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Sect 10 Unless it's a national security issue sect -- and the patent must eventually expire in 14 or 20 years sects , - I think Second: since secrecy is essential to magic, the origins of any Magic tricks are hard to discover - making claims of inventor-ship difficult. Sect Trade secrets that are shared and used among an entire industry make it ineligible for protection under the law.

Magic Tricks

Ultimately, the only protection you have against blabbermouths is via unofficial means oaths of secrecy, appeals to ethics and morality, mafia retaliations etc. You cannot claim any legal protection. Refer to U. It's a very readable explanation of patent law. Also Wikipedia patent article is pretty clean explanation. I'm not a lawyer. And, I can't speak about a magic trick has been patented out side of the US.

If anybody knows - I'd be interested in how that works. And - there just might be magic tricks that ARE patented note the article's incorrect use of the word "copyright". If anyone knows any please also let me know. Finally for the guy who claims this is patented: this trick may very well be patented: please cite the pat.

Seriously, not being facetious. Let me say this again. With force and clarity for those who missed it. A patent protects others from using your invention. It does not keep it secret. Indeed, when you patent a magic trick, you must publicize the mechanics of how it works. The word "patent" comes from the Latin "patens," past participle of "patere" which means "to be open". That is, you must "lay open" your invention. A visit to the U.

WP:RFC recommends using a relevant talk page for a content non-user dispute. Once we've kicked this around a but more, perhaps we should propose a policy. Bovlb UTC.

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The issue here overlaps with the Wikipedia guideline against including " how-to " guides. The encyclopedic information here is that it is a trick rather than magic and the details of who invented it. The process of how to perform the trick is not necessary for an encyclopedia article. This is comparable to including recipes or instructions on clearing clogged sinks. I don't agree with the arguments that we shouldn't post the mechanism of the trick because of copyrights or because it will put professional magicians out of work.

The reason that we shouldn't post it is that it is a 'how-to". Wikibooks is the location where "How-to" guides are being moved, and it would be an excellent place to include this information. It could serve as a valuable addition to a wikibook on magic tricks. Two more propositions derived from comments by Willmcw and Finlay McWalter above:. I am ending this P nonsense right now! I agree with the general consensus that the "secret" behind tricks should be handled just like any other piece of information.

The "copyright" idea is just ridiculous, though a common belief among magicians. I've had many heated arguments about this with my brother, a budding magician, and I understand that they do not want it published for good egoistic reasons but that does not change the fact that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. Magic tricks like King's Rising are copyrighted! The dvd is in print and is thusly copyrighted. By have the secret to that on this stupid wikipedia thing, it is violating that copyright. I apologise if I caused controversy by posting the secret.

I only posted it because I learned about it from a friend and thought it was absolutely fascinating. I didn't realise it would be so controversial to describe it. I apologise for any trouble this has caused to wikipedians and I won't post anything of this type again. I did try to check that it would be OK in copyright terms to post it, and I found that several places on the net were selling the secret - however, they weren't paying royalties to Paul Curry.

Therefore, it was as others have said here - any given specific description of the secret could be copyrighted and all of those were , but that didn't make it illegal to describe the trick, only to copy one of those descriptions. To make it illegal to describe the trick in any way would require a patent. It seems odd to argue that it's ethical for a paysite to post the information for a profit with no royalty to the creator, or write it in a book on those terms, but unethical for the same information to be displayed for free.

Anyway, I'm not trying to put up a protest here, just apologise for any trouble I've caused. I've read the reasons above, and I really can't argue with any of them. There's no law that I can point to and say "it's illegal to expose magic", so all I can do is try to talk to your reason.

If any of you have kids - look at their eyes when they see something magical. It's a great moment in their life. I perform mostly for adults, and I often see the same sense of wonder in their eyes. It's not becuase we as magicians enjoy being a "member of a secret cult" that knows secrets. We're just here to spread joy and suspend the disbelief. As Albert Einstin said: The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. Broothal Talk.


I've removed the claim that wikipedia is taking away my income - it was a very exaggerated claim. Thank you for pointing that out. In the magic community, we are very careful about who's secrets we expose - even to each others. Some secrets are not "ours to give", so we don't. You might read an explanation that says "you the use the Out of this World principle to acomplish.. The contributors to wikipedia doesn't have that experience.

They don't know if a secret if someones. A lot of magicians make a living creating effects and then selling them to other magicians. If we could get them here for free, we'd basically put them out of a job. That's why I propose the first level - no magic secrets - because it would be impossible to validate each submission without being a magician.

A secret may take 10 lines to describe, but have taken 1 year to develop. It's like if you posted the entire Harry Potter books here. No one doubts that they're the property of the author, but basically it's just information. Like a magic secret. And they may have taken the same amount of work. As for the "level" mentioned above: "- Only secrets found in books available at the public library are revealed.

