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Morgan instructed Pearl to channel Dahlia during Maya's visit, at which point Dahlia would then kill Maya. While Godot and Misty would prevent Pearl's channeling, Iris would play the role of backup. During the visit to Hazakura Temple, Wright had accompanied Maya and Pearl in order to investigate Iris's uncanny resemblance to Dahlia after seeing her in the Oh! Although she claimed otherwise, Iris let slip that she already knew who Wright was, but could not bring herself to admit the truth to him. As a result of circumstance, Misty was forced to summon Dahlia so that Pearl could not.

Godot contacted Iris on her cellphone, engaging her help in covering up the crime scene. After Iris helped Godot move Misty's corpse over the Eagle River chasm, she moved the body to Hazakura Temple's courtyard and plunged the Shichishito into it to obfuscate the murder wound. Bikini witnessed this, leading to Iris being arrested for Misty's murder.

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During the investigation , Iris met Miles Edgeworth , who was temporarily acting as her attorney in place of Wright, who was recovering after falling into the Eagle River. Edgeworth recognized that Iris had a secret regarding Wright and encouraged her to tell him the truth; in exchange, he would fight in her defense as best as he could. The next day, Wright took over as Iris's attorney and began his investigation. He found that Maya was locked inside the Inner Temple with a trick lock; Iris was summoned to try to break the lock systematically, with Edgeworth watching over her.

Later, an earthquake struck the area; while Iris had broken the lock, she found Dahlia being channeled by Maya , who switched places with her and locked her in with five trick locks. In court, Dahlia, pretending to be Iris, tried to implicate Maya as the killer, not knowing that Maya was channeling her. Wright eventually figured out that she was Dahlia and that Maya had been channeling her; overcome with fury for her failure to kill Maya, she left Maya's body. The real Iris was eventually declared not guilty after Wright exposed Godot as the killer.

However, she would still be tried for her actions as an accomplice due to her involvement in covering up the murder. At this point, Iris revealed that she was the "Dahlia" that Wright had dated, and that she had begun to develop genuine feelings for him during this time. Upon knowing this, Wright admitted that "Dahlia" was truly the person he thought she was; after Dahlia's execution, Wright had all but lost faith in her, but now realized he had been involved with a good person for those eight months.

Iris tearfully thanked him. Later, Wright, Pearl, and the others visited Iris in the detention center , much to her delight.

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The club also organizes online and offline photography competitions; and a photography exhibition as a part of Audacity - The Cultural Fest of IIM Udaipur. Just like people archives memories in their mind, IRIS archives memories in photographs for the memories to stay with the students and the institute forever and also to pass those moments to the batches to come at IIM Udaipur. It will be true to say that IRIS captures various emotions at the campus in a fraction of a second for the world to see and the world to remember.

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The First Photography Exhibition - 'Khushnuma', as a part of Audacity - The Cultural Fest was organized by the club which saw more than submissions by participants from all over Rajasthan. The best 44 photographs were displayed during the exhibition.

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Two year MBA Program. Summer School for Future Leaders in Development. Creating responsible leaders. IRIS is a consortium of over US universities dedicated to the operation of science facilities for the acquisition, management, and distribution of seismological data. IRIS is a c 3 nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Delaware with its primary headquarters office located in Washington, DC. IRIS is governed according to By-laws. IRIS offers a variety of resources for the seismological community and general public including online interactive materials, regular newsletters, brochures, webinars, past event materials.

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We also offer digital copies of our proposals and reviews for download. This animation shows quick steps to take if you are in a building, outside, in bed, in a classroom or lab, in a wheelchair, in a store, in a high rise, or in a car. Large earthquakes are usually followed by hundreds and even thousands of smaller earthquakes, called aftershocks. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. IRIS ingests, curates, and distributes geoscience data IRIS provides management of, and access to, observed and derived data for the global earth science community.