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Alongside these events dedicated to products for the home, we cannot forget to mention specialist exhibitions in other sectors such as technology and services, for example Ipack-Ima, Plast and Pack Mat. Design express its own contents of innovation also throught a wide and complex fair excellences system.

It can be said that overall these exhibitions are important displays of innovation, producers of ideas and behaviours that anticipate the trends of many sector. On a national level, each exhibition complex offers its own specific qualities and features particular events linked to specialist local areas of Made in Italy sectors. Si tengono annualmente in Italia fiere, di queste si svolgono in Lombardia.

Out of a total internationally important events, almost half 78 happen in Milan. There are 74 fair events in the Lombardy region that deal with design-related goods, 59 of which are held in Milan and include 45 international shows. The manufacturing sectors represented fall into the following areas: goods for the person fashion and leisure ; goods for the home and for living; goods and services for industry and goods for the environment and community areas.

The event is not limited to the exhibition though, as it extends to include a range of initiatives involving the entire city. All of the or so showrooms located in the city of Milan and its province are booked up for shows or launches and official figures have it that, during the exhibition, an impressive events were held in one week alone.

Sul territorio regionale i musei presenti sono di cui 31 nella provincia di Milano. Il fenomeno del design entra a suo modo nel sistema consolidato di musei e case museo, di collezioni permanenti e di contenitori storici destinati ad accogliere mostre, esposizioni temporanee, ma anche rappresentazioni del contemporaneo, tra cui i beni e gli oggetti della vita quotidiana e della produzione seriale.

Trova spazio in una serie di storiche collezioni dedicate alle sue origini, che partono dalle tradizioni delle arti decorative e dei saperi artigianali. Sono 52 i musei in tutta la Lombardia vicini al design, dei quali 26 quelli. Le sale espositive sono inoltre affiancate da spazi destinati a servizi permanenti. I pezzi della Collezione sono testimonianza della ricchezza della storia del Design italiano, delle innovazioni e delle sperimentazioni che lo hanno reso celebre e riconoscibile, attraverso le sue creazioni e i suoi grandi maestri.

Costituita e aperta al pubblico nel , la Collezione conta oggi oltre pezzi. This visibility network includes the wide and varied cultural offer of Lombardy which goes from museums to exhibitions and cultural events etc. In the region there are museums, 31 of which in the province of Milan. The design phenomenon is, in its own way, part of the consolidated system of museums and home museums, of permanent collections and historic containers for exhibitions, temporary exhibitions and also representations of contemporary times such as goods and objects of everyday life and those produced in series.

Design can be found in a series of historic collections dedicated to its origins which started with the decorative art traditions and craftsman skills. It celebrates its epic phase in the multitude of company museums and archives, and in the museums of the material culture of the territory which strengthen the production fabric of Lombardy; every day great care is paid to making and producing, to innovating and competing but also to the search and staging of the historic memory of the social and cultural values of work and entrepreneurship. The phenomenon of company museums and archives, district museums, territorial museums and archives is rather recent and includes 42 museum structures in the region, connected to the activities of some of the most important companies: Alfa Romeo, Campari, Pirelli, Armi Beretta, Zucchi etc.

In Lombardy there are 52 museums dedicated to design, 26 of which are company museums and. Nine of these, apart from housing a permanent collection, also have exhibition spaces used for temporary exhibitions and shows. In addition there are 40 spaces for temporary exhibitions mainly located in Milan and the surrounding metropolitan area, which come to life with exhibitions and cultural events.

The diffusion of museums and the increase in exhibitions related to the design and production culture contribute to the cultural recognition of design and confirm the values of creativity and innovation of the territory of Milan and Lombardy. The Triennale of Milan is a museum home to the tradition of design and is the tireless producer of events, exhibitions and initiatives for the promotion of the newest forms of design culture.

The total surface area is of 12, sq. Alongside the exhibition rooms there are spaces dedicated to permanent services. In the Design Library was opened to the public, a new library which is also an historical archive and a documentation centre. The pieces part of the Collection are evidence of the heterogeneity of the history of Italian Design, innovations and experimentations that have made it famous and recognisable thanks to its creations and great masters. Today the Collection, set up and opened to the public in , includes more than pieces. At present the Collection is kept in the archives of the Triennale, waiting for the opening of the Design Museum.

The Design Museum is the great and much awaited project which will shortly be completed in Milan. Add to them the 12 territorial economics museums and a total of 52 design-related museums is reached. Essa vanta a Milano una tradizione secolare. Nel nascevano Casabella e Domus, nel solco di quella cultura architettonica che costituisce la matrice originaria del design italiano, riviste che ancora oggi rappresentano solidi punti di riferimento per il sistema del design non solo nazionale ma internazionale. Sono 51, invece, i periodici orientati su aspetti specifici, come ad esempio le materie plastiche, le tecnologie, il legno, i serramenti o altri settori merceologici.

Con la diffusione di tali inserti e supplementi dedicati al design si stabilisce uno stretto rapporto di contaminazione culturale tra moda, design, stili di vita. One of the most significant phenomena which characterises the Milanese and Lombard design system concerns publishing.

Milan can be considered to all effects a district both in terms of capacity to attract and provide energy, competencies, interest in this important sector of activity, and of capacity to favour technical innovation and the continuous generation of new initiatives. Its supremacy dates back to the beginning of the 19th century when a composite universe of actors, writers and journalists, printers, typographers, booksellers, almanac sellers, editors rapidly transformed the capital into a real publishing industry. Today, this industry is represented by large publishing groups with an international reputation and a network of small and medium sized companies which cover specialist and sectoral market niches.

The importance of the publishing world of design is well known to everyone. Ebooks and Manuals

It represents the basic structure which guarantees a continuous exchange of ideas and experiences, and provides the documentation and processing of forms of experimentation and widespread innovation which are continuously produced in production and design areas.

Publishing in Milan is a centuries-old tradition. In Casabella and Domus were published in the footsteps of the architectural culture which represents the original matrix of Italian design. These magazines are still today a point of reference for both the national and international design system. This initial Milanese nucleus has been reinforced over the years by many other pubblications, focused on the technology of architecture, for example, or the materials of design, which have more or less occasionally also covered the field of industrial design.

Not to mention the magazines which, like Lineagrafica, represent the entry of the design of communications into the design family. Special mention should be made of the interior decorating magazines, which after a true boom in the eighties have continued to develop, each in its own way, with information on design for the home.

Casa Vogue, Interni, Abitare are the leaders in a wide range of publications that favor the success of Made in Italy in the furnishings sector. Publications of design include books, magazines, journals, dossiers, on-line publications on matters strictly related to the design world: internationally famous magazines, but also sectoral publications widely read by economic and commercial operators, specialised publications, volumes dedicated to designers and design culture, and editions related to design schools that operate in the city.

Today, the publishing world of design — architecture, industrial design and graphics- occupies a relevant position in relation to the cultural and production system. Design publishing is concentrated in a limited number of specialised editors: 18 out of the 44 publishing houses included in the survey publish at present more than three titles concerning design and consequently 91 magazines out of the presently published belong to the same 18 publishing houses.

There are magazines that deal with design, dedicated to interior design, graphics and multimedia, product, exhibit design, fashion and accessories. There are 51 journals that focus on specific aspects such as plastic materials, technologies, wood, doors and windows and other product sectors. An interesting and quite recent phenomenon concerns the interest of major national newspapers towards. The propagation of said pull-outs and supplements dedicated to design generates a cultural contamination between fashion, design and lifestyles. However, if on the one hand the design publishing world includes magazines that explore the cultural aspects of the design phenomenon, on the other hand it also includes those publications that underline the connection between design, the product universe and the production system.

This second case is mainly represented by sectoral publications, in particular as regards sectors which have been historically and recently involved in the integration of design into the competitive dynamics of a company part of the sector: lighting, office, packaging etc. Over the years, the publishing world in Milan has grown into a complex system capable of establishing relations with the other actors of the design system: from those who supply support services printers, distribution agencies etc.

