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Leader of Rory Gallagher tribute Band of Friends. But she stole Mariah for somebody who couldn't have kids, Ian Ward. Meanwhile, Mariah had ended up leaving town with Ian and he convinced her to leave town with him. Ian took Mariah to a storage unit and drugged her, causing her to lose consciousness.

When Mariah awoke, she was wearing a wedding dress and Ian told her that they would get married. Mariah refused to marry Ian, but he didn't listen and got Mariah so drugged that she couldn't coherently say no. They ended up married. Mariah was rescued by Nick and Sharon and taken to the hospital. At the hospital, Sharon told Mariah that she was Mariah's mother. Mariah refused to believe it and didn't want to embrace Sharon as her mother. Nick convinced her not to leave town, but Mariah refused to come back to the ranch, and she quit her job at the Underground, but Nick convinced her to return to the Underground so she can pay Sharon back.

Noah tried to convince Mariah to give their mom a second chance. Abby came in and started insulting Mariah, so Mariah threw a pitcher of water at Abby, drenching her. Noah snapped at Mariah and told her she was on her own. Mariah and Kevin also started to become closer as friends. She was charmed by Kevin's geekiness and touched that he cared about her. Mariah heard Sharon murmuring in her sleep about somebody not being somebody else's father. The real story was that Summer is Nick's daughter, not Jack's.

Sharon switched the paternity tests so Nick would stay with her. Summer's mother, Phyllis Summers , overheard Sharon confessing this at Cassie's grave when Sharon got into an altercation with her and accidentally pushed Phyllis down the stairs into a coma. But Mariah jumped to the conclusion that Faith was the child whose paternity had been falsified.

Victor paid Mariah to tell him about Sharon's secret. Mariah told him her misunderstanding about Faith. Victor brought a bottle of champagne to celebrate their new engagement, although Victor hates Sharon but has also married her. Sharon asked Mariah to be one of her bridesmaids along with Summer and Faith. Mariah was stubborn and reluctant but Sharon kept pushing it so Mariah agreed. Mariah asked Kevin to be her plus one and Kevin agreed.

Mariah, Summer, and Faith all had matching dresses for the wedding. Sharon bought Mariah an expensive bracelet but Mariah couldn't accept it. Mariah was very unenthusiastic and flirted with Tyler who was sitting at the bar just to make Abby jealous. Mariah had Summer give her money to bribe the bartender into stripping. All the girls have been heavily drinking and partying. The guys ended up showing up at Crimson Lights as well and also heavily loaded.

Mariah stood up for Sharon against Abby, and Abby stated that Mariah spits venom about Sharon every day. Once Michael Baldwin got slammed to the floor, a drunken fight broke out. Mariah fought with Abby. Everybody there ended up in jail. Eventually, they were set free. The next day, Kevin caught Mariah eyeing a mystery man, Joe Clark. He and Mariah talked about their "not date", and Kevin teased Mariah about liking him. Mariah showed up for Faith's birthday although a little late. She bought Faith her favorite cupcake. Before Nick and Sharon's wedding, Mariah called Victor to get him to rush over there to blurt out Sharon's secret.

He said he couldn't and she said then she will. She met up with Kevin. Kevin said she looks pretty and she didn't think the dress was hot enough and ripped off the ribbon around the neck. Mariah claimed she forgot to get Sharon something blue but Sharon didn't mind. As the wedding progressed, Phyllis Summers made a shocking appearance and then collapsed.

The wedding was put on hold and Mariah did her best to comfort Faith. She later confronted Sharon about Phyllis knowing her secret and said she will be there for Faith when "all of this hits the fan". Mariah eavesdropped on Sharon and Nick as they discussed her fear of the mysterious secret. After Sharon left, Mariah confronted Nick about how he is worried Sharon's secret could affect him. Nick blasted Mariah for not caring about the only person who has shown her compassion.

Mariah and Nick talked about Sharon's worries and what would help her. After Nick left the room, Mariah thought about when Sharon first said she was her mother, how Nick told her she has a real family now, and her giving Sharon her blue anklet for the wedding. Mariah was interrupted when Victor phoned her. He told her if the information he gives her pans out, he would pay her. After Mariah hung up, Nick asked who she was talking to and Mariah lied and said it was a political.

Mariah took Faith trick or treating on Halloween and told Victor to just leave Nick and Sharon alone and let them get married. Victor warned Mariah she was making a mistake siding with Sharon. Mariah was roped in by Nick, Noah, Sharon, and Faith into taking some photos with the family. Sharon and Mariah had a heart to heart and Mariah tearfully admitted that she stayed in town because Sharon took a chance on her even before she found out they were related.

She said Sharon took care of her kids and it was the first time she saw motherly love that wasn't twisted. Mariah said she was on Sharon's side, and Sharon embraced Mariah, saying that Mariah was a part of their family now and that she was on Mariah's side as well. Nick added that they were all on Mariah's side. Sharon's world fell apart when it was discovered that she had tampered with Summer's paternity test and that Nick was Summer's biological father the whole time.

