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This app gives you positive daily affirmations to read and reflect each day. Use these positive affirmations to direct what your focus will be, and start living a more productive and quality life. Say your positive daily affirmations silently or aloud to yourself, and repeat them as needed to maintain a positive attitude and to counteract any negative thoughts that are running through your mind.

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Simply enter your goal and whether its short or long term. You can then optionally add steps or reminders that will help you reach your goals. Harmony Hypnosis is brought to you by one of the first hypnotherapy companies in the world to provide services in the form of an app. Harmony Hypnosis contains three free hypnotic meditations, simply listening to one for five consecutive days is virtually guaranteed to boost your mood and sense of well-being. The app uses suggestions and metaphors being delivered separately, yet simultaneously through both ears for an effect unlike other apps.

The app also features relaxing music developed and composed in order to help you achieve a deeply relaxed hypnotic state. Free is the keyword here. With this app, you can download a huge collection of books and audio tracks on personal development, inspiration, hypnotherapy and business success. Take advantage. Gratitude and Happiness is a simple app that tracks four defined items and displays those in daily, weekly, and monthly graphs to show progress and how things are related: Degree of Happiness, Express Gratitude, In Touch with Friends, Acts of Kindness.

1. Introduction

Each entry has room for a note. These can be visited later when tapping on the graphs. It is a simple, yet very effective happiness and gratitude journal. Such an understanding may help us challenge our worry perceptions and subsequently may help change our future thought patterns in a positive way. SAM has been developed by a university team of psychologists, computer scientists and student users. Established methods of self-help have been combined with high standards of usability to provide an engaging, flexible, and practical resource.

The key features of SAM are:. The content of SAM is presented in various media formats in order to support users in learning about anxiety and practicing self-help. Although not text-heavy, users will need to study the guidance to get the best out of SAM. Users are encouraged to build their own Anxiety Toolkit of SAM resources that they find helpful and to draw on this for regular practice in managing situations that are associated with anxiety.

Raise your hand if you are one of the many millions of people that have trouble sleeping. If that is the case, this app might be exactly what you need. Use all your fingers to guide the star flow. You can create 10 different animations depending on the number of fingers touching the screen.

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Struggling with anxiety? Tired of missing out? There are things you can do to stop anxiety and fear from controlling your life.

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  • Im Alltag Ruhe finden: Meditationen für ein gelassenes Leben (German Edition).
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MindShift is an app designed to help teens and young adults cope with anxiety. It can help you change how you think about anxiety. Rather than trying to avoid anxiety, you can make an important shift and face it. Think of MindShift as your portable coach helping you face challenging situations and take charge of your life.

MindShift will help you learn how to relax, develop more helpful ways of thinking, and identify active steps that will help you take charge of your anxiety. When we get anxious or stressed, we pay too much attention to the negatives and have less ability to see the positives in life. These habits of attention reduce our ability to cope effectively with stress and can create a vicious cycle of anxiety.

Personal Zen helps to short-circuit these habits and frees you up to develop a more flexible and positive focus. You can reduce your stress and anxiety in as little as one sitting, and the more you play, the more you strengthen well-being and vaccinate yourself against the negative effects of stress. The Beat Panic app takes you through a series of flash cards designed in soothing colors and the text assists you in overcoming the panic attack in a gentle calm manner.

It has been designed by someone who has lived with panic for many years and understands how frightening these attacks are. Panic attacks can restrict your quality of life. You can lose your confidence and become very self conscious. It can prevent you from going out and socializing, for fear of having another panic attack. This can be extremely disabling and people around you may not understand.

However, panic is very treatable and you can learn to control the symptoms. This program provides an objective method to diagnose and treat anxiety disorders with pharmacology. A measurement based approach to treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder and PTSD.

This app is designed to be used by psychiatrists and mental health professionals in a clinical setting. A great way to deal with anxiety: Here are three meditations of varying lengths that will allow you to relax deeply regardless of how much time you have available. Written Meditation Tips help support your experience with the guided meditations. No previous meditation experience is required.

Many people use this meditation for falling asleep. Each meditation can be listened to with or without music or nature sounds, and you can choose how long to listen to the music or nature sounds after the guided meditation finishes. Separate volume controls not only allow you to adjust the mix of voice and sounds to suit your preference, but give you the added option of listening to the music or nature sounds alone.

Emergency Medical Care

Anxiety, tension and stress are common in everyday modern life, and as well as a source of unhappiness, can lead to other problems. Stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol signal the body to a state of arousal to meet survival instincts. However, misplaced stressors, can do harm to your long term health; both physical effects such as raised blood pressure, and mental impairments including depression.

Anxiety and tension are often unnecessary sources of stress, and give feelings of unease, affect our appetite, and in some cases lead to self medication of recreational drugs. All of which is detrimental to a happy and fulfilling lifestyle. So in order to tackle many of the problems of modern living, it is important to deal firstly with personal wellbeing and happiness.

This App introduces the iCan hypnosis brand to a wider audience by being free, and can be used to learn self-hypnosis for tackling many other problems. We have applications that deal with addiction to nicotine, alcohol, that deal with medical disorders that can be reached through the process of hypnosis. It is a clinical hypnosis method that can directly connect to the subconscious and alleviate and ultimately allow you to be free from these troubles.

Meditation is one way you can cope with the symptoms and side effects of anxiety. People who meditate can eventually train themselves to stay calm when feeling stressed or anxious. Take notes about each session, and watch your progress as you learn to manage your stress and anxiety.