Si pubblicano a Milano riviste; talune si occupano in modo specialistico di design, altre sono riviste di settore con una forte vicinanza ai temi del design. Negli ultimi anni alle riviste tradizionali si sono affiancate molte pubblicazioni on-line tra cui una serie di portali web che forniscono informazioni in tempo reale sul mondo del design. Together, Milan and the Lombardy region boasts a major national and international publishing industry, with over 80 firms involved in book, periodical and web publishing.

In recent years, in addition to traditional magazines, the industry has seen the introduction of a host of on-line publications, including a series of web portals that provide realtime information on the world of design. Italiana Progettisti in Architettura d'interni via G. Borgazzi 4 Milano MI www. Michele del Carso 22 Paderno Dug. Accettola C. CR miguelangel libero.

Architetti G.

Chirurgie Silhouette

Cappelletti e E. Pozzoli piazza Castello 3 Carimate CO udacanturio udacanturio. Arnold Worldwide Italy via S. Marco 4 Milano MI aulenti tin. Luini 12 Milano MI sergio. Rossini 3 Milano MI www. Barilani Giorgio - U. Cantieri Riva viale Michelangelo 39 Desenzano d. Garda BS gbarilani yahoo. DI member. Galeazzo 3 Milano MI bianca biancadecarli. Bellomo - Crosina Studio Arch. Benincasa A. Donodoni 4 Milano MI a. Fioravanti 5 Milano MI. Berselli Cassina Ass. Felice MI www.

Clisi BS ibidesign libero. Matteotti 11 Cornate d'Adda MI design brambillaclaudio. Bonghi 22 Milano MI cosedicasa casaeditriceuniverso. Brandi U. Giovanni MI afra. Quarta 13 Alfianello BS archfornarini libero. Giovanni MI carlo. Giovanni MI mb. Re MI www. Caleidos Immagine E Com. Caruzzo Rancati Architetti Ass. Reginaldo Giuliani 47 Lissone MI www. Giuliano M. Morgagni 40 Milano MI. Oscar E. Crispi 2 Varedo MI www. Fanti 10 Palazzolo Milanese MI cerruti. Immagine via Pelabrocco 4 Bergamo BG centazzo lineac. Sella 50 Triuggio MI cicardi tiscalinet.

Chiariello C. Colzani Tarcisio via Btg. Morbegno 7 Giussano MI tarcisiocolzani tiscalinet. Siciliani 35 Busto Arsizio VA colombo. Maggi 2 Milano MI. Cortese Massimo via S. Garibaldi 1 Monza MI www. Convertino P. Correnti 14 Milano MI www. Copyright via Bertani 16 Milano MI info agenziacopyright.

Gallina 10 Milano MI www. Francesco d'Assisi 15 Milano MI www. Demolli Luca via S. Michele del Carso 15 Milano MI lucademolli tiscalinet. Design Group Italia Angelini E. Di Robilant M. Dolci Advertising via F. Donagemma Alexander via F.


Bandello 5 Milano MI degarch iol. Camilla Masciadri Arc. Molinetto BS eurotec eurotecsnc. Ferrarini Mario via Stoppa 16 S. Fermo d. Expansion via Massena 3 Milano MI www. Repellini G. Gavazzi A. Siemek G. Farinatti Massimo v. Fm - Ferrari Melideo via C. Pisacane 1 Milano MI www. DI member Fortarezza A. Da Procida 6 Milano MI antonio fortarezza. Giannone 3. Marconi 1 Bedizzole BS info laurafranchi.

And Ass. Consultants via Filarete 1 Milano MI www. Frediani Elena via F. Cherubini 6 Milano MI gael tiscali. Galante - Menichini Architetti via G. Da Cermenate 32 Milano MI studiogalante tiscalinet. Antonio 59 Varese VA teo. Giovanni MI daniela. Garuglieri Andrea via Eritrea 7 Fraz. Ravellino Colle Brianza LC andrea. Da Settignano 9 Milano MI studiogecchelin tin. Giombini L. Kind via Vigevano 33 Milano MI www. Gmb via Turati 40 Milano MI gmbuc interfree.

Giovanni MI simona. Gradella Roberto via Liguria 4 Peschiera B. MI www. Nievo10 Milano MI reso fastwebnet. Bandello 20 Milano MI www. Giovanni MI www. Morgagni 1 Milano MI info healthadv. Dedini via Mazzini 10 Milano MI infoidi ateneo-idi. Interservice Mark. Id Vision di Progetto Cmr G. Giacobone corso Italia 68 Milano MI www. Ikonos via A. Pellizzone 13 Milano MI info ikonos-cp. Govone 40 Milano MI www. Milano Ind. Romani E M. Saccani Arch. Mattina D. Media Sport E Arts gall. Mastellaro B. Migliore E Servetto Architetti Ass. Da Giussano 16 Milano MI www.

Malpighi 4 Milano MI www. Momodesign via G. Meda 45 Milano MI www. Accademia di Com. Jorge E. Giovanni MI eduardonavaro2 yahoo. Porta 9 Lecco LC annanegrini tin. Garda BS. Opera Work In Progress vicolo Pozzo ang. Paggi B. DI member Parisio A. Passerini L. Peach Adrian Design piazza M. Proinvest piazza Repubblica 9 Milano MI www. Publitema via Garibaldi Desio MI www.

Mattei 28 Cornaredo MI nonnorossonero aliceposta. Publibest via Crocefisso 5 Milano MI sedemi publibest. Regia via Falloppio 11 Milano MI regia. Satis Vacuum Ind. Carmellini e R. Magnoli via Monti 25 Milano MI www. Spot Relazioni Pubbliche e Com. Pagani A. Perversi via Crespi 15 Milano MI www. Panto via Adige 6 Milano MI www. Design piazza Brusato 5 Brescia BS www. S via Aliprandi 68 Lissone MI www. Design piazza S. Origoni e A. Steiner Arch. Suzuki Hideki Co. Studio M2p M. Paloschi M.

Tartufoli via Petrarca 18 Milano MI www. Plg viale Vigliani 13 Milano MI stplg tin. Ten - Creative Direct Marketing via priv. De Grassi 17 Milano MI ten. Target di Riccarda Pasotti via delle Scuole 7 Casteln. Tommi Sassi Dini Architettura Ass. Ti via Scaldasole 2 Milano MI www. Co BG www. Giuliani 47 Lissone MI emanuela. Eustachi 27 Milano MI francescavolterra aliceposta.

Naviglio MI www. Zambelli G. Zanuso Marco Jr. Assobeton via Zanella 36 Milano MI www. Assomet via dei Missaglia 97 Milano MI www. Fimi galleria del Corso 4 Milano MI www. Ucimu viale Fulvio Testi Cinisello B. Se MI www. Mantegna 3 Pioltello MI www. Pietro BG www. Pietro Radici 19 Cazzano S. Andrea BG www. Tris Trapuntati di Suardi via P. Radici 2 Leffe BG www. Macario di Samarate VA www. Bevera Sirtori LC www. Zambaiti Copertificio via Cav. Radici 22 Cazzano S. Bianchi via Salomone 41 Milano MI www. Mazzolari 17 - Z. Castaldi 29 Milano MI www. Wagner Seregno MI www. Beretta 12 Giussano MI www.

Cadorna 11 Carugo CO www. Biagio MN www. Novedratese 10 Novedrate CO www. Morone via Soresina 7 Milano MI www. Borghi 27 Comerio VA www. Lombardia Saronno VA www. Bocchi via Torino 10 Liscate MI www. Bellotti via S. Francesco 1 Cermenate CO www. Andrea 20 Lurago d'Erba CO www. Falcone Fumagalli Brugherio MI www.

Sanzio 9 Villasanta MI www. Cesana via Dalmazia 3 Vimercate MI www. Cassina via Busnelli 1 Meda MI www. Filiberto 8 Lecco LC www. Chateau d'Ax via Naz. Citterio via Don G. Ge Fin. Mo via Cavezzo 26 Castegnato BS www. Monti 36 Carugo CO www. Compositi Stampati via G. Pastore 9 Cazzago S. Martino BS www. Dada strada provinciale 31 Mesero MI www.

