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Excel delivery schedule template Augenarzt kassel brake Orhan okulu pehlivan sekili Cheating life Shelter dashboard berlin marlo radio edit mixtapes Motorrad winterschlaf checklist Anemia deficiency fad Finn olesen aarhus universitet Denmark Probe hsu 3. En , il est chef de bataillon du 9e RCP. RDV devant la mairie de Maincy. Que me conseille tu j envisage d aller voir un dermato mais je t avoue quele chimique me tente pas. You must be logged in to post a comment. Life In France. The contracting officer shall insert the clause at Contract clause.

Rehabilitation and Employment Service Contracting officers must use the following clauses , as appropriate, in solicitations and contracts for vocational rehabilitation and employment When the contracting Contracting officers shall insert the clause at The contracting officer must insert the clause at The contracting This clause does not flow down to second-tier NASA clause.

The last question to be answered in relation to the meaning and ambit of the MFN clause is whether Models for Aircrew Safety Assessment: Uses, Limitations and Requirements la Modelisation des conditions de securite des equipages: applications, limitations et cahiers des charges. Allen, S. A wide range of animal species was studied from mice to oxen under free-field explosive and shock tube gener- ated blast waves.

Constraint Specialisation in Horn Clause Verification. We present a method for specialising the constraints in constrained Horn clauses with respect to a goal. We use abstract interpretation to compute a model of a query-answer transformation of a given set of clauses and a goal. The effect is to propagate the constraints from the goal top Our approach does not unfold the clauses at all; we use the constraints from the model to compute a specialised version of each clause in the program.

The approach is independent of the abstract domain and the constraints theory underlying the clauses. Topic extraction from adverbial clauses. Full Text Available This paper offers new data to support findings about Topic extraction from adverbial clauses. Since such clauses are strong islands, they should not allow extraction of any kind, but we show here that if the appropriate conditions are met, Topics of the CLLD kind in Romance can move out of them.

We propose that two conditions must be met for such movement to be possible: the first is that the adverbial clause must have undergone topicalisation in the first place; the second is that the adverbial clause is inherently topical from a semantic viewpoint. Contrast with other language families Germanic, Quechua and Japanese is provided and the semantic implications of the proposal are briefly discussed. Does main clause word order affect attention to change in subordinate clauses? Aelbrechtet al. Aprediction from the foregrounding hypothesis To test this, we conducted an experiment under the textchange paradigm.

Attention to thesubordinate clause was tested by measuring how disinclined Solving non-linear Horn clauses using a linear Horn clause solver. In this paper we show that checking satisfiability of a set of non-linear Horn clauses also called a non-linear Horn clause program can be achieved using a solver for linear Horn clauses. We achieve this by interleaving a program transformation with a satisfiability checker for linear Horn The program transformation is based on the notion of tree dimension, which we apply to a set of non-linear clauses , yielding a set whose derivation trees have bounded dimension.

Such a set of clauses can be linearised. The main algorithm We constructed a prototype implementation of this approach and performed some experiments on a set of verification problems, which shows some promise Agency-specific indefinite quantity contracts that are a combination of contract types. Rather than using When foreign travel may be required under the contract When delivery is required by or on a particular date for f. Inversion in Copular Clauses and Its Consequences.

In this dissertation, I investigate specificational copular clauses Higgins The language I primarily use towards…. Section The decision The Simplex Clause in Boruca. Se acude a otras descripciones generales sobre la lengua como fuentes complementarias. A description is provided of the simplex clause in Boruca, a Chibchan language once spoken in the south of Costa Rica. Other general descriptions of the language are used as complementary sources. This study deals with the various word-order patterns at the clause level and phrase level noun and verb phrases. Special attention is given to the role of word order in the codification of the major syntactic relations subject and object, in particular.

An analysis of grammatical relations, syntactic processes and a sample text complete the paper.

Argile Verte Cicatrices D'acné Youtube

Standard financial management clauses. Accounting Standards. Upon request, the Contracting Officer will make their full text available. Also, the full text of a clause may be accessed The Politics of Takings Clauses. Constraint specialisation in Horn clause verification. We use abstract interpretation to compute a model of a query—answer transformed version of a given set of clauses and a goal.

The constraints from the model are then used to compute The effect is to propagate the constraints from the goal top-down and propagate answer constraints bottom-up. The specialisation procedure can be repeated to yield further specialisation. The approach is independent of the abstract domain and the constraint theory Nominalized clauses , clausal arguments and agreement. Strict minimalist assumptions require adopting the hypothesis that argument clauses and nominalized clauses are assigned Phi features. The data examined suggest that the interpretable Phi content of these arguments is specified as [-P, -N, -G].

