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This would not be in its own interests.. More than half of Turkey' s foreign trade is already with Europe. Europe should not allow itself to be swayed by anti-turkish activities, There is anti. Turkish opposition. Because Turkey has, after all; conie from a disbanded empire. There are age-old. Europe is not a mere geographic definition.

Europe is more a definition of values. Now, there is no pornt. Besides the security of new Europe is not something that has been established. No one. The reshaping, the restructuring of Europe is not complete yet. In these circumstances a major power like Turkey cannot be easily given up. So, l advise our European friends - as well as tlieir governments to whom it is always easier to explain things -, the Eurooean. Europe, We want to be together wit Europ, we don't wantto be draged away, But If they te.

I attach great importance to this. This will turn the Black Sea into a lake of peace. The trade routes now severed for political reasons will regain vitality. Russia is very Important for us. We don't want our relations with RUSSiato come to harm. The attempts to settle the Chechnya problem with repression, with force, with bloodshed are utterly wrong. I sai this wy back n Dec.

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Turkey will continue vanguarding this. Russia should not feel concern about Turkey's developing ties with Central Asia. We shall not attempt to govern these state thee. Eery state will govern itself. But we have histoncaltles to Central Asia and these should not irritate anyone. We are Dot instigating anyone in CentraI Asia to do anything.

On the contrary, we advise them to get along well with Russia. The exploitation of the dormant minerai resources in CentraI Asia will infuse. And if Turkey can contribute to this in any way, this will mean helping these countries to rise up on their own. In Russia, people should support the frieddship between their country and Turkey. Russia should 1iattempt to play some cards it thinks will intimidate Turkey, like, for instance, getting its hand into the Kurdish issue. This will extremely disturb Turkey.

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Turkey can help Russia to improve its economy. But, on the other hand, Russia sliould not attempt to play some cards it thinks will intimidate Turkey, such as, for instance, getting its hand into the Kurdish issue. This would disturb Turkey extremely. And any such attempts to destabilize Turkey will not be in its best interests. Coming back to the Black Sea Economic Cooperation organization, three years have passed since the signing of the agreement in June The preparatory stage is now complete.

We start the second phase, with the second summit to be held in Romania. I attach importance to the summit. Everybody has a stake in states staying together and collectively searching opportunities for cooperation. Turkey will continue in the vanguard of this search. The summit meeting in Karachi on March 13 w,asextremely encouraging. This is a new world ith ' million people. ECO is a new and growing project.. Many of the newcomers are just evolving into states.! I Central Asia shoul. It will have access to the sea either over Pakistan over Iran or over Turkey. The Pakistan route is inevitable.

But the opening of the other route over Iran might block the Turkish route to the sea or vastly reduce its significance. And Iran is already engaged in a big effort to provide the sea Central Asia should reach the sea. It will have access to the sea either via Pakistan, Iran or Turkey. But the opening of the other route over Iran might block the Turkish route to the sea or vastly reduce Its significance. And Iran is already engage in a b.

That' s why the resolution of the AzerbalJan- Armenia conflict is so important or Turkey. If the conflict is resolved, Turkey can easily reach out from its eastern boundary to Baku, and from there to Krasnovodsk.. And then it will be easier for the Central ASian countries to take their D'oods to the Black Sea nd Mediterranean ports ofturkey rathe.

Persian Gulf through Iran. In' Russia, people should support the friendship between their country and Turkey. And, in fact, this Silk Road will reemerge, extending from Peking to London. Turkey should complete the missing stretch of railroad around Lake Van.. But Turkef s policies towards these Central Asian states are not motivated by calculations of material benefits.

What it seeks is the ability of these sta. Turkey, Iran and the West Western powers have adopted against Iraq, and. And it will suffer again if the Western powers enter a confrontation willi Iran. So, when adopting a stance towards the countries around us, they should know how far they harm Turkey. And after a certain point, Turkeycannot bear these losses. Now look, what the Gulf crisis has caused for Turkey.

They cannot praise Turkey enough. We cooperated like this We cooperated like that. Very well, but the million tons of oil flowing through the Kirkuk- Yumurtalik pipeline is no longer there.. The pipeline is abandoned to rot. It is a great pity. Despite all the efforts, it has not been possible to reactivate the piline. There are 26 million barrels of oil trapped inside. What will happen to this money? I want to say this here: Turkey should help Azerbaijan and Armenia to reach a settlement.

