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Now, that even a Michelin star chef such as Cristina Bowerman has decided to cook at a stall, we can say that any limit has been overcome and eating at the market is not only possible, it's a must! The old covered market of Piazza Testaccio had been waiting for years to be moved to a location assigned by the municipality to a private real estate manager. A move announced for years and postponed several times, including a delay due to the discovery of archeological findings that by the way could be an antique market.

It was one of the most beautiful markets in the city, with stalls organised by type around the outdoor plaza, well known for its focus on good value and guaranteed enthusiastic market banter!

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For more than years, it has provided cheese, meat, fruit, vegetables and flowers to the whole Esquilino borough. Read more Home Why? The Hellenistic statue dating from around 3 rd Century B.

Borghetto Flaminio, Rome: Address, Borghetto Flaminio Reviews: 3.5/5

The Medieval version of a romantic lie detector, legend has it that if you stick your hand in its mouth it will be able to test your fidelity to your partner. Wonderful, old Bernini again.

Legend has it that if you throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder into the fountain, it will guarantee your return to Rome in the future. Only open on Saturdays and Sundays from a. Not only will it be heaven for your taste buds, you also get to support the local economy and the environment.

Mercati di Roma

Take a break from the tourist throngs and window shop through its cozy streets. You must be getting tired, after all that walking.

Or if you want a more deluxe experience, why not order a full picnic basket like the ones offered by Vivi Bistrot. How can you visit Rome without tasting its premier street food, Pizza al taglio? Pizza can means a lot of different things in Italy, but Pizza al taglio or pizza by the slice is distinctly Roman.

London Travel. A Walk Around the Flea Markets and the Graffiti of Brick Lane

It consists of large sheets of dough with different toppings that the vendor will either cut with a knife or scissors to your desired amount. Not content with the basic pizza? Need to fancy it up a little? Why not try a Trapizzino? A relatively new invention by Mister Pizza experimenter himself, Stefano Callegari, a trapizzino is thick triangle-shaped wedges of pizza stuffed with Roman culinary classics such as meatballs, tongue with green sauce or chicken cacciatore. The staple of Roman pastries, a maritozzo is perfect for breaking the fast with an espresso, or soaking up the chianti after a late night.

The name is rumored to come from marito — or husband in Italian.

The 7 Best Markets in Rome

Get your Maritozzo at most bakeries though you will have to supply the bling yourself. The ingredients are simple: egg yolks, guanciale a cured meat made from pork jowls or cheeks , black pepper and pecorino cheese. The Roscioli , also serves up an exceptional cacio de pepe , as does Da Felice. Pepe simply means pepper. Mixed with some homemade pasta? Need I say more? Although Rome has many gelaterias, not all of them are excellent.


Stick to the ones that use only natural ingredients most shops post the ingredients. Good choices are places like Fior de Luna, Fatamorgana and Otaleg. Feeling a little peckish? Need a pick-me-up to get you through your afternoon of sightseeing in Rome? Italians are nothing if not resourceful and over time came up with new and delicious ways to serve these cuts. Quinto quarto, such as tripa alla romana tripe served with a tomato sauce and pecorino cheese is still some of the most popular cuisine in Rome.

Let us end our food section on a more floral note. Fiori di Zucca are zucchini flowers stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies, wrapped in batter and then fried. Beautiful and delicious! Toggle navigation.

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Colosseum in Rome. Gone to ruins… The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill are part of the same archeological area and count as one admission. In the Colosseum… Probably the most famous tourist attraction in Rome, the colosseum is the largest amphitheatre ever built and dates from around 80 AD. Visit the largest church in the world St.