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While war crimes were sometimes investigated, many were swept under the carpet. The men of Tiger Force , an elite unit of the U.

After the massacre at My Lai, exposed by whistleblowers after a year of cover-ups by the U. Army, many Americans cried for justice—but far more enthusiastically supported the men who had murdered more than Vietnamese villagers, gangraping the women and mutilating the children. Letters to the White House ran to 1 in favor of the perpetrators, while polling showed 75 percent of the public backed them and just 17 percent disapproved of their actions.

Twenty-six men were charged with crimes, but only one, Lt. William Calley, was convicted. Despite Calley originally receiving a life sentence, President Richard Nixon intervened to ensure he spent his time under cozy house arrest, until he finally received parole after just three and a half years in nominal confinement. If Americans want to be seen as protectors, not oppressors, U.

Future leaders will have to seriously consider incorporating local courts into the military justice system—a solution that carries its own problems of cultural clashes and political biases, but that would go a long way to answering concerns. James Palmer is a senior editor at Foreign Policy. Trending Now Sponsored Links by Taboola. New research claims that the U. It is wrong—and dangerous. Government-backed vigilantes in the Philippines are targeting farmers and protesters. Sign up for free access to 1 article per month and weekly email updates from expert policy analysts.

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In this picture taken on March 15, , local resident Truong Thi Hong, 76, looks at the names of relatives killed during the My Lai massacre at the war memorial museum in Son My village, Quang Ngai province. View Comments. More from Foreign Policy. Argument Charli Carpenter , Alexander H.

The United States and the Development of Norms and Rules on Genocide

Duterte Turns Death Squads on Political Activists Government-backed vigilantes in the Philippines are targeting farmers and protesters. Argument Nick Aspinwall. The U. Trending 1. Why Young Koreans Love to Splurge. Should Bid Biya Goodbye. Muslim Leaders Are Betraying the Uighurs.

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Billionaires Can't Buy World Peace. Need an account? The annual release of the report, usually in late winter each year, raises the ire of many countries. Some experts say considerable debate, and sometimes friction, is also vented internally in the State Department, especially between the human rights bureau and specific missions, before the reports are finalized.

Criticism of United States foreign policy

The question of how to respond to especially dark allegations in the report about partners has vexed administrations both Republican and Democratic. Henry Kissinger, former secretary of state for Presidents Nixon and Ford in the s, when congressional activism on human rights hit a peak, has warned against placing too strong an emphasis on human rights and democracy promotion in U.

Hillary Clinton reflected the challenge in balancing priorities during her first trip as secretary of state to Asia, which included a stop in China, the largest holder of U. In another example, Egypt, a crucial U. Activists like exiled dissident Saad Eddin Ibrahim in late mounted an effort to have U. But on the policy side, he has also faced criticism from some rights groups for not following through and holding to account brutal military dictatorships in El Salvador and Guatemala in the early s that received U.

Abrams rejects this criticism, saying the Reagan administration maintained consistent pressure for reforms that resulted in a steady move toward democracy in Guatemala and El Salvador and a decline in El Salvadoran death-squad activities through the s. Countries ranging from dictatorships to democracies have long chafed at the U. The reactions to the report, released in February , are typical.

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China, cited for a poor record , including repression of ethnic minorities in its Tibet and Xinjiang regions, continued its recent practice of responding with its own critique of U. It cited figures on violent crime and poverty, for instance, in the United States as signs of the "widespread human rights abuses on its own territory.

Reaction was also sharp among U. Yet many rights watchdogs, including groups like Human Rights Watch, which has regularly condemned U. The more salient argument, he says, comes from rights activists, such as those in Egypt, who believe the U. The Obama administration has acknowledged concerns raised by other states about the annual State Department report. In releasing the report, officials reiterated U. The administration also revived U.

But many challenges await the administration in setting forth a human rights agenda, including the trajectory of the rights dialogue at the United Nations. In addition to managing its relationship with China, the administration has announced a "reset" in relations with Russia that could involve some difficult compromises on rights issues, and may face tough policy choices in regard to Sudan, whose president has just been indicted by the International Criminal Court for alleged abuses toward the people of Darfur.

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    United States Foreign Policies Toward Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

    Smith July 1, Asia Unbound. Skip to main content. Backgrounder Current political and economic issues succinctly explained. This publication is now archived. Introduction The annual U. More From Our Experts.