After a settlement over Karabakh, Armenia will withdraw from other Azerbaijani territory it has occupied. There will be a softening and a settlement will be definitely reached.. When this comes about, Turkey will take increased amounts of relief supplies to Azerbaijan. Everyone will. But what is more important is a route from Turkey to Central Asia. I see this as vital for Turkey, vital for them the Central Asian states.

There is a. And of course, there is this matter ofsea accessto Central Asia. This will create a lot of investment opportunities in Central Asia: So, Turkey will continue Its interest in getting,to this region.. Iransays it does not want to create any obstacles, and is not barring the way. But, on the other hand, the trucks cannot pass through. Still, we cannot afford to hurt Iran. Our strategy calls for good relations with Iran. IIAs for potential ;:;:; As for potential Western pressures on Turkey to join the West in its confrontation with Iran as speculated, Turkey cannot lift such a load.

Now, who guarantees that these Western powers will not go to Iraq. They provoke. So, here, Turkey should play its. In these matters there is an excellent dialogue between myself and the foreign ministry.. And it should come to a stronger position in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation organization. The order also bans all U. The ban will take effect days after Clinton signs the executive order. Alfonse D' Amato Republican has also proposed a similar trade embargo ort Iran, proposing to cut off trade relations with any foreign [mns that trade with Iran.

Speaking at a State Department press briefing to explain the president's decision, Secretary of State Warren Christopher said "Iran's backing for international terrorism is pervasive.. It has supported. We know that Iran IS devotldg resources to vanous uranium-enrichment technologies, focusing on gas centrifuge. In , for example, Iran unsuccessfully approacqed a plant in Kazakhstan for substantial quantities of enriched uranium. I hope, at least, that they will not go forward with any concessionary credits that Iran can simply use to fuel the terrorism that they are projecting around the world.

I cannot imagine they would like to have a nuclear-capable Iran on or very near their borders. Mobil, which bought 50, barrels a day, has stopped buying oil from Iran. In another indication of an imminent end to the operation in northern Iraq, the MilitaryPress Center, set up in Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey on March 20 to brief the media' on the campaign, was closed on Tuesday'.

To soothe Western fears ' that Turkey would p'rolong Ankara has been saxm,g that its stay in. Ira9i eritory, the operation IS hrrnted. He said f, vehicles could pass through the gate per day and that this would bring trade activity to the region. A statement. Banaru last month. Withut ash help it will be! The time when we could cooperate With this. French, German and British officials said that sanctions were the wrong approach, saying they preferred what they called "critical dialogue.

And privately, diplomats were even Itlore blunt, saying that that Iran's trading panners in Europe d Asia have no inter: est, either commercial or political, in broad sanctions and regard them as counterproductive. Without cooperation, the trade. Clinton on Sunday nisht is unlikely to have any significant. Mr, Clinton, labeling Iran a threat to peace in the Middle East and a major sponsor of terrorism, announcedm an address to the World Jewish Conaress that the United States would ban all.

The U. Reaction on Tuesday suggested ialt Mr. Clinton would not have to wait that long. The right thing to do is to conduct a political dialoue with Iran. Only poli tic4l dialogue can bring Iran to behave responsibility. We're not oonvinced that they work.

Clinton is to issue imposing the sanctions. Only a quarter of the money has been lent so far. But with its dependence on Iran for 10 percent of its oil supply, and a policy of trying to improve relations with Tehran, analysts said it was highly unlikely Japan would go as far as Mr. Clinton would like. None of this will come as a surprise to U. Iran is far more important commercially to Europe and Japan than it is to the United States. In addition to the oil it exports, it is a major purchaser of construction services and supplies in Europe, especially from Germany.

They have also committed themselves to joint action where trade is concerned.

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Also, said Helmut HubeI, a senior research fellow at the German Society for Foreign Affairs, Europe generally is "skeptical in principle as far as economic cerned. Hubei and German officials pointed out that Germany had, on past occasions, acted sympathetically toward such In ;act, the nucle-,ar reactors that Russia plans to selltolran wereoriginallv to be, built by Siemens of Germany. But Mr: HubeI said he doubted if any European nation 'would follow the sanctions route.

Refemng to the Iranians, he added, "All, it's going to do is irri,tate te: which-you can doqulte easl!. He called it "a gesture easily,made" that does not achieve anything economically. If the boycott fails to coerce Iran into changing its policies, fails to dissuade Russia from selling nuclear equipment to Iran and fails to persuade U. Congress that it was prepared to get tough. He called Iran an "outlaw state" that "simply cannot be permitted to get its hands on nuclear weapons," and said that :Iran was responsible for "a' trail of carnage fromlkit Lid to Buenos Aires," referring to 'terrorist attacks in Israel and Argentina for which Iranian responsibility has not been t'stablished.