Flos via Faini 2 Bovezzo BS www. Fivep via della Tecnica 19 Osnago LC www. Futura via Piave 24 Meda MI www. Galli via delle Dalie 9 Cogliate MI www. Nizzoli 1 Milano MI www. BS www. I 4 Mariani via S. Ferrari 27 Saronno VA www. Giacomo MI www. Briantea 2 Alzate Brianza CO www. Corino 30 Lissone MI www. Stefano Ticino MI www.

Mapei via Cafiero 22 Milano MI www. Luxit via delle More 1 Presezzo BG www. Marchi S. Marzorati Ronchetti via G. Mattei 6 Torbole Casaglia BS www. Michielotto S. Mobileffe via A. Ozanam 4 Cesano Maderno MI www. Nardi Elettrodomestici via Como 76 Palazzolo M. Morandi 21 Saronno VA www. Mussi via S. Ambrogio 42 Besana B. Meroni 87 Figino Serenza CO www. Pilastrello Carugo CO www. Oluce via Cavour 52 S. Paola C. Prenatal Centro Colleoni Pal. Pegaso 1 Agrate Brianza MI www.

Poliform via Montesanto 28 Inverigo CO www. Poltromec via L. Einaudi 71 Meda MI www. Mobili via F. Rimadesio via Tagliabue 91 Desio MI www. Sabiana via Piave 53 Corbetta MI www. Scaltrini Attilio via Gen. San Lorenzo via L. Segno piazza dello Sport 9 Parabiago MI www. Robex By Biesse via A.

Robots via Galvani 7 Binasco MI www. Sabaf via dei Carpini 1 Ospitaletto BS www. Gervasio Bresciano BS www. Tiemme www. Tecno via Milano 12 Varedo MI www. Tecnoinox via Macchiavelli 16 Barlassina MI www. Fusital via Concordia 16 Renate MI www. Mazzini 3 Varedo MI www. Toti 13 Varedo MI www. Pirelli 26 Milano MI www. Bovio 3 Segrate MI www. Cassiopea - ingr. Annettoni corso E. Filiberto 27 Lecco LC www. Gruppo Spa Divisione Cinelli via G. Italia circonv. Idroscalo Segrate MI www. Avegno 1 Varese VA www. Donato Milanese MI www. Mitsubishi Electric Europe Bv centro dir.

Colleoni Pal. Perseo 2 Agrate Brianza MI www. Moto Guzzi via E. Parodi 57 Mandello del Lario LC www. Nautivela via Gardone 8 Milano MI www. Terzi di S. Agata 2 Brembate Sopra BG www. Angelo Lodigiano LO www. Milanofiori Assago MI www. Upim Gruppo Rinascente strada 8 pal. N Milanofiori Rozzano MI www. Raffaele" via Olgettina 58 Milano MI www. Machina Lonati Fashion and Design Inst. Consorzio Form. Donato Mil. It via Paracelso 6 Milano MI www. Meroni via Alfieri 14 Lissone MI www.

Centro ric. Alenia Spazio s. Padana Sup. Microsystems viale Oldofredi 41 Milano MI www. Tessile Cotoniero e Abb. Volta via Cantoni 1 Como CO www. Bottega di Leonardo viale Fulvio Testi Consorzio Comocrea viale Roosevelt 15 Como www. Milanofiori I strada Pal. F3 Assago www. Gestione Fiere via Canova 19 Milano www. Milano www. Tex viale Sarca Milano www. Ipack-Ima Corso Sempione 4 Milano www. Gestione Fiere www. Euroluce Milano MI Cosmit www. Salone internazionale del mobile Milano MI Cosmit www. Publifiere www. Tex www. Lorenzi via Montenapoleone 18 Milano MI www.

Trompia BS www. Bartolomeo BG www. Edinterni www. Archivolto Edizioni www. Edizioni Lybra Immagine www. Editrice www. L'editoriale Quasar Divisione Jce www. Superprint Editoriale www. AL - Alluminio e Leghe Edimet www. Casa 99 Idee Di Baio Editore www. IT style Reed Businnes Information www. Graphicus Ageditore Alberto Greco Editore www. Hoteldomani Tecniche Nuove www. Italian Lighting Staff Editoriale www. Il bagno oggi e domani Reed Businnes Information www. Lotus International Editoriale Lotus www. AB Magazine www. Archimagazine www. Terrazzi e Balconi Di Baio Editore www.

Dossier Componenti www. A questo fine Invest in Milan offre un supporto completo per i processi di insediamento di investitori stranieri e fornisce informazioni in ambito econimico, fiscale, giuridico-amministrativo, politico e socio-culturale. Milano Metropoli Agenzia di Sviluppo is a no profit company, whose main shareholders are public local institutions such as the Province of Milan and the Chamber of Commerce of Milan.

Its aim is to promote the development of the Milan urban region, to spread knowledge of the territory and its strenghts, focusing on strategic sectors and projects. The Milan Chamber of Commerce is an independent public body that supports and promotes the general interests of Milanese companies.

It participates in the economical development of the Milanese area, stimulating the local entrepreneurial competitiveness and its internationalization. Invest in Milan is a tool developed by the Investment Promotion Department of the Milan Chamber of Commerce that offers a complete support for the settlement process of foreign investors.

It provides basic knowledge to make the best business choice through economic, tax-related, juridical and administrative, political, social, cultural and environmental updated information. Moreover, tailor made services and assistance in the post setup phase are available. Regione Lombardia via Fabio Filzi 22 Milano www. Li cito nella convinzione ferrea che le grandi aziende sono fatte di grandi singoli individui.

La storia del design italiano, sorto e glorificato dalla lungimiranza di imprenditori-mecenati illuminati, da Olivetti ad Alessi per citarne solo due di numerosissimi altri, ce lo ha dimostrato e continua a farlo. Si diceva, un evento dei tempi, un evento ineluttabile. Al fine di dare una risposta esaustiva penso sia opportuno riflettere sul valore stesso del design di oggi. Con logiche molto prossime a quelle della moda o della consumer electronics, spesso lontane dalle dinamiche.

Un esempio viene dal settore della luce. Italian Design in an american Multinational: the 3M case In July , an American multinational corporation, world leader and focal point for over a century in the culture of innovation, had a hunch that led to a decision. That month, in the summer of , the Minnesota Mining Manufacturing, from St Paul, USA known throughout the world as 3M decided to create their own centre of excellence for design in Milan, a strategically-based local hub at the service of a global market. Perhaps it was purely a matter of Zeitgeist, an inevitable event in this historical and economical era; it would certainly have been unrealizable in the same form, nature and location only a decade earlier.

Or perhaps it was a question of a lucky meeting of visionary minds, a combination of the enlightened dreams and convictions of geographically remote but like-minded people. Most likely, it was the conjunction of all these variables that transformed a meaningful vision, dreamt up and thought out with passion, into the reality of a concrete project.

I have mentioned these two because of my firm conviction that great companies are made of great individuals. In the Italian design world, which owes its origins and glory to glory to the farsightedness of enlightened businessmen-patrons Olivetti and Alessi, to name but two from an endless list , history has born this out and the present continues to confirm it.

So it is just Zeitgeist then, or an inevitable event? Why did a company already at the cutting edge of its sector, with an already highly-diversified structure and impressive design and research facilities — and I stress, not just an American company, but one from the Midwest - feel the need to target design first of all, and secondly, to lay a bet on Italian design, in the city most symbolic of design in general and Italian design in particular, namely Milan?

Why now and not twenty years ago, when 3M actually had a branch of its own in the Italy? To give these questions the full answer they deserve, I think a look is. Design could represent the perfect solution. By its very nature, it moves in two different, parallel dimensions: in the long term focusing on radical innovation and in the short-term on product development aims.

