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Look online for a detailed description of ornaments that are often used. The readings culminate on Christmas with the birth of the new "shoot. Watch a Christmas play. If no live play is available, perform one. Imitate the wise men. To keep Christmas Day focused on Jesus, some families postpone their gift exchange to Epiphany on January 6. By tradition, Epiphany recalls the arrival of the wise men to worship Jesus and so reveal Him to the world as Lord and King. Share Christmas joy.

Ways to Keep CHRIST in Christmas

Together as a family, visit a nursing home, serve meals at a mission or church, or pack and deliver Christmas baskets for food pantries. These are just a few ideas to help you start your own family traditions. Use them to create times when you shut out the hustle and bustle of the holiday and focus on the "holy day" when love came down from heaven as a tiny baby to dwell among us. All rights reserved. International copyright secured.

8 Ways To Keep Christ In Christmas

Used by permission. If you liked this article and would like to go deeper, we have some helpful resources below. Set up a Nativity scene or multiple around your home. Use it as a visual aid when you teach your children about the birth of Jesus Christ. I just heard of a cute idea, where you remove the baby Jesus figurine s from your Nativities until Christmas day, and you move your wise men a good distance from the nativity. Every day, let your children move the wise men closer. The baby Jesus they unwrap is the first gift they will unwrap to help remind them that Jesus is the center of the holiday.

My friend Kristina recently created a list of some great ways to celebrate the Nativity with your children. Be sure to check it out for some more ideas!

10 Purposeful Ways to Make Christ the Center of Your Christmas

This is a fun one to incorporate with the Fisher Price Nativity if you have it. Bring out all your blocks, and tell your children about the birth place of Jesus.

If you have a little nativity, set it up, and then have your children create the town of Bethlehem with blocks. Throughout the month of December, make a special effort to read scriptures pertaining to Jesus Christ. We try and do regular scripture study in our home try being the key word , but that can get a bit long for children. Take some time at the beginning of the month to find individual verses of scripture of Christ that you can read and talk about with your children!

But be sure to include some beautiful religious songs as well. Sing them with your children! Here are a few good ones:. Away in a Manger: Peaceful Christmas Classics. It has songs all about the Savior and His life. Several times at BYU, and also when I was in high school, I went with a group of other people to sing Christmas carols to a local nursing home. There was nothing sweeter than visiting with these people, many of which never had any visitors.

I loved when they would sing along, and thank us with true gratitude for coming. This is a great way to bring Christmas joy to some others; I know that lots of people in nursing homes love especially when children come along, so this is a great activity for the whole family! When I was younger, I remember going to church and being sent home with a little, paper manger, and a small bag of hay.

Throughout the month of December, we were supposed to put a piece of hay in the manger whenever we did something Christ-like.

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The goal was to have it filled up by Christmas. There are all sorts of musical productions going on this time of year; take some time to research ones in your area and go see one.


If you are in Colorado, the Colorado Mormon Chorale has some coming up, and they always do a great job! I know back in Colorado, there was one that we went too, and it was such a neat experience. The one I went to had beautiful musical performances going on the entire time.

Children and adults alike can enjoy looking at these pretty displays depicting the birth of the Savior. Do you know the symbols of Christmas mean? This site does a great job of explaining what they mean, and this looks like a great book that discusses them as well. As you decorate your house for Christmas, you could discuss these symbols.

On 25 ornaments simple, glass or plastic bulbs will do write down the different names of Christ here is a list of them. Each day, have your child hang one of the Christmas tree. This is an awesome set of pre-made ornaments featuring the Biblical names of Christ. As I already mentioned, I love all parts of this season, including the decorations and treats and gifts. However, trying to simplify can help both you and your children focus on having a Christ-centered Christmas.

I think the greatest gift that we can give the Savior, is to talk about Him with others, and spread the message of His life to others. This is something I definitely can be better about. I know everyone has different beliefs, but if you are ever curious about what I believe, feel free to send me an email, or visit Mormon. With that, I wanted to share this video.

On Keeping Christ in Christmas

I feel it shows a beautiful depiction of the birth of the Savior. No matter how you celebrate Christmas, I hope you all will smile a little more, more a little more generous, and spend time with your family! Katie Clark is a Colorado-native, a journalism graduate from Brigham Young University, and most importantly, a mother to the two cutest boys and wife to the most handsome man.

Xmas: Keeping Christ in Christmas (Part 1) - Love

She is a woman of many random talents, which include writing, cooking, sewing, technology, social media, and being a self-proclaimed Google expert. She loves spending time with her family, learning about parenting and pregnancy, and just enjoying life to the fullest. I wanted to make you aware of some free, very high-quality video content my company has produced for the holidays.

I thought you might want to add it to the amazing resource list you already have on your site. It is absolutely free-of-charge, and our site provides the embed code for the videos to make it very easy to share. The site also includes embed code for free instructional videos on how to draw popular Christmas characters The Nativity Scene as well as Elves, Santa, and a Reindeer. You can share the free video content from my site, or you contact me if you have interest in learning more or scheduling an interview!

I would love to hear from you. My name is Debbie Hogan and I really enjoyed your blog about Christmas traditions and games. I have been married to my husband Jim for almost 49 years, have 2 adult sons and 6 wonderful grandchildren. I was a teacher and speaker for MOPS for over 20 years and have a real heart for young moms and their families.