Christopher deliberately used such lal1guage because he is personally committed: :to blocking Iran's effort to. White House officials have acknowledged, however, that it was not,iust Iranian behavior that induced Mr. D'Amata, Republi- ;an of New York, and othe,r members of,congress Their bill would close U.

V'Amato responded cauliously. Now it's our allies' turn to embargo trade with Iran. Clinton's decision, saying, "The president had to act. He suggested that Mr. Clinton "may want to reconsider his trip to Moscow" next week if Russia has not backed off from its nuclear sales agreement with Iran. Clinton announced his decision at a eeting of the World Jewish Congress.

Israel and its U.

Titres liés

D'Amato's bill and sounding the alarm about Iran's nuclear ambitions. Middle East policy is more biased toward supporting the Zionist regime than con-,sidering U. Iran has other outlets for its oil, the statement said. American oil industry analysts generally agree with that assessment. Officials acknowledged that without the cooperation of Russia and the allies in the: Group of Seven wealty nations, the administration's policy would have little impact on Iran. At a conference in New York. Another difficulty lies in the reluctance of, the G-7 allies to restrict what they regard as' ltimate business activity by their corporate citizens.

MAI 95 zone la mise en a toujours son A38nCeFra::cePresse - A. Hun hadde med seg solid dokumentasjon om de tyrkiske kurdernes vanskelige situasjon. Over tre millioner mennesker er jaget pa:ttukt. Hvordan kan dette stanses? Der mf1lttedanielle Mitterrand direktf1lr Oeir Lundestad for A: overbrtnge dokumentasjon om den kurdiske politikeren Leyla Zanas arbeide for menneskerettigheter og demokratisk sameksistens mellom kurdere og tyrkere.

Danielle Mitterrand kjenner Leyla Zana personlig. Elle a, ce 4 mal, tnte-c1dq ans. Nous avons pu 1embrasser et ave:: force du role des femmes Parnll eux, Leyla Zana, dont parler durant une heure trente. Son avocat, Paris. Nous insistons, ce n'est surtout N 'J -. Kani Yilmaz est poursuivi par la justice allemande en tant que membre d'une "organisation terroriste". C2Pesse- A?

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P 'AgenceFrancePresse - A. A2:ceFrar:ceP2sse- Ar?.. Mais le vice-premier ministre Hikmet. A-" F -p. F- -p " I:": "-F :w: " P. State Department described the organization as a "PKK parlia! We don't believe in the Turkish govern- ment' s staying for a long term in Iraq. You know our position," the official said "We at the same time support Turkey's continuing interest in fighting PKK terrorists," the official added. Kurdish factions can finally work out some kind of agreement to deal with that problem, to protect the people of northern Iraq, that's in our interest.

State Departmentofficial said that Pri'! Dpent spokesan Nichol! When asked his views egarding the security arrangement i the area, he said: m. And that concern about PKK terrorism is something that we share very deeply with the Turkish government. Seventeen Turkishambassadors based in Europe and in Moscow are expected to arrive in Ankara at the end of this week for two-day talks to assess the "Kurdish activists-europe-turkei' triangle and what Ankara can do about it.

Some diplomatic sources said that -high-level diplomacy to counter the situation could be launchedquickly. This may start with Prime Minister Tansu Ciller attending the fifth annivr-. This meeting with key ambassadors occurs against the background of increasing Kurdish separatist activities in Europe.

The Kurdish, ' '-''''parliament-in-exil'' has been du. In this context, the meeting will serve a two-fold purpose. There ar ifferences of opinion between Foreign MInistry hawks and doves over future policy. A senior diplomat. The concern that nothing will come of the meeting is shared by others, who are unwilling to publicize the meeting, fearing that "any lack of result" would be interpreted as a sign of Turkish weakness. However, a majority ofturkish diplomats feel that it is high time Ankara did something about the blows It has received from allies who have allowed the activities of the Ku.

But if it comes to mean tolerating attempts at Turkish territorial integrity, we will not tolerate it," a diplomat said. On this, there is complete agreement among all diplomats. The inquiry opened by the prosecutor of the State Security Court DGM against Kemal will, however, continue and, while there was no clarification of the matter, it is thought this is because the justice minister has no powers over the State Security Court.

