there are four main prophetic chapters in the book of Daniel. There are 12 chapters all together, but the second chapter here is the prophecy of the Revived Roman Empire. Daniel interprets the dream for Nebuchadnezzar, image of a man, and the ten toes of iron and clay would be talking about that kingdom to come before Jesus Christ returns — the Revived Roman Empire. When we come to chapter 7, we see out of the ten horns — very similar to the ten toes of iron and clay in chapter 2 — in chapter 7 and verse 7, the ten horns that would be located on the old Roman Empire, and that would be referred to as the Revived Roman Empire as well.

The Final Kingdom

Out of those ten horns comes the little horn, one of 27 names for the Antichrist, the political world dictator who will control the Revived Roman Empire. We move then to chapter 9, which gives us three of the main elements in the Tribulation period, happening right after the rapture of the church. You have a tyrant, which would be the Antichrist; you have a treaty that he confirms; and a temple that will be standing in the city of Jerusalem.

The Bible’s Most Amazing Prophecies

Now, these four chapters, these four prophetic chapters in Daniel, are basically giving more detail to the seven years of Tribulation. And our smaller pillars there, the first one to the left of your screen, is the rapture of the church; the second one, the middle one, is the return of Jesus Christ; between those two events, the seven year Tribulation period. Watch this. In this segment, we will report on 3 things.

First, what nations are threatening the existence of Israel today? Second, what are the nations the biblical prophets say will come against Israel in the last days. And third, do we see evidence that these prophecies are beginning to be fulfilled in our own day? Benjamin Netanyahu: I think we have to do everything in our power to prevent the arming of Iran with nuclear weapons. On this, I have to say, there is absolute unanimity in Israel. Ankerberg: But is Iran the only threat Israel is facing?

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What about Hamas in Gaza, and Hezbollah in Lebanon? DeYoung: John, Iran is the major threat according to the Israeli intelligence community as far as the Jewish State of Israel is concerned. And this is the problem; this is the source of the problem. Ankerberg: As you look down at the nation of Israel from space, you realize how small it really is. Israel stretches only miles from north to south and its width ranges from 71 miles at its widest point, to only 9 miles at its narrowest point.

Amazing prophecies with Pastor Alph LUKAU

To the northeast Israel faces a 47 mile border with Syria; to the north a 49 mile border with Lebanon; to the east Israel has a mile long border with Jordan; and to the southwest, Israel borders Egypt; and directly south has a small window onto the Red Sea. With all of this in mind, we begin with what Mr. Netanyahu: The militant Shiites in Iran are openly racing, and boasting that they are racing to develop nuclear weapons with the explicit announced goal of wiping Israel from the face of the earth, re-establishing the Caliphate of course under militant Shiite Iranian rule , the Caliphate includes the territories from Iran to Spain, developing long-range ballistic missiles first that are targeted to every European capital and within a decade to reach the eastern coast of the American mainland.

Because the power to extend power, to threaten, to realize the threats, to make good on the threats, will be on a level that we have not seen, nor one that we can readily imagine. It will put the oil reserves of the Gulf under their sway. They could easily bring down governments or fold them into their realm. And, of course, they might make good on their twisted ideas of ending Zionism and extending their realm by other means. So this is threat to the entire world, and it cannot be seen as anything but that. Reuven Rivlin is the Speaker of the Knesset. Reuven Rivlin: I really believe that Iran should be taken care of by the entire family of nations, and not only by Israel.

Israel have to take care of and to know that one — they will have to face the threat of being destroyed by possible nuclear weapons from the site of Iran. They will have to do, and not what, we know what we will have to do.

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Ankerberg: Then we asked Mr. We have Hezbollah now with a tremendous base, and you can see that the international guarantees that were supposed to stop the flow of arms did nothing of the kind.

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So, we not only had 4, rockets fired on the Galilee from that base, but we now have 40, rockets which are aimed at every part of Israel. And at the same time, the same thing has happened in the south. Ankerberg: If you are somewhat surprised at the forceful words that Mr. Would you agree with that assessment?

Because first of all Iran is the only state, unlike terrorist organizations, but the only state in the region, as a matter of fact the only state in the world, whose government, whose Prime Minister, President, I guess, Ahmadinejad, openly threatens Israel and says Israel has to be wiped off the map. So here you have a declared enemy. Now, Iran is not a miniscule state, and the Iranians are hell-bent on getting nuclear weapons. Ankerberg: One day as we sat on the Mount of Olives and overlooked the Temple Mount I asked Jimmy to lay out the specific nations, God reveals through the prophets, will come against Israel in the last days.

The Most Amazing Prophecies

Ankerberg: Jimmy, as we look across the Old City of Jerusalem and we see the Dome of the Rock, the third holiest site for the Islamic world; and you also see the Jewish Temple Mount here, which is the sacred mount of the Jewish people across the world. We see two opposing opinions and it talks about the battle for Jerusalem. And I want to ask a question, and people want to know, what are the nations that are mentioned in the Bible, in prophecy that will have a role in the end-time scenario of what happens here in Israel?

DeYoung: You know, John, that Dome of the Rock speaks to that group of nations, that alignment that will come against Israel, because that is a Muslim building. But the Islamic world is what is going to basically come together, align themselves to try to destroy the Jewish state. With one exception: Russia is mentioned in the book of Ezekiel chapter Here in the book of Ezekiel chapter 38, which would be the main focus in Bible prophecy, other sections of the Bible we will look at.

But in Ezekiel 38 it talks here in verse 2 about Magog, Gog in the land of Magog. And according to biblical geography, Magog would have been that land mass north of the Caspian and Black Sea, which is Russia today. Then in verse 2 it says, Meshech and Tubal, and down in verse 6 it says Gomer and Togarmah.

When travelling in Turkey recently I picked up an ancient Turkish map. And in biblical times Turkey was actually divided into four parts: Meshech, Tubal, Gomer and Togarmah. So we are now talking about Russia and Turkey. There in verse 5 it says Persia. Until there were three nations we know today that were known as Persia. Those three nations are Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

And then you continue on in verse 5, Ethiopia or Cush in some translations, that would be Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan. And then in verse 5 again it says here in my Bible, Libya, or maybe in another translation Put. You have to coordinate this with Daniel chapter 11 verses It talks about the King of the North. Earlier in chapter 11 you find out that is what we know as Syria today. And the King of the South would be Egypt today. And then going over into the book of Psalms, you go over the book of Psalms chapter 83 and it talks in Psalm 83 about a list of nations.

So we are now seeing a list of Arab nations, with the exception of Russia, who will form this coalition to come against Israel in the last days. Ankerberg: Jimmy, when you come to Bible prophecy, what God has predicted in Scripture is absolutely mind-blowing. If people will just read it, it is so clear-cut, it is so straightforward, it jumps off the page and bites you in the foot. DeYoung: This alignment of nations will come against the nation of Israel and try to destroy the Jewish State of Israel.

Ankerberg: When will this happen? Then these nations, this alignment of nations, comes to destroy the Jewish State. Skip navigation. Amazing Prophecies Forever Free Ministries. Forever Free Ministries also has an Online School of Evangelism with a current enrollment of students — equipping students with the tools, knowledge and experience to effectively share the Gospel and make disciples. Our online YouTube Channel has grown exponentially in the last year and has surpassed our expectations! Millions are watching in over countries! We are so excited with what the Lord is doing but we will not stop here.

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