We conclude that all arguments of the clausal or of the nominal types are subject to the operation Agree with a functional category. All arguments behave alike as far as abstract computational operations is concerned. The computational component is b Processing Relative Clause Extractions in Swedish. Relative clauses are considered strong islands for extraction across languages. Yet, to date, no surface account has proven tenable for Swed The large scale superconducting devices which are now in operation for deviation of heavy particles, acceleration of light particles or plasma confinement need very large powers of refrigeration.

After a short survewing of the different functions of refrigerators and the special requirements for large units, the paper describes some existing or envisaged cooling systems which have an equivalent cooling power in the range of 5 kW at 4. Relentless: decipher, explain, propose After a retrospective overview of the 42 previous releases of the Cahiers de Global Chance which notably addressed issues related to climate change, to energy transition, to renewable energies, and more generally to the relationship between science, culture, power and society, an article proposes a detailed analysis of the Danish energy transition considered as a model of European democratic planning.

It describes and comments the long way towards energy planning in Denmark after the first oil crisis, with notably the emergence of renewable energies and co-generation, then the emergence of the climate issue, and the evolution towards an ecologic planning. The Energy Plan is presented; some specific projects are evoked as well as the planning for phasing out fossil energy.

The energy efficiency of the Danish system is outlined, and energy scenarios for are evoked, based on a massive and sometimes exclusive use of renewable energies, and on the development of smart grids. The next article addresses the return to their country of origin of nuclear wastes produced by the processing of imported used fuels from light water reactors: regulatory framework, assessments of returns, role of the Turpin Commission, situation of foreign fuels processed in La Hague at the end of , situation of the various categories of wastes from imported used fuels.

The next article proposes a discussion of available information regarding the recycling of used fuels from EDF PWRs from to The last article proposes an assessment of the civilian plutonium stock in France at the end of Are mediation clauses binding and mandatory? Full Text Available This study analyses the legal force of mediation clauses in the common law systems and civil law systems with a main focus on the Romanian approach.

First, the introductory section illustrates the paradox between the concept of binding and mandatory effect and the mediation mechanism, a voluntary manner to settle disputes. Second, the role of mediation clause is analysed and its advantages are briefly described. Third, the non-compliance of the prior mediation mechanism is presented, the starting point of the discussion being represented by the manner in which the parties drafted the mediation clause.

Fourth, the study ends by mentioning the approach adopted by different national courts, emphasizing the Romanian legal perspective. Proton ejection project for Saturne; Projet d'ejection des protons de saturne. The reasons for choosing the ejection system are given. The characteristics required for the ejected beam are followed by a description of the ejection process, in chronological order from the viewpoint of the protons: movement of the particles, taking into account the various elements which make up the system internal magnet, external magnet, quadrupoles, ejection correction coils, thin and thick cables, Then follows an estimation of the delay in manufacture and the cost of the project.

Finally, the characteristics of the magnets and quadrupoles are listed in an appendix. Apres les caracteristiques requises pour le faisceau ejecte, on decrit le processus d'ejection selon l'ordre chronologique vu par les protons: mouvement des particules compte tenu des divers elements composant le systeme aimant interne, aimant externe, quadrupoles, enroulements correcteurs ejection, cibles mince et epaisse,.

On estime, ensuite les delais de realisation et le cout du projet. Enfin, un resume des caracteristiques des aimants et quadrupoles est donne en appendice. Saving clauses in international contracts concerning the nuclear fuel cycle. This paper concerns saving clauses in international contracts relating to the fuel cycle.

It deals in particular with economic upheavals affecting those contracts and the usual clauses to protect the financial interests of the co-contractors. The paper also examines such economic upheavals in the context of clauses intended to preserve the contracts. NEA [fr. The contracting officer shall insert the clause at 48 CFR In addition to the clause at 48 CFR Insert the clause at 48 CFR All contracts and simplified acquisitions of the types set forth in Additional non-conflicting alternates may Exclusion from indemnity of identified patents, as distinguished from This study analyzes the acquisition of relative clauses in Japanese to determine the semantic and functional characteristics of children's relative clauses in spontaneous speech.

The results show that the relative clauses produced…. The contracting officer The occupational health of Santa Claus. Previous publications in the field of Santa studies have not focused on health and safety issues arising from Santa? However, it should be acknowledged that unique occupational hazards exist for Santa Claus. Major occupational health issues affecting Santa are discussed, along with suggestions for future research directions. Contracts Act, in solicitations and contracts covered by the Act see Rights granted in the habendum clause.

The habendum clause sets out the conditions for the continuance of a petroleum or natural gas lease during the primary term and during the events or circumstances which will continue the lease beyond the primary term. This paper describes the rights granted in the habendum clause.