When to use SweetBeat: For fitness training, run a session in the morning. Below-average HRV results indicate that a low-exertion workout is optimal on that day.

49. Self Help Classics

Also, discover if food sensitivities are inhibiting weight loss. Rings a beautiful Tibetan Singing Bowl at a specified interval — or random intervals — throughout the day. Just set it up and then exit the app. The bell will ring in the background, whether the app is running or not. With the app, you also get: A great community of more than , meditators from all over the world. And a daily meditation reminder chime. Learn skills to reduce your anxiety: All the material here was written by a licensed psychotherapist LCSW with twenty-five years of counseling experience.

Begin by first rating your level of anxiety on a color coded scale of 0 at ease to 10 panicked. You then move on to the first set of skills, where you will select one of ten different calming activities to perform. If you are not sure which skill to select, shake the iPhone or iPod and one will be randomly chosen. After following the instructions for the calming activity, you will select one of ten ways to change your thoughts or again, you may shake the device for a random selection.

Changing your thoughts in order to change your feelings is the basis of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, the most widely practiced evidence based form of psychotherapy. After utilizing one of the thought changers, you proceed to selecting one type of solution for the problem that triggered your anxiety, or shake the device for a random selection. For adult users, this app will help create exercises to diminish OCD symptoms, set practice goals and rewards to increase motivation and consistency the keys to success with ERP , provide a multitude of tools to help fight OCD at any given moment including specific tools for checking compulsions and contamination fears , and allow users and any professional they may be working with to track and monitor their progress.

Before you spend this kind of money on an app, please do your due diligence. Never be alone with your fear of flying. The App provides you with facts, so your mind stops telling you the things that make you afraid, with exercises to reduce your stress level, handy tips and a special panic button option. The app is based on scientifically researched methods of treatment as used by the VALK Foundation during their regular therapeutic training sessions.

You can use the Flight App during the flight with your phone in airplane mode. Once the app is downloaded you do not need an Internet connection. Furthermore, there are some Videos about Panic Attacks where the narrator explains what happens in your body when you feel nervous and anxious. Relaxation is a strong antidote against phobias and anxieties. Are you spooked by spiders? The app features use exposure therapy to help you engage and remain relaxed when dealing with spiders.

In the app Dr Freeman, a virtual doctor, guides you through therapeutic mini-games. You will help them escape from humans or help them catch their lunch. In the last stage you will be able to interact with an augmented reality tarantula that looks and moves like the real thing. Patients with conversion disorder often have symptoms of depersonalization and dissociative amnesia as well, and both kinds of symptoms can be a result of child abuse and other traumatic experiences.

Dissociation, along with suggestibility, is also a feature of hypnotic states. Hypnosis can produce not only anesthesia and paralysis resembling conversion disorder but even, as imaging studies have shown, similar patterns of brain activity. In the international psychiatric diagnostic system, conversion disorder is still listed as a dissociative rather than a somatoform disorder, and some American experts would like to adopt that practice, too.

All the accepted views of conversion disorder imply that it is a psychological defense — a response to an external or internal threat. With the help of brain imaging, researchers are now trying to explain how that threat and response are represented in the brain. There is apparently a disorder in the circuits that govern the processing of sensory stimuli or voluntary actions, or both.

Somehow the brain regions that map the state of the body are receiving false information. The explanation of conversion symptoms may lie in details of this process that are still unknown. First, the diagnosis must be right, and that can be tricky. It's important to be sure that the symptoms are not the result of a neurological or other medical condition, so a careful physical examination and medical history are important.

The label of conversion disorder or any other somatoform disorder should not be applied just because the source of the symptoms is mysterious. Emotional stress and conflict are a key. Denying the reality of the symptoms by invoking any equivalent of "It's all in your head" is useless. Patients may need to learn about the relationship between emotions and physical symptoms, and they always need to be helped to find ways to tolerate or manage their suffering. A physician can offer sympathy and reassurance while showing patients the limitations of the sick role and encouraging them to use their capacities to improve their lives.

Associated psychiatric disorders, of course, must be treated, and immediate or distant sources of stress must be explored. Beyond that, treatment of conversion symptoms depends on the individual patient's situation.

Incorporating Hypnosis into Pediatric Clinical Encounters

Coping with recent stressful events may be the main issue. Sometimes patients need to be made more conscious of underlying psychological conflicts. Cognitive and behavioral therapies can bring some relief.

Sometimes therapists can help to translate the symbolic language of the body into feelings and memories expressed in words. Family therapy may be helpful if the symptoms have become a center of family concern and some of the sources seem to lie in family conflict. Physical therapy is used to prevent atrophy resulting from disuse of muscles. Meditation and reading exercises reduce anxiety.

Muscle contractions produced by electromyography confirm the capacity to move the "paralyzed" arm or leg. A mute patient may require speech therapy. And occasionally a change in the environment — say, getting a patient out of the family home — is necessary. Treatment may be difficult if the symptoms last more than six months or are associated with another neurological or psychiatric disorder. But even then, successful treatment of the underlying condition is often sufficient. Many, even most, conversion symptoms fade quickly and spontaneously.

Conversion disorder

The faster they come on, the faster they tend to disappear, especially if the stress is immediate and clearly defined and the symptoms are severe. Paralysis or blindness is difficult to maintain for long. Today psychiatrists see conversion symptoms mainly in hospital emergency rooms and other medical settings. Neurologists may confront the problem more often. But however often or seldom it appears, conversion disorder remains significant because of its place in the history of psychiatry and the theoretical issues it raises.

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