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I tell myself not to be hurt. This is Dad. I mastered professional crispness long before I graduated from dental school. It was the only way to survive life with my father. High praise indeed. If not for breakfast, then by lunch. Dad is remarkably resourceful. Is there someone with you waiting to speak to me?

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I need a second to compose myself after the call. I use the time to make a list of all the things I need to do.

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Clear my schedule. Book a flight. Get a rental car. Maybe I should drive. Twelve hours driving.

Across the West - Jane Porter

Too long. Get a car.

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  5. In the next exam room I see the mother in the corner first, and then the little boy in the exam chair, blue paper bib around his neck. His eyes are huge. His lower lip is trembling. The boy says nothing. The mother gives me a grim smile. I dry my hands on a paper towel and sit down on my stool and roll towards the child. That means she knows me. Or she knows about Andrew and me.

    The Good Wife by Jane Porter

    Or just knows about Andrew. And how old are you? He just looks at me. I keep smiling at him even though I suddenly want to cry and I never cry at work. I glanced at the chart on the counter even as I was washing my hands. His arm is small. I want to protect him. When you are a child you have no control. Everyone makes all the decisions for you. He shakes his head. And a vest. Brett leaves the office with thick cotton tucked between his cheek and gum and a shy smile for me.

    Andrew had lovely lashes, too. I used to touch them lightly, wonderingly. What did you do to get eyelashes like these? And I want Andrew back.

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    I want him to make fun of the note. And me. I want him to make things better. He knew how to make everything better. Even though I have yet another patient waiting for me, I walk down the hall, out the door into the warm Arizona sunshine, squeezing my hands into fists, digging my nails into the skin to keep from making a sound.

    Ali is a pragmatic, no-nonsense dentist. As a young woman, Edie was a fiercely passionate and idealistic musician. Click over to access all three playlists, and read a lot more about the musical research that went into writing this book. But the Berlin I discovered was altogether different, and new…. It was a city reborn. Old and new. As you can tell, I was profoundly moved by the vibrant culture and the vigorous growth and rebirth of Berlin.

    I felt the city and its history within me and from there, Edie and her love for Berlin was born. Two stories of heartbreak and loss wrap into one, demonstrating the depth of emotion humans are capable of and how extensive the healing the process can sometimes be. Alison McAdams knows she has spent the last year sleepwalking through life. When her father calls to tell her he has broken his wrist, Ali sees it as an opportunity to try to convince him to move.

    While visiting him, Alison gets to know a number of the other residents at his retirement community, including sharp-tongued and still sharp-witted nonagenarian Edie Stephens, who introduces a secondary plot line about the German resistance during WWII, an aspect of the war rarely dramatized in popular fiction. Once there, she gets the opportunity to see her father and many of his peers—men and women who went through World War II and had their own share of tragedy and loss. A heartwarming story about finding love and strength, even in the darkest moments… In the wake of a tragedy that tore her life down to the foundations, Dr.

    Twitter Facebook Tumblr Buffer Pinterest. What if Aurora never touched the spindle of a spinning wheel? If Ariel had kissed Eric before the 3 days were up? Readers give me a what-if prompt, I write a one-shot. Originally posted to ff. After leaving the jungle for a life of a sophisticated woman, Jane wonders if she has made a mistake. Should she return? And will the jungle be as forgiving as she left it? Only humans have daemons. This causes a few unexpected problems for Tarzan, who isn't Good girls have nice little pretty daemons.

    This causes a few entirely expected problems for Jane Porter, whose daemon is as bold, as clever, and as mischievous as her secret heart desires to be.

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    Tarzan of the Apes chapter 20 Lying awake, Jane can't seem to get the thought of the wild man who had saved her out of her head. The nineteen year old knows her new obsession is in no way proper, but longs to feel the strong arms of the man around her again. Tarzan, having watched Jane and her people from afar, has fallen in love with the girl.

    Afraid of frightening her if she misunderstands his intentions- which was very likely since he couldn't speak English- the twenty year old tries to keep a respectful distance, and follow her lead. A series of one shots about all the disney movie, cartoon and all the little moments in between that couldn't be put in a g rated cartoon.

    Available on FF. N but the fun parts will be here. Tarzan and Jane spend an afternoon together with their son, Jack. Set about a year or so after the conclusion of the movie. Mild spoilers.