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These comparisons were made in an effort to analyse the changes in the nature of the rights granted in the habendum clause. The most significant change is that the CAPL lease form avoids the 'unless' pitfalls of older forms by creating firstly the 'drill or pay' form of habendum clause , and by introducing the alternatives of paying either a lump sum one time rental or a periodic rental payment. The effect of these changes is that failure to make timely payments does not result in automatic termination of the lease, but rather one which must be made subject of a default notice by the lessor to the lessee.

Full Text Available In model based development, embedded systems are modeled using a mix of dataflow formalism, that capture the flow of computation, and hierarchical state machines, that capture the modal behavior of the system. For safety analysis, existing approaches rely on a compilation scheme that transform the original model dataflow and state machines into a pure dataflow formalism. Such compilation often result in loss of important structural information that capture the modal behaviour of the system. In previous work we have developed a compilation technique from a dataflow formalism into modular Horn clauses.

In this paper, we present a novel technique that faithfully compile hierarchical state machines into modular Horn clauses. Our compilation technique preserves the structural and modal behavior of the system, making the safety analysis of such models more tractable. Facultative reinsurance and the full reinsurance clause. In most disputes the outcome depends upon resolving the fundamental question of whether reinsurance is either a further insurance on the subject matter insured or is a reinsurance of the liability of the reinsured under the direct policy.

The interpretatio Full Text Available Relative clauses are considered strong islands for extraction across languages. Yet, to date, no surface account has proven tenable for Swedish RCEs. The present study uses eyetracking while reading to test whether the apparent acceptability of Swedish RCEs has any processing correlates at the point of filler integration compared to uncontroversial strong island violations. Experiment 2 uses RCE and extraction from a subject NP island SRCE to test the hypothesis that only non-islands will show effects of implausible filler-verb dependencies.

RCE showed sensitivity to the plausibility manipulation across measures at the first potential point of filler integration, whereas such effects were limited to late measures for SRCE. We propose that our results are compatible with RCEs being licit weak island extractions in Swedish, and that the overall picture speaks in favor of a surface rather than a deep variation approach to the lack of island effects in Swedish RCEs.

The Cogemagazine reviews. The rehabilitation of mining sites in France; Les cahiers de Cogemagazine. Le reamenagement des sites miniers en France. The French uranium mines are progressively closing down. After a mining division has closed down, the main objectives of the Cogema group are: ensuring the long-term safety and healthiness of the site, reducing the residual impacts, preventing any abusive intrusion, reducing the surface of land submitted to right-of-way, encouraging the reconversion of the site, and succeeding in the integration of the site in the landscape in agreement with the local authorities.

This brochure presents the strategy followed by Cogema for the rehabilitation of his sites: the French mining concessions and the uranium extraction and processing techniques, the storage of tailings and processing residues, the environment protection and the respect of regulation environmental surveillance, working groups, administrative procedures and regulatory texts, impact studies Bouyacoub A Sous la Transformational, Transactional, and Laissez-Faire A cet effet, Modifications to the Valuation, in solicitations and contracts that— i Require item identification or valuation, or both, in Copyrights The contracting officer shall insert the clause in In accordance with FAR In this dissertation I discuss several aspects of the syntax, semantics and discourse properties of what I call Spanish verbless clauses -i.

Tout va bien! Full Text Available Clause is defined as a grammatical unit consisting of the elements of subject S and predicate P, both with object O and adverbial A, and has the capability of being a sentence. A clause can be combined in two ways, first using coordinate conjunction forming a coordinate construction, and second using subordinate conjunction forming a subordinate construction.

This research attempted to analyze the strategy of combining clauses in Waijewa Dialect; a Sumbanese language. This research applied qualitative method in which the written data were collected from three key informants and four supporting informants from each district in Waijewa using four techniques namely; 1 observation, 2 structure-based interview, 3 documentation, and 4 triangulation. The collected data were analyzed using distributional method. The theory used to analyze the data was the language typology theory proposed by Dixon and and Comrie The result showed that in Waijewa dialect clauses could be divided into two; namely, the clauses having verbal predicates and the ones having nonverbal predicates.

Waijewa dialect has clitic pronouns marking the arguments of the verbs. They showed nominative, accusative, and genitive cases. The forms of subordinate clause in subordinate construction were divided into three; namely, 1 relative clause , 2 complementation clause , and 3 adjunct clause. The inclusion of the full text of the Placing the alternate clause in full text in the regulation will clarify Sustainability clauses in international supply chain contracts.

Our current society is not successful in mitigation of global social and environmental challenges. States lack legal tools, and sometimes also the will, to secure social and environmental interests transnationally and the existing soft and private regulation is criticized for its weak legitimacy The paper discusses a hypothesis that sustainability As parts Natural syntax : English interrogative main clauses.

