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In reality, I came for the squash but stayed for the socials.


I really wanted to improve, so went to the intermediate and experienced coaching courses and am now a member of the squad. I went to a lot of the socials as well and got to know a lot of people - and ever since, squash has pretty much made my uni life. I was previously the Charities Secretary and now hold the position of Secretary and I want to keep fully involved in the club's growth and outreach. History 2nd year s. Last year, I was a member of the squad and keen to improve my squash, taking part in the many opportunities squash provide, such as tournaments, coaching and leagues.

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On top of all these sports events, squash socials are also great fun. As Publicity Officer, I hope to promote Squash as a club so that more people join and have as much fun as I am!

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I was league and ladders secretary last year and can probably be found at the squash courts most evenings! Last year I made the Squad and played a number of Warwickshire fixtures.

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If you have any questions feel free to message me or email. Chemistry 3rd year t. I think the club has a great balance between sport and socials and has a lot to offer both beginners and advanced players. My highlight with WarwickSquash was the tour to Budapest - some incredible memories, but what happens on tour I have been in the squad since my 4th year.

Economics 3rd year f. In my first year I joined the Men's squad and have since climbed up the rankings into the third team. In my second year I was social secretary alongside Finn. As tournament secretary I'd like to start a racketball tournament within the club! Mathematics 2nd year r. The club was so welcoming I wanted to give back prompting me to take an exec position.

The sport side has allowed me to develop my game and improve a lot. The socials are great and POP!

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Philosophy, Politics and Economics 3rd year f. PSL is such a great thing for us to have because it combines seeing some world-class players but also because it gives us the chance to work together as a club to run these events, combining sports with social aspects. History and Politics 3rd year j. I found the socials one of the most enjoyable aspects of my first year of Warwick and decided to take a role on the exec to further the experience for myself and all new and current members.

The club is friendly and welcoming, and everyone definitely knows how to have a good time!

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