The first, which should go arm in arm with Research and Development, is unavoidable in general and even more so for a business like 3M, upon whose growth and identity this hinges. The second dimension is the one more concerned by the phenomena of the new scenario, which long-term research cannot respond to efficiently. When asked what design means to 3M, I answer that it is not simply the form of a product, in the 3M vision, design is a new way of seeing innovation and loving the consumer. At 3M, design in these terms comes to life in a specific business area, which the company has christened Consumer and Office.

By definition, our business is the one that gets the closest to the end user, and as such has to love its consumers even more than the rest to keep them faithful. Following a logic not unlike that of the fashion or consumer electronics sectors, but often very remote from the dynamics typical of an industrial enterprise like 3M due to its very genetic make-up, design planning can work on style, usability or technological transfer. One example comes from the lighting sector.

It is extremely efficient and boasts a range of particularly positive side-effects, from the reduction of shadow effects to the possibility — when combined with suitable light sources - of working on frequencies similar those of natural light. Through this approach, research teams have succeeding in visualizing, for instance, how OLF film can be put to use first as a motorway visibility and safety tool by considering the driver - road interaction and then as a element of urban furniture, if interpreted the right way. As such it touches on what a coincidence! Or it could be turned into a high-output and efficiency ceiling light fixture guaranteeing high standards of visual comfort, for use in office work areas, dental surgeries or lifts.

It can also be made into a source of cold light; cold not just or solely in terms of the brightness temperature but also since the product illuminated and the surrounding area is not heated up by the light, which means great potential for cosmetics display purpose or in processing highly perishable foods. For 3M, design is strategic because it represents a language of differentiation in a market of increasingly standardised goods. How can you build a better future? Day after day. In Italy thanks to paper, cardboard and board collection people help the town environment where they live and Comieco National Consortium for recovering and recycling packing made of cellulose to recover resources.

And while the town handles the collection, Comieco guarantees that paper and cardboard that people have separated become paper and cardboard again and again. That means: less waste, greater saving and a cleaner environment. Or simply: a better place for living in. Ci scusiamo con tutti coloro che non sono stati inseriti in questa directory. Vi preghiamo di segnalare eventuali richieste di aggiunte o correzioni di dati a: info designfocus. Anyone wishing to add an entry or correct existing information can contact us at the following address: info designfocus.

It is also a way of popularising in Italy and abroad the value and characteristics of this driving sector of the Milanese metropolitan production system which is characterised by its ability to broaden its horizons, study, design, produce and innovate without interruption; following in the wake a centuries-old history where Leonardo da Vinci stands like a giant, Florentine by birth and Milanese by adoption, symbol of the close inter-relation between art and technology, between thinking and knowing how to do.

Bruno Ermolli Presidente Promos — Azienda Speciale della Camera di Commercio di Milano Design has a fundamental role in the Italian production system and contributes significantly to support it on international markets. Davide Rampello Presidente Triennale di Milano The Milan Triennale was born out of town, in Monza to be precise, and since it has been serving the city as a fundamental hinge between production, research and display.

What are visitors looking for when they come to Milan? Il tempo sospeso. Stefano Cecconi Chiudere gli Ospedali Psichiatrici Giudiziari, per aprire spazi ai diritti e alla cittadinanza www. Manuale didattico - Operativo www. Dietro ad un comportamento caratterizzato da atti persecutori, per utilizzare il termine giuridico, si celano cause e fini molto diversi tra loro che vanno dal seguire un impulso irrefrenabile, all'adottare un comportamento strumentale, come avviene ad esempio nelle false accuse.

Tali false accuse possono essere effettuate per rivalsa, per ottenere un qualche beneficio o talora per vera mana persecutoria Human Rights Watch Callous and Cruel. This new role for them reflects, to a great extent, the limited availability of communitybased outpatient and residential mental health programs and resources, and the lack of alternatives to incarceration for men and women with mental disabilities who have engaged in minor offenses What is less well known is that persons with mental disabilities who are behind bars are at heightened risk of physical mistreatment by staff.

Alan R. That the dramatic reduction in the hospitalization of seriously mentally ill individuals has been a factor in the progressive and substantial increase in the numbers of incarcerated individuals in the United States is well known. Less well publicized is the failure of state governments to keep up with the increasing need for hospitalization within correctional systems and in some cases the withdrawal of hospital services for mentally disordered inmates in need of this level of care.

Textbooks on correctional psychiatry do not address the nature and purposes of security hospitals. Neither have courts addressed whether the community practice of administering enforced medication in a mental hospital or ward should apply as well for incarcerated persons in need of this level of treatment Zheng Chang, Paul Lichtenstein, Henrik Larsson, Seena Fazel Substance use disorders, psychiatric disorders, and mortality after release from prison: a nationwide longitudinal cohort study www.

Mental health courts, in which mentally ill offenders are linked with treatment, are a good option, and there should be a push for other counties to consider the benefits of these specialty courts. Interest in psychosocial interventions to facilitate recovery and reduce long-term disability in patients with firstepisode psychosis FEP has been growing. The results of multi-element interventions, including early detection strategies; individual, group, and family therapy; case management; and pharmacological treatment, are promising, with symptom reduction, improved quality of life, increased social and cognitive functioning, lower inpatient admission rates, less in-hospital time, improved insight, greater treatment satisfaction, decreased substance abuse, and fewer self-harm episodes Risk factors refer to a condition or characteristic of the person or their environment that research has demonstrated is predictive of future violence i.

A handful of mental health courts were launched in the late s, a few dozen by , and by approximately were operating in more than 40 states, involving tens of thousands of defendants. John H. While mental health courts are not the only answer, they are an important part of the answer. That figure is more than 10 times the number of mentally ill patients in state psychiatric hospitals in the same year—about 35, people.

Michele Passione, Opg, le tante resistenze alla chiusura , il Manifesto, Dopo la chiusura degli Opg. Andrea Fiorello Halden, un'altra idea del carcere , www. The goal of the Norwegian penal system is to get inmates out of it , www. Le diagnosi di disturbi psichici sono state 9. Giulia Alberti Chiudono gli ospedali psichiatrici giudiziari? Saverio Migliori 31 marzo chiudono gli Ospedali psichiatrici giudiziari. Psychiatry Throughout the world, high prevalence rates of mental disorders have been found in prison populations, especially in females.

It has been suggested that these populations do not access psychiatric treatment. The aim of this study was to establish rates of psychiatric in- and outpatient treatments prior to imprisonment in female prisoners and to explore reasons for discontinuation of such treatments. The goal of the Norwegian penal system is to get inmates out of it. New York Times, March 26, Toshi A Furukawa The relationship between depression and violent crime www.

Adrian P. Mundt, Winnie S. JAMA Psychiatry, 72 2 , Since , the numbers of psychiatric beds have substantially decreased in South America, while the sizes of the prison populations have increased against a background of strong economic growth. The changes appear to be associated because the numbers of beds decreased more extensively when and where the sizes of prison populations increased. More research is needed to understand the drivers of the capacities of psychiatric hospitals and prisons and to explore reasons for their association. Riv Psichiatr ; 50 5 : Terry A.

The fact of the matter is that our mental health system has failed as the federal government continues to deny and ignore the promises made to improve the system by taking responsibility from the states. The result is that recidivism rates among the mentally ill is soaring. Stefano Rossi La salute mentale attraverso lo spettro dei diritti umani www. CQ Researcher. In-depth reports on today's issues Prisoners and Mental Illness. Are too many with psychiatric problems behind bars? Thousands of people with schizophrenia, severe depression, delusional disorders or other mental problems are locked up, often in solitary confinement.

While some committed violent crimes and remain a threat to themselves or other inmates and prison staff, many are incarcerated for minor offenses, simply because there is no place to send them for treatment. The number of mentally ill inmates has mushroomed in recent years as states have closed their psychiatric hospitals in favor of outpatient community mental health centers that typically are underfunded and overcrowded. In an attempt to reduce the influx of mentally ill inmates, some specialized mental health courts have diverted them into court-monitored treatment instead of jail.