The inquiries on Kemal were opened because of allegations that he had promoted separatism with his remarks to Der Spiegel when responding to questions concerning Kurds in Turkey. Moultay, a deputy from junior coalition partner the Republican People's Party CHP , which is currently locked in a deep debate with senior coalition partner the True Path Party DYP on the issue of freedom of expression, cancelled the permission given by his ministry for the inquiry by the public prosecutor in Istanbul.

As the reason for his decision, Mogultay cited the heavy penalty that will be sought by the Istanbul State Security Court if Kemal is charged under Article 8 of the Anti- Terrorism Law. Mo ,ultay said that the penalty that wlll be sought under Article of the penal code if the public prosecutor decides to charge Kemal IS much lighter than what would be sought by the State Security Court.

Thus this is not a situation where the public interest will be served, Mogultay is said to have indicated when issuing his order to close the file on Kemal. Under these circumstances Kemal will not face the prospect of facing charges of "demeaning the state by means of the press" but still faces the prospect of being charged under the currently much talked of Article 8? In other words, Yaar Kemal still stands a chance of facing trial for allegedly "disseminating propaganda on behalf of terrorism. Sherman, U. Arlen Specter Republican , chairman Committee of the U.

An unclassified copy of the March 10, letter that TDN has obtained says "despite indications that Saddam Hussein is increasinsly concerned about the internal situation m Iraq, he is likely to retain power for another year. One of the perverse strengths of Saddam' s regime is that he has involved many supporters in his numerous crimes against the Iraqi people. These individuals and 'groups fear for their lives and futures if he were to disappear from the scene; they have a strong stake in his survival.

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Specter that "there is no question that Kurdish infighting undercuts international efforts to maintain a safe haven for the Kurds and other ethnic and religious groups in northern Iraq. After noting that "a new regime in Baghdad and the Kurds could reach out to one another in order to reestablish security throughout Iraq," Sherman also remarked that "at the same time, the Kurds have had their differences with every regime in Baghdad since the monarchy was overthrown in Istanbul, 4.

Weiter sollen 61 Soldaten ums Leben gekommen und verletzt worden sein. Diese Vorgabe sei mit der Aktion erreicht worden. Zweifel gezogen. But Mr. Goi': han said later that although some troops were "on the border," essentially the soldiers were all out. The troops were sent into northern Iraq to wipe out about 20 camps used by 2, rebels for hit-and-run attacks in Turkey.

The government pulled out 20, soldiers last week. Golban said that the second big withdrawal occurred Wednes-. He did not elaborate, but military officials have said they planned to build bases on the frontier to block rebels from crossing. Turkeyalso has been negotiating with Iraqi Kurdish leaders to establish authority over the area and prevent Turkish guerrillas from setting up camps.

Turkey has come under intense criticism from its Western allies for the military operation. Golban denied reports that the Kurdish rebels had been redeploying since Turkish troops have begun returning home. The guerrillas are fighting for autonomy in southeastern Turkey. More than 15, people have been killed in the conflict since. He said Organization of Security and Cooperat. Emergency Ru. He said while thepkk argued thatit repre- During his meeting with the OSCE deleg- sented the Kurds, it had in fact killed 5, tion led by Willy WImmer, the deputy presl- people of Kurdishorigin. He bnefed the delegation about the activi- He recalled that the PKK had camps in ties of the ou.

Greece, that it had founded a so-caled "par- Erkan said that since , a total of liament-in-exile" in the Netherlandsand that. There was documented proof that should be applied against Syria for llowing these attacks wre the. Among those charged are. Observers say this gives an. The DEP case has been made the litmus test for democratization. European Parliament,which has announced its intention. This development comes at atime when the Parliamentary. Assembly of the Council 9f Europe has recommended a suspension of Turkey's membership u!

But it appears that neither the conservative deputies of the DYP nor the country's prisoners detained for such crimes are satisfied with this state of affairs. Meanwhile, members of the CHP argue that crimes related to the expression of thought will still most definitely persist after the removal of Article 8. The coalition partners are preparing to promote and focus on the release of two prisoners detained for crimes of expression of thought, Fikret Bkaya and Haluk Gerger, as symbols of the government's success m "providing for expression of thought.

Bakaya started serving his sentence on March 17 last year and will be released on June 14, whereas Gerger was sent to jail on June 27, , so is to be released on Sept. If granted a reprieve, Gerger could be released in June. The problem of preparing a list of those in prison for crimes of expression of thought has been causing a big problem for many years. The list prepared by the Justice Ministry has given names of prisoners who were actually free, while the names of others who were said to be free, have appeared on the list of those in prison, repared by, the Human Rights AssociatIOn IHD.