We have a different perception of "Published". In the magic community, if you publish an effect, and nobody disputes you, then you are credited with that effect, and no one else should publish it. So, if I had it entirely my way, all published effects should not be posted on wikipedia. Unpublished effects are okay, if they are the creation of the editor, or with the creators blessings. I doubt that wikipedians will be able to tell if an effect has been openly published to the public domain, or it has been exposed by someone with malicious intent like Herbert Becker.

This reminds me of the discussion we had on alt. We were a small group of magicians using alt. Then came the question of exposure, and a large discussion took place - much like this one. The end result was, that the magicians left and alt. So instead of more information about magic, the public is left with less information. By the way - I'm a wikipedia neophyte. Will the information I provide here make the basis of a vote somewhere?

While this trick or any other may be for sale in books and DVDs, they are books and DVDs which are only sold as special locations and not to the general public. That fact alone should have some impact. I agree that if any trick is widely know, certainly Out of This World is.

If I'm not mistaken, this trick has been around for close to half century, and has spawned at least 5 or 10 variations that have been published in books or videos or marketed as tricks. The proposal that is 'Wikipedia should never reveal the secret to a magic trick, unless it's widely known' seems problematic; how do you define 'widely known'?

I've got a very simple solution. Why not have Wikipedia point people to sources where the solution can be found or purchased. I've learned a lot about wikipedia from this discussion, and I feel it's time to try to wrap things up. The conclusion is, that we the magicians do not whish our secrets to be available on wikipedia. I have no laws to threaten with, but I ask you kindly. I know you'll be asking: ok - but if we agree to that - then what's in it for us? And what's in it for wikipedia?

Do you want to learn magic tricks? Welcome to the 1 site for learning magic tricks, illusions, and mentalism for people of all skill levels. With practice and dedication, you too can become an elite illusionist either for hobby or as a career. Have you ever watched a magician and wondered, how did they do that? We reveal the biggest kept secrets in the world and the newest performances. We have in-depth tutorials for card and coin, easy bar tricks, and the biggest stage illusions in history.

There are 3 stages of learning a new magic trick: discovery, practice, and mastery. And this is what it looks like:. A performance that has been mastered looks 10x better. So for every trick, you Discover on this site, make sure to master them first before rushing out and performing it to an audience.

Good luck! There is no magic wand involved. They use tools like sleight of hand, everyday objects, and sophisticated tools to create an illusion of a magical occurrence. However, magic is real in the sense that the performers can bring an audience member no matter how old back to a sense of childlike wonder.

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They can make even the most shrewd observers baffled in confusion. These are undeniably forms of magic and there is little else in the world that is as captivating. With this said, there are good magicians and bad ones — meaning, that there are those who have honed their craft and others that still need to practice. Stage performances are so great because it usually generates the most attention from your audience. All eyes are on you. People are there specifically to watch you perform.

Here are some of the biggest stage illusions in the history of magic. Street performers are perhaps the coolest kind of magician. They approach strangers and perform tricks right in front of their eyes. You may have seen them in their TV specials or clips of them on YouTube. Coin tricks rely on a lot of sleight of hand. Some of these are pretty advanced. They become ingrained in your muscle memory, much like playing cards.

These are some of our favorite performances ever. Learn some new card tricks and wow your friends. Magic tricks with cards are fun skills for beginners. When you are learning, you want to find magic tricks that are easy to understand, learn, and execute. Luckily for you, there are plenty of card tricks that fit the bill. In this section, we will walk you through some simple magic tricks that you can do with a deck of cards.

Are you ready? In addition, it also serves as a great foundation for which to execute other tricks. Once you learn it, you will know how a magician correctly guesses which card is yours every time. The answer lies in how you set up the deck of cards. Place the ace of spades on the bottom of the deck and then fan out the cards.

Next, let the audience member choose a card and do not let them show it to you. Now, place the deck of cards back in the pile, keeping the ace of spades on the bottom. Allow them to place their card at the top of the deck. Have the audience member cut half of the deck and place it down. Then, place half of the deck of cards on top of the other half.

The ace of spades should now be in the middle of the deck this is how you track their card. Finally, flip through the cards until you reach the ace of spades. The next card will be their card. We swear this is one of the most fun magic card tricks. Now, we are on to the famous rising card trick. This is a cool magic trick that anyone can learn. Perhaps you have seen it before. What is the secret here? You will soon learn that the secret lies in how you position your fingers.

All you need to pull this off is a deck of playing cards and a little bit of patience. So how do you perform this simple trick? We have got step-by-step instructions for you. Have a spectator choose a card and then reinsert it into the deck retrieve it with the instructions listed above. Next, bring the first finger of your right hand down on top of the deck. The secret is simpler than you might think. When you rest the first finger of your right hand on top of the deck, you simultaneously extend your small right finger until the tip of it is resting on the back of the top card aka the one the spectator selected.