As part of a human rights quality improvement committee, and utilizing the unique advantage of a fully integrated electronic health record system, we undertook an assessment of dual loyalty in the New York City jail system. The evaluation revealed significant concerns about the extent to which the mental health service is involved in assessments that are part of the punishment process of the security apparatus. As a result, dual loyalty training was developed and delivered to all types of health staff in the jail system via anonymous survey.

Thomas R. Blair, Keramet A. Julia Stasch US jails are warehouses of sick, poor and low-risk people www. Research shows that serious mental illness affects an estimated Nancy Wolff, M. Surveys of trauma exposure among incarcerated men have found rates of trauma exposure ranging from Moreover, incarcerated men, compared with men residing in the community, are more likely to report experiencing physical and sexual assaultive violence.

Jails across the country have become vast warehouses made up primarily of people too poor to post bail or too ill with mental health or drug problems to adequately care for themselves, according to a report issued Wednesday. Corte Costituzionale, Sentenza n. Paolo Giordano. Gli ultimi internati della nostra storia. Le incognite sul futuro. Roger H. Peters, Harry K. Wexler, Arthur J. Similarly, rates of serious mental illnesses i. Christy K. Scott, Michael L. Dennis, Arthur J. Comorbidity refers to disorders or classes of disorders that cooccur and often share risk factors, causes, and consequences.

People with comorbidity are significantly more likely than people with only an SUD or an OPD to ignore medication orders; commit violent acts; endure recurring episodes of either type of disorder; and suffer from numerous adverse medical, legal, and social sequelae. Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri. Conferenza Unificata Accordo concernente disposizioni per il definitivo superamento degli Ospedali Psichiatrici Giudiziari 24 febbraio Randeep Ramesh Hospital psychiatric detainees more at risk of preventable death.

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Deaths of more than mentally ill detainees in England and Wales could have been avoided, says Equality and Human Rights Commission report www. Sam P. Rich Lord Pennsylvania prison system develops separate housing for mentally ill inmates Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 6, Inmates with serious mental illnesses will no longer be locked in cells all day, under new policies outlined Monday by state prison officials. Department of Justice and by advocates for the disabled. The percentage who used benzodiazepines increased with age from 2.

Benzodiazepine use was nearly twice as prevalent in women as men. The proportion of benzodiazepine use that was long term increased with age from In all age groups, roughly one-quarter of individuals receiving benzodiazepine involved long-acting benzodiazepine use. Other estimates appear to use a substantially more expansive definition of mental illness. The reported prevalence of mental health problems amongst the imprisoned also seems to vary by race and gender Fovet, M.

Bertrand, A. Despite acts of violence, many of the individuals in forensic mental health settings are also among the most vulnerable individuals in society. For many, the road to recovery starts with feeling safe. This often begins with feeling in control of oneself, having relationships that are characterised by hope, trust and compassion and by having safe living conditions.

Raffaele Bianchetti. Sorveglianza di Messina, 16 luglio ord. Sulla chiusura degli Opg. Il Garantista, 14 novembre Aspetti normativi e sociologici www. Sara Magrin Il superamento degli Ospedali Psichiatrici Giudiziari: presa in carico delle persone con problemi di salute mentale autrici di reato e ascolto dei professionisti del territorio. Aspetti storici, giuridici e sociologici. Klara Latalova, Dana Kamaradova, Jan Prasko Violent victimization of adult patients with severe mental illness: a systematic review Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, 10, Relationship between victimization and violent behavior by patients with severe mental illness has been clearly confirmed.

It is not clear whether past victimization predicts future violence, or past violence predicts future victimization, or both. The aim of this project is to identify the presence of high levels of alexithymia in young students; which is a risk factor for psychopathology. The results obtained have allowed us to know that a considerable percentage of our young people show a high index of alexithymia, making us aware of the need for emotional intelligence work in education. Claudia C.

Hurducas, Jay P. Tools: A Systematic Review of Surveys International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, , , According to a recent systematic review, over risk assessment tools have specifically been developed to assess the risk of violence. Dan J. Stein, Katie A. McLaughlin, Karestan C. Koenen, Lukoye Atwoli, Matthew J. Friedman, Eric D. Sentenza 12 settembre , n. Icro Maremmani, Angelo G. Such a mismatch is the source of apparent resistance to treatment, which is not confirmed after the enrollment in a second- evel service conceived for resistant patients.

Harm Avoidance and Neuroticism are traits that predispose to mental illnesses. Studying them provides a unique way to study predisposition of mental illnesses. Understanding the biological mechanisms that mediate vulnerability could lead to improvement in treatment and ultimately to pre-emptive psychiatry. These personality traits describe a tendency to feel negative emotions such as fear, shyness and worry. Previous studies suggest these traits are regulated by serotonin and opiate pathways. Un esito scontato, viste le lentezze burocratiche ministeriali nel fissare i caratteri delle nuove strutture ed i lunghi tempi di effettiva attuazione a livello regionale.

Carl E. Fisher, David L. Faigman, Paul S. It thus shares the characteristic of all applied science in that it is ultimately applied at two levels — general and specific. Scientific research inevitably focuses on aggregate data and seeks to generalize findings across persons, places or things. However, in the courtroom, as is true in other applied settings, the focus is usually on an individual case. Based on extensive community outreach, Dignity and Power Now seeks to highlight race-based disparities in treatment of persons with mental health conditions in Los Angeles LA County jails.

VIII — N. Sarah Liebowitz, Peter J. Eliasberg, Ira A. Burnim, Emily A. These numbers capture only the number of inmates with a diagnosed severe mental illness: the actual number may well be higher. We have created conditions that make criminal behavior all but inevitable for many of our brothers and sisters who are mentally ill. Instead of treating them, we are imprisoning them. And then, when they have completed their sentences, we release them with minimal or no support system in place, just counting the days until they are behind bars once again The literature is also suggesting that not only it is important to understand personality disorders in forensic populations in the context of treatment and risk but also in understanding what specific personality disorders are linked to offending behaviours.

There is now much evidence that personality disorder is related to offending. Studies as outlined above too indicate how some personality disorders other than antisocial are related to particular types of offending behaviour We have come full circle. Brown v. Plata appears to have been predictable and inevitable based on studies that have been completed by the psychiatric community. Il futuro sono le Rems? Anche le nuove residenze per l'applicazione delle misure di sicurezza presentano molte incognite i cui esiti futuri non sono immediatamente prevedibili.

I facili entusiasmi sono quindi da evitare. Ecco alcune delle problematiche Seth J. Prins, Prevalence of Mental Illnesses in U. Despite consistent scholarly attention to mental illness in corrections facilities, only two federal self-report surveys are typically cited, and they may not represent the extent of relevant data. This systematic review was conducted to develop a broader picture of mental illness prevalence in U. The provision of supported housing, the number of forensic beds and the prison population increased significantly in the United States.

Report Date — June 10, www. Among the most challenging issues facing Jail administrators is the need to make some accommodation for mentally ill inmates who are candidates for involuntary psychiatric medication. The mentally ill, whether in custody or not, have the right to refuse medication. Without their informed consent, involuntary medication is available only in circumstances in which the patient is a danger to himself or others or in which the patient is severely disabled as a result of the mental illness.

Eric B Elbogen, Sally C Johnson Violence, suicide, and all-cause mortality The Lancet Psychiatry, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 6 - 8, June One of the unique aspects of this study—that violence and suicide were analysed simultaneously—has an important implication for how we as a society perceive people with mental illness. News coverage of schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders often focuses on violence and crime.

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Much less attention is paid to suicide and self-harm in people with severe mental illnesses. Notably, multivariate analyses in this article showed a substantially stronger link between schizophrenia and suicide than between schizophrenia and violence. Although deinstitutionalization was originally understood as a humane way to offer more suitable services to the mentally ill in community-based settings, some politicians seized upon it as a way to save money by shutting down institutions without providing any meaningful treatment alternatives.