Sharon expected Mariah to turn on her, but Mariah decided to support Sharon because of the kindness Sharon has shown her. Mariah and Noah both spent Thanksgiving with Sharon, and Mariah was shocked when she learned Nick was fighting Sharon for full custody of Faith. After Kevin snapped at Mariah while she was going on about her day, Mariah decided she needed to learn to be a better friend to Kevin.

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She also fought with Summer over her and Nick's willingness to use Faith to punish Sharon. When Mariah overheard Summer and Abby talk about Kyle Abbott , who Summer had dated before she thought she was Kyle's half-sister, Mariah planted a seed of doubt in Austin's head about his and Summer's marriage. Kevin persuaded Mariah to leave Summer and Austin alone. Mariah came home and found that Sharon didn't want to go to work because of people judging her. She convinced Sharon to prove she could provide a stable home for Faith.

After Sharon left, Mariah and Noah talked about how they would need to help Faith through the custody fight. Mariah was taken aback when Kevin said that his brother, Michael Baldwin , had cancer, and simply said "that sucks". Kevin lashed out at Mariah for her lack of understanding and accused her of not caring. Mariah told Kevin she understands he is upset, but she is not his "whipping boy".

Kevin decided he shouldn't have told Mariah and went to leave. Mariah caught up with Kevin and apologized to him. She told Kevin that she was there for him, and hugged him. Kevin then kissed Mariah. Mariah was stunned by the kiss and the two debated what to do from there. Kevin decided he didn't want to jeopardize there friendship when Mariah suggested they have sex, and agreed to help her decorate a Christmas tree he had bought for her. While they were decorating, Kevin hung mistletoe over his and Mariah's head and teased her about being afraid to kiss him. As Kevin and Mariah went to kiss, Sharon came home and Kevin left soon after.

Sharon tried to get Mariah to open up about Kevin, but she was hesitant to. Sharon told Mariah that she would never fall in love with someone if she closed herself off to the idea. Mariah admitted she isn't sure if she knows what love is, and Sharon assures her she will one day know when she falls in love with someone. Mariah spent her first Christmas with her family.

Mariah found Roscoe, and discovered that Roscoe was a she and had babies. Kevin and Mariah wished each other a Merry Christmas and went back to their families. Mariah showed Faith a photo of the baby bunnies she had taken with her phone. Mariah and Noah got closer as they mutually supported Sharon. After Sharon left for mediation, Mariah and Noah playfully teased each other about being Sharon's favorite kid. Soon, Summer, Austin, and Courtney joined them. Mariah was stunned when she learned Kevin had a criminal past.

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She goes to the police station to talk to Kevin and found a dagger in a box on Kevin's desk. Mariah freaked and jumped to conclusions that Kevin had the dagger because he was in trouble, but she soon realized that it was memorabilia of their favorite book series. Mariah told Kevin that he can come to her if he is ever in trouble. Kevin teased Mariah about being turned on by his dark side, but she says she was just worried about him. Kevin quips that is even better, and they laugh and say how they will continue to make fun of each other.

On Mariah's birthday, she seemed unusually grouchy with both Austin and Kevin. Mariah left work early to visit Cassie's grave and wish her deceased twin a Happy Birthday. Nick shows up to put flowers on Cassie's grave and they talked about Cassie. Nick gave Mariah a ride home where Sharon, Noah, and Faith were waiting to celebrate her birthday and they were convinced to stay for some of Cassie's favorite cookies. Kevin showed up to wish Mariah a happy birthday, and Mariah invited him in. Kevin informed them about Victor being involved with the warehouse district. Sharon gave Mariah a present which was a garnet necklace which was the birthstone of both Cassie and Mariah.

Mariah didn't want Cassie's leftovers, got grouchy and left. Kevin followed her and gave her a birthday present. It was a portrait of a FanFiction character which Mariah loved. Mariah went to The Underground and kissed Austin after he wished her a happy birthday. Kevin showed up and was surprised to see Mariah kissing Austin. Mariah said she liked kissing Austin and Summer came back and asked what Mariah liked doing.

Kevin covered for Mariah and she left soon after. Kevin followed Mariah to Crimson Lights where they argued. Mariah accused Kevin of being jealous, and told him to go so they can stop being friends. Mariah said she was sick of being picked apart and analyzed by everyone. Kevin said he isn't trying to run her life and that he honestly cares about her. He tells her he knows what it's like to protect yourself from the world. Mariah admits she can't handle people caring about her. Kevin tells Mariah she deserves to be loved, and Mariah admits she is afraid of something real.

Kevin tells her she may find someone someday and then leaves. Mariah apologizes to Austin for kissing him. Austin tells her he understands why she did it, but that what she did was selfish. Austin also tells Mariah she could end up hurting Kevin as Kevin walks in. Austin makes himself scarce, and Kevin talks with Mariah about the conversation they had. Mariah asks Kevin why he cares so much, and Kevin says he figures maybe he can help himself by helping her. He asks for a donation for the cancer run he and Michael are doing. Mariah decides to give Kevin all of her tips. After Kevin leaves, Austin returns and Mariah says she and Kevin are just friends.