We prepared a list by bringing together the information contained in the documents prepared by the! This leads us to conclude that there are people detained in prison for crimes of expression of thought, althouh the numbers are continuously changmg, so preparing such a list is difficult. Demirel' s misquoted remark causes storm Furor: President never made claim for the Iraqi province of Mosul or request for redrawing of border TDN with Wire dispatches A..

Providing historical background on the demarcation of the border during the partition of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the First World War, he said the border had been drawn u. The Turkish Foreign Ministry denied reports that Turkey sought a border readjustment. But Iraq, wary ofturkey's direct contacts with Iraqi Kurdish rebels, said on Thursday it would use all means at its disposal to fend off any attempt by Ankara for a re-demarcation of the international borders, Reuters reported. Turkish officials have announced that all but three battalions have been pulled back since then.

The army says the troops killed nearly rebels before the withdrawal. The PKK has been fighting a separatist war in Turkey's southeastern provinces Since and the fighting has claimed over 15, lives so far. Reuters quoted ariother as saying Ankara's aim was to exert pressure on Baghdad to force it to 'come to terms with its own Kurdish minority and accept U. Meanwhile in Tehran,an Iraqi Shiite opposition group also slammed the remark attributed to Demirel, demanding an apology. State Department spokesman Nicholas Burns said Wednesday that.

However, in agreeing to set up Operation Provide Comfort, back in March of , we also made. So we do not support and. Reminded by TDN that Demirel' s remark implid. Sources close to the delegation say that, while in London, the Turkish Kurds were also Iiolding talks with British deputies, intellectuals' groups and nongovernmental organizations NGOs. The sources told the TDN that the visiting delegation informed the British parliainentarians about the establishment of the Kurdish parliainent-in-exile and the Kurdish question in general..

The development has strained relations between Turkey and the Netherlands. The parliament-in-exile includes five former DEP deputies who fled to Europe to. Yllmaz was detained on Oct. The British Labour Party later issud a statement s. Following Yllmaz'S arrest, Kurds living in Britain launched demonstrations against the British government, including hunger strikes, and called for his release..

The German government has also made an official request, asking the British government to hand over YIlmazSO he can answer accusations of responsibility for Kurdish demonstrations in Gennany during the spring of "" The British governmentreceived a similar application from Turkey, which wanted Ylimazreturned to faceferrorism charges.

Turkey's request was not granted.. Y11mazhas made three court appearances since his arrest and Thursday's hearing was his first this year. After a third round of negotiations between the KDP officials, a KDP source told tile TDN that although there had been considerable progress since a meeting last month in Salahuddin, northern Iraq, the details of the projected cooperation had yet to be hamillered out.

KDP negotiators have asked, in return, cash support and Ankara's acquiescence to the rebuildin of odd border villages destroyed by Saddarn Hussein s forces in the past.

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They also calion Ankara to recognize the regional government Iraqi Kurds have set up in the north under Western millt! Ankara has been avoiding any dealings with the- Iraqi Kurds in the past, fearingit would fuel the separatism of its own Kurds and hann its precarious ties with Baghdad.

While the KDP apparently agreed to border ls "not to please Turkey but because of its own responsibility' to make tlie borders safe for neidlbors," PUK looed averse to any armed confrontation with the PKK it might entail. PUK leader Jala! We can't l'revent them from using our area for attacks inside Turkey br.

We have always made that clear," Talabani told AFP. But he urged '1'urkey to cooperate with, our regional government and to recognize It. Global Trade Outlook ," a report issued by the U. Department of Commerce. Turkey was ranked 32nd in the list of importers of U. German Der Spiegel on Turkey's Kurdish problem.

The inquiry opened by the prosecutor of the State Security Court against Kemal will, however, continue and, while there was no clarification on the matter, it is thought that Mogultay took the action because the justice minister has no powers over the DGM. The inquiries against Kemal were opened on allegations that he had promoted separatism with his remarks to Der Spiegel when responding to questions concerning Kurds in Turkey.

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Mogultay, a deputy from the junior coalition partner the Republican Peoples Party CHP , which is currently locked in a deep debate with the senior. Mogultay saidthat the penalty that will besought under Article of the penal code if the public prosecutor decides to charge Kemal is much less than what would be sought by the State Security Court.

