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Mae Stewarrt. The Glass Kingdom. Chris Flynn. Trouble Man. David Almond. Laugh Scotland! Allan Morrison. O is Fir Ingin. Mae Stewart. Ordinary Domestic. Carol McKay. My Sister's An Alien. Simon has four Hal Spacejock novels and several short stories in print. Simon divides his time between writing fiction and computer software, with frequent bike rides to blow away the cobwebs.

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In a far future, a fleet of ships hurtles through space on its way to a distant war. Aboard the ships is an army of artificial human soldiers, highly trained and dangerous. Two months before the arrival at the war site, the soldiers start fighting each other and disobeying commands. When they are brought in for tests, Charlotte finds that all seven thousand men share a pathological obsession with her.

Smashwords or My website or OmniLit or Amazon. After seeing a lot of published and unpublished first person stories, I have some thoughts about this. Feel free to comment. How I got this injury, Doc? So I got out. He was massive, man, massive, and I was just standing there, trying to back away, except my butt was already against the passenger side of my car and I had nowhere else to go. And then Josh, idiot that he is, decided to wind down the window, and so I fell with my butt through the fucking window and into his coffee.

Obviously this character needs a good kick up the behind. Do I really want to spend a whole book with this guy? I fear it will get annoying very quickly. I grew up in the country where we never had the opportunity to learn music, so when I first saw a French Horn I thought it looked like a demented trumpet. I was twenty-two at the time, and awkward, shy and very much like a country bumpkin.

But my best friend played in this orchestra and asked me to join. I got lessons. Apart from the French Horn, she also played the piano and was an accomplished artist. She lived in an old house in the Inner West, shared with four other students. This is how I met Dave…. Yeah, yeah, blah, blah already.

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In the first example, because the story is narrated, rather than presented in real time, the author puts a filtering layer between story and reader, namely the opinions and interjections of the first person narrator. Basically, if you end up narrating instead of presenting a story in real time, you tend to over-describe and lose tension. The site will have more information about my fiction, including sneak previews, and will hopefully make it easier to keep track of permanent static information posts. No tabs. No formatting means no italics.

Yes, it even displays your formatting correctly.

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The tendency of InDesign to crash on this action is not something just I experienced, but something I saw reported all over forums as well. Define master pages, define text and paragraph styles. Copy and paste your entire document into InDesign this gets rid of any formatting including italics, so this is where the underscores come in handy.

Use the text reflow function to place the text in one long set of threaded frames. Use the InDesign menu to create a table of contents, using the Heading style or whatever you called it to be included in the TOC.

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This works much as it does in Word. Up to you to decide how many people you want to annoy. Add your cover image at the front on a separate page not linked to the text. As well, add the cover image file name in the EPUB creation process. There are entire forums dedicated to EPUB creation for this seriously dumbwitted piece of software. In theory, a normal EPUB should work. In practice, a file will display beautifully in Calibre and Adobe Digital Editions and a host of other devices and programs, but will refuse to work in Stanza.

Fixes suggest editing the code manually. So yeah, the creation of ebooks has a long way yet to go before it reaches any kind of consensus about standards. Already, she was working on an interesting project, involving the sinking—or maybe not—of the Titanic. The result is her book Time Travel Journals: Shipbuilder. But how about a free book? About the book:.

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Sam Altair is a physicist living in Belfast, Ireland. Are they creating alternate time lines? To collect more data, Sam tries a clandestine experiment in a public park, late at night. But the experiment goes horribly wrong when Casey Wilson, a student at the university, stumbles into his isolation field. Sam tries to rescue her, but instead, he and Casey are transported back to the year Stuck in the past, cut off from everyone and everything they know, Sam and Casey work together to help each other survive.

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  7. Should they warn him, changing the past and creating unknown consequences for the future? Thank you for letting me borrow your blog, Patty. I promise to tidy up before handing it back to you.

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    7. Writing any novel takes a certain amount of knowledge about the strangest subjects. After all, when you invent a world, and characters to populate it, you have to know how that world functions. You have to know what your characters know. If you have a character who is an expert in wine-making for example , you have to learn a bit about wine-making, or your book will suffer greatly.

      TTJ: Shipbuilder is science fiction, but it takes place in Ireland, — Then there was the Titanic herself. What would Stephen Hawking think if I screwed that up? Over the years, millions of words have been written about Titanic and everyone connected with her. I read every one of those books and websites, as well as others. I took notes. I made timelines. I joined forums and asked questions. At times, it felt like I was writing a term paper. But it was always fascinating.

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      In the end, I was mostly concerned with the character of Thomas Andrews. I wanted to explore the idea of what he might do if given a second chance at life, knowing that the ship he was building would hit an iceberg and sink, unless he could prevent it. Such a chance would mean everything to him, and he would never throw it aside. I hope I was able to achieve a balance where the technicalities of shipbuilding form a stable backdrop to the story, without taking center stage. The book covers the years when Titanic was being built, but does not go into detail about the actual building process.

      I had fun researching the role of the Edwardian lady. My character, Casey Wilson, is a typical 21st century girl, brought up by liberal parents in the permissive San Francisco Bay Area. Met yBook lees je elektronische boeken in verschillende Lees de volledige beschrijving. VOOR Ondersteunt veel formaten.

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