Austin tells her that it doesn't mean that she and Kevin can't be more than friends. Summer comes in, and Mariah tries to apologize, but Summer rants at how Mariah is pathetic and selfish and how no one could ever love her. Mariah leaves upset and heads to Crimson Lights. Kevin sees her and they embrace. After a donut and a coffee, Mariah was ready to head home. She asked Kevin to give her ride. They arrived at Sharon's house just as she was leaving to meet with her attorney. Faith told Mariah that she told Sharon a lie about Nick asking a woman Sage Warner to take off her clothes when what had really happened was that Sage had spilled water on herself.

Mariah reassured Faith that she wouldn't be in trouble. Kevin realized Mariah was considering not telling Sharon what Faith told her, so it could give her an advantage against Nick. Kevin convinced Mariah that was the wrong thing to do. Nick and Noah came back home, and Kevin left.

Nick asked Mariah where Sharon was, and Mariah said she was with her lawyer. Sharon came home and asked Noah and Mariah to put Faith to bed while she talked with Nick. Mariah was called to testify at the custody hearing, and Avery asked her to tell the truth about what Faith told her regarding Sage and Nick. Mariah was reluctant, but Avery pressed her and eventually Mariah admitted that what happened between Nick and Sage was harmless. This caused Sharon to get upset and she had to leave the courtroom to calm down. The judge ultimately granted Nick sole custody.

Sharon would have visitations at Nick's discretion until the case was revisited in a year. Dylan comforted Sharon and asked if he could do anything for her. Sharon asked him to get her out of the courthouse. Mariah volunteered to give Sharon a ride, but Sharon told her to stay away from her and said that Cassie wouldn't have stabbed her in the back. Mariah cries that she didn't stab Sharon in the back and had to tell the truth since she was under oath. Sharon lays a guilt trip on Mariah about all she has done for her and asks why she couldn't just back up Faith's initial claim.

Mariah says she doesn't owe Sharon anything. Sharon tells her she lives in her home, and Mariah says that she will move out; if Sharon doesn't want her than she doesn't want Sharon. Sharon said that was fine with her before leaving with Dylan. Kevin showed up and Mariah told him she feels like she failed as a daughter and Sharon doesn't love her as much as she loved Cassie. Mariah laments that she doesn't have a place to stay and Kevin says she can move in with him.

Despite her argument with Sharon, Mariah still defended her to Summer, and she ultimately accepted Kevin's invite to move in with him as a friend. Mariah received a mysterious Valentine's invite to a party at the Abbott cabin, and wondered who sent it. Austin came in and Mariah and Kevin asked them about the invites. Austin said they got the same one, and Summer seemed surprised.

Mariah realized Summer and Austin were having problems and gleefully wanted to talk about it some more; Kevin suggested that they don't. As the four of them wondered who sent the invite, someone watched them from behind a curtain at the Underground. Noah called Abby out on being the one who called them to the cabin, and she admitted it. Abby suggested they play Never have I ever. Everyone grabs a cup and Kevin stops Fen and gives him a stern look. Mariah asks if Kevin really thinks Fen doesn't drink in school.

Fen says that everyone does. Kevin says he hopes Fen is doing it responsibly, and Mariah laughs. Summer said "Never have I ever had a crush on a best friend", which Kevin and Mariah looked at each other and drank.

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The game started as casual fun until Fen said "Never have I ever committed murder," which causes Austin to storm out in anger. Austin comes back and apologizes for storming off like he did, saying that talking about murder made him think of his mom. Abby wants to continue the game, but Summer and Austin decide to leave. Courtney shows up and says that everyone has to stay there because there is a bad storm out there. Someone spikes the punch, and everyone loses consciousness after drinking it. When they regain consciousness, they can't find Austin. Kevin goes out to look for him, but comes back when he can't find him.

Kevin opens the closet doors and Austin tumbles out. Courtney tries to revive Austin, but pronounces him dead. Courtney finds blood by Austin's head and tells everyone not to touch the body. Everyone gets scared and starts accusing each other. Noah finds a vial in the garbage, and Fen admits he spiked the punch with a drug that was supposed to loosen everyone up, but he admitted he didn't know what it was and wouldn't say where he was.

Abby starts yelling at Fen, and Kevin defends him by bringing up the "Naked Heiress" stunt from Abby's past. Abby defends that it was a publicity stunt and that know one ended up dead. Mariah says that Abby cannot talk about Austin that way. Summer yells at Mariah to not talk about Austin at all, and Mariah screams at Summer that she was looking out for her feelings. Suddenly, Mariah remembers this is like a part from one of Plato Sphere's books.

Kevin gets defensive when people start attacking Plato Sphere, and he admits he is Plato Sphere. Mariah and Fen defend Kevin, but everyone else accuses him of murder. Summer remembers hiding a bloodied bookend under one of the couch cushions. She finds it and screams in horror. Summer tearfully starts crying that she killed Austin, but Noah and Fen refuse to believe it.

