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All B2B companies carry out their own customer research. Research from an objective third party can often be the welcome input a brand needs.

11 Ways To Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy That Increase Client Retention

Your most loyal customers are a highly powerful tool when it comes to acquisition. Take advantage of this by encouraging them to share on social, speak at events or contribute to content. Every department involved in the retention process has to have a voice, from data teams to post-purchase salespeople and marketing to customer support. Yet even this is still only half the job. Talk to your customers, listen to feedback, but, most importantly, act on it.

Are B2B marketers striking the right balance between customer acquisition and retention? This can be particularly important. Such things as the terms of business, payment terms, promotions, discounts and loans can offer strong inducements for customers to place their business in a particular direction. Anything the organization can provide in these areas of financial support could be crucial in influencing customer choice, particularly during periods of credit shortage and strains on cash flow.

This relates to any particular alliances or partnerships the organizationenjoys with any other organization that might be of interest to customers. Furthermore, these alliances and networks might provide access to those customers that might not be reachable otherwise, thereby creating additional business opportunities. Image, status and the overall value of the brand are important elements that impact on the customer buying decision.

Amazon is a particularly good example of this phenomenon.

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In addition to providing customer ratings of products, they also provide recommendations for additional purchases based on the purchasing profiles of other customers with similar interests. This can sometimes tip the balance in a sale. Customer reach—the range and number of customers an organization is able to engage with—can be vital. Product and service quality is ultimately measured by overall customer satisfaction at various points during the customer experience.

1. Keep It Simple

The provision of warranties and guarantees are another way that organizations can demonstrate their quality and reliability. The ability of customers to share their buying experiences and quality perceptions online makes this factor increasingly important. This can include the provision of consultancy advice on either product selection or product usage and can also include after-sales service. Putting together the total proposition is a very useful exercise and in most cases the number of different aspects identified comes as a pleasant surprise.

It is common for executives in workshop sessions to fill whole sheets of flip-chart paper with different aspects of their total proposition, some forgotten due to over-familiarity and others discovered for the first time.

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Therefore, organizations must identify those aspects that provide competitive advantage, by being unique to the organization, important to customers, and difficult to copy. In other words, an organization needs to find those elements of the total proposition that will differentiate it from the competition and will hopefully lead to customers beating a path to its door.

Competitive advantage is based on being able to do something different from or better than competitors.

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  4. In any aspect of competition, the margins between being first and being nowhere are very small. Similarly, in commercial competition a competitive advantage does not have to be huge, but it does have to be big enough to register in the mind of the customer. Identifying a competitive advantage is important, but identifying whether it creates customer value is equally important. In order to retain customers, it is very crucial to make sure that they are being assisted and supported when required. Make sure that your clients feel really supported and a part of the community.

    7 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing

    Be very responsive to their questions and thank them for their queries. Make sure that you answer all of their questions and strive to provide the best possible solution for the same. Almost all the B2B companies believe in carrying out their own customer research and your business might be the same.

    The qualitative data and quantitative data that you acquire can make you understand the underlying reason and high-level overview of the same. Thorough research from an objective party could be a real help. It can be the biggest welcome input that any brand wants.

    This step can help you understand your customers more smartly while overlaying your own data with the external data coming from third parties with various difficulties. Instead, you can try to promote customer loyalty with initiatives like a bonus or complimentary services with a specific order, discounts for customers who have been involved longer than a certain period of time. It is very rightly said that information is the power these days. It is also true that successful firms know very well how they can use information in the right way.

    When used correctly, information can aid in attracting the right type of customer traffic for your business. Make sure that you update the blogs on your website which show off your products and services that you offer via a well-written blog or article. This content will demonstrate that you are always motivated towards improvising your product quality. In this era of empowered customers, personalization is the key.

    If you think that a one-size-fits well approach to content and strategy is a significant tactic then it is not right. The sales reps must know who they are communicating with and how the buyers progress through their journey. Also, they should be able to identify the persona of the prospects along with their context of pain points. It can help you tailor the purchase process altogether while giving a better experience to the customers. When it comes to sales asset management, you can take the help of an effective sales enablement tool to make this sort of customization scalable.

    Finally, your customers will get a great experience and stick to your business more. The most loyal customers that you have are the most powerful tools which play a major role when it comes to acquisition.

    7 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing by Neil Patel

    You can take their advantage while letting them share your message on various social media platforms. Also, encourage them to speak at different events or contribute to your existing content. If you build a community with the customers whom you already have then you will definitely keep your existing buyers engaged. With that, your potential buyers will be motivated to sit up and take notice of what your business has to offer. Rather, every department that is involved in the retention process must have a voice. Whether it is the data team or the post-purchase salespeople, all of them must work together to entice the customers to stick to your business.

    The B2B companies like your business need various departments that should be dedicated to their existing potential customers. Also, with the post-purchase customer success departments and technical support teams to boot, you can let your business work perfectly for maximum customer retention. To tackle problems readily can be a beneficial approach while prospecting. Also, it is the same when it comes to managing your existing customer accounts and of course, keeping them happy.