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He has been governing the country since taking power in a military coup. Another defeat in parliament would seriously weaken the president's ability to govern. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words Controlling and being in charge aggrandize assume assumption authoritative balance of power divide dominant high-handed hold sway idiom hold the balance of power idiom hold the key idiom hold the reins idiom hook preside over sth presiding pull pull rank idiom pull the strings idiom rein whip.

Today, he governs a state where Hispanics make up nearly half the population. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. However, the combinations of these units are governed by syntactical rules, which are the to-belearned components of the situation. From Cambridge English Corpus. In surveying modern theories of nostalgia the author points out that most ' ' proceed from and are governed by notions of loss and amnesia.

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The related problems we have in mind are governed by additional dissipative and dispersive forcing terms. The results can then be extended to numerical approximations to the governing equations. However, some terms in the governing equations will become insignificant in the presence of the averaging, and can be removed. We reject the idea of research participation being governed solely by market forces. At this same time, there was a pervasive social reassessment of the ethical norms governing medical practice as well as particular reevaluation of informed consent.

They also asked about respondents' awareness of existing guidelines and whether they desired additional regulatory policies governing interactions with the pharmaceutical industry.

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To a large extent, life here will still have been governed by traditional identities. A further concern was that design products should be governed by intellectual rigour and not merely be the outcome of a design consultancy. From onward the economy is assumed to be governed by again. In actual fact, the management of community natural resources was mainly governed by rules based on customary law.

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Although they are linked, ecological and economic systems are governed by different regulatory mechanisms and are based on fundamentally different currencies. One step down in the hierarchy are features and principles governing any human society, past or present, primitive or civilised.

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Need a translator? Swers, a professor of government at Georgetown University who studies gender and policy making. In a new analysis of the , public bills introduced in the House between and , to be published in print in Political Science Research and Methods, researchers found that women were significantly more likely than men to sponsor bills in areas like civil rights, health and education.

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Men were more likely to sponsor bills in agriculture, energy and macroeconomics. Another study , of State of the State speeches from to published in State and Local Government Review, found that female governors devoted much more attention to social welfare issues than male governors did, even after controlling for political and situational factors.

Women are less likely to vote for war or the death penalty. Yet when women are in executive positions, the opposite is true: They are more hawkish than men. The researchers said that could be in part because of a need to overcome stereotypes of women as weak. Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi, all of whom governed in conflicts, were described as governing like men.

Over all, female lawmakers are just as successful as men at getting their bills passed — except when the bills are about issues affecting women, health, education and social welfare, according to the new study of four decades of House bills by Craig Volden of the University of Virginia, Alan E.

Wiseman of Vanderbilt University and Dana E.

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Wittmer of Colorado College. Then, only 1 percent of bills sponsored by women passed, compared with 4 percent of all bills. The researchers concluded that it was not because of a gender difference in expertise or lawmaking ability, but because of institutional bias.

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Bills on the issues that women dominate are often gridlocked in committee, so they never make it to a vote. Wiseman said. Yet women also have advantages in governing — and the biggest gender differences appear during behind-the-scenes work. The result is that women build coalitions and reach consensus more quickly, researchers say. Genovese, director of the Institute for Leadership Studies at Loyola Marymount University, who has studied gender and leadership.

Senator Kirsten E.