But the public prosecutor's penalty would nonetheless be added to a potentially heavy DGM sentence if both inquiries were to continue. Mogultay reportedly indicated that the public interest will not be served under such circumstances and issued his order to halt the inquiry against Kemal. Demir had been covering clashes in Tunceli between Turkish security forces and the PKK for a number of news and TV networks as well as for the Reuters agency. He went missing on Sunday and members of his family are claiming that he was abducted by the PKK.

Local security officials have disclaimed any knowledge of Demir's disappearance and have also said that they have not detained anyone with that name. Pro-Kurdish but independent deputy Mahmut Alinak's parliamentary immunity was also lifted at the demand of the state prosecutor and he was tried with the DEP deputies. Turkish Daily News, May 1 Journalists testify at court- Five journalists out of the 1, people who signed and republished the book "Freedom of Thought" which had been confiscated and outlawed by the state testified at the Istanbul State Security Court on April 28 following their self-accusation and surrender, the Anatolia news agency reported.

The decision takenwas that the 1, people may be presented with a lawsuit for "publishing banned books" according to Article 1B2 of the Turkish Penal Law. The prison terms they might receive vary between two and six years. He had been missing since Oct. Sources told the TON that when the body was found, identification was only possible through an electricity bill bearing Koku's name and address that was found in his pocket.

Reports allege that Koku was taken into custody last October while shopping with his wife in Elbistan by two men in civilian clothing who were driving a white Renault car. They were carrying radios and introduced themselves as undercover police officers and requested that he accompany them to give testimony at the police station.

Koku told his wife to go home and said he would join her later, but never did. April29, Turkish Daily News For that, Turkey is seeking the cooperation of the Iraqi Kurds who have set up their own regional administration in northern Iraq. Turkey has seen the Iraqi Kurds' internal conflict as a chief factor in the PKK's supremacy in the border area, but its efforts to mediate a peaceful settlement between the two sides Massoud have been unsuccessful.

Although PUK does not have a military presence along the border strip, both Turkey and the KDP see its participation in the security cooperation scheme as essential. But Talabani has poured cold water on Turkey's hopes of enthusiastic cooperation by his reported statement that he would not prevent the PKK infiltrations into Turkey by military means, but would try to do it diplomatically. The ability of the PKK militants who had surrendered to the Iraqi Kurds after another incursion by the Turkish Army in to rearm themselves and set up training camps had caused frictions in the relations between Turkey and the PUK leadership.

Following the conclusion of the second round of talks with the KDP delegation in Ankara, a team of PUK envoys is expected to arrive in the second half of May for similar discussions. But the signs are that the negotiations with the KDP team is also far from being a stroll in the rose garden. A Kurdish source described the talks as being ''very frank and open" which, in diplomatic jargon, suggests the exchange of recriminations.

Further distance has been covered since the sides first met in Salahuddin, but the details of the accord still have to be worked out, the source said. Confirming that the scheme involved the patrolling of the border by the KDP peshmerges fighters , he said the Iraqi Kurds were undertaking to do this not because Turkey wanted it, but because it was the Kurds' own task to make their border secure for their neighbors.

The Kurdish side was insistent, on the other hand, on official contacts between Turkey and the regional Kurdish administration - which Ankara has been avoiding so far - and more importantly, Barzani reconstruction of about Iraqi Kurdish villages on the border. The KDP says the resettlement of the villages will provide the necessary logistic support to its peshmerge who would be otherwise exposed and isolated on the hostile mountains. It says the resettlement is also important for the Kurdish economy as the returning villagers will be able to till their land and reduce the burden on the cities where unemployment and crime is rampant because of the economic refugees.

The KDP also requests Turkish cash and assistance for the building of roads and bridges to facilitate access to the villages. He went on trial yesterday in Istanbul on charges of. By Yasar Kemal O Our Kurdish brothers. No one is 'saying, "You are riding towards doomsday, leaving the earth scorched in your wake. Fearing that Kurdish nationalist spirit threatens. Turkish sovereignty over its eastern regions, the Government has resolved to drain the pool to catch afew fish. The world is aware of il Only the people of Turkey have been kept in ignorance; newspapers have apparently been forbidden to write about the drainage.

Or maybe there is no need for censorship: maybe our press, with its sense of patriotism and strong nationalist sentiment, chooses not to write about it, assuming the world will neither hear nor see what is happening. Our Kurdish brothers are at war to win their rights - to save their language and their culture. If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. Propos Sur Lart. Book Descriptions: Propos Sur Lart is nice books to read or download to add to your book collection How it works: 1. Register for FREE 1st month. Download your desired books 3.

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