Courtney bags the bookend for evidence. Summer starts hyperventilating and Abby, Noah, and Fen try to calm her down. Courtney says Summer couldn't have gotten Austin into the closet, so Kevin implies that someone may have helped her. Fen snaps at his uncle, and Mariah tells Fen not to get mad at Kevin when this is his fault for drugging them. Abby takes Summer out of the room to calm her down, and Kevin scolds Fen for using drugs again.

Courtney says she has to report everything that she hears, but Kevin and Noah say they won't testify about what Summer said. Courtney tells them to stop it, and says that even though Summer's confession was made under duress; she still has to report it. Kevin and Mariah make up a story about Austin slipping and hitting his head. Courtney is dismayed that they want to cover up Austin's death. Mariah says Summer doesn't deserve to go to jail. Courtney is adamant that they be honest, so Mariah asks Courtney if she wants to tell the police that there was a homicide, and know one remembers what happened because Fen drugged them.

Summer finds the murder weapon, says she did it, and gets arrested. Mariah asks Courtney how that version works out for her. Courtney says what they are doing is a felony, and asks Noah to back her up; but Noah sides with Mariah, Kevin, and Fen. Courtney says they could get caught and then all of them would go to prison.

Kevin suggests that she use her expertise to cover it up. Noah, Kevin, Mariah, and Fen all agree to the cover up, but Courtney says they are making a mistake. Noah apologizes to Courtney, and she cries that if she does this then she is no better than the dirty cops that think they are above the law. Noah says he is asking Courtney to save his sister because she can't save herself, so Courtney reluctantly agrees to help them.

Kevin and Noah lift Austin's body, so there is no evidence. Courtney says they have to make sure the angle of the blow makes sense, and says they are going to do this right. Mariah asks Abby to take care of Summer. Kevin and Noah lay Austin on his side, with his injury laying on a rock, so it looks like he slipped and hit his head on the rock.

After everyone goes back inside, Mariah tells Austin that Summer loves him, and they will keep her safe for him. When Mariah heads inside, she has a flashback of seeing Abby and Austin kissing. In private, Mariah confronts Abby about what she saw and deduces that Abby and Austin were having an affair behind Summer's back. Abby denied it, but then came clean about it after Mariah said she will ask if anyone else remembers what she saw.

Abby tells her the truth and Mariah is shocked that Abby could do that to Summer behind her back. Abby lays a guilt trip on Mariah about the things she did to her and Sharon. Abby tells Mariah if she says anything, she hands the police the perfect motive: Summer killed Austin because she was cheating on him; Mariah says it is the perfect motive for Abby because he wouldn't leave Summer. Courtney gets a text saying the roads are clear and the police would be on there way.

She asks everyone more time if they are going through with the cover up. Noah says that he would tell the police that he was helping Austin with a ladder to clear snow off the roof, and that's how one else was out there; and that he didn't even see him fall. Fen goes to set up the cover up. He comes back and announced that Austin's body is gone. Summer is hopeful that Austin may still be alive.

Noah goes to look for Austin, and the police arrive and ask what happened. Kevin covers and says he fell off the ladder, but he is fine. They say Austin went to look for help and never came back. The group is taken back to Genoa City where they give statements. Noah leaves after hearing about a collapse at the Underground. Mariah and Fen sit with Summer in the interrogation room. Summer is panicking and Mariah tells Fen to get Summer under control because she isn't going down for something she didn't do. Summer continues to freak out, and Mariah loses her patience with Summer.

She tells Summer that this isn't just about her anymore, and that they are all in trouble if the truth comes out. Summer shoots back that this was Mariah's idea, and that she didn't ask her to do this. Mariah scoffs that she did this for Austin, and not for Summer.

Paul comes in and announces that Austin has been located and that he is fine. They see someone, wrapped in a blanket coming towards them. Summer runs to the figure only to discover that it is Kyle Abbott. Paul asks Kyle what he is doing out there, and Kyle says that his car stalled. Mariah and Kevin immediately wonder if Kyle had been the one who moved Austin's body, and even wonder if he had been the one who murdered Austin. Summer is appalled at the idea, but Mariah and Kevin want to investigate Kyle's car.

They find a piece of fabric sticking out from the trunk. Mariah and Kevin want to open the trunk, but Summer is against the idea. Noah arrives, and agrees with Mariah and Kevin on opening the trunk. Mariah procures Kyle's keys and unlocks the trunk. In Kyle's trunk, they find a flashlight and first aid kit. Mariah admits she expected to find Austin's body instead, and Summer goes off on Mariah for thinking the worst of Kyle. Mariah tries to explain what she meant, but Summer carries on, and Mariah angrily tells Summer that they are on the same side.