This callousness has created a one-way road to prison for massive numbers of impaired individuals and the inhumane warehousing of thousands of mentally ill people. El porcentaje es mayor que en otros estudios realizados sobre poblaciones de agresores denunciados y detenidos. Thus, it may seem surprising that attempts to establish federal guidelines for mental health services under health insurance plans did not take place until the s.

Seena Fazel, Achim Wolf, Camilla Palm, Paul Lichtenstein Violent crime, suicide, and premature mortality in patients with schizophrenia and related disorders: a year total population study in Sweden Lancet Psychiatry ; 1: 44—54 In some studies, investigators have reported increased relative risks over time for suicide, death, and convictions of a violent offence,but secular trends have made these data difficult to interpret.

The emerging reinstitutionalisation of patients in some regions of the world might have been partly driven by concerns about deinstitutionalisation, although broader socio political factors are probably important. Un ulteriore passo verso il superamento degli OPG e una svolta epocale nella disciplina delle misure di sicurezza detentive: stabilito un termine di durata massima applicabile anche alle misure in corso, a noi pare L. Particularly challenging under the CRPD is the scope, if any, for involuntary treatment.

Patrick W. Corrigan, Benjamin G. Druss, Deborah A. Stigma was found to be a complex variable impacting decisions at public, self, and structural levels. These various types are influenced by knowledge, culture, and social network. American Psychological Association. Frank J. A very large number of them use drugs and a lot of them commit crimes.

And one of the harshest vicious cycles these people find themselves caught up in, is that committing a crime, going to prison, reduces your prospects of being eligible for housing. It reduces your ability to get employment in the future. A joint investigation by The Canadian Press and CBC has learned that in August , of female federal inmates in five correctional institutions, were being prescribed at least one psychotropic medication, drugs that impact mood and behaviour. The idea behind diversion is that by providing access to community mental health services, these individuals will be connected to the help they need on an ongoing basis and will be less likely to re-offend.

Sexual offenders were more likely to use sex to cope with negative life events but did not use all forms of deviant sexual activity. Treatment Advocacy Center E. Fuller Torrey, Mary T. Zdanowicz, Aaron D. Kennard, H. Richard Lamb, Donald F. Eslinger, Doris A. Most of the mentally ill individuals in prisons and jails would have been treated in the state psychiatric hospitals in the years before the deinstitutionalization movement led to the closing of the hospitals, a trend that continues even today.

The treatment of mentally ill individuals in prisons and jails is critical, especially since such individuals are vulnerable and often abused while incarcerated. Many have repeated contact with the police and courts yet rarely get the support they need from public services. Liaison and diversion services aim to identify and support people with mental health problems, learning difficulties and other vulnerabilities in police stations and courts. Some do this more successfully than others.

Massimo Niro Ancora un rinvio per il superamento degli O. Note a margine del decreto-legge 31 marzo , n. Senato della Repubblica Conversione in legge, con modificazioni, del decreto-legge 31 marzo , n. Decreto-Legge 31 marzo , n. La riforma interviene in assenza di una contestuale modifica della disciplina sostanziale delle misure di sicurezza personali detentive.

As such, it can, and should, be considered in a similar light to other types of medical assessment and intervention. Richard Lamb, Linda E. Weinberger Decarceration of U. J Am Acad Psychiatry Law —94, It is estimated that more than , persons with serious mental illness SMI are among those incarcerated in the United States and that many thousands of them will probably be among those released Camera dei Deputati Proposta di legge n. Le parole ritrovate - Il fare assieme nella salute mentale, Proposta di legge "" - Con lo sguardo rivolto al futuro. Astrid M.

Wierdsma, Razia R. Theunissen, Philippe A. Delespaul, Jaap van Weeghel, Jooske T. Teplin, Dike van de Mheen, Cornelis L. After control for demographic differences, prevalence rates of overall and specific victimisation measures were significantly higher in severely mentally ill outpatients than in the general population. The relative rates were especially high for personal crimes such as violent threats, physical assaults and sexual harassment and assaults.

In concordance, severely mentally ill outpatients reported almost 14 times more personal crime incidents than persons from the general population. Mar ; : — In summary, we have found that income inequality as measured by the Gini is associated with certain violent outcomes in both high, and low and middle-income countries, and alcohol consumption with self-reported assault rates in all countries. We also found that urbanicity was associated with official assault and robbery rates in highincome countries. The role of public policy in reducing the health burden of violence needs further examination.

Graduation from a MHC has been found to be a major predictor of reduced recidivism; yet few studies have examined factors affecting MHC graduation. It found that noncompliant participant behaviors during MHC had the strongest impact on graduation, increasing the odds of failure to graduate and reducing, if not eliminating, the direct effects on completion of the risk factors participants brought into court. Public Health, , The prevalence of mental ill health in Kosovo has constantly been reported as very high.

For example, self-harm is closely monitored within prisons. There is a well-established process for supporting prisoners at risk of, or who have, self-harmed, called Assessment, Care in Custody and Teamwork ACCT. The process includes a requirement to consider mental health, and where appropriate refer prisoners on to mental health services In corrections facilities statewide, of the 1 0 psy chiatric m edications the Departm ent of Corrections spent the most on in , seven were antipsychotics and three were anti-depressants, according to data obtained by Oklahom a Watch.

Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment. A lack of empathy is often cited as the primary distinguishing feature of NPD. However, clinical presentations of NPD suggest that empathy is not simply deficient in these individuals, but dysfunctional and subject to a diverse set of motivational and situational factors. The only way to get treatment is to be arrested. Il viaggio di Marco Cavallo nel mondo di fuori per incontrare gli internati Animazione Sociale, gennaio Michael F. In July local and regional jail systems reported 6, incarcerated persons with mental illness.

Alessia Guerrieri Opg, la chiusura resta un miraggio Avvenire, 02 gen p. Ancora un rinvio. Ma molte altre hanno impiegato i fondi per costruire nuovi istituti Intervista a cura di Michele Brambilla. La Stampa 21 dicembre Co-morbid substance use and mental disorders in Europe: a review of the data. Psychiatric co-morbidity particularly affects vulnerable groups, such as young people, people from ethnic minorities, prisoners and sex workers. Psychiatric co-morbidity in prison settings is a problem affecting a large part of the prison population. A large number of studies have estimated the prevalence of mental disorders as well as substance use in prisons, with prevalence estimates varying widely.

In general, studies on the prevalence of mental illnesses in prison show large differences between the prison population and the general population in severe pathologies such as psychosis and personality disorders, as well as problems such as anxiety and depression Fondi sociali Europei ME. A significant number of prisoners suffer from a psychotic disorder.

Personality disorders are particularly prevalent among people in prison. World Health Organization Mental health action plan www. Brian Stettin, Frederick J. Frese, H. A Survey of the States www. Other studies indicate a near tripling over the last 30 years of the percentage of U. Australian Government National Mental Health Commission We must stop treating people with mental illness like criminals www. Arthur J. Lurigio Criminalization of the Mentally Ill.

In the early s, Dr. Marc Abramson, a jail psychiatrist in California, was the first to report in the scholarly literature that people with serious mental illnesses PSMI e. Since that time, studies have suggested that the mentally ill are arrested and incarcerated at levels that exceed both their representation in the general popu-lation and their tendency to commit serious crimes.

Cosa dice la legge — 3. Punti di forza e punti di debolezza — 4. Alcune considerazioni critiche - 5. Conclusioni — 7. Introduzione sullo stato del percorso in riferimento alla normativa nazionale — alcune precisazioni sulle misure di sicurezza - I programmi di superamento degli oPG e delle CCC: 1. Recupero delle persone internate negli OPG - 2.

Potenziare la tutela della salute mentale negli Istituti di Pena. Formazione degli operatori coinvolti nei percorsi di esecuzione delle misure di sicurezza. Within the criminal justice systems in North America, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, physicians, and social service providers have collaborated to address this problem with the establishment of mental health courts, like Court in Toronto, Canada.

