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This associated the red Roses as a symbol and representation of a passionate and intimate kind of love.

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In the modern age era, flowers continued to be used for courtship and dating and for the expression of emotions, especially love and romance. The practice of sending Roses, depending on color and designs, had been used to convey messages. For lovers, red Roses in beautiful hand bouquets were meant and intended for intimacy. The relation and association of red Roses to romance and love go beyond tradition, cultures, and beliefs. Red Roses are also linked to intimacy and passionate emotions because of their deeper meaning and symbolism.

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According to the professional florist , the color of red and the flower of Roses both refer to affection, love, and admiration. Bright red Roses symbolize romance while burgundy and crimson red Roses mean undying love. A budding red Rose, on the other hand, refers to a type of love that is still blooming or at a young stage. The number of red Roses in a bouquet also signifies and symbolizes a special meaning.

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  • You can send or give a bouquet of Roses from a single bloom to large flower bouquets that contain a hundred stems. Love and romance are symbolized in different meaning depending on different numbers or count of red Roses in a bouquet.

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    Guest articles. Your e-mail address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Symbol of Love Are you wondering why the flowers of Roses are considered as the most enduring symbol of love and romance? An excitingly different way to say, "I love you.

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    Feeling low on libido? Potentially getting sick? Rose hips, or the fruit of roses, are said to have some minor medicinal uses, such as being an antidepressant, aphrodisiac, and antibacterial solution, among others , according to Flower Meaning.

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    That might not sound romantic, but love is about caring for others. Giving someone some feel-good flowers to help lift their spirits, cure their cold, or get them in the mood is a true act of love. According to Bayer Garden, the essence of rose is also really popular, so much so that, currently, almost all female perfumes contain it.

    And we all know smelling good can lead to major attraction. Call me a conformist, but apparently, a red rose is way more than something that looks pretty in a vase on your kitchen counter. While the monetary value behind something doesn't always need to be justified, the fact that roses can and do have multiple uses, meanings, and a rich background make the price tag a little less cringeworthy.

    And perhaps even more meaningful than that is the fact that mysterious and fascinating objects have a lot of appeal, which is, in turn, the definition of romance.

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    Why Are Red Roses Romantic?