Kevin finds a bloody cloth in the trunk, and Noah suggests they have Courtney look at it. Mariah doesn't trust Courtney, and is worried she would sell them out. They head to the hospital to confront Kyle about what they found. Abby wonders why Kyle would cover this up, and Mariah says there is no telling what someone would do to protect the person they love. Kyle comes into the room, and Noah says he remembers seeing Kyle outside of the Abbott cabin, and Kyle denies that he was there. Kevin asks about the bloody cloth, and Kyle says he had a boxing match before he came home. Kyle asks why does he feel like he is being accused of something, and then asks what really happened to Austin.

Abby thinks they should tell Kyle, but Mariah says that too many people already know. An officer comes by to talk to Summer, and while that is happening out of the room, the group tells Kyle how they think Summer killed Austin, and they staged it to look like an accident. Summer comes back and says that Austin's body was found in a wrecked car. Abby wonders if Austin could have survived, and died by crashing an abandoned car; but Mariah brings up that Austin had no pulse.

Summer is asked to identify the body, and the group stays in the waiting room. After Summer identifies Austin's body, she heads to the chapel to mourn him. As the group wonders if Austin had anyone else who cared about him, Mariah realizes Abby had real feelings for Austin. After Kyle leaves to check on Summer, Mariah says that she doesn't trust Kyle, and Abby says that's because she doesn't know him; Mariah adds that she doesn't trust Abby either. Noah asks Kevin if he can discreetly get the blood on the rag analyzed, and Kevin says that he can.

Kevin, Mariah, and Noah share their suspicions about Kyle with Abby. Abby can't believe Kyle would be an accomplice to murder, but Noah says he is hiding something. The four head over to Summer's place where she is watching a video Austin made. After Summer left the room in the video, Austin turned to the camera and said he owes Summer an apology. Austin went on to say how he was depressed, and how he needed to tell Summer something. Summer had interrupted him before he could make his confession. Kevin noticed the way Mariah stared at Abby and took her aside to ask what was going on.

Mariah avoided answering Kevin, but he asked her again when everyone had left the room. Mariah told Kevin that she doesn't think Austin was depressed in that video, and that he was instead guilty. Kevin asked about what, but before Mariah could tell him, the video switched to Austin and Abby joking around at Crimson Lights.

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Summer came back and was wondering why Austin had a video of Abby on his laptop. Noah said Austin was working on a documentary about corporate titans. Summer said she doesn't remember, which made her feel even worse. Kevin got a text from his contact, who got the blood on the towel analyzed. Kevin and Mariah went to the station where they learned that Kyle lied when he said the blood on the towel was his; it was Austin's blood. Courtney comes into the room and Mariah and Kevin tell her the blood on Kyle's towel is Austin's.

Kevin shares his theory that Kyle killed Austin, and Courtney says that Kyle could have put Austin's body in the armoire, but wonders why Kyle wouldn't just leave with Austin's body. Kevin says maybe he wanted them to find the body. They decide to leave for Austin's memorial, but Mariah stays behind. Kevin listens as Mariah talks about her friendship with Austin and how she misses him. Mariah leaves without Kevin, who gets held up. At the memorial, Mariah talks about how she and Austin had a lot in common. She says he was a good friend and co-worker, and that she misses him. Summer gets up, and talks about Austin, and how her family welcomed him.

She then stops and suddenly accuses Abby of sleeping with Austin. Abby runs out of the church in tears, and Mariah accuses Kyle of knowing about the affair. Summer asks Kyle if he knew, and he reluctantly admits he did. Summer asks who else knew, and guesses that Mariah knew because of her and Abby's private talk at the cabin, and that Kevin knew as well. Summer continues to have a meltdown, and Jack and Phyllis order everyone out of the church.

Kyle snaps that they don't even know who they are protecting, and that they could be protecting themselves. Abby says she didn't do it, and says that they all have as much motive as she did. Abby says Mariah could of been jealous that Austin chose to cheat with her instead of Mariah. She turns to Kyle and says he could have done it because he wants Summer for himself, or that Kevin could killed Austin because he was jealous of Mariah and Austin's friendship.

Abby opens the armoire and the group sees that a message reading "I know what happened here" is written on the mirror. They wonder who could have wrote it, and Courtney takes a picture of it. Courtney tells Summer that she didn't kill Austin, and Kevin and Noah say the blood on the towel was Austin's. Kyle explains that he punched Austin, but Mariah and Noah are still skeptic because he lied about the blood being Austin's and also lied about being in town. Kyle's explains that he wanted solid proof before he told Summer about the affair. Abby comes out of the back room, and Summer charges at Abby.

Noah holds her back, and Abby runs out of the cabin. Kevin and Courtney show up for work and tell Noah and Mariah they might as well leave since they aren't getting anywhere.

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Noah wonders what they should do. Mariah figures the person who wrote the note must have known they wouldn't tell anyone. Noah figures that means the person knows them pretty well, and Kevin wonders how well they know this person. Mariah returns to the Abbott Cabin to get her scarf and sees Abby there.