This is a deliberate attempt to reduce rates of recidivism by replacing traditional punitive interventions with therapeutic interventions, based on the legal concept of therapeutic jurisprudence. It is the latter of these issues upon which the 8th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry will focus. Risk assessment is a widely used method of seeking to predict future violence with a view to preventing and minimising the occurrence of violence and managing people whose behaviour is deemed harmful. Joy shares her insights gleaned from this review that will hopefully lead to practice changes that will eradicate these avoidable deaths.

Senon et C. Without appropriate treatment inmates with mental illness decompensate, are vulnerable to abuse and are disproportionately segregated in solitary confinement. Elsa Ronningstam, Arielle R. Baskin-Sommers Fear and decision-making in narcissistic personality disorder—a link between psychoanalysis and neuroscience www. This article focuses on pathological narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder NPD , with the aim of exploring two clinically relevant aspects of narcissistic functioning also recognized in psychoanalysis: fear and decision-making.

Evidence from neuroscientific studies of related conditions, such as psychopathy, suggests links between affective and cognitive functioning that can influence the sense of self-agency and narcissistic self-regulation. Ivano Abbadessa west Welfare Society Territory. Are prisons becoming the new asylums? The current emergency situation in US prisons has its roots in the closure of hundreds of nursing homes during the seventies, under the presidency of Jimmy Carter, which was justified by a lack of funding.

This created the ideal conditions for them to end up in jail because their marginality, poverty and drug use made them an easy prey for crime. The disinvestment in mental health care has gone on too long — generations now — to be considered anything but deliberate neglect. In , before deinstitutionalization, there was one psychiatric bed for every U.

A half-century later, that ratio is now 1 in 3, Mounting evidence underlines the inequitable distribution, poor quality, and inefficient use of scarce resources to address mental health needs Flagrant abuse of human rights and discrimination against people with mental disorders and psychosocial disabilities have been found in such psychiatric institutions. The redirecting of mental health budgets toward community-based services, including the integration of mental health into general health care settings, is needed. Allen J. A national scandal www.

Sexual abuse is shockingly common in the US prison system.

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A recent survey conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics concluded that about , prisoners are sexually abused each year. Most of the abused prisoners are misplaced psychiatric patients who make especially vulnerable targets because they are less able to defend themselves and to be believed if they report infractions. Although prison is clearly not the right place for psychiatric patients, almost a million are behind bars for crimes that could have been avoided if there were proper community treatment. Because there isn't, prison has become the default disposition for those patients who can't make it on their own.

They usually get incarcerated for non- iolent nuisance crimes that result from neglect, not evil intent. Is there a group of American citizens more deserving of safety and refuge than people with severe mental illness SMI who have traded one level of confinement in state mental hospitals for another in our nursing homes, intermediate care facilities, jails, and prisons—or, worse, become homeless?

This paper reviews trends in the transinstitutionalization of people with SMI and proposes that it is time we offer asylum, in the best sense of the word, to the most vulnerable of the people with severe mental illness. Introduzione e obbiettivi di un percorso di ricerca. Il diritto nella storia: influssi e riflessi.

Il diritto alla salute come concetto dinamico. Dalla salute pubblica al vissuto della persona. Malattia mentale e legislazione: dal paradigma custodiale a quello di cura - 3. John Monahan Gangs, Violence, and Psychiatry Am J Psychiatry , September Frequent violent ruminations and the propensity to react violently to perceived disrespect differentiated violent and nonviolent men but—as with victimization—were highest among violent gang members.

This result, too, reinforces established findings that angry ruminations and sensitivity to provocation often anticipate violent behavior Information for magistrates, district judges and court staff Prison Reform Trust, September More recently, renewed attention has been given to extending the role of liaison and diversion services to include people with learning disabilities and in ensuring access to provision at the police station. The Government has made a commitment that all police stations and criminal courts in England will have access to liaison and diversion services by ; similar services exist in Wales.

Aidan G. Wright, Aaron L. Pincus, Katherine M. Thomas, Christopher J. Hopwood, Kristian E. Markon, Robert F. Krueger Conceptions of Narcissism and the DSM-5 Pathological Personality Traits Assessment, Narcissistic Personality Disorder NPD has been shown to be associated with an array of traits and behaviors that can be understood as manifestations of, or closely related to, narcissistic grandiosity, such as psychopathy, impulsivity, violence, aggression, homicidal ideation, and sexual aggression. However, NPD is also associated with more vulnerable forms of dysregulation such as anxiety and depressive disorders, as well as functional impairments, interpersonal distress, and even suicidal behavior.

Gary Fields, Erica E. With more than 11, prisoners under treatment on any given day, they represent by far the largest mental-health treatment facilities in the country. By comparison, the three largest state-run mental hospitals have a combined 4, beds. Isolating inmates inflicts permanent mental harm. Some 80, people are held in solitary confinement in U.

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But new research suggests that solitary confinement creates more violence both inside and outside prison walls. David H. Currently about percent of people passing through jails are uninsured. This will be reduced in states opting to expand Medicaid. Only means they will have Medicaid in the community. Agitation correlates positively to a disturbed rest-activity rhythm, often caused by physical inactivity and nocturnal restlessness. Physical inactivity is widespread among people in detention. It benefits from a federal pretrial services agency that screens all arrestees for mental illness and dedicates a specialized supervision unit SSU to provide supervision and services while on pretrial release to all screened positive, including MHC participants.

We compared criminal activity prior to key arrest with criminal activity post court disposition in MHC participants N This study adds to the accumulating evidence of the effectiveness of MHCs in reducing recidivism among offenders with severe mental illness. General Adult Psychiatry Conference Manchester www. Growth 0. La coazione terapeutica. Uno studio comparato. An investigation of factors increasing the risk of aggressive behavior among schizophrenic inpatients www. We found a constellation of socio-demographic and addictive characteristics.

Aggressive behavior is more frequent in males, patients with a history of sexual abuse, and nicotine dependents. Among all addictive disorders, nicotine dependence was the sole addiction associated with an increased risk of aggression. The effect was not significant for alcohol, cannabis, and opiates dependence disorders. A systematic assessment of these factors could permit to anticipate clinical situations with a risk of aggressive behavior.

Nicotine replacement and psychological intervention on dependence may reduce the risk of aggressive behavior. Cost-benefit analysis of early support and diversion www. This is the case for defendants through to the population in custody. For example, in NSW people with mental health disorders and cognitive impairment currently make up a significant proportion of people entering the criminal justice system, being 3 to 9 times more likely to be in prison than the general NSW population.

The main factors associated with victimization in this group were substance use, young age, severe symptomatology, recent history of perpetration of violence, engagement in criminal activity, male gender and homelessness; data which corroborates previous reviews. Prevention and intervention programs must be implemented, and high-risk groups should be prioritized. Si propone qui di limitare la detenzione agli autori di reati gravi.

Si mette pure in discussione a tal proposito la distinzione fra imputabili e non imputabili. Maria Laura Fadda Misure di sicurezza e detenuto psichiatrico nella fase dell'esecuzione Rassegna penitenziaria e criminologica, n. La legislazione vigente, penale e civile, disciplina diversamente la salute del corpo da quella della mente e ancora diversamente la cura dei malati psichici a seconda che siano o no autori di reato. Al medico o al giudice? In che modo possono dialogare il giudice e il perito?

Despite a more than three-fold increase in time under initial supervised community care, the rate of readmis sion to hospital was not decreased by CTOs. We also recorded no differences in clinical or social outcomes. How does Massachusetts stack up? Boston Daily October 21, Prisons are designed to keep those convicted of a crime locked within secure walls—not to take the place of mental-health facilities. Treatment, management and prevention www. A history of aggression, unemployment and promiscuity were more common than serious crimes among people with antisocial personality disorder.

This literature review has revealed that utilization of telepsychiatry in correctional facilities has increased access to effective mental health care for inmates and has decreased the costs of providing such care Denis Robiliard Rapport fait au nom de la Commission des Affaires Sociales sur la proposition de loi relative aux soins sans consentement en psychiatrie www. One should be aware of that the proportion of convicted crimes is a smaller part of criminal acts, reported to the police. Kenneth A. The high prevalence of mentally ill inmates can be traced to the deinstitutionalization of mental health programs throughout the country, draconian reductions in community mental health funding, and the closing of public mental health facilities resulting in an unprecedented incarceration of the mentally ill.