The predictions of the theory are calculated in deductions, whose chief components are apair of naturalness scales and the rules governing the alignment of corresponding naturalness values. Parallel and chiastic alignments are distinguished, in complementary distribution. Chiastic alignment is mandatory in deductions limited to unnatural environments. The paper deals with English interrogative main clauses. Within these, only the interrogatives containing wh-words exclusively insitu constitute an extremely unnatural environment and require chiastic alignment.

Otherwiseparallel alignment is used. This list cites only works written in English. Computer Security: a plea to Santa Claus. CERN Multimedia. Running pirated software or illegal licences, using cracking tools to bypass software activation measures, sharing music and films — these are problems that academic environments unfortunately have to deal with. CERN, like other research organisations and universities, regularly receives allegations from external companies complaining about laptops or PCs running illegal software or sharing their films, videos or music with peers — and thus violating copyright.

Usually, we then contact the owners of the corresponding devices in order to understand whether these allegations are true. The Role of the Penalty Clause in Business. Full Text Available The interest in this topic is determined, on one hand, by the way of interpreting the provisions which regulate the contractual liability in general and of those regarding the penalty clause in particular, and, on the other hand, by the formulation of certain proposals de lege ferenda.

By stipulating the penalty clause , the law seeks to execute the contractual obligations, and not to collect penalties. The legal base of the ancillary character of the penalty clause is article , paragraph 3 of the Civil Code. Plasma assisted processes are proposed to act as an alternative to the Claus process in order to recover hydrogen and sulphur from high H2S gases.

For less concentrated gases plasma techniques may also be inserted into classical Claus plant or may allow treatment of non conventional gases. Up to industrial scale tests are performed using different plasma reactors. The literature-based results as well as our own ones make the future applications quite optimistic.

V2 word order in subordinate clauses in spoken Danish. In main clauses , V3 is highly marked in comparison to V2, and occurs in what may be called emotives. In subordinate clauses , V2 is marked and signals what has been called Simons Main Point of Utterance. The paper presents the results of a study of word order in subordinate clauses in contemporary spoken Danish and focuses on how to include the proposed semantic difference as a factor influencing the choice This makes it possible to study variation and change with respect to word order in subordinate clauses in both real Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act could lead to financial transactions.

A total of 90 questionnaires representing sponsors, utility, lenders and government officials were used for the study. The questionnaire sought the perception of the stakeholders regarding the significance importance of the clauses and the likelihood of inclusion of the clauses in PPAs. Comparison of the ranks of means was conducted by Kruskal-Wallis tests to see the significance of the differences in responses of the stakeholders and Mann-Whitney tests to see the significance of the differences of the pairs of stakeholders.

Data analysis showed clauses where the prime stakeholders have similar stand and clauses where the perceptions are divergent. The findings of this paper will help the stakeholders in negotiating PPAs. Link to an amendment published at 75 FR , Sept. The contracting officer shall insert the As used in this clause : i. All employment openings includes all Ouster clauses are general provisions, which preclude an organ of government from exercising its. Tree dimension in verification of constrained Horn clauses.

In this paper, we show how the notion of tree dimension can be used in the verification of constrained Horn clauses CHCs. The dimension of a tree is a numerical measure of its branching complexity and the concept here applies to Horn clause derivation trees. Derivation trees of dimension zero c One variation of this decomposition considers derivations of successively increasing dimension. The paper includes descriptions of implementations and experimental results Email : cgbemavo yahoo.

Shell launches its Claus off-gas desulfurization process. For Claus tail gas only, the Shell Claus off-gas desulfurization process was developed. Extensive bench scale studies on the reduction system have been carried out. A life test of more than hr showed a stable activity of the reduction catalyst, which means that in commercial units, very long catalyst lives can be expected. The commercial feasibility of the reduction section was further demonstrated in the Godorf refinery of Deutsche Shell AG. More than 80 absorption units using alkanolamine AIDP solutions have been installed.

Bench scale studies of the ADIP absorption units were compared to commercial experience. The total capital investment of the new Shell process is 0. Rules of the Labour Code which refer to the contents of the individual employment contract are not consistent. The texts of the La bour Code which refer to the essential and specific clauses in individual employment contract are art. Also Order no. The analysis is done in the light of the provisions of art. At the end of the stud y, we conclude that certain provisions were essential character to the conclusion of any individual employment contract, others result of the negotiation, have essential character only to the contracting parties, while certain clauses are essential for certain types of individual employment contracts.

Finally, it is assessed and the consequences of lack of essential clauses and establish its content contrary to legal norms. Legal briefing: conscience clauses and conscientious refusal. This issue's "Legal Briefing" column covers legal developments pertaining to conscience clauses and conscientious refusal.