She taunts Abby about her affair with Austin, and Abby says she feels bad and tried to apologize to Summer. Mariah asks how it went, and Abby admits that Summer slapped her. They both get a text from Summer, asking them to meet at the Abbott Cabin. Once everyone involved is at the cabin, Summer shows them the message on her mirror, saying "I know what you did". Mariah and Summer both continue to accuse Abby of lying, and she leaves in frustration. Kyle goes after Abby, and the group continues to wonder who is watching them, and leaving the messages.

Noah thinks it is convenient that Fen left town shortly after Austin's death. Kevin says he has school, and is trying to get his life back in order. Mariah asks if drugging them was part of his rehab program. Summer says she knows, and Fen he wouldn't do it. Mariah says she also thought she knew Austin, and is a bad judge of character when it comes to men. Summer and Mariah start fighting about Austin, and accusing each other of writing the messages.

It escalates, and Kevin and Noah have to pull them apart. Courtney says they should go to the police, but Mariah, Kevin, and Noah are against the idea. Mariah says she isn't going to jail to protect Summer, and Summer says that she never asked for her help. Mariah snaps that she would turn her in if she could, and Kevin tells them to shut up.

Kevin shares his theory that someone has been planning this set up for a long time, and Summer wonders who would want to kill Austin. Suddenly, the group hears a noise and rushes out to hear the sound of someone running away. Summer feels they should go to the police, and Mariah says she is the reason she they didn't to to the police. Summer says she doesn't think she killed Austin anymore, and tells them what she remembered. Despite Kevin and Mariah's objections, the others leave to go and tell the police while Mariah and Kevin stay behind. Kevin decrypts a file on Austin's computer, where he spoke with such hatred about the Newman and Abbott families and promised to reveal all about them.

The group figures that someone from the Newman or Abbott families could have had Austin killed. Kyle says Jack isn't a murderer, and Summer says Victor wouldn't do something so horrible, and they don't know him. Mariah points out that Victor hired her to gaslight a mentally ill woman Sharon , so she knows him pretty well. Mariah continues to taunt Summer about how she didn't really know Austin, and Summer says Mariah will never know the kind of love she and Austin had. They soon find out from Stitch that Abby had told him all the details of Austin's death. Kevin questions Stitch, and he is offended by the idea that they think he had something to do with Austin's death.

Stitch says he didn't really know Austin other than when Austin asked to interview him, and Stitch said no. Kevin later finds out that was a lie, and finds a file of Austin trying to interview Stitch. Mariah and Kevin are at Sharon's looking for her phone charger. Mariah continues to insult Abby, and Kevin asks if she still hates Abby because she blames her for stealing Tyler from her. Mariah isn't sure, but admits that she is jealous because Abby is rich, smart, funny, fearless.

Kevin tells Mariah says is all of those; except rich, and tells Mariah that Abby has nothing on her. Mariah disagrees and thinks guys go for the rich, good-looking girls. Kevin says Mariah has substance and cares about others. He tells her that even though she won't admit it, he knows she is just trying to protect Summer. Kevin tells Mariah without her he would be out of his mind. Mariah laments that hanging out with her hasn't stopped Kevin from breaking the law and Kevin says there is no one else he would rather face jail time with.

Kevin suggests getting a phone charger, that was confiscated, at the station. Mariah jokes that they get away with covering a murder, but get caught taking a phone charger. Kevin says Platro Sphere outsmarts the good and the bad guys. Mariah says he almost makes breaking the law sound noble, and says Kevin is a fun person to get in trouble with.

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They are about to kiss when Sharon comes home. She is surprised to see Mariah there, and says she hasn't seen her much since the trial. Mariah reminds Sharon that she kicked her our, and notices something is off with Sharon. Kevin make himself scarce, and Mariah says she misses talking with Sharon. Sharon apologizes to Mariah and says she had missed her. Mariah asks Sharon what's wrong, and Sharon proceeds to tell her about how she let Austin interview her and accidentally said some bad stuff about the Newman family.

She originally intended to help Austin for Summer's sake, but he pushed until she snapped. Sharon says she was furious with Austin and would have done anything to stop the documentary. Mariah and Noah are annoyed at Summer's persistence that Sharon is guilty of murdering Austin. Mariah accuses Summer of wanting Sharon to be guilty and says that Sharon could have told Austin something that Victor or Nick didn't want getting out and they could have hired someone to kill Austin.

After talking to Dylan, Noah comes back and is even more worried that Sharon is guilty. Mariah says that once they find the interview, they can prove Sharon is innocent, but Noah is worried that it could make Sharon look even more guilty. Noah leaves after getting a call from Dylan about Sharon, and Kevin finally decrypts Sharon's interview. In it, Sharon says that Nick did something so horrible that he would be in prison if Victor hadn't covered up. Summer refuses to believe it and accuses Sharon of lying. Noah comes back and says Sharon got the same lipstick message they did.

