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Ritte said it was not only the cries for help from the Hawaiian people that drove them back to the island, but the cries from the land.

  1. The bombing of Kaho'olawe went on for decades. The clean-up will last generations;
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And I felt this tingling coming into my body and … I kind of lost it, I mean, I couldn't remember too much but I knew that island was going to die," he said. Some traveled to Washington D.

Which Hawaiian Island is Used As a Bomb Range?

Meanwhile, Ritte and Richard Sawyer would stay on the island for the longest occupation — 35 days.. Our wives kept telling them they're on the island, they're on the island," Ritte said. We could've been blown up. The Protect Kahoolawe Ohana also sued the Navy; a few years later, the bombing was ordered to stop. And in , Congress voted to end all military use of Kaho'olawe and transfer the island back to the state.

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But that was hardly the end of the story. Emmet Aluli, of the Protect Kahoolawe Ohana.

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Since the transfer, more than 9 million pounds of unexploded ordnance and other remnants have been cleared from the island. And there is much more work to be done. Starting in , hundreds of people traveled to Kahoolawe to begin cleaning the island, using metal detectors to find and detonate or remove unexploded ordnance — bombs, grenades, rocket shells.

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By the time the project officially ended in , crews had cleared or detonated more than 28, unexploded ordnance from the island and along the shoreline. The clean-up project "surface cleared" about 75 percent of the island. About 2, acres were also cleared to a depth of four feet. Despite the dangerous conditions, thousands of volunteers continue to go to the island to help in the healing process. Although it's a job that will take generations to fulfill, hope still remains at the forefront of every step — every stone that's lifted, every seedling planted.

It's about just come, get dirty and do the work because you're healing the island.

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In the next installment of this special series: The Sailor Hat bombing on Kaho'olawe was meant to simulate an atomic bomb. Its sheer destructive force galvanized a generation of activists. The Hawaiian islands is a lei of colorful flowers, strung across the sea. Is this a charming state or what? First, The Big Island is red for the fire goddess Pele who lives there, lava is also red. The bright red flower growing in the tropical forests on Hawaii island is the Lehua.

It is a bottlebrush- blossom.

Official Colors and Flowers of Hawaiian Islands

It shines fiery red on the leaves of the gnarled Ohia Tree. Hawaii is so poetic the names get entwined, the tree and the flower is the Ohia-Lehua tree. If you pick the Lehua flower, you separate her from Ohia and he cries- and his tears come down as rain. If you want it to rain pick the Lehua flower. Next on the lei of islands is Maui, its color is pink. Boldly pink and fragrant is the Maui Rose. Offshore of Maui is the island of Kahoolawe, a lonely little island because no one can go there.

Not a building or beach hut is there, but it is still a respectable little place. It grows on the ground shining orange, all along the beaches.

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  • Number five on this lei string of islands is Friendly Isle, Molokai. All the research turned up was that Molokai is rural, with rolling green fields, that must be it. It is from a golden yellow flower the Ilima. It is the symbol of love. It blooms brightest at the Urban Garden Center. It is the only flower that grows on the island of Oahu. Just kidding, but almost. Then comes Kauai, its color is purple, the color of the flowers on the fragrant Mokihana Tree.

    Berries on the tree have been used for centuries as perfume and air-fresheners. Ancient Hawaii. Yes, Hawaiian ladies used perfume way back when. The forbidden island that no one but Hawaiians can visit.