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In fact, body language would include watching his face as he attempted to bark. No sound would come out but I could tell what sound was intended. I'm reminded of Gary Larson's old "Far Side" cartoon, which showed a scientitst who'd invented a computerized helmet that translated what dogs were saying when they barked. Now that we have a two-dog household, having adopted a second boxer in June, this post especially interests me. I'm going to tag it so I can refer back to it when my dogs are backing at each other and see if they're stutter barks since sometimes their play is difficult to distinguish from fighting.

Here's a puzzler though: Gertie flips Duke's ear up and barks directly into it. Any ideas on what that's about?!

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Stanley Coren writes that dogs and other animals use a universal code when communicating vocally, based on three dimensions: pitch, duration, and repetition. Low-pitched sounds indicate threats of aggression while high-pitched sounds indicate friendliness. As for the rate or frequency of barking, Coren says sounds repeated at a fast rate indicate urgency while brief bursts of one or two barks indicate only a mild interest.

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If you want to make another animal move away, or to stay out of your territory, you could send a lower pitched signal, like a growl, suggesting that you are larger and more dangerous. For instance, do dogs have a sense of self? In order for a dog to think the ways Coren describes, a dog would also have to have a fully-developed theory of mind ToM , requiring an awareness that a she has senses, b that she has emotions, and c that she has a mind. These cognitive abilities then have to be coupled with an ability to know that others animals also have minds, emotions, and senses.

That said, Coren is not alone in promoting cognitively-rich explanations. And barking may be one way do of doing that. But according to cognitive scientist Daniel C. Dennett, there are two types of communication.

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The first is the intentional reporting of information, which requires a fully-developed ToM, plus the use of symbolic language, written, spoken, or signed. And while dogs understand our verbal cues, and can pair them with an amazing number of behaviors, they don't have the ability to use and understand language. True, dogs are very expressive, but as far as I know no dog has ever spoken a single word in any language.

The second form of communication only requires that a dog have an ability to express his emotions.

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So when a dog brings you his leash or digs at an empty water dish, is he intentionally reporting information or is he expressing his desire to go for a walk or his need for water? High-Level Cognition or Pattern Recognition? It's helpful to know that, for dogs, understanding and responding to verbal cues takes place primarily through a process called pattern recognition, an evolutionary pre-cursor to logic and language.

There is also scientific evidence showing that dogs living in human households are smarter and more capable of understanding what we want them to do, and are better at following our cues, than feralized dogs are. But do you think your dog is aware that he has a mind? Is he aware that other dogs have minds or that you have a mind?

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Does he know that his mind is different from yours? Coren has given. I wasn't able to get the "parts in bold" I mentioned above, so I'll re-post that part, with those parts in caps. For dogs to bark for the above reasons would require self-awareness -- which dogs don't have -- as well as a fully-developed theory of mind -- which dogs also lack.

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What Your Dog Is Trying to Tell You With His Bark

It is true that Barking is one type of vocal communication that dogs use, and it can mean different things depending on the situation. He is a Doberman-German Shepherd mix. His sibling brother does not do this. I took my puppy from a dog foster home about a year ago. I love him to bits; he has a great personality, and I feel that he loves our family so much.

So, leaving home is always a challenge for us. Be consistent.

Common Dog Behavior Issues

It is unreasonable to expect your dog to never bark as barking is the way they communicate with the world, but you can teach her some control. Compare Breeds Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side. Dog Name Finder Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration. Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid.


Additional Resources AKC. Get Started in Dog Training. Clubs Offering: Training Classes. Sign In Sign Up. What to do About Your Barking Dog. Dec 18, 2 Minutes. What is Your Dog Barking at? Dog Park Etiquette If you're an urban or suburban dog owner, you're likely familiar with the local dog park. It's a canine oasis. The "Dog Park Etiquette" E-book outlines what you should consider before you bring your dog to the dog park. So match the correction to the temperament of the dog.

What is Your Dog Barking at?

Most Important: Have patience and be consistent. Genetics Some breeds are more prone to barking e. Physical Need The dog is hot, cold, hungry or thirsty. Emotional Need The dog is bored, excited or anxious. Environment Improper confinement restrictive tethering, being locked in a pen alone for long periods, lack of shelter can all lead to a dog that barks excessively.

Additionally, excessive barking may be triggered by environmental cues other dogs barking, passing cars, sirens, storms, etc. If a dog is to be an outdoor dog, increase its activity level. Ensure the dog has bones or chew toys. Consider getting the dog a companion. Turn on a radio low volume to cover noises that may induce barking and to keep the dog company.

Do not shout as this may encourage the dog to bark more.