Summer suggests Sharon wrote it and argues with Noah and Mariah about it. Kyle speaks up and admits he wrote the message on Sharon's mirror. Mariah and Noah are furious with Kyle for playing with Sharon's mind, and he explains he did it to ferret Sharon out and get her to confess. Noah punches Kyle and is restrained by Kevin. Noah insists that Sharon is innocent, but Summer says they found evidence that points to Sharon.

Mariah and Kevin add that the evidence could also point to Victor or Nick.

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Noah and Courtney got engaged, and planned to get married. Kevin found a video of Jack in Chancellor Park and asked for Courtney's help to back the security footage. They tripped an alarm and alerted Paul. Kevin took the blame and Paul suspended him. On the way to the wedding, Courtney was Kate and texted the group asking them to meet her at the Abbott cabin. When they got to the Abbot cabin, they found Courtney dead in the armoire and a note in her hand saying "I warned you, stop digging".

Mariah tearfully called the police as the forum decided they could no longer keep this a secret. They confessed the whole truth about Austin's murder, and Paul was furious with the group and scolded them for keeping it a secret. He allowed Noah to stay with Courtney's body, but took the rest back to the station and took their statements. Kyle accused Sharon of the murder, but Mariah said that she doesn't believe Sharon is capable of murder. She gave Noah a hug, saying she doesn't do sympathy well; Noah understood.

Mariah showed her support for Sharon and told her she believes in her innocence and will prove it. Sharon hugs Mariah, happy to hear she is on her side. Michael learns that there were traces of latex found on the fire iron, and Mariah theorizes that some one could have made latex copies of Sharon's fingerprints and planted them on the tire iron. Kevin reveals that Paul found security footage of Sharon at Summer's apartment the night Austin was killed, but then Kevin realized that the the Deli was open when the photo was taken, but it would have been closed at the time the photo was taken; meaning the time stamp was fake.

Mariah went back to work at the Underground when Nick reopened it. She quarreled with Nick over Sharon's innocence, but then Sharon showed up at the Underground. Mariah and Noah tried to convince Sharon to leave, since the charges hadn't been dropped, but she wouldn't listen. Sharon was arrested and Mariah and Noah went to the station to try and get through to Sharon. Sharon realized she may have forgot to take her meds and Mariah gives her a pill. Mariah tells Kevin that Sharon is her own worst enemy and realizes they are the same. She tells Kevin to run, but Kevin says he isn't going anywhere and they hug.

Mariah, Noah, Faith, and Dylan organize a welcome home party for Sharon when she is cleared of the charges. Nick has to work, so Mariah and Noah offer to stay with Faith at the tack house. Mariah and the rest of the group meet to touch base about the killer. Summer, Kyle, and Abby want to believe the killer is no longer interested in them, but Mariah is not convinced. They all get a text to go to the cabin. Noah, and Kyle want to go, and Kevin goes with them when he fails to stop them.

Ben shows up, and joins the other guys at the cabin. Summer calls Paul, and then heads to the cabin with Mariah and Abby. They find Fen at the cabin and arrive just as he admits he has been in contact with the killer. Fen explains he was blackmailed into drugging them because he hacked into the school's computers and changed his grade.

Mariah and Noah are angry at Fen because he didn't say anything sooner, and let Sharon be arrested for it. Paul bursts in as Noah lunges at Fen. Fen tells Paul everything he knows and gives him the envelope that the drugs came in. The group learn from Paul that the DNA evidence from the envelope was a match for an anonymous drug lord named Marco Anacelli. As the group wonders why a drug lord would kill Austin, Kevin suggests the FBI may have changed the results. He tried hacking the FBI's database, and Paul scolds them for interfering in the investigation.

He then says there isn't enough evidence to prove Marco is the killer. Mariah worries about the consequences for Kevin if he is caught hacking into the FBI database. She tries to talk to him out of it, but Kevin discovers that Tobias Gray , a former employee of Jabot, is a suspect. He and Mariah break into Tobias' apartment and find a flash drive and latex fingerprints. Tobias dies in a car crash, and everyone believes it is finally over, except for Kevin.

Mariah is torn between trusting Kevin's instincts and her desire to feel safe. Summer and Kyle are annoyed when Kevin posts on GC Buzz that Tobias isn't the killer, fearing it has put them in danger. As Mariah tries to defend Kevin, she accidentally blurts out that she loves him, and then gets all flustered when she tries to deny that she loves Kevin more than just a friend.

Kevin gets caught and is arrested, but the killer posts a taunting response on GC Buzz, meaning that Kevin was right. Kevin gets the idea of making a documentary where they are interviewed about what they know to put more pressure on the GCPD to catch the killer, but everyone, including Mariah, is against the idea. Mariah then confesses to Kevin that she posed as the killer online and sent the taunting response to Kevin's post, hoping to get him out of trouble. Mariah is worried that if she were to be found out, she could go to prison, and asks Kevin to help her. Kevin tells her he can't help her because they have already traced her IP address.

He advises Mariah to confess, and says Michael can help her, but Mariah tells him they should run. Kevin doesn't think running is a good idea, and Mariah tells him she understands if he doesn't want to leave, and tells him it's been fun. Paul finally reveals his plan to lure the killer into a false sense of security.