Not only has this topic been the subject of recent articles in this journal, but it has also been the subject of numerous public and professional discussions. Over the past several months, conscientious refusal disputes have had an unusually high profile not only in courthouses, but also in legislative and regulatory halls across the United States. Healthcare providers' own moral beliefs have been obstructing and are expected to increasingly obstruct patients' access to medical services.

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  5. For example, some providers, on ethical or moral grounds, have denied: 1 sterilization procedures to pregnant patients, 2 pain medications in end-of-life situations, and 3 information about emergency contraception to rape victims. On the other hand, many healthcare providers have been forced to provide medical treatment that is inconsistent with their moral beliefs. There are two fundamental types of conscientious objection laws.

    First, there are laws that permit healthcare workers to refuse providing - on ethical, moral, or religious grounds healthcare services that they might otherwise have a legal or employer-mandated obligation to provide. Second, there are laws directed at forcing healthcare workers to provide services to which they might have ethical, moral, or religious objections.

    Both types of laws are rarely comprehensive, but instead target: 1 certain types of healthcare providers, 2 specific categories of healthcare services, 3 specific patient circumstances, and 4 certain conditions under which a right or obligation is triggered. For the sake of clarity, I have grouped recent legal developments concerning conscientious refusal into eight categories: 1. Abortion: right to refuse 2. Abortion: duty to provide 3. Contraception: right to refuse 4.

    Contraception: duty to provide 5. Sterilization: right to refuse 6. Fertility, HIV, vaccines. Full Text Available Following the attacks on September 11, , biased surveillance and discriminatory law enforcement approaches gained momentum. Khawaja , the Superior Court reviewed the constitutionality of the motive element in the definition of terrorism. It held that the motive clause facilitated the targeted law enforcement practices that Bahdi and others advocated against. This paper reports on a review of the appellate decisions, R. Khawaja and , which held that the motive clause was consistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    Modelisation des effets physico-techniques pour la conception des I claim that the two antecedents of such a construction are originally two conjuncts of a coordinate nominal. Then each has undergone a sideward movement, landed in a new working site, and been selected by a verb. After that, a coordinate clausal complex is constructed. In the old working site, a complex nominal is also constructed, in which the relative clause takes the remnant coordinate nominal as its antecedent. Finally, the complex nominal adjoins to the coordinate clausal complex.

    This analysis shows how the freedom in the selection of the landing site gained from sideward movement makes the syntactic derivations of this special type of relative clause construction possible, while at the same time avoiding the problems of the alternative three-dimensional analysis. Interpolant tree automata and their application in Horn clause verification.

    This paper investigates the combination of abstract interpretation over the domain of convex polyhedra with interpolant tree automata, in an abstraction-refinement scheme for Horn clause verification. These techniques have been previously applied separately, but are combined in a new way in this These techniques have been previously applied separately, but are combined in a new way In a summary of a paper presented to the fourth joint engineering conference of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering, the Claus process is discussed in a modern setting.

    Some problems faced in the operation of sulfur recovery plants include 1 strict pollution control regulations; 2 design and operation of existing plants; 3 knowledge of process fundamentals; 4 performance testing; 5 specification of feed gas; 6 catalyst life; 7 instrumentation and process control; and 8 quality of feed gas.

    Some of the factors which must be considered in order to achieve the ultimate capability of the Claus process are listed. There is strong evidence to support the contention that plant operators are reluctant to accept new fundamental knowledge of the Claus sulfur recovery process and are not taking advantage of its inherent potential to achieve the emission standards required, to minimize cost of tail gas cleanup systems and to minimize operating costs.

    Text first published in in Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie, volume 30, and published here with the kind authorization of the journal. Avoiding revenue loss due to 'lesser of' contract clauses. Finance managers seeking to avoid lost revenue attributable to lesser-of-charge-or-fixed-fee lesser-of clauses in their contracts should: Identify payer contracts that contain lesser-of clauses. Prepare lesser-of lost-revenue reports for non-bundled and bundled rates. For claims with covered charges below the bundled rate, identify service codes associated with the greatest proportion of total gross revenue and determine new, higher charge levels for those codes.

    Establish an approach for setting charges for non-bundled fee schedules to address lost-revenue-related issues. Incorporate changes into overall strategic or hospital zero-based pricing modeling and parameters. The clause set forth in Clause packaging in writing and speech: A cross-linguistic developmental analysis. This article analyses clause packaging in the written narrative and expository texts in Dutch, English, French, Hebrew, and Spanish by grade-school children and adults.

    Supplement DFARS to create an overarching prescription for the set of contract financing related clauses Note: The FAR matrix Tree automata-based refinement with application to Horn clause verification. In this paper we apply tree-automata techniques to refinement of abstract interpretation in Horn clause verification.