Christine M. The primary goal is to provide a detailed picture of the status of mentally ill offenders—including prevalence, basic demographic information, bio-psycho-social status, mental health, and family histories—and also to identify the problems, conditions, and obstacles faced while under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system. Mentally ill offenders are constitutionally guaranteed basic mental health treatment. A review of the literature indicates that this constitutional guarantee is not being adequately fulfilled.

Implications and suggestions for change are discussed. It now becomes ever more critical for amicus briefs for future cases involving involuntary medication of pretrial defendants and for lobby efforts for legislation on mental health services to mentally ill offenders to emphasize not only the timeliness and sufficiency of medically appropriate treatment, but also the medically proper setting for such treatment to be provided. Stephanie C.

Kennedy, Stephen J. Results indicate that women who experienced multi-victimization were 2. Likewise, a one-unit increase in frequency of childhood victimization was associated with a 3. These results provide support for the dose-response model hypothesis that multi-victimization is an important predictor of psychosis for the women prisoner population. Giandomenico Dodaro Morire di contenzione nel reparto psichiatrico di un ospedale pubblico: la sentenza di primo grado sul caso Mastrogiovanni Nota a Tribunale della Lucania, 30 ottobre dep.

Garzo www. In the early 19th century many mentally ill people were confined to jails. Activist Dorothea Dix in discovered the abusive system and worked to change it, giving birth to state mental hospitals. Over the next century, the hospital population soared, topping , by the s. But abuses there, including forced hospitalizations, as well as the introduction of new medications, led to dismantlement and a movement toward the modern approach of outpatient care. States passed laws to protect the civil rights of people released from hospitals and to make it tougher to force treatment.

Los Angeles County Jail. Texas State Penitentiary. Today they are considered the largest psychiatric facilities in the country. People with mental disorders should get treatment not punishment. Hanne Stevens Crime and Mental Disorders School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University, May Prison studies offer an insight in the host of various mental problems that do occur, and occur at a higher rate than in the background population, in incarcerated offenders, but the merits of these studies consist primarily of identifying the problems and treatment needs of offenders.

Any causal link there may be between offending and mental disorders is difficult to address in these studies since it is not clear whether the presence of mental disorders has contributed to the person offending in the first place or whether it is rather the case that mental disorders have arisen as a reaction to life in prison, just as the contribution from common causes cannot be addressed. Also, the various selection mechanisms, varying from country to country, diverting mentally ill persons out of normal correctional settings and into more appropriate institutions at different stages in the criminal justice process can affect the reported levels.

National Inmate Survey, —12 www. Inmates who had been told by a mental health professional that they had a mental disorder were more likely than other inmates to report being sexually victimized while in prison or jail. During , an estimated 3. Approximately 3.

New South Wales Law Reform Commission People with cognitive and mental health impairments in the criminal justice system. Criminal responsibility and consequences www.

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The integrated approach refers to patient care passing from forensic services to generic community teams at the point of discharge, or soon after, with appropriate planning and support. In contrast the parallel model involves forensic services retaining responsibility for outpatient follow up and community care. Vittorio Lingiardi Di cosa parliamo quando parliamo di cura www.

Routinedaten — Wer hat die Deutungshoheit? Psychiat Prax ; — Arielle R. Baskin-Sommers, Joseph P. Alternatively, externalizing individuals often display excessive reward seeking, intense hostility and reactive aggression, and poor impulse control The public revulsion over repeated mass shootings has placed mental health in the spotlight.

This is both good and bad. Bad because focusing on the mentality of the shooter diverts attention away from the lethality of the weapon — and from the fact that many mass shooters had no history of mental health involvement. We will never be able to predict who will commit random acts of violence, but we can reduce our ridiculously high rates of gun death by having a sane gun control policy. Good because our current non system of mental health care is badly broken and cries out for fixing and better funding.

Such symptoms should be considered in risk assessments and addressed in treatment plans for reducing the risk of victimization. Future research should explore the mediating factors that put patients with more severe manic symptoms at a higher risk of victimization, and develop and test specific treatment strategies to reduce the risk for such patients. Jeremy W. A subset of delusional beliefs may be causally linked to violence, and certain uncommon beliefs demonstrated a direct association with minor violence.

Highly prevalent delusional beliefs implying threat were associated with serious violence, but they were mediated by anger. A total of 39, Dynamic or modifiable risk factors included hostile behaviour, recent drug misuse, non-adherence with psychological therapies p values,0. We also examined a number of static factors, the strongest of which were criminal history factors.

When restricting outcomes to severe violence, these associations did not change materially. In studies investigating inpatient violence, associations differed in strength but not direction. Lejoyeux , H. Anthony C. Simpson and colleagues draw attention to the epidemiology, special characteristics, and management problems relevant to Canadian inmates with serious mental illness. Of great interest to those in the forensic psychiatric field is the matter of continuation of care for mentally ill prisoners, in that untreated or undertreated psychiatric problems are strongly associated with poor social functioning and criminal recidivism.

In this commentary, we expand on the discussion in Simpson et al. We also propose outpatient civil commitment as one strategy to facilitate the successful return of select inmate patients to the community. Glen I. Spielmans, Margit I. Berman, Eftihia Linardatos, Nicholas Z. Rosenlicht, Angela Perry, Alexander C. Serious mental illness has been documented in Nathan Stall Imprisoning the mentally ill. Charlotte White, Richard Byrt Understanding and caring for people with personality disorders.

Individuals can have a mental illness and a personality disorder, but features of the latter do not include symptoms of mental illness. Thorough psychiatric assessment is crucial to establish diagnosis, including any comorbid conditions, such as bipolar disorder and problematic substance use The number of men detained in hospital under the most restrictive sections of the Mental Health Act court and prison disposals was nearly five times higher than the number of women 3, compared with Psychiatrists working in corrections, particularly in smaller systems, where there may be a limited number of providers, may find themselves simultaneously assuming a treatment role and the role of a forensic evaluator.

It is now a well-established and widely accepted principle that acting in dual roles as a forensic evaluator and a treatment provider for the same individual is not advisable and can lead to ethics-based conflicts An analysis of homicide offenders found that psychotic symptoms were not associated with the use of excessive violence. In the study by MacArthur, it was shown that individuals discharged from mental hospitals with no history of substance abuse had the same risk of violence as those without the history of either mental disorders or substance abuse.

This survey also suggests that delusions did not increase the overall risk of violence. Although these findings have been broadly discussed, the results of the study by MacArthur have been used as a standard for risk assessment in patients with mental disorders Terry L. Indeed, one of the prominent criticisms of the recently announced presidential plan to address gun violence is that it focuses efforts too much on guns and not enough of mental illness.

Unfortunately, those suggesting that mental health treatment is the key to preventing gun crimes often mischaracterize the current state of the science in two ways. James L. Any good psychiatrist will tell you that drugs and psychotherapy work best when they work hand in hand. The politicians who dole out money to our "correctional" system have not gotten the message.

Every day, nearly 4, prisoners across New York live in extreme isolation, deprived of all meaningful human interaction or mental stimulation, confined to the small, barren cells where they spend 23 hours a day. Disembodied hands deliver meals through a slot in the cell door. No activities, programs or classes break up the day. No phone calls are allowed. Few personal possessions are permitted. These prisoners languish in isolation for days, weeks, months and even years on end.

What occurs inside our prisons may seem remote, but it affects all New Yorkers. A neoliberal notion that these persons would be better served by leaving them in the hands of various community health networks, as well as their families, was well-intentioned. Somehow having a mental disorder became associated with having a criminal or violent nature.

This widely held view is shared not only amongst the public in general, but also amongst police officers. This association is a consequence not only of a lack of education but also from exposure to an omnipresent media that too frequently presents the mentally ill in a negative fashion.

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