Kevin tells him he needs to put more pressure on the killer. Harding prepares to arrest Mariah, but Paul calls Harding into his office. Alone, Kevin asks Mariah if she was fine leaving everyone she cared about behind. Mariah says she would have missed Kevin, and Paul comes back in. He tells them they are free to go, but he warns them not to interfere with the investigation again. Kevin and Mariah return back to the Underground and he resumes to ask her if she was really going to leave without thinking about him.

Mariah says that she would have missed him and probably would have been miserable thinking that she could never see him again. Mariah was worried when Sharon made a call, and thought someone was stalking her. Sharon assured her that she made the call on Avery's behalf. Mariah openly questioned Dylan's love for Sharon since he also ran off to help Avery. Sharon assured Mariah everything was fine, and said she can't complain since Dylan dropped everything to help her. Mariah later found Dylan about to start a fight with Joe Clark, and told him that it would look bad for her mom if he got thrown in jail.

Alone, Mariah warned Dylan not to hurt Sharon. Mariah was invited to the house, along with Noah, Paul, and Nikki by Sharon, who had some exciting news to share. Mariah assumed that Dylan had proposed, but was stunned when Sharon announced she was pregnant.

Mariah, once again, openly doubted Dylan's commitment, as he had rushed off to see Avery. Sharon and Nikki got into an argument, and Sharon ordered Nikki to leave. She also told Mariah to get out if she wasn't going to be supportive, and accused Mariah of trying to get her going. Mariah admitted she did because she doesn't think Dylan is fully committed to her, and she doesn't want him to hurt her.

Noah tells Mariah that Sharon needs their full support, and Mariah apologizes. Sharon forgives Mariah, and they embrace. Mariah has Kevin do a background check on Marisa Sierras , and openly admits she doesn't trust her. She and Kevin find out that Marisa lied about not being romantically involved with Marco. Marisa told them that Marco was at the bottom of the lake. Kevin and Mariah went swimming in the lake and found the car, but no Marco.

Kevin and Mariah told this to Marisa and Noah, and tried to get more answers from Marisa, but Noah was adamant that she was trustworthy. Mariah and Kevin went to the police station and told Harding what they had found out. Harding came with them to the underground and questioned Marisa about Marco.

Kevin started to become suspicious of Harding, and keeps an eye on him while Mariah spies on Marisa. Kevin tells Mariah they should go camping to keep track of Harding, but Mariah flat-out rejects the idea. Instead, she convinces Kevin to talk to Paul and let him investigate. Paul told them he will investigate Harding, but then warns Kevin and Mariah to stay out if it.

Just as Mariah thinks they can finally relax, Kevin pulls out his laptop to do some more investigating on Harding. Summer has an encounter with Harding, and hears her ringtone. She remembers hearing it that night at the cabin, and plays it for the group, and asks if they have the ringtone. They answer that they don't, which only makes them more suspicious of Harding. Mariah becomes worried when Kevin won't respond to her texts. Kevin shows and says he followed Harding to the cabin.

Later, Summer confirms that she did in fact see Harding at the cabin. Noah rushes off in anger, and Summer is in a frantic state. Mariah offers Summer some water, and tries to help her calm down. Dylan comes by and follows Noah. Sharon sees Dylan rush off, and wants to know what is happening. Mariah and Summer try to convince Sharon it's nothing, but Sharon knows they are lying and demands the truth. Summer finally tells Sharon the truth, once Sharon says how she was once framed by the killer.

Dylan rushes up to confront Harding, who holds him at gunpoint. Paul shows up, and a tense stand off ensures as Harding tries to use Dylan to get Paul to lose his gun. As Paul lowers his gun, Dylan grabs Harding and they struggle. Sharon screams as a shot is fired, and leans on Mariah and Summer for comfort. The feeds go down and the group decide to go check it out. They arrive at the same time Stitch arrives.

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  7. On the roof, they stand back as Stitch tries to stop Harding from bleeding out, but Harding dies soon after. Mariah asks Kevin to be her date to Sage's baby shower, and he gladly accepts. He even opts to announce to everyone there that he is Mariah's date, much to her embarrassment. In private, she calls him a dork, and Kevin says he is fine with that. Mariah is touched when Nick accepts her as a daughter. She is even more thrilled when Sharon shows up with an engagement ring on her finger. Dylan makes a speech and Sharon runs off in the middle of it, saying she isn't feeling good.

    This causes Mariah and Noah to worry about her. Mariah is visibly upset when she finds out Nick and Sage are getting married, and she wasn't invited. Kevin knows Mariah is upset about not getting invited, but Mariah says she understands that she isn't a Newman, and that Nick is not her father. Mariah adds that she still has some inner conflict that she needs to resolve. Kevin says he will back off, but Mariah smiles and tells him not to stop pushing her.

    Mariah encounters Sharon at the park, who is clearly upset. Sharon says she has been lying to everyone, and then cries that she had a miscarriage.