    Full text of "A Concise Dictionary Of The Italian English And French Languages"

    We go beyond previous work on refining trace abstractions; firstly we handle tree automata rather than string automata and thereby can capture traces in any Horn clause derivation Montpellier, France. Certain Legal Aspects of the Himalaya Clause in the Contract of International Carriage of Goods by Sea A critical perspective on legal challenges raised by the clause under international uniform law and general contract law principles. Description of the Himalaya clause and its benefits; considerations on benefits for third parties over international uniform law; observations on construction of the clause under the model of the contract for the benefit of a third party; remarks on circular indemnity clauses ; application of rules of exclusion of liability to Himalaya clause ; conclusion.

    Prenominal and postnominal reduced relative clauses : arguments against unitary analyses. These last years, several analyses have been proposed in which prenominal and postnominal reduced relatives are merged in the same position. Kayne claims that both types of reduced relative clauses are the complement of the determiner. More recently, Cinque has proposed that both types. CFR All communications required by this Patents Rights clause must be Financial institutions, including a group of financial Relative clauses have been implicated alternately as a strength and a weakness in the language of people with Williams Syndrome WS.

    To clarify the facts, an elicited production test was administered to 10 people with WS age years , 10 typically developing children age years , and 12 typically developing adults. Nearly every WS…. Direct Award Deviation , in direct contracts and purchase orders processed under the Partnership Primarily, the objective of the measure must fall within the scope of any of the Full Text Available The article focuses on the effects that an arbitration clause can still produce when it is contained in a simulated operation, whether it is in the apparent act or in the secret one, depending on the forms of simulation.

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    Homeland Security to facilitate recovery from major disasters, terrorism, or nuclear, biological, chemical Wells, Justine B. Many explanations of the difficulties associated with interpreting object relative clauses appeal to the demands that object relatives make on working memory.

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    Information Pt. A, App. A-7—Confidentiality and Security All A-7—Confidentiality and security all Decomposition by tree dimension in Horn clause verification. In this paper we investigate the use of the concept of tree dimension in Horn clause analysis and verification. The dimension of a tree is a measure of its non-linearity - for example a list of any length has dimension zero while a complete binary tree has dimension equal to its height. We apply Software Previously Delivered to the Government, in solicitations when the resulting contract will require Aspects of royalty clauses inside freehold oil and gas leases.

    Some of the most common royalty clauses currently used are discussed with particular emphasis on the CAPL 88 and the CAPL 91 petroleum and natural gas lease forms and the provisions regarding lessors and lessees. The problems regarding their practical applications are described. The legal status of a royalty inside a freehold oil and gas lease is also examined. Word order variation and foregrounding of complement clauses. The type of sentence Horn clause verification with convex polyhedral abstraction and tree automata-based refinement.

    Enlever Les Cicatrice D'acné Rapidement Youtube

    We go beyond previous work on refining trace abstractions; firstly we handle tree automata rather than string automata and thereby can capture traces in any Horn clause derivations Experiments using linear constraint problems and the abstract domain of convex polyhedra show that the refinement technique is practical and that iteration of abstract interpretation with tree automata-based refinement solves many challenging Horn clause verification problems.

    Consequence clauses with a meaning of measure and degree. Full Text Available The objective of this paper is to present a new classification of consequence clauses that is based on a category of degree. The article provides the arguments that the category of degree in this sentences is grammaticalized with the help of certain modifiers and a conjunction of result da. The author applies the onomasiological method in the analysis and uses the theory of semantic locations.

    An existence of certain meanings is confirmed by the transformational test. Civili, langue des Baloango. Des racines et des ailes. Roots and wings. Long-distance commuting patterns, or how to conciliate professional and personal lifeLong-distance commuting patterns appear to be increasing in Europe over the last ten years. These raising mobility patterns lead to reappraise the Zahavi conjecture and appear largely inexplicable by the classical rational actor paradigm traditionally used in transportation research. In literature, commuting is mainly explained by residential contexts, urban forms and job.

    Nevertheless this theoretical frame says little about the decision-making processes themselves. Based on a qualitative survey conducted in three European countries - France, Belgium and Switzerland — among a population of high commuters, this paper proposes an analysis of. Ettekanne kirjanik Edzard Schaperi Tartu, On the structural position of non-peripheral adjunct clauses. Full Text Available This paper is concerned with the structural position occupied by a subset of adjunct clauses , namely those which can occur in final position without a special intonational break.

    After a definition of the structures to be considered, it will be shown that the classical assumption according to which they are generated as adjuncts is empirically superior to the adjunct-as-complement analysis cf.

