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We create business solutions through new restaurant concepts, product development and food supply management based on simplicity, real ingredients and human interactions. We connect producers with consumers through innovative peer-to-peer marketing platforms, making use of the benefits of collaborative consumption and the sharing economy. We explore and share the stories and science behind each taste, valorising ingredients and territories of a handpicked selection of products from the Mediterranean.

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Agriculture isn't just another sector of industry like iron and steel, say, but something much more complex than that. In reality, it is the fruit of a holistic vision that takes in 'sacredness' of food, respect for the environment, sociality, conviviality, and culture. It's time to get into the kitchen together. Cooks and producers and everyone else involved. Everyone with his own piece of responsibility for protecting the environment and the biodiversity of each region, making good food for all. Cooking is essentially chemistry; the more you know about the elements, your ingredients, and what happens when you transform them into compounds, your complex dishes, the better job you can do and the more creative you can be.

We are an international team of young professionals and researchers with a background on Agriculture, Food and Gastronomy. We are bringing into the project a wide international network of food actors whose work spans all steps of the supply chain: from the seed to your taste buds. Meaning "savor, sapidity, flavor" is from late 14c.

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Sense of "aesthetic judgment" is first attested s cf. The bread tastes of mold. Is it possible to see a taste? Or taste a word? The answer is yes, sort of.

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So, what is that condition called? RELATED WORDS aroma , aftertaste , touch , bite , bit , desire , heart , penchant , understanding , appetite , type , fondness , palate , style , perception , appreciation , elegance , culture , feeling , grace. Nearby words tasselly , tasset , tassie , tasso , tasso, torquato , taste , taste bud , taste buds , taste cell , taste hair , tasteful. Idioms taste blood.

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Origin of taste —; v. Taste is the general word: the taste of roast beef. Flavor is a characteristic taste, usually of a pleasing kind, and as of some ingredient put into the food: lemon flavor. Savor, much less common than taste or flavor, implies pleasing scent as well as taste or flavor, and connotes enjoyment in tasting: The sauce has an excellent savor. Examples from the Web for taste The taste of metal cutlery after years of plastic can also taste funny.

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  6. Derived Forms tastable , adjective. Word Origin and History for taste 1 of 2 taste. The sense that distinguishes the sweet, sour, salty, and bitter qualities of dissolved substances in contact with the taste buds on the tongue.