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Add to cart. Liou , Hardcover, Revised. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information This Second Edition of An Introduction to Atmospheric Radiation has been extensively revised to address the fundamental study and quantitative measurement of the interactions of solar and terrestrial radiation with molecules, aerosols, and cloud particles in planetary atmospheres.

Liou's comprehensive treatment of the fundamentals of atmospheric radiation was developed for students, academics, and researchers in atmospheric sciences, remote sensing, and climate modeling. Balanced treatment of fundamentals and applications Includes over illustrations to complement the concise description of each subject Numerous examples and hands-on exercises at the end of each chapter. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Fundamentals of Radiation for Atmospheric Applications.

Solar Radiation at the Top of the Atmosphere. Absorption and Scattering of Solar Radiation in the Atmosphere. Thermal Infrared Radiation Transfer in the Atmosphere.

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Light Scattering by Atmospheric Particulates. Principles of Radiative Transfer in Planetary Atmospheres. Radiation and Climate. It covers the topics well from fundamental principles to applications. A student who has mastered the book will be well prepared to start research in atmospheric radiation.

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A research worker who needs a quick review of the basic physics behind the state-of-the-art radiative codes used in climate models and remote sensing will find this an invaluable resource. Corresponding longwave differences are approximately 3 times smaller than their shortwave counterparts. Radiative transfer through these atmospheres represent a challenge for both inverse and forward problems. Of concern here is the forward problem faced by global climate models GCMs in which mean flux profiles are required for columns with cross sectional areas that typically exceed 10 4 km 2.

Since both the radiative transfer process and cloud fields are unresolved over a wide range of scales in GCMs, it is often assumed that clouds are horizontally homogeneous and abide by simple rules for vertical alignment [ Barker et al. Fu, personal communication, ]. But this requires a global description of cloud structure. Therefore, radiative transfer computations are also 2D. Mixing ratios for cloud liquid, ice, rain, snow, and graupel were diagnosed as functions of temperature. All simulations started on September 1, Global arrays of CSRM data were sampled and saved every 9 model hours.

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The second set of calculations used the independent column approximation ICA to compute radiative heating rates for each GCM column. The location of the cloudy cells remained the same as in the CSRM fields and therefore the vertical overlap of cloud was unchanged relative to the CSRM fields. As expected, the largest impacts on albedo are associated with tropical deep convective clouds. Secondary maxima occur across the southern ocean storm belt partly because of excessive cloudiness and large solar inputs.

Welch and Wielicki , ; O'Hirok and Gautier , ]. Note that the effect of 2D radiative transfer in the LW is very small. Perfect overlap means that clouds from the CSRM are homogenized horizontally using layer mean cloud water contents but cloud positions are unchanged relative to the CSRM fields. These differences illustrate the impact of neglecting horizontal variations, which for the SW is roughly 5 times larger than the corresponding impact going from 2D to ICA.

Owing to their relative magnitude, results are shown only for SW fluxes. This is similar for surface absorptance. Due to computational limitations, only diagnostic radiative transfer calculations were performed. Assessing the impact on simulated climate is impractical at present, and may be so for some time.

Bibcode : AMT Bibcode : BAMS Advances in Space Research. Bibcode : AdSpR.. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. Bibcode : CG Categories : Science-related lists Atmospheric radiative transfer codes Satellite meteorology and remote sensing. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: Archived copy as title CS1: long volume value All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from December Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Deutsch Edit links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

An Introduction to Atmospheric Radiation, Volume 84, Second Edition International Geophysics

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An Introduction to Atmospheric Radiation

Edwards [15]. Eymet [16]. AIRS reference model.

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