    Larson ; , and to more recent analyses, which follow an antisymmetric framework cf. Kayne It will also be shown that a base generation account of preverbal adverbial clauses is to be preferred over a movement analysis on the basis of empirical data, and in conformity with theoretical economy assumptions Merge over Move. Full Text Available Verification conditions VCs are logical formulas whose satisfiability guarantees program correctness. We consider VCs in the form of constrained Horn clauses CHC which are automatically generated from the encoding of an interpreter of the operational semantics of the programming language.

    In this paper we adapt to the CHC setting some of the techniques that were developed for removing unnecessary variables from logic programs, and we show that, in some cases, the application of these techniques increases the effectiveness of Horn clause solvers when proving program correctness.

    Full Text Available These last years, several analyses have been proposed in which prenominal and postnominal reduced relatives are merged in the same position. More recently, Cinque has proposed that both types are merged in the functional projections of the noun, at the left edge of the modifier system. In this paper, I argue against a unitary analysis of prenominal and postnominal participial reduced relatives. Can rent adjustment clauses reduce the income risk of farms?

    Risk management is gaining importance in agriculture. In addition to traditional instruments, new risk management instruments are increasingly being proposed. These proposals include the rent adjustment clauses RACs , which seem to be an unusual instrument at first sight. We investigate the whole-farm risk reduction potential of different types of RACs via a historical simulation A new clause to the Sexual Contract: surrogate pregnancies.


    This debate requires that we analyse the limits of commodification on the one hand and on the other, the ethical requisites of referring to free will in a globalized context of feminization of poverty, sexual inequality and the rearmament of patriarchal neoliberalism. The article proposes a critical reflection on issues that appeal to the conscience clause as part of end of life care can produce and what can guarantee freedom of conscience, self-determination of those involved and respect for the dignity of the sick person. In particular, the conscience clause has been discussed in the light of advance care planning ACP , which represents the instrument to guarantee the shared planning of care and the shared-decision making.

    In this context, recourse to the clause of conscience brings out critical ethical and deontological issues that the article discusses, using the position paper SIAARTI and the text of law currently being debated, both built on the assumptions of a shared care relationship, where patient has a key-role in medical decisions.

    Full Text Available This paper investigates the combination of abstract interpretation over the domain of convex polyhedra with interpolant tree automata, in an abstraction-refinement scheme for Horn clause verification. These techniques have been previously applied separately, but are combined in a new way in this paper.

    The role of an interpolant tree automaton is to provide a generalisation of a spurious counterexample during refinement, capturing a possibly infinite set of spurious counterexample traces. In our approach these traces are then eliminated using a transformation of the Horn clauses. We compare this approach with two other methods; one of them uses interpolant tree automata in an algorithm for trace abstraction and refinement, while the other uses abstract interpretation over the domain of convex polyhedra without the generalisation step.

    Evaluation of the results of experiments on a number of Horn clause verification problems indicates that the combination of interpolant tree automaton with abstract interpretation gives some increase in the power of the verification tool, while sometimes incurring a performance overhead.

    Les ONG contre les habitants. The "Mumbai Urban Transport Project" MUTP is the first large-scale urban infrastructure project in Mumbai to be accompanied by a resettlement and rehabilitation policy. Indeed, this transport project, which is largely financed by the. The validity of knock-for-knock clauses in comparative perspective. This article discusses the validity of so-called knock-for-knock clauses , by which parties to offshore oil and gas or maritime contracts agree that each of them will cover its own losses regardless of who caused them.

    The issue of validity of such clauses and of the liability exclusions they cont The issue of validity of such clauses and of the liability exclusions Salah Toumi, Des Connaissances Aux Politiques. The result of this research shows that the supervision of standard clause done by those institutions has not been effective yet, this caused by several factors to wit the weakness of implementing regulation in terms of supervision, unclear supervision mechanism, the weakness of socialization related to the rules of standard clause towards business actors, and other weakness and obstacles faced by both institutions.

    It underlines its economic challenges at the beginning of the XXIst century, as well as its internal forces and external opportunities facing these challenges. The multiple facets of the canonical direct implicational basis. Implicational systems represents an efficient and convenient tool to deal with a closure system, and have been studied in various areas, with different terminology. This paper states Gestion des risques.

    Comment analyser les risques? Quels sont les objectifs de la gestion des risques? Une carte des risques pour quoi faire? Pourquoi faut-il financer les risques? En quoi consiste la gestion La gouvernance des risques naturels et la problematique des La perception de la gouvernance et l'application des politiques de It combines local search and conflict driven clause learning CDCL scheme. Each time the local search part reaches a local minimum, the CDCL is launched.

    We explain how the structure of multi-national or multi-regional environmental agreements affect their chance of success. Trade in emissions permits has ambiguous and in some cases surprising effects on both the equilibrium level of abatement, and on the ability to persuade nations or regions to participate in environmental agreements. An escape clause policy and a safety valve policy have essentially the same properties when membership in environmental agreement is pre-determined, but they create markedly different effects on the incentives to join such an agreement.

    The two policies lead to a qualitative difference in the leverage that a potential member of the agreement exercises on other members. Like any international agreement, the NPT includes a withdrawal clause. The North Korean withdrawal, which was announced in and became effective in , shows how difficult it is to preserve this possibility, while guaranteeing compliance with signed agreements.

    To achieve this target, two conditions are required: first, enhancing the means by which the reasons for withdrawals can be made clear and second, to allow the Security Council to draw all the consequences of withdrawals that could imply that a treaty has been violated. The clause may be used in cost-reimbursement contracts This corpus study brings a second language L2 research perspective, insights from generative grammar, and new empirical evidence to bear on a long-accepted claim in the World Englishes literature--namely, that inversion with "wh"-movement in colloquial Indian English is obligatory in embedded clauses and impossible in main clauses.

    This paper focuses on the interpersonal potential of the conditional clause as a rhetorical device for establishing a dialogue between the author and the reader of an academic text in search for shared understanding and consensus. It presents a corpus-based analysis of functions conditional clauses play in linguistics research articles in an…. Matrix Response: DoD has retained in the final rule the language at The African farmlands are the object of the greed of numerous foreign investors which materializes by an acceleration of the transactions carrying on the concession of lands on a large-scale.

    These investments correspond to very diverse stakes and give rise to rudimentary contract the exact clauses which are often underestimated. This very mediatized phenomenon is extremely debated and arouses virulent criticisms while the scientific analyses on the subject are still very rare. Towards the anticipated perverse effects and for some already perceptible, he can be perceived as one of the drift of a new agricultural growth model based on the promotion of the agrobusiness. The sequencing of adverbial clauses of time in academic English: Random forest modelling.

    Full Text Available Adverbial clauses of time are positioned either before or after their associated main clauses. This study aims to assess the importance of discourse-pragmatics and processing-related constraints on the positioning of adverbial clauses of time in research articles of applied linguistics written by authors for whom English is considered a native language.

    Previous research has revealed that the ordering is co-determined by various factors from the domains of semantics and discourse-pragmatics bridging, iconicity, and subordinator and language processing deranking, length, and complexity. This research conducts a multifactorial analysis on the motivators of the positioning of adverbial clauses of time in research articles of applied linguistics.

    The study will use a random forest of conditional inference trees as the statistical technique to measure the weights of the aforementioned variables. It was found that iconicity and bridging, which are factors associated with discourse and semantics, are the two most salient predictors of clause ordering. Photonique des Morphos. Droit des organisations internationales. The verb second V2 phenomenon, as it is found in the Germanic languages, has been the focus of much attention within recent syntactic research. In most of the literature on V2, it is assumed that the verb in all V2 clauses has moved to a head position outside IP, e.

    Various alternatives to this analysis have been explored in the literature, and here we will address two in particular: One alternative is that there is an asymmetry between subject Understanding of subordinate clauses in the language of dysphasic children. Full Text Available This paper presents the results of the research of peculiarities of syntactic development, as an element of language structure on the grammatical level of children suffering from developmental dysphasia, after the completed speech pathology treatment of many years. Syntactic level at younger school age was studied by assessing language competence in the accomplishment of communicative sentence with subordinate clause.

    The research was performed on the samples of children at school age in regular primary schools in Belgrade. The sample comprised respondents who were divided in two groups: target and comparative. The target group consisted of 60 respondents children suffering from developmental dysphasia after the completed speech pathology treatment of many years, and the comparative group consisted of respondents from regular primary school "Gavrilo Princip" in Zemun. Research results show that grammatical development of children suffering from developmental dysphasia takes place at a considerably slower rate and entails substantially more difficulties in accomplishing predication in subordinate clauses.

    This paper discusses the consequences which the difficulties in grammatical development can have on school achievement. Information on Diethylstilbestrol DES and Cancer. DES -exposed grandchildren have? Researchers are also studying possible health effects among women and men who are the children In addition, researchers are studying possible health effects on the grandchildren of mothers who were exposed Table des illustrations. Direction des Publications. Technical papers 2: regional evaluation of the greenhouse gases emissions bound to the energy; Cahiers techniques 2: bilan regional des emissions de gaz a effet de serre liees a l'energie.

    The regional evaluation of the greenhouse gases emissions is realized in the framework of the climatic change fight. This technical paper aims to give regions information on the greenhouse gases emissions bound the the energy consumption.