Do this behind the deck so that onlookers cannot see the move. When the card is halfway up out of the deck, grab it with your first right finger and thumb, quickly curling your little finger in. This will make it look like it is levitating. You can then quickly show the card to spectators and make show them there is nothing to find. The answer is a black string. Have you noticed that magicians often wear black clothing when performing their tricks? This helps the black thread to blend with their outfit and avoid being seen. It helps pull off an illusion like floating cards.

For this card trick, we go beyond the simple levitation trick and actually spin the card in midair. How is it done? Once you know the secret, it is incredibly easy to pull off. No mentalism is not real, most of it is a bunch of great sleight of hand, misdirection and psychological tricks just like magic tricks. Mentalism is an extended version of magic. Magic and mentalism are closely related.

A good mentalist is also a good magician. In fact, the art of mentalism is easy to learn as compared to the art of magic. To be a good magician you need to spend considerable time mastering the art of misdirection and sleight of hand.

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But to be a good mentalist you need to know basic magic techniques. Mentalism consists of various types of performances like mind reading, mind control, hypnosis, telepathy, clairvoyance, divination, predictions, psychokinesis, mediumship, memory feats, deduction, and rapid mathematics. In a mentalism show, most of the performances are of mind reading, mind control, predictions.

Entertain and impress people using mentalism routines Develop your presentation and showmanship skills Understand how other people think It boosts self-confidence, dexterity and develop lateral thinking Enhance social skills, you become the center of attraction in social gatherings. A professional magician is adept and master of sleight of hand.

He can make people wonder with his skill. But even if you are an expert magician few little things in your show can double the positive impression of your show. A magician should never get complacent, he must think that every magic trick ever invented can be improved and so does your magic show. A magician should be sharp-eyed to notice the changes in the reaction of audience whenever things happen coincidently. He must note those occurrences and adapt it to his shows to take the shows to next level. Starting the show on time makes the audience have a favourable opinion about the magician, and also your client will appreciate your punctuality which would help you in the future.

Presence of music in your show make your show look extravagant. If your mass magic or mentalism trick is impactful, the audience will talk about it more than any other trick because here you have affected everybody at the same time. Making people wonder is not enough, you must make them smile.

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Developing a sense of humour is not that easy, but to pretend to have a sense of humour can be done by writing a comedy script for your acts, it will take some efforts. A magician pretty much controls everything during the show, so using a scripted version of your humorous presentation will make people remember you as a great entertainer. No type of magic is stronger than pure vanish because as per popular opinion magician is someone who can make things vanish. You must inspire through an entertainment. That trick must get the loudest applaud or even standing ovation. Imagine, you are ready to perform the penultimate trick of your show, but client tells you that they have limited time and it has to be the last trick.

You must abandon the trick you were ready for and perform your closing effect. This happens frequently so keep yourself ready for this scenario. Sometimes you can do it right after the show so that all the audience get to know more about you. If selective people come to you, do give them access to talk to you and hand over your business cards in the process.

Catching a secret of the magician is one of the strongest way to prove your intelligence. Magicians cannot avoid hecklers from attending their show because they exist everywhere. A magician must learn to handle the hecklers to save the sanctity of his magic tricks and his magic show. Following are some diplomatic ways to handle hecklers who are trying to spoil your magic show. While performing the effect specifically point out that you are not doing what he said you were doing.

This proves your expertise and proves heckler wrong. You can guess it as you end the trick. If you give attention to them trying to justify your effect, they will ask you more and more questions. For, one of the tricks where you know that even if performer know the secret they cannot actually perform it like a magician. Tell such heckler if they know the secret come and perform it for all and they will never try it. So when heckler disturbs you, keep calm and just play with words and waste some time. If spectator still tries to spoil your trick few people from the audience will talk to the heckler voluntarily making them understand to enjoy the show and not to spoil the sense of wonder for all.

Tell them about the countries you have travelled, the other influential people in the world you performed for. For example, while producing a coin make a move which looks like you are taking out the coin from your sleeves but you have just palmed the coin. Now, when they claim they know the secret, roll up your sleeves, so that they can see there is nothing up your sleeves and do the same trick again. Ask them do they watch movies in a theatre? Who is their favourite action hero? Ask them if they know who does the stunts of a hero? They definitely know that it is not a hero who does stunts by himself.

Anybody who wishes to earn money cannot avoid marketing. If you avoid marketing, money will avoid you. If your marketing is unconventional then it brings better results faster. Following are some rare and unique ideas for magicians to market themselves and gather more shows. Leave your card behind in a restaurant, on your bus sit, movie theatre sit.

Put on a t-shirt as much as possible and people will certainly notice it. Do the same thing for your car and print your information on the back windshield. Gradually more and more people will stop and take a look at your magic tricks. These events to be planned in advance if you successfully deliver it the results are massive.

If they catch your trick give away the reward. People quickly share the news of these kinds of shows. But you ask them that you also want to invite some more people to your show. Market your free show as much as you can and get maximum people to watch it. Tell all your friends and relatives that you are a professional magician.

Also, try if they have seen at least one of your magic tricks which influenced them. If they see someone need a magician they must voluntarily suggest and recommend your name. Email, send a text message or send a postcard to your old clients. Send the communication few days before the same date they hired you in previous years. They might have a recurring requirement for a magician. The performance time of this trick should be short but it must create a jaw-dropping impact on the viewers.

Record the performance of this trick and post it on social media. If the trick is truly a great trick, people will share it and soon it will get viral and you might earn a million views giving you quick publicity. But only building a website is not enough, you must build a website that sells. Spending some money to have a quality website is not an expenditure, it is a lucrative investment. As a professional magician, your website will differ from other professions, your website should serve your business. You need not follow generic instructions of web design.

Your website should be designed as per the user flow of your potential clients. In your introduction, there should be at least one paragraph explaining why the client should hire you. This content must make your skills saleable. So you either put it on a header, footer or sidebar. Shortlist some good, high-quality photos and post them on your website. Keep solo photos for your Instagram account maybe but for website keep solo photos to a minimum. But also have some more organic videos of your actual performances on a separate page. A trailer will hold the visitor on your website but to make him contact you a client would want to see some full performance of your magic tricks, make sure you give it to them.

Especially if you have few video testimonials from a celebrity it will make a far greater impact. Visitors cannot question the legitimacy of video testimonials because they see a real person appreciating your performance on record. But closing a corporate deal is tricky because they think their reputation is at stake. Corporate feel comfortable with an experienced artist, so why not flaunt your previous clients showing them that you are an expert magician and have been performing for even bigger clients than them.

Try to get some media coverage even if you have to offer a show at free of cost. Media still considered as an authentic source, if media says you are a great magician, then people say you are a great magician. Keep updating it with latest photos, videos, your upcoming events. Imagine one year back you had posted a video of your best magic trick, but a year later you learn a new trick which you now hold it as your best trick. So your latest best trick should be on your website to impress the clients.

Some of your website visitors will also visit your social media pages and if they like your social media pages they may start sharing it, which might fetch you some more clients. Some of these things like having a video trailer might take considerable time. Make your website live with some basic information, some photos and then keep improving and updating it.

The sooner you are on the inter-web better are the chances of you getting found through search engines. In India when people hear about a magician, they imagine an old man in shining colorful clothes with a hat on his head performing old and traditional magic tricks. They are even more ignorant about the art of mentalism which is a very unique addition to magic shows. But magic is not like archery there is no such thing as best magician in the world. Anyone who loves magic shows would want to see the magic shows of different magicians.

Following are some strong reasons why magicians must help each other for mutual benefit. To establish art of magic as mainstream entertainment: A magic show is still not considered as a mainstream entertainment, in spite of the fact that it is a suitable option for all kinds of social and corporate events. If you are not available for a magic show because of prior booking, you can give the client reference of another magician who is available.

If the client gets another magician he will continue to plan to have a magic show for the event instead of looking for some other entertainment option. Naturally, if more magicians make more magic shows happen, people will start treating it as mainstream entertainment and ultimately there will be more inquiries for magic shows. He calls you but you are not available because of some other show.

Now, the client will search for other magicians from various sources and eventually he will find one. The amateur magician has not only spoiled his show but he has damaged the reputation of the art of magic and in the future, the same client may not opt for the magic show again. People want to try different magicians: You can perform for the same client two or three times but they would like to try a new magician fourth time before they hire you once again in the future. So even if you recommend other good magicians to the client first time, they might call him two or three times, but fourth time they would want some other magician which could be you.

More business for everybody: Even if you are a magician, you cannot perform at two places at same time. If you refer other magicians in your unavailability they would want to return the favor in their unavailability by referring you and that will build more business for you. The force Mentalist use forcing technique to perform prediction effects.

Mentalist force the spectator to make a particular choice but to a spectator it looks like a free choice. The peek Mentalist use this technique to perform mind reading effects. Mentalist secretly or using some mechanism take a quick look at what spectator has written, drawn etc. Cold readings commonly employ high-probability guesses, quickly picking up on signals as to whether their guesses are in the right direction or not, then emphasizing and reinforcing chance connections and quickly moving on from missed guesses.

Mentalist tries to show the power of his mind using these effects.