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Thanks to combining properties that were previously considered incompatible, it looks set to become highly attractive for technological applications. Indeed, it is a super-hard metallic conductor that can withstand extremely high pressures like a diamond. A process now developed in Bayreuth opens up the possibility of producing rhenium nitride pernitride and other technologically interesting materials in sufficiently large quantity for their properties characterisation. The new findings are presented in "Nature Communications".

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The possibility of finding a compound that was metallically conductive, super-hard, and ultra-incompressible was long considered unlikely in science. It was An interdisciplinary research team at the Technical University of Munich TUM has built platinum nanoparticles for catalysis in fuel cells: The new size-optimized catalysts are twice as good as the best process commercially available today.

Fuel cells may well replace batteries as the power source for electric cars. They consume hydrogen, a gas which could be produced for example using surplus The fly agaric with its red hat is perhaps the most evocative of the diverse and variously colored mushroom species. Hitherto, the purpose of these colors was They measured the bound-electron g-factor of highly charged boron-like argon ions with unprecedented precision of 9 digits.

In comparison with a new highly accurate quantum electrodynamic calculation they found an excellent agreement on a level of 7 digits.

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Quantum electrodynamics QED describes the interaction of charged particles with electromagnetic fields and is the most precisely tested physical theory. For the first time ever, experimental physicists have been able to influence the magnetic moment of materials in sync with their electronic properties. The coupled optical and magnetic excitation within one femtosecond corresponds to an acceleration by a factor of and is the fastest magnetic phenomenon that has ever been observed.

Electronic properties of materials can be directly influenced via light absorption in under a femtosecond seconds , which is regarded as the limit of Revered mathematicians and computer scientists converge with young researchers in Heidelberg! World's smallest MRI performed on single atoms. Hubble captures cosmic